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sirs share your portfolios thread

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my friends i advice you to buy ESPER$$ on yobit exchange for big profit gain

what other coins u have
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>those other coins on watch
>My friend
Friends don't shill shit coins to other friends.
I'm poor
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but sir this is good coin!! buy now for lamb land
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It's holding. Hope it goes up soon but I'm not really worried.
you will be set for life in 2 months

so jealous
Hope you make it, Leaf anon. Btw, fuck XRP, that shit made me bleed money.
Any anons with MBRS know what the deal with the airdrop today is? I don't see my tokens anywhere.
hes back!

how did you feel during that monumental dip? seeing a portfolio drop by a few 100k every few days wouldve been the worst

you bought in during the ico yeah?
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i was going to ask the same question. im hoping the shill turns up soon and explains it
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>how did you feel during that monumental dip?
pic related.
This isn't my first rodeo. Last year, sia went from basically nothing to ~ 170 sat ATH. Then crashed down to nothing.

This time the losses were a lot harder, going from ~2.24 million to lows of ~ 600k. But I took out some money (around 80k $) to play around for a year. Still, watching it go down was unnerving as fuck, but it wasn't just sia, the whole crypto market was going down. I have enough to hold comfortably for two years or so, so it's fine.

>you bought in during the ico yeah?
No, a bit later than that. When it was worth ~ 1 mill at ~ 30 ish sat.
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Got XRL and Etheroll both under pre-ico prices.

IOC got it very low too
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The MBRS team is sending them manually. They've just recently finished verifying the blockchain snapshot and started sending them (in waves) at 9:57PM EST.

To see the tokens, you need to add the custom token information, which is as follows...
DEA Token Contract Address: 0x814cafd4782d2e728170fda68257983f03321c58
Symbol: IDEA
Decimals: 0

I take it you were pleased by today's new?
>I take it you were pleased by today's new?
srsly, fuck off you shithand, we dont need your threads here
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Oh, I get to be the one to tell you:
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Holy shit, sweet.
This honestly makes me very happy. Back when sia was still entirely unknown, no one would even talk about it, only endlessly praising storj,
The goddamn boston globe making an article about sia. So great.
aloha, pajeet here. hi, hello. i was shitting on a street while lurking on my phone and i noticed your comment; pretty rude man, pretty rude.
You guys know when niggers steal your phone they make you unlock it first right?
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why even bother trading with that shitstain amount OP
>implying my phone holds anything
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What you guys think? Keep the GNT or move it to something else? Golem hasn't had news in what feels like an eternity...,

Also their last vid was beyond autistic..
Key question: do you trust the developers and their ability to deliver what they promised?

Actually, before that: have you been on the slack and talked with the developers? Gotten a feel for what they're like and so? Asked questions?
Well judging by their last vid they certainly aren't being distracted by girlfriends. So that's... good?

It popped up 10% the other day, I sold at 10700 after buying at 16500 thinking I was making a good decision and held those bags was longer than I wanted to. Sorry my dude.
But do you know that not everyone lives with niggers?
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Dear sirs.

Pleace ESPER$. :)))
Fine coin :)))
Very rich coin :))))

Yes you can buy! How are you?
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I keep it simple. Any predictions on my portfolio value in 1 year's time?

Well fuck, why don't I just send my coins to you?
He's pretty much set for life already if he had that much to put in SC.
Am I going to make it /biz/?
Started with $375 and flipped NEO from 360k sats to 625k sats :))

Would have thrown more money into GAS, but I'm scared the conference tomorrow is going to make both NEO and GAS prices dump back to 'normal' levels. :(
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Throw the GNT into the trash and buy RLC, it's the same thing with better devs (they are researchers from a prestigious computer science institute in France and one of them developped a software for the CERN doing decentralized computing) while the marketcap is only at 39 millions.
They will present a v1 during the end of the year, you literally can't lose money on it.
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I wish ICN would moon
Someone explain to me why yobit exchange is under investigation by russian authorities?

This site is under a lot of fucking flak for not allowing people to withdraw their funds especially from what I can find.

Investigating for about 10 minutes about this site, the consensus seems to be it's probably a scam overall or at least too shady to trust.
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It will, be patient, I'm also holding 10k ICN.
Not sure on price but I would add some ethereum to your portfolio if you're doing a low risk big market cap mix.
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newfag von wagecuck here, just got into this, how am i doing
dont bother with less than $500, idiot
help a nigger out
I wish Kraken would offer more high risk shitcoins
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Thread images: 23

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