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Finding a co-founders / partner pt 2

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I posted a thread here a couple of days ago explaining that I was having trouble finding a co-founder to start a business with. I tried looking online several times but everything failed -- people either wanted to meet with me - which I couldn't do due to family, or they didn't have the time or skills to contribute (I'm a programmer myself so someone who has strong tech skills is a must.)

It didn't make much sense to me since we have all the tools to do everything remotely plus I had already found my first customers which proved that demand existed. When I posted that original thread I was going to to give up but then tons of people said they were interested and suddenly my problem became who to choose. I spoke to a lot of people over the next few days and found someone I hit it off really well with - I was amazed and I'm extremely grateful to /biz/.

So lets try this again: we need to find one more person to join us so we have the perfect, balanced team. Two people work well as partners but three would be an absolute powerhouse. What we're looking for is someone who has the time and skills to dedicate towards this -- so full time. We really need close to full time commitments because believe me when I say that building a "side business" is more a fantasy than a reality (I've tried it several times, you just don't have the time to get any where.)

If there's any interest my email is: [email protected] Feel free to email me or drop a reply in this thread and I'll get back to you.
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Is your business model organized around a newfound African prince that needs a small bit of capital to access his father's locked away capital?
FYI: There's been a lot of interest from full time students here but my advice to them is to either get your degree and keep up your grades (safest bet) or to drop out and work full time (not that safe, would not recommend for something like this.)

To everyone else who is working a full time job: trying to contribute to this is a very bad idea. You're going to burn out within the first few weeks since you'll have no free time for yourself and you're generally going to hate your life.

Since some of you seem to want to do this part time maybe you guys could get together and start your own online businesses together? There were some surprisingly motivated and skilled people and I think you guys would be compatible. If you want to go that route I'd be happy to review any business ideas.
Sorry op, but your scam isn't going to work on biz.

All the gullible NEETS have all their money tied up in shitcoins.

Try posting this in r9k. They usually fall for shit like this
We're a simple consulting business. It's probably never going to be worth millions or make anyone rich but being in control of our schedules while working from home is a lot better than working at most tech companies in my experience.
What does your company do?
We build software for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It's a specialized consulting company so sometimes we do interviews and talk at conferences.
I already do that, your profit margins aren't that good.

I suggest starting to resell hosting packages to go with the software you are selling. Also charge for maintenence, upkeep and tutoring.
Sounds like some good ideas anon. What other advice do you have about consulting? We're still very early stage so I have a lot to learn


sent e-mail to [email protected]

- studentdebtblock.org

I already work fully remote for a consulting company. 67/hr can you beat that price?

What technologies do you use
Where do you get your customers from
How much revenue have you generated up until this point?
How many hours can you expect to work per week?
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Holy shit, get real mate.

You actually think people are gonna work with you without meeting first? Do you even common sense?

You got some growing up to do my man.
Remote work is a thing now, so are remote companies. This is 2016.

I'm not looking to hire someone. I need to find a co-founder.


I could thrash, but I'll be nice.

You need some skills and some help. I suggest looking up the small business group or networking team in your area and asking to join. Attend 1x per week and it will help you a lot.

One last thing: Hierarchy > Partnership, every single time.
Thanks for the advice anon.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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