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ASX Thread - Applauding New Faggotry Edition

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Wednesday 25th January

Last Thread

General /biz/ is concensus as follows..

Conservative Gains:

High Risk:

Moon Stocks:


Topics of discussion:
>Fuck off Reddit, we're full
>Moon Stocks:

Good job fucking up the thread before it even began.
Up 6% with a nearly 2:1 ask, stay poor no-lithium-er
What! A whole 6%?
Gee wizz. It's almost recovered the 25% of losses since early Jan
and on it's way to recovering it's 1000s of percent losses since 2013

Everyone get on board the company that managed to tank from a $5 stock to a 0.03 nano-cap pile of shit.
>Conservative Gains:

I agree it is probably not the worst time to buy VOC (that would have been about 6 months ago). The company is pretty highly leveraged though and the last earnings results were not as strong as expected.

As someone who owns shares in VOC, and originally bought them as MTU shares, I wouldn't strongly recommend them. I am happy enough holding, but their value declined for a reason.
I was talking about MLS not LRS
Greenland Minerals (GGG) is the one true moon mission
Where are they at in regards to actually pulling something out of the ground?
Check out IIL

It's an Australian biostock backed by people in Trump's cabinet, jumped 20% in a week
Feels like it's a bit late to jump on. 400% increase since Sept, 70% increase this month?

That ship has sailed.
>Kvanefjeld is located at the northwest corner of the Ilimaussaq complex. Underlying the broad plateau is a vaste multi-element resource that includes one of the world’s largest resources of rare earth elements (as defined by JORC or NI 43-101 reporting codes), along with extensive resources of uranium and zinc.
Rare Earths are a crucial part for permanent magnets in electric motors and engines.
A big chinese rare earth firm bought in last december, also it's likely for the government to back the project.
Also, uranium prices are going up at the moment.

Nevertheless, it's quite risky and i only got a small position in my portfolio (~4% of the total portfolio value)
What's so special about A2M, why is destined for the moon?

I just want milk that tastes like real milk.
The book 'the devil in the milk' shows strong correlations between the a1 mutated genome in milk and populations with high levels of autism, diabetes, cancer etc compared to populations with high levels of a2 genome in the milk.

Approx 10% of people who are diagnosed lactose intolerant are acually allergic to lactose. Most are allergic to the a1 genome.

A2 milk also has higher natural levels of protein and fat
It exploded last year. Had a client buy at 4c and sold for high 80s. Whats it doing now thats so special?
For those saying that MLS hasn't even started drilling yet.
"Drilling Commenced at Resource Extension Targets and Greenfield Targets
Following a review of existing data, the Company has recently mobilised a drill crew and commenced the first phase diamond drilling activities at Manindi in an effort to delineate and identify additional resource tonnage potential at the project."
SOURCE :http://clients.weblink.com.au/news/pdf/01819323.pd
Dated 12/1/17

Expect to see SP of 2.5 come mid- late feb
Trials aren't until April, traders are predicting it to be over $4 by then

Still time for big gains
It's been said thousand and one times before that they have completely new management, sold all old projects and acquired new ones AND that they're a spec stock and their SP will bounce around a ton.

I am sick of having them shilled here though, wait until mining results, similarly for all the other lithium exploration miners.

I'd prefer a thread about larger shares and macroeconomic conditions for once or is that too boring?
What makes you so sure the trials will be a success? and if they are?
I was the only one talking about LRS in the old thread, and now i'm rich.

A2M had a good week, nothing great but the stability feels good.

still feeling confidant in PLS doing really well this year.
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Good day gentlemen,

I am a genuine bag holder of Mesoblast at 2.2 average share price at a quant of 20K.

I am aiming for there P3 trial results this 31st March, which I target to be no less than 3.2, but it will be only spike, no more than few days, then i'll be bagholding no more.
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darren lockyer.jpg
86KB, 416x594px
Anyone looked at BBL? It seems grossly undervalued. I got fair value somewhere in the vicinity of 85 cents per share
>A2 milk also has higher natural levels of protein and fat

A2 milk also has an EV/E in the 50s , don't quote qualitative shit without tying it to the financials
>A2 milk also has an EV/E in the 50s , don't quote qualitative shit without tying it to the financials

I have worked in the pastuerising room and the lab to peoduce A2 milk. The full cream A2 usually needs to be skimmed because the fat content of the raw product is above the allowable range for the finished product.

I dont need to tie it to the financials, i can physicaly observe the operations and speak to the managers 12 months before anything is reported in the financials
its gonna moon lemme tell ya that
So I'm thinking about selling off my GXY and buying back in when it dips. Because, following this stock for a bit now, I feel a dip coming. Maybe back down to .55.

Anybody agree or am I just stupid?
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just follow your heart bruh


Does this guy know he's a meme at this point?
I have GALXF (GXY US equivalent) and am just holding for the long run. If I had more balls I'd probably take more risks but I'd rather just play is really conservative and hold til it reaches and number I'm comfortable with and sell.
Big day for LRS, RMX and PDN today

Gold miners also down
I've lost 5 per cent of my investment in HSO.

How long will it be before we expect gains by this company?

Any big announcements in the pipeline we should be watching?
If you haven't made at least 5k off RMX you're doing it wrong
FCR need to get a fucking move on
It's becoming a Jam tomorrow type company.
I am gonna put a bit into RMX, more into A2M, and wait for GXY's inevitable drop.
Wow. Rmx! I got off the train at .043. Nice little profit
Could someone please explain what a CR is?
Credit raising, raises money by issuing new shares - Which in turn devalues existing outstanding shares.

Not necessarily a bad thing if the return generated using the funds raised exceeds the decline share holders face as a result however they're associated with shitty spec stock companies that just do CR after CR burning through cash quarter after quarter all while earning 6 figure pay checks and leading optimistic shareholders down a road to no where.
So for example if I have 100 shares, they will issue me another 100, but their value will halve?
Not necessarily. If it was a 1 for 1 issue you would get another 100, but usually it will be a lot less. Often the new shares are discounted as well, so you might get 10 shares for your 100 and they will cost 75% of the mv of the listed shares

Which also means the price of the remaining shares will drop too, due to profit taking (if you can get in on the share purchase plan)
Just chill, our population's getting older and crazier while gov health is getting more expensive. The libs will take a swing at medicare and private health will rocket.
Big drop for RMX or nah, should we sell than buy back in a day or two?
I think RMX could be still over 2 months away from releasing any drill results. They havent yet finalized their permits and are still looking for a contractor to do the job.
I believe that the price will drop again, possibly to the mid-high 3s within the next few weeks. Short term it may still rise and low term it definitely will
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Thread images: 7

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