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Money/Success Is not making me happy

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Story time.

> Finished high-school at 18
> IT universities are shit in my country, teaching you old shit nobody uses on the job
> I go in a Cisco Academy for 5 months.
> TFW the course is slow as fuck and seems made for retards
> Finish studying everything in 1 month.
> Got certified.
> I like the field, so got my CCNP the next month.
> TFW I was more certified than our instructor and knew more shit.
> Finish course, get a job, work for 2.5 years.
> Move to Ireland, start to work for _top company_
> Make 85k a year
> 25 days of vacation
> Just made 23 y/o

When I was little I didn't have friends, or, at least, no "friends" that you could call at 3 AM because you are in the middle of nowhere with a dead hooker on the back of the car.

I had a girlfriend at 17, but she broke up 1 year later.

I decided to focus on my career as social shit will come after.

I am now living comfortably, working on interesting stuff, but am lonely as shit, depressed and with no motivation to keep improving.

Why doesn't money make me happy? If _now_ I am not happy, what makes you believe being a *lionair will make you happier?

Can somebody please give me a solution here.
>le lament of Alexander~

Kys you'reself.
My advice is to think about what your wildest fantasy/dream job is, and start learning or doing it as a hobby.

I always wanted to become a musician, so I just started pouring all my free time into studying music and pop culture.

The downside is that my grades started slipping, because at the same time I was working a part time job but had to do 40 hour weeks (restaurant so no benefits)

I started to realize how much of a meme college was. I dropped out and moved to another part of the country to focus on music more

I couch surfed with a friend for a year while trying to make music happen, but I realized I was years away from any kind of success (10,000 hour theory) so I started to have an identity crisis

I felt like I threw away life by dropping out, but the degree I was in was worthless anyways, and I was years away from being a decent musician

I start pouring out to my dad, and he suggest to me I join the military like he did at my age. My family history is primarily life long veterans on both sides, so the US military is kinda like a family business at this point.

No one in my family is financially free, my dad is the closest to that, but both sides of my senpai are from very very poor, rural parts of the US (northern California and Southern Louisiana)

That means not very many connections to wealthier families or wealthier, metropolitan areas.

Basically military is the way to go. I'm 21 now, and I will be able to catch up on my studies, while getting experience in a more relevant field. I should be able to get at least a bachelor's, if not a master's by the time I can decide to retire or stay in.

This means I could become a doctor in a relevant field by 30 y/o. A lot of people on this board bitch at military, calling them wage cucks or mindless soldiers, but the truth is, I would rather serve and risk dying for my country for a few years while upping my skills and knowledge.

To me the military is the logical way to FIRE
Continuation for character limit

The military offers tons of benefits on top of free college and relevant work experience. The extra cash available for having my expenses paid for will go straight to investments, retirement fund, stocks and bonds. Of course I will leave a little emergency money available to myself, so I will have a cushion and some stress relieved for not having to constantly worry about finances.

Now, to tie back into my first point: what is my fantasy/dream job? I know being a military man doesn't allow much time for personal hobbies, and that goes double for those studying online courses.

Whatever time left over is time for me to practice and create music, and to continue studying music. It's all I need to keep me sane and I'm passionate about it, so my life doesn't feel so aimless.

I really hope these posts give you some sort of help.
all your problems will go away the moment you kill yourself. you wont have to worry about "happiness"

The military in non-US countries provides none of those benefits, so it's a no-go for me.

Again, I am already making decent money and I like what I do. My problem is that it doesn't fulfill me as a human being.

What good is having everything in the world but not being able to share your success with somebody else (be that a friend or a loved one) ?

If a tree falls in a forest but nobody hears it, has it really happened? If you are a genius, well-off and successful, does that matter if you're only doing it for yourself?

Buy s class, then when the momemnt s right get chicks (offer a ride).
I'm in a similar position, but a few years ahead of you. As far as I can tell, the problem is that while you are successful relative to other people you are not successful in any sort of meaningful way. Think about your current position and the trajectory that you're on. You don't provide anything unique to the company and will be replaced if a cost-benefit analysis says it's economical to do so. You'll be working 9-to-5 until your 60s with your most precious resource (time) being mostly consumed by work and work-related activity. Sure, you can afford marginally nicer belongings than other people your age, but there's a good chance that the things you genuinely enjoy doing don't require nice belongings at all. Upper-middle class life is completely boring. You're not wealthy/successful enough for it to have a significant impact on your life, but you are wealthy/successful enough that you no longer need ambition or drive.

You have to self-source ambition and do something of real value. Build something new. Create something interesting. Give your life a real meaning.
Start with your community. The world around you is empty because you give nothing to it. Instead of buying shit for yourself to enjoy, maybe learn how to volunteer and make your community a better place. I guarantee you if you turn to philanthropy you will make friends. And I don't mean just give your money away, I mean find a way to invest your money in making the community a better place. Dont be a charity cuck either.

I told you before that my family comes from a very rural, poor part of the country. If I can take my knowledge and money back to that community, I can shape it to how I want it to look. I can make my world how I see fit
volunteering is alright if its something you believe in, you will meet plenty of people but you wont make many friends.

i teach IT to my local community for nothing since i was sick of slick city sales fuckers ripping them off with garbage goods and services.

They are nice enough and dont get taken for fools as much anymore but they are not my friends.
Wait what is the exact name of the cisco certification you got?
He probably got a CCNA because you need that to get a CCNP
what's your country of origin?
you should go to tg or qst if you want to do role playing game.

The pasta country.

>Why doesn't money make me happy? If _now_ I am not happy, what makes you believe being a *lionair will make you happier?

you don't really have money, you're an IT whallah with low expectations of having 'made it'.

going to university would have (and could still) add to the social side, you'll connect with more people and have access to jobs that require more than just some vendor certificates... (though probably a good idea to get a masters too)
Yeah, but things are going smooth for you... when your life hits a bump of some kind, you might remember "Oh yeah, this is why having money is good." Because the bumps hit harder when you have less money. Money might not make you happy, but it's a great shock absorber on the road of life.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 2

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