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Adult help kill me

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So this is it anons. This is the time in my life when I will be graduating high school and moving off to college. Recently 18 and set to graduate in a few months and I don't want to take responsibility for my life. But since I'm forced to I'd like to hear all your tips and any help managing my money. I'm going to college for 8 years (astrophysics phD cause alot of the jobs I've looked at if you have a PhD starting is close to 6 figures a year and that's not bad plus I'm passionate as hell about space) looking at a private college that runs about 40 k a year. Now I know this already sounds retarded but hear me out, this college is the best idea for me. I don't have to pay for housing because I have family withing campus limits, and I've been offered a 7k a year scholarship for my first 4 years, plus grants I'm looking at for my class rank and SAT scores, and FAFSA money. Now all that aside I still want some tips on how to manage all this debt once I'm out, and general adult financial tips that you've all applied to your life that seem to work. I'm awful with money and need to learn.
How much in grants are you getting? It sounds like after the scholarships, you'll be around $130k in debt after you get your BS.

The housing situation is huge and if your family lets you live off them as well (ie: they pay for your food, gas, and insurance), that'll be even better. My advice is to live with your family as long as possible after you graduate. That way, you can easily save 70, 80, even 90% of your income and get the debt paid off in only 3-4 years with the funding you'll get for your PhD and maybe another part time job instead of having the debt hang over your head for over a decade. This way, you'll have a clean slate when you get your doctorate and be saving money for a house instead of paying off student debts
Not sure. Total tuition is 40,000 but subtract 11,000 just for housing and another 2,000 for other expenses my dad will provide (I'm living with him once I graduate) and then another 7,000 in getting from a scholarship every year, and probably around 5,000 from FAFSA because I live with my mother who up until recently was a single mother working a part time job. So probably around 20k a year
>Be 80k in debt upon exiting school
>Don't want to start working in a job because it's shit, and you need research cred to have a good job as an astrophysicist
>Spend $200,000 MORE getting a PHD
>Dr. Anon
>Now I can get a job that I make $6,500 a month at starting out and figure out how to manage going from having no income whatsoever to having that much

My advice to you is if you want to go the route, MAKE THE FUCKING GRADE. Don't over-socialize, make grades your priority, not pussy, although don't take this to the extreme either, have a healthy balance of staying in shape, getting laid, and making A's.
If not, your scholarship will get cut, won't be able to find a job because of one B you got in sophomore year, etc.

Oh yeah and when you get out be prepared to pay about 60-70% of your salary monthly towards your debt. Add 20% for rent, assuming you don't live with your parents like typical 4chan user and yeah you're fukken broke. lol

But if you pay ~4000-4500 a month you can have your debt eliminated by the time you're like 32. lol

>At that time you can start living life... entering middle age lol

j/k it's your prime
>he thinks you pay for a stem phd
clueless fuck
Don't get a PhD unless it's at a top 10 school in the field. Anyway, it's early and you'll probably change your mind
Why are you awful with money? it's just numbers, mostly in exponential functions. If you can't calculate 1.07^N when you get out of high school, an astophysics PhD may not work out the way you expect.

If you can calculate compound interest in your head, just recognize that it's an emotional problem and be aware of how you feel about money.
Your entire argument is based on the idea that a physics major would pay $200000 to get a PhD, which is very wrong.

The reality is you'd likely be paid $25k - $30k per year compensation for the research or teaching done, with tuition provided at no cost.
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