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Organized Crime

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Anyone got any stories to share without incriminating themselves?
>be lego hobbyist
>make money off of bricklink
>go to walmart
>put coat in shopping carts baby seat
>sneakily put grabbag minifigs in coat
>open grabbags in bathroom and stuff minifigure parts in my socks
>buy 100-300 dollar lego sets
>take out the minifigures
>repackage box
>return for refund
Minifigures can be worth $3-$30 a pop
This is so pathetic but also so genius
In the mid-90s I memorized where the Pepsi points were printed on the inside of cardboard cartons of Pepsi and Mtn Dew 24-packs by making a stencil and then studying the graphic design on the outside. Practiced at home until I had it down perfect. Went to every grocery store in town once a week to nip the points off a few cases with a triangle razor blade cut. Much Pepsi swag was had...like 50,000+ pts worth (I think a jean jacket was ~2,000 points so it was a TON of stuff).

About a month after my spree grandma told me, "Anon, you won't believe it...someone already cut off the Pepsi points from the case that I just bought at the store yesterday!" LOL
> buy snowblower
> use for 30 days
> return that shit
> cash refund, keep reciept
> deduct said snowblow on biz taxes
> do it 3 times a year
> get fucked uncle sam
>Minifigures can be worth $3-$30 a pop
Where can i find more about prices for mini figs

>be 19
>fly from sydney to french polynesia with $15000
>get flights/hotels/spending money
>all i had to do was delivery the money no drugs

>go halfs on a large amount of mmj
>partner has someone working producing cookies
>make a $1000 on $500 inital investment doing nothing
I have an actual organized crime story.
>be 16
>me and a couple friends deliver pizza
>we used a our deliveries to sell other stuff(weed, cigarettes, cheap stolen items etc)
>Called our selves D-men(like g men but we were delivery drivers)
>we were taking in about 1k a week with out the delivery gig.
>do this for about 6 months
>one of the guys sold weed in the wrong area(we were in a northeastern state hint hint)
>he's jumped by 3 nogs who tell him to cut that shit
>comes to me and he others saying he's scared
>we go to the area and look for the nogs
>he spots one of them and we chase after him
>remember we were wannabe gangsters so we all though we were the next Fuckin scarface
>the guy runs into a project house
>we all freeze up and get scared
>we head back home like the bitches >we were and decide we can't do it anymore
I took my remaining money and put it towards my education. Some of the other guys took it to a larger scale and drive semis now and they call up some local bangers every now and then and tell them when a load is good. They jack it and sell it. Giving them like 15%. One guys in prison for 5 years parole in 2
I have a few.
Me and my family moved to Germany from Russia and stayed in a refugee hostel the first year. Our neighbours were some criminals and sometimes the police would come to question them. My dads German was the best in the hostel so he was asked to translate all the time by these criminals. As a thank you he got shit like a really good whisky, or some toys for us.
This is a story I heard myself when the police questioned the guys in our community kitchen and my father had to translate. I was sitting next to my father the whole time.

>there is a big supermarket where we lived, just 200 meters away
>they hired new employees/interns on a weekly basis
>staff wore a white tunic or a white polo shirt
>so these guys bought white polos, faked a name tag with the company logos
>one guy entered the supermarket and went straight to the warehouse
>the other guy drove a delivery truck, dressed like a delivery guy waiting in the back of the warehouse
>so the guy in the warehouse grabs a lifting carriage, loads a pallet with some expensive shit and brings it to his partner in the delivery truck
>two minutes later they are both on the run
>if somebody asked them they would just keep calm and say shit like "Oh hey, I'm the new guy. Nice to meet you. Supervisor said this pallet gets returned to the manufacturer, some recall or some shit"
>nobody asked further questions, nobody asked the delivery guy to sign anything
>these guys robbed three supermarkets like this
>some good social engineering in the 90s, even with a thick russian accent
>a few days after they questioned the guys one of them had brought a present as a thank you
>a Sega Master System II for me and my brothers
But they also stole small shit. You can't steal a whole pallet every week, once the story gets around even the neighbouring cities will watch out.

>one guy enters the supermarket, gets something small but really expensive and hides it in the package of something bigger
>he leaves without anything
>next day his buddy enters the supermarket and buys whatever the big package is with the expensive item in it
>if the first guy gets catched, they can't do anything because he stole nothing, he is still in the supermarket and he leaves with no stolen goods
>if the second guy gets catched, they can't do anything because he can act a fool, he did not know that the product he wanted to buy had another expensive product in it
>even when they videotaped the whole thing they can't charge them because you'll never see both guys together, you can't prove that they worked together
Paid by people to setup a bunch of phone jammers as well to buy masks that resist facial detection.

Never asked questions.

EZ $1500
>used to be receptionist at AMP
>get paid like $6/hour, but the owner required the girls to give me tips
>on busy days with many girls during shift change, make like $200

but i was a dumbass

>high school friend introduced me to coke
>we had a pretty solid dealer
>massage prostitutes are basically depressed junkies
>could have made mad dough pushing coke to these bitches, but my dumbass couldn't into drug dealing

one day the cops showed up to the place and really shook us down, so i kinda freaked out and quit
>be me
>uncle is CEO of a recreational chemical compound distributing business which may or may not be legal depending on state
>some states legalized that certain recreational chemical compound one day
>equivalent to billions of $ losses to my uncle
>uncle gets angry with the lobbyists who failed to prevent the legalization
>has them taken care of in a not so civilized manner
>mfw it may or may not be liveleak
Shoplifting by yourself isn't organized crime
any good stories from working there?
i used to live in dubai in a sketchy area where there used to be a laundry store around the corner. (thats why i can also tell you that the ranger rover in OP's pic has dubai plates)

i always found it weird that supercars and other big $ cars always pulled up to that laundry store and dropped off large bags. i thought if those guys get their laundry done there, i should use the service too. so i went and tried to drop off some suits and some shirts, and one little scrawny indian guy that i just woke from a nap told me that they select their clients and they cant service me unfortunately.

years later i realised that this was either a massive drug or money laundering business. asked a friend to check if the store still exists, its totally gone lol
>Where can i find more about prices for mini figs
You're not going to make any money off of something you know dont know shit about. Especially if you can't even figure out the prices of things.

This board is awful
>girls moaning
>weird dudes who like to get pegged
>telling crackheads to gtfo
>drinking on the job with the owner

it was fun, but i was kind of dumb about it, cause i still treated it too much like a regular wagecuck job. i could have done a lot more to capitalize on the situation i was in. the owner's boyfriend was friends with the sheriff, and i could have tried to network more with those people, and get to know the behind-the-scenes scoop of the shady-ass town that i lived in. but i ended up moving out of state anyway, so that's the end of that story
>Family has deep connections at the port
>Paid to run into the office during turnover and switch out paperwork
>Allows them to circumvent tax and regulations
>I'm 14 and don't understand the consequences of it
>Eventually get paid to deliver backpacks around the city
>Ask no questions because I can buy all the videogames and cheap Chinese shit I want
>Drop one off to a huge beachside mansion
>Invited in by the 18-or-so year old
>It's filled with probably 200-300 pills
>Ask my cousin about it
>They control the E import for the whole coast
>Make friends with some of the Estonian sailors at the dock
>Showing me how import/export works on the ground floor
>The crack open a box of pre-packed medical kits
>Destined for Germany, but wound up on the ship
>There's parts inside
>They're smuggling arms, selling to the family, who then deal with gangs and bikers
>Come to realise the full scope of what I'd got myself into
>Distance myself, claiming I need to study more because I'm failing classes
>A year after I left, a Ukrainian group shows up
>4 of my cousins are murdered
>The Estonian sailors died in a tragic accident as they cut into a barrel of flammable liquid with an angle grinder
>Second cousin bought some E from the Ukrainians
>Her housemate stole some
>A week later they mysteriously die in a house fire, found tied together to chairs in the living room
>Ukrainians take complete control of the port
>go on 4chan
>raid habo hotel

>go on 4chan
>post copyrighted images
be me... work for a "non-profit" funded by government
chill job, just fix the occasional computer in a 20 computer lab for bums to use
I can buy stolen nice bikes from them for cheap, I can have them shit in front of someone's door

Honestly I can control an army of hobos... but I have not thought of anyway to make money off it, except by demanding "shit protection" from neighbors... but it's a nice part of town so they would call the cops...
>be me
>be poor and gay in college
>meet a guy. seems cool
>he works at some gay club
>after a few weeks of seeing cool guy, says I'd be a great addition to the team at his work
>not about that life; don't like clubs
>on the other hand, I am a poor student with no job and he seems to do well for himself
>start out bartending/waiting
>still don't dig the scene but make good tips and coworkers like me too
>staff is all very close; manager is cool guy's brother, treats everyone well
>everyone who works there seems to be a family friend
>owner is cool guy's cousin
>cool guy says I'm a natural, compliments me lots, gays it up, etc
>a few days in, serving in the "private lounge"
>people start asking for thing with their drink, but like all subtle
>don't know what thing is
>learn after a while that it's like a local underground slang euphemism for certain highly illegal white powdery substance
>also know that owner's family is from a certain country well-known for that specific substance
>don't want to deal with that
>pussy out, leave job
>cool guy and I in a steady relationship at this point
>lets me know about the "family business"
>family actually owns dozens of establishments all over the country
>range from innocent things to more sketchy operations
>most are a front for contraband smuggling and unscrupulous activities
>in over my head with this guy
>vow not to touch anything in this family business
>slowly coming to accept reality
>start to see more and more of how they operate
>fly to cool guy's home country for Christmas
>meet the "head of the family"
>he is kind, generous, helpful person
>gentle old man
>plays the piano with me
>asks about my studies and plans for the future, seems genuinely interested

Honestly all in all, they are good people. Give to the poor, watch out for each other, try to protect their family and friends. I didn't learn this until recently, but they even fund various pro bono daycares, scholarships, and other things.
Now THIS is what I'm talking about, did any of them ever give you shit? How much did you make? Did they ever give you your own stash of pills to sell? If you tried to go back do you think anyone would say "hey that's anon who used to deliver pills" or would they try to end you?
Sure. In my opinion not worth it at all.

Think about it. U deal with shady fucks.

One of my best friends just one day wuit his job to necome a coke dealer. After less than a year he almost ruined his life and had to move away.

Even the tweekers stealing subs and shit are dumb.

I have a bait system in mybcar right now. Traded shit nothing for it, threw a 35 amp gel batter and isolator in the box with an off brand lowjack.can track car or system or both from my phone. Tell everyone i can about it without bragging.

Make sure and turn that volume up past the local tweakers.

They say crime doesnt pay and i have enough problems without job hunting as a felon.

I know a jerkoff that burned down a single mothers home. He got probation... i assumed he got paid to do ot but who knows or cares. Of this wasnt small town america i wouldnt even know this shit.
Why not just rent one and stop raping my government
5 years in prison.

Still had a job as a wagecuck and goes prison 5 years.

No thank you.

On a dunny note when i drove we had a trailer come up missing. Found it 3 days latter with no reefer, fuel tank, or 20 some load of cheese.

>mfw some gangbangers in cicago have a garage with over 40,000 pounds in individually sliced sandwich cheese.

Even at 10% that is a dickton of money...
>tells other people to stop raping his country

> friend of mine in highschool
> semi-gangster type
> did some medium-large volume drug deals
> thought he was all talk
> one day read in the news
> 'most stupid robbers ever'
> turned out he pulled off an armed robbery
> he told too many of his friends
> he got like 30k
> his 'friends' knew when it was happening
> they were waiting for him and his partner
> got beat up and they stole the money

think he got like 5 years, but got out in 3 on good behaveior. Maybe he snitched.
most of my friends think he was fucking retarded, but I got more respect for him. Thought he was a faker /no balls.
Cut all ties with him long ago, so maybe I can use him in the future.
>invite friend over
>murder friend
>cut into pieces
>salt and cure
>sell meat at a discount to churches
>Cut all ties with him long ago, so maybe I can use him in the future.
Everyone knows you need to have a tax paying job. The best part was we were able to use all the money we got because we passed it off as tips. Five years isn't too bad though. He said he can get out earlier on good behavior and he's not violent. But he has made connections so it's good for him I guess.
Ordered about $12,000 worth of crap from Wish in mid-December. Didnt get 90% of that stuff within 30 days. Requested a refund for the 90% of stuff I ordered that didnt get here on time. Im still getting stuff in the mail. I'm just reselling it all on Amazon. Eazypeazy
That seems so unsafe and stupid but so smart at the same time
About a year later I was attacked by a Ukrainian because of my connection to a cousin he'd had an issue with, but other than that I kept the fuck out. As for overall cash?

A paperwork switch was $150, so that was maybe $10K in a year, but delivering the bags earned me about $40K.

I tried to deal at one point, but I didn't know the rules, sold too close to a Lebanese gang and they would have stabbed me, but I ran into Chinatown and suddenly Triad-babies just started pouring into the street, fending them off

If I tried to go back to the docks, I'd wind up dead, but I could start working for the family again, or with certain bikers petty easily.


In my opinion many of the Mexican owned restaurants in Atlanta launder money for the drug cartels.

There are hardly any customers and the prices are cheap as fuck. Yet they stay open year after year. Just put the pieces together.

Also, Marietta diner is either Russian mob or Ukranian mob.
you're Australian. Sounds like hyperbole
>Push weed and bars in high school
>Meet with my suppliers
>Semi organized chink street gang, oldest nigga is like 40 and still doing this thug life shit
>They get their mollies from some triad Chinatown, who probably get it from some Eurotrash connection in Port Newark
>Eventually move on to mollies because better margins, made some serious cash over the course of two years
>Quit selling because started to work a financial services internship and was making good, legit money
>Also hated dealing with dipshit ravers and bartards
>Find out that that gang got busted and more than a dozen guys were being indicted
>Get fucking anxiety attacks because I'm afraid I'm gonna go down and ruin my life
>Fucking deleted Facebook and deleted every drug related text I could on my phone, even the innocuous ones
>It's been two years and all of them have been sentenced, though some are appealing
>Still constantly on edge

As long as they don't have any physical evidence and it's just a chink or two saying you were involved, I would not sweat too much.
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I used to drive pretty large quantities of weed from the Netherlands to Southern France or Spain. I would sometimes pick up some coke in Antwerp as well.

They would supply me with a car and would pay me a grand to drive it over there. I quit when I had a close call with the French police after the Paris terrorist attacks. They tried bullying me into doing some more but I politely said no every time.

Got into it through a high school friend who turned dealer/junkie, it was a good gig for a college student, never had to pick up any actual work.
So how do you guys into tax evasion? I'm getting paid under the table right now and have been cashing checks into my bank account. I'm in the USA if relevant.
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The bank nor the government gives a shit if you deposit small amounts occasionally. Just pay for everything you buy or do with cash and deposit what's left.
>guy at my high school was known as the guy to buy hard drugs off
>yearbook committee awarded him "best drug dealer" award
>he got arrested and his life was completely ruined

don't think it was related to the yearbook, but it was funny nonetheless
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That risk tho.

> cashing checks into my bank account

Below 3k in or out.

Know that if you ever get audited, they can go back up to 10 years.
While in highschool me and two of my friends stole over 10,000 dollars worth of merchandise from a company based here in 2009 and sold the goods online for thousands of dollars for a good amount of years. Eventually the one who foundered our theft business left and the remain two people (me and my best friend) kept stealing till we were caught and the company didnt press charges because we were high school minors and on top of that wanted to try and recoup their loss.

We returned 10,000 dollars worth of goods to them and then were free to go because thats what they "assumed" they loss.

The company was called yoyonation and it went down just a few months after our theft of a grand total of over 40,000 went public.
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how are you doing now? are you you really one of those guys?
I was "tombstone" back then and yeah im doing good now. In college and working on my own business ventures at college with other students. I feel bad looking back on what I did because I was not only the last person to that theft money train but the one who took the biggest hit when the company tood every website what we were doing.

Still remember how scared I was when the internet communities flooded with the news and people who had our addresses sent threats and some demanded their money back. My friend went through the same. But we played our cards right and got out with our records clean and still merchandise after we returned equality off 10,000 back to keep selling and making money a little while longer afterwards.
Could be worse. I know some dipshit that has to pay back nearly a 100 grand for theft. He's going to be paying that off for at least ten fucking years.
Very interesting read online
Did you see the crime then as many small crimes or one large crime?

How did you ship and receive payments and not have buyers knocking on your doors?
We seen it as many small ones at first because we were just kids, as time went on it really did become a large dangerous one. We used our username alias at first along with our actual addresses because the customer would still ship the goods to our address and so long as that was correct we'd get the packages. Eventually we got cocky and used our real reals but very sparingly. Every time a new release came around we were THE first on every forum to have them aside from the actual businesses and people knew that and came to us more. It got so big we had famous people in the community giving us goods and selling, trading with us large amount of money and yoyos of value into the thousands. I remember my friend scammed someone out of at least 7 throws and a psvita at the time and didnt even have his credibility taken. Every site we used relied on trader information and so long as you had a lot of positive it was ok to scam one or two suckers we didnt like cause it didnt effect us. I only met in person with ONE customer and I hated doing that cause he knew my face and I knew he would tell the community what I looked like but I had no choice. The package deal we had was too much to be shipped for him and he was close to me. Im surprised people didnt come to my door as well now that you mention it. To this day my parents believe that whole business was me and my friends doing work for yoyonation in exchange for valuable yoyos to sell. They were easy to lie to
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Isn't avoiding facial detection the definition of ''mask'' ?
>not waiting for the biggest bag and stealing that shit from pajeet.
It's like you weren't born to be rich
How does that make you money?

40% of my income is under the table.

Just store it in your house. Spend it at will.

If it's in the form of a check, go to the bank of the check, and have them cash it for you.

No trail, no taxes.

I don't even jave a parking ticket you mentaly retarded cunt.

Wtf are u on about.
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Please god post a pic of yearbook
You know you keep receipts so that you can show what you purchased. When the IRS sees three snowblower receipts per year, they will want to see the snowblowers.

tl;dr: no point in keeping the receipts, you'd be fucked either way.
I literally know 30-40 people who were criminals at some point in their lives. Only two got rich doing it and they ended up losing the money anyways. Seriously avoid crime in General because it rarely works out. Even when it does criminals are disgusting people you don't want to deal with. I am so sick of those toothless tweakers
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>Kid got picked up by immigration trying to cross a truck full of narcotics.

Knew this poor white kid who worked at a tire shop in El Paso, TX. He made close to minimum wage, and his dad was unemployed at the time. So, he help the family out with what little money he made. And he was never in any kind of trouble with the law, but he was desperate.

One day this two nicely dressed cartel mexcians offered him $2000 USD for bringing drugs across . A one day job. Well, he did it one time without a problem. But on his second trip things didn't go well for him. His facing close to 10 yrs in federal prison. Pretty sad considering he was a regular kid who took the easy way out. He should've gone into the BITCOIN biz

$2k to risk everything.

Jesus that's dumb as fuck.
It's the Greek mob, dude.
They own a lot of places in Atlanta.
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