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Intern frustration

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>internships will coat your resume in gold they said
>it's meaningful experience for your career they said

Uhm what the fuck. I just graduated in May, and I'm working my 3rd paid internship at 25$/hr + stipend at a large corporation. Picked my boss's brain about the possibilities of staying on full-time "uhh hurr durr we didn't get approved for a new hire for our budget and we're hiring a new manager in charge of the financing stuff, so we can extend your internship for a month at best". I'm getting shit on with every job app and everyone in my network is in an entry-level position, meaning they have fuck-all pull with who gets hired at their companies and who doesn't.

This is my 3rd fucking paid internship, and like the other two before this one, is apparently going to render me lurking indeed and LinkedIn for 8 hours a night again

"Meaningful work experience my ass". Maybe I'm just shit at the jobs I do? People say shit like keep up the good work and I get my deliverables in on time or ahead of schedule, show up early stay late etc.

Fuck this why can't I get a full-time job? Maybe I'll just look to selling weed or something to pay for my rent and car.

How do I become actually employed?
at least you're getting paid internship. some cucks do unpaid internships
it would help to know what field you're in
Right now I'm a technical writer documenting business processes and being a flow diagram bitch. I'm applying to technical writing jobs, business process analyst jobs, systems analyst, operations analyst, jobs etc.

Should I take another internship?
You're doing it wrong. You need to make yourself indispensible by showing other skills rather than tech writing. While you have free time, approach other departments and ask if they need help with anything, especially IT. Don't think of the internship as a normal 9-5. Think of yourself as a consultant that is trying to prove your relevancy. As a consultant you should be a jack of all trades and master of none. Are you interning at Fortune 500 companies? If you aren't then you should be. You need to put yourself in a position that you have the best chances possible to grow and expand your skillsets. Once you are in a spot where they need you, you have them by the balls.

What the fuck does that even mean?

I hate this type of vague shit. Tell us what you actually do.
He's interning and given the duties of a tech writer. Not that vague tbqh.

Yes it is vague

> technical writer

This could mean he writes science textbooks for middle schoolers or it could mean he writes datasheets for transformers

> documenting business processes

what the hell does that even mean?
Business processes are day to day activities in production, management, billing, and so on. These need to be written down from time to time by the employees themselves or technical writers. Writers of technical documents of any kind. Rather large profession.

This is stuff you encounter at any level in any business anywhere in the world. But you wouldn't know that.
Should have majored in meme design. I got a full time position on the first day of class.
Nah usually the people who are in charge of the program do the writing. I've never seen shit like this handed off to some pleb with an English degree.
Untrue. Process owners may write a preliminary draft but there is usually always a revisionist that comes along after to make it concise, readable and easy to understand. Like the other anon posted, tech writers are a real thing. Some tech writers even pull in 80k+ a year. Obviously OP isn't making any final approvals to process changes as an intern, but he could absolutely be making draft revisions.
At least you have an internship, a paid one at that. The only second and last one I applied for denied me because the dudes they interviewed first finally replied. Before that at another place, the guy just up and died for 3 days before telling me they gave the position away to someone else. When like a week before he was giving me a decision on what I wanted to work with.

After that I just stopped bothering until I graduated, no one wanted me and no one seems to want to follow through so who gives a fuck. Now I have a degree, haven't bothered applying anywhere, no experience, no income. Only thing going for me right now is I'm in a master's program, but that won't last, probably will fail out this semester thanks to the C in AI I got. Brilliant.

I should have just done IT from the start instead of fumbling for 2.5 years.
Ask the people at the place where you're currently interning if they have and advice or leads on jobs. Having someone recommend you is the best way to get your name on the short list. Three internships looks pretty good on a resume for a recent grad.
>Fuck this why can't I get a full-time job?
>This is my 3rd fucking paid internship

Answered your own question. 'Internships' are basically the modern version of slavery. You're not getting properly paid work because you and your peers are willing to work for peanuts.
Also, your resume says 'willing to work for peanuts' and 'able to be strung along with vague promises for weeks'.

Also, in less than two months, you're on your third one. Maybe you're just not hireable?
Otherwise you could try the freeware model. Only use skills appropriate to your pay level, and explain that using more of them will require a proper subscription.
I do gardening for $11/hr. Fuck off OP.
This doesn't happen at a site level. If you're saying this is a cushy ass corporate-level or business unit job then possibly.

If that's the case then OP has actually zero chance of landing this position as an outside hire because it's going to get approximately 30,000 internal applicants with much more familiarity with that company's terminology, systems, and standards. These kinds of technical roles with no direct reports are highly sought after by low-mid level managers that have shitty gallup scores and overly ambitious hourly employees who want a transfer.

Get fucked OP. Start off as a shift manager or as an hourly employee and transfer after 6-12 months.
>If that's the case then OP has actually zero chance of landing this position
He doesn't really need to land a specific position as a tech writer, being an intern. Most tech writer jobs are contract based, meaning that there is usually a specific task to perform, not an ongoing role. Like you said, these tasks are usually performed at a corporate level. Let's say, for example, that a company needs a disaster recovery plan. They don't have the resources in-house so they hire an outside consultant (tech writer) to draft one up for them. Once that contract is ended, there is no need to keep the consultant on anymore so they part ways. The tech writer then may look for other contracts at other companies, or if he likes the company, he may apply as a full time in-house employee. Usually before this ever happens, he would put feelers out to see if there are any permanent roles he can fill within the organization. In this sense, consultants are not too far different from interns except that consultants have more experience. If OP can prove his relevancy while he is there, there is no reason why he shouldnt be able to negotiate something permanent. It really just amounts to impressing the right person or becoming indespensible.

The key word is "leverage". The more work you take on, the more leverage you can gain. I turned my first internship into a 3 year gig just by never saying no. By the time I left, I was the global systems administrator for the database that stored all their policies, procedures, processes and controls. I was also responsible for maintaining their system for financial reporting. I had 10 different CFOs of smaller operating companies unofficially reporting to me about compliance. I was also heavily involved in the mergers and aquisitions side of the company, redefining their due diligence model. When I left, it took me 4 months to train my replacement (an older guy with an MBA at Harvard).

By the time some of the execs realized that they had an intern making over $100k and responsible for duties that a corporate VP would have, it was already too late. My whole point is that you should never squander opportunities that you are given.
This is actually pretty inspiring. Thanks anon.

Just apply yourself dipshit. I just can't be reading this troll crap right now. ban delete
24/hr is more than the 0/hr I'm making now too.
That's just the nature of todays labour market in the West. Sorry lad.
we have two of these fucks on our team
>can't use word
>doesn't know what latex is (7 years experience for the less experienced one)
>calls me for help with Visio
>insists on PDF documents since they can't be edited, then emails them out asking people to comment for edits
>they make more than you, I made more than them. It would be still cheaper for me to do it all, then me help them through the process
>doesn't know subject matter and uses that as an excuse for writing statements that say when you perform X some or all will happen

I hear this is the state of this fucking industry.

You want a better job OP, then get a memory. Find something you created and get feedback on it, so next time you are doing the same fucking thing you might have some input on it. Nobody gives a fuck about your opinion, but if you see discrepancies between your past and current work (or work for other departments) then track it down. This won't help the resume, but at least next interview you can say you did something
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this. our tech writer is middle aged and she keeps asking to be hired but company says no. they keep paying her hourly and she's making almost $200K a year with current workload. she stopped asking to be hired lol
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Thread images: 2

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