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I have a SaaS product ready for launch. I just need a web developer

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I have a SaaS product ready for launch.

I just need a web developer to code the website, the logo has already been done and a psd file of how the website should look like has been done as well.

This product will be advertised very well and I assure you we will get many sales.

I am looking for a web developer to have a partnership with, I mainly code in python, C++ and AJAX however I am not the best at web development could surely take my time and learn it but for now I am so excited to launch the product ASAP.

You will be receiving a percentage of all sales, the percentage will be discussed.

TL;DR need a web developer, you will receive a percentage of all sales.

If you are interested e-mail me at
[email protected]

Further from there we will trade Discord, Skype so we can communicate faster.
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>[email protected]
>I have a SaaS product ready for launch.
>I just need a web developer to code the website

It is not a web-based software.
Describe Software please. I do a lot of work for an SaaS company, would like to know more. Can make a site for you if it sounds legit.
I prefer not to describe my product in detail publicly. Many people has shown interest of what I will be providing and I will be advertising it as well know the right people to target.
What country are you from.
Anyone who would like to become a part of this?
Just post it on rent a coder or something and get a pajeet to do it for 100 bucks. Yes yes we can do.
Tell me more about your experience "coding" in AJAX.
>>2807621 Biggest thing I have coded using AJAX was a way to track visitor hardware using AudioContext and getClientRects.
what exactly is a system as a service without using the web to control the service

it's not exactly a service if you're selling the system retard
Read the thread, and try to understand was SaaS could potentially mean instead of one thing.
>I have a product, all I need is someone to build that product
An idea is worth nothing, its all about implementation.

You dont need to go into details about the product, simply say what is it about and you might raise interest.

explain how you acquire money from your customers
This is not a idea, the software is already done. I need a web developer to make a website and a checkout system and further content such as pricing, features, about us etc.

I also prefer ignorant people to leave this thread.
If you had brain cells you'd have known that already.
> tuta.io
phishing link blocked
>I code in Ajax.

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I take it you have the software engine and API are already implemented and tested?

Otherwise "just needing a website" would be nonsense.

Eitherway I can webdev and make RESTful APIs.
Yes the API has already been done and implemented everything that needs to be done is the website, after we launch the website I will spend hundreds the first day on ads and we would see sales within 1-2 days.
Question: I have made in DCF models for a API-based SaaS company. Did you do your market and cash flow research?
I haven't done that.
This plus the fact that you can't seem to either raise the 10k a webdev company would charge either from your own pocket or investors, doesn't inspire much confidence.

However hit me up on discord

ya there's a 0% chance you've made anything

hint nobody is going to "steal" your shitty ideas because ideas are only profitable with thousands of hours of effort

"coding in ajax" makes no fucking sense and the closest approximation towards making sense would imply that you knew javascript which would imply you could make a fucking website

pajeet is up to no good and cant spend a day learning how to use wordpress. but dont worry his SaaS is revolutionary (tm)
What's your discord?
>You will be receiving a percentage of all sales, the percentage will be discussed.
Retarded ideaguy.
If you want someone to take you seriously, you set a flat rate. And if you really are from the UK, don't expect paying under £70/hr
It is not a idea you dumb fuck, it is something already made and being sold but without a website.

I am curious about this project and I can do a weeks work on a site if I deem it reasonable.
> PhoenixRising

nice reading comprehension pajeet



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tww - Today at 11:54 AM
PhoenixRising - Today at 11:54 AM
tww - Today at 11:55 AM
So you can fluently code in HTML and CSS?
PhoenixRising - Today at 11:55 AM
I am on vacation in greece and I am on crappy hotel wifi
tww - Today at 11:55 AM
Where you from?
PhoenixRising - Today at 11:55 AM
yes, I can work in ReactJS and prefer Django
tww - Today at 11:55 AM
I already have gotten the logo done etc
And even did a psd of how the website should look like
PhoenixRising - Today at 11:56 AM
tell me more about the engine
If I am going to invest a serious bit of my time, I have to make sure the technology is there
Give me your elevator pitch
cant hear you
tww - Today at 11:58 AM
Basically this is already being sold but without a website, just messaging to receive payment. I already know the people to target and making a website would defenitly bring more sales. The software is literally a private browser with its unique profile.
PhoenixRising - Today at 11:58 AM
A browser driver?
Like the SplashJS server?
Welcome thinking. Leave your weapons by the door.Today at 11:59 AM
tww - Today at 11:59 AM
A portable browser custom coded
PhoenixRising - Today at 11:59 AM
Or Selenium?
tww - Today at 12:00 PM
Hold on
Let me lock room
and it is coded in C++
PhoenixRising - Today at 12:00 PM
Okay, but I don't fully understand what it does though.

your browser apis are all coded up I see........ very compelling project.......
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326KB, 3000x1800px
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:00 PM
Okay, but I don't fully understand what it does though.
tww - Today at 9:00 PM
It hides your indetity
Basically a anon browser
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:01 PM
Nothing user agent randomization can do
tww - Today at 9:01 PM
It is not only that
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:02 PM
Or incognito mode in Chrome and FF?
tww - Today at 9:02 PM
Nothing does what my software does
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:02 PM
Then help me understand, what does it do exactly?
What, why, how?
tww - Today at 9:02 PM
I'm a security researcher and this took a lot of time to make considering I had people work with me and tell me algorithms sites use
I can't describe the algorithms, and I know what people need this software hence why I target them.
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:04 PM
Cant work with you unless you give me more info sorry. And I dont need the algorithms, I just need what to know what to software engine does and how it is SaaS.
tww - Today at 9:05 PM
I told you it is literally a secure private browser
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:06 PM
Tor-based or I2P?
tww - Today at 9:06 PM
It is tor based
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:07 PM
How is it better than the current Tor-browser?
tww - Today at 9:07 PM
There is many reasons and it differs a lot from tor browser if you could show me some work you have done in the past I would be more confident explaining.
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:08 PM
If you can't sell me one advantage over the Tor-browser you will not sell anyone else.
tww - Today at 9:09 PM
Refer to what I said earlier
PhoenixRising - Today at 9:09 PM
You have wasted enough of my time. Good luck, OP, I doubt you will succeed.

>OP is has a Tor-based private secure browser he will sell as a SaaS API
>Totally better then Tor-browser but can't tell you why because it is super secret

This is BS and retarded on so many levels, OP. Thanks for the laugh.
File: HLG.gif (194KB, 228x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 228x160px
>You will be receiving a percentage of all sales

yea no, unless you are willing to pay on an hourly basis or a retainer fee, don't expect to get anyone but pajeets
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 5

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