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Hello my dear people of /biz/,

I started "trading" cryptos since I started lurking /biz/ but I don't really understand the technology behind it.

I'm sure several people on /biz/ feel the same, so I thought we could start something like a "tech-general", to discuss technology-related questions, that aren't worth an own thread.

To start, two questions from me:

>it it possible to use a blockchain as a server?

e.g. to run a website without using a "real" server, while the data and files get stored on the notes.
Does a project exist that wants to create something like this? I think I've read something like "onchain-sites" in the ESP-Ann, but there were no additional info.
(some buzzwords to google, so I find better results?)

>how important is the programming language, a crypto is created with?

would python get the same results (speed, safety, anonymity, etc.) like C++?
Is there a "best" language or do different languages have different pros and cons?
(thought about learning python and creating a "simple" project using it, to understand the technology better -> good or dumb idea?)
python is a joke.

you would be better off writing something like this in node.js for simplicity

or c++ for sure.

the whole block chain is peer to peer instead of using a central server.

everyones computer runs the server and compares the validity of the data amongst the network.


also block chains are leftist gay nonsense
that's the idea, everyone who is buying now is speculating that apps like what you're talking about actually get made and adopted using blockchain, then the value will actually be real

Siacoin for example allows decentralized storage I think, ETH/NEO/EOS allow you to write stuff with the contracts, check steemit for an example of what it looks like
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also the only real sensible application of this outdated , insanely slow and inefficiently wasteful
technology,with a promise of extremly high transaction fees once the blocks are mined, is secretive black market transaction and store of laundered money.

there is no legitimate compelling reason for a company to want to use this technology , cept to ride the btc hype coatails , because they are too cheap to pay for server and data storage, so they would make the users do it. or because they are leftist communist delusional faggots
who genuinely believe a public shared peer to peer """"DECENTRALIZED"""" currency will usurp the usd

thanks for your input!

>the whole block chain is peer to peer instead of using a central server.
>everyones computer runs the server and compares the validity of the data amongst the network.

so it would be possible to actually offer an "internet-service" on a blockchain?
e.g. a casino in the wallet (with a light-client to use it with a browser).
A site like that would need a lot of space, so I don't understand how a blockchain could store the needed files.
Wouldn't the "Blocks" just store a transaction, like user A send 1btc to his casinowallet?

>python is a joke.

I've read it's relatively easy to learn, so I thought if learn python first it could be easier to learn other languages afterwards.
Would it be better to directly learn C++ ?
(never learned a programming language before.. only fucked around with some html and javascript on websites I created with the help of "construction kits")
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>so it would be possible to actually offer an "internet-service" on a blockchain?

it would be slower than dial up.

unless major corporations and entities were running it.
then it would just be the internet. ...

you have to understand the architecture of the internet, block chain really isn't special.

you would be infinitely better off learning javascript or C/C++

i recommend javascript , because nodejs is in C++ and is already compiled networking programming and scripting language, instead of doing your own in C++ and having to use third party libraries or spending 3 years reinventing the wheel just to have coded your own network like a nerd.

there is really no reason to use C++ these days as a solo or small team developer.

or a supernerd like pic related.

its redundant.

leverage reliable (COMPLETELY FREE) existing infrastructure whenver you can. life is short.
alright, thanks for your infos!

>you have to understand the architecture of the internet

could you tell me some buzzwords that I could google to get a better understanding?
ATM I don't really get you point, to be honest.
Most of the time I read about different cryptos they mostly advertise anonymity and decentralization, but you don't sound like blockchains give an advantage.
I just saw it a way to make some money online, but I got honestly interested in the tech lately.
Plus I noticed that companies like "porsche" and "bosch" (big companies in germany) are looking for blockchain-devs..; this made me pretty curious to learn more.

>language party

that doesn't sound bad; I'll start to read about javascript and nodejs and will probably dicard my python-idea.

again, thanks a lot! I really appreciate that you share some knowledge with a noob, without reward.
thanks man, will watch it.
Blockchains don't give you the inherent flexibility of traditional databases.

They are all about providing a level of security that a hackable database stored on some company's server can never give you. Once something is written to a blockchain with decent network effect it is effectively set in stone forever.

I think it would be awesome to give a Bog style rundown how data file lives in the blockchain, or how BTC gets created, in simple terms, for example

- hash gets decoded
- block is "mined"

that kind of thing
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>what are back ups
>what is 51% attack
I researching cryptos since some time too, get known to it 4 years ago, unfortunately i'm the person who never invests in something i don't know, but i'm again interested in cryptos. I'm pretty sure the most traders don't know what they actually trading, its just a commodity like something else. But i like to go deep inside blockchain and their cryptos. Can somebody give really good sites about cryptos, which aren't superficial.

Which i don't understand why you need cryptos, you also could build into a blockchain a wire bank transfer, or paypal transfer.
That is what i don't get. Cryptos are good if you want to hide your identity (and that even not all cryptos), but for the most contracts you don't want to hide your identity, if you buy a used car you want to get to known to the seller, if he scammed you, you will sue him.
Here in Germany for Bank Accounts you need an identity card, which is more or less a safe legitimation for your identity (unless the dark market for fake identity cards)
You also could code in paypal transfers or credit transfers. This exchange in BTC is a time and cost factor, which i really don't get, thats why i don't get this increase. That is why i think it is a bubble like the dot com bubble.
Technically the worths for one bitcoin are all cost used to create one bitcoin like cost of the use of the electronical gadget, electricity, internet etc) but with atm 3500 they atm a lot more worth than that. I now its supply and demand and there is fixed border for btc, but is this fixed border for the max supply of btc hardcoded or could somebody just increase it.
Perhaps somebody give me a hint or perhaps i have a technically failure in my thinking. If i didn't profit economically from btc, because i overthinked it in past time, i want at least to really understand the fundamental of cryptos.
Wheres a good starting / jumping off point for learning how to actually program with this tech?
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i posted this at the beginning of the thread, .
lurk moar.

also youtube.

Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 6

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