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Links: http://www.richdad.com/classic

What is cashflow?
Cashflow 101, created by Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, is an educational board game aimed at teaching investors concepts of accounting, finance and investing. ... The objective of the game is to “get out of the rat race” by accumulating enough passive income that exceeds your expenses.

Other versions of cashflow:
Cashflow board game
Cashflow the E game 101
Cashflow the E game 202
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First deal, an option on the stock market.

I usually go after the cheapest option since I lose a small amount of money if the option fails. The call and the put options offered here are too expensive so I will pass.
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Next deal, a plot of useless land.

Buying this land is like throwing your money into a trash can unless you have a builder lined up to buy it.
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I landed on a doodad, I added an office on to my house for $750 a month.

Also when you land on a doodad card you are FORCED to do what it says you can't say no.

Now this is a serious blow to me and my financial statement but it could be worse.
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Next opportunity new deal, I got something good this time.

I have 12k in my bank account so I will purchase it.
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I just brought that house too. Darn! At least I get my money back for it.
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Hired a maid service, oh boy.
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I had a baby, wonderful.
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I just got a new cellphone!
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I am going to sell my stock that I started off with. Seems like I have made a handsome profit.
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I made 6k, that's pretty sweet.
Check out Gazillionaire Deluxe OP, it has GOAT artstyle.
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Market Card, I got a investment mentor. Yay.
Looks nice I will give it a try sometime in the near future.
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I got a deal from my mentor! Its actually pretty good so I think I will scoop this one up.
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He found me a bad deal, I will just say no to that one.
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Market card, nothing I can use.
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Another bad stock option.
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Another useless plot of land.
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Ok here's a chance at a good stock option.
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According to kyosaki you shouldn't buy something if it doesn't produce something. So this deal looks attractive but its not a good deal due to the negative cashflow.
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wtf is this shit.png
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I can't start a game, I only see this screen.

Try a different browser.
Thx, that worked. For some reason Chrome didn't work
Post your game in the thread.
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The stock option I brought expired worthless but I didn't spend much on it so it's not a big blow.

Oh look charity.
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Another baby, woooo.
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Another bad stock option, pass.
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The share price looks decent, I think I will buy 100 shares.
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My child needs braces, why did I ever have children?
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Someone has offered to buy my duplex for double the asking price, offer accepted!
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So on the last card we made a nice chunk of cash. Now we have another capital gains deal. Another stock, I think this one is a bit overpriced.
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Wonderful my mentor found me a good deal and I am going to buy back the shares of OK4U I shorted.
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I short sold the stock at $21 and brought to cover at $15.
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D2U deal? Only $200 dollars? Well why not?
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Someone is willing to buy my duplex for more than I paid for it. Well why not?
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The ON2U stock I purchased increased in value so I sold it for its new going price of $15 dollars a share.
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Oh no I've been DOWNSIZED!
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Alright I got a new job. New deal time.. stock deal.

Seems overpriced. I usually like to buy stock in the $1-$19 price range to protect me from loss.
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I think this is my third child.
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Another useless plot of land.
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Look at that! A great deal! What a steal!
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Charity time.
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Another good capital gains opportunity. Buy low sell high!
My oppoent jake got a good stock option. He made $140,000 on a call on OK4U
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Just got a website.
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Downsized again!
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Seems the other player won the game. That option gave him the leverage to buy an apartment building and get his passive income through the roof and put him on the fast track.
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Thread images: 43

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