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What can i do with what i have?

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I have around 50 scrap vehicles, 150 scrap auto batteries, 50 catalytic converters, 100 aluminum rims, I had been attempting to run a salvage parts business the last few years but I never could keep enough money to buy more inventory and never sold enough parts to make it worth while, the scrap metal market has went to hell the last few months so simply crushing them isn't an option right now...I have been trying to figure out what type of business I could squeeze out of what I have already...any ideals would be great.
Don't catalytic converters have platinum or some valuable shit in them.
Yes they do, the problem is the ones I currently have I purchased from individuals at a market price that no longer exist so selling them now would result in a substantial loss
liquidate, then pay for removal of shit, sell land, and move to a growing economy
Can you get them running and sell them to customizers?
Junkyards are pretty difficult. The only thing that sells are late model cars so get those. Scrap whatever is older than 15 years old. Many recycle yards can give you a deal for bulk scrapping. European catalytic converters tend to be worth the most, then Asian, then US domestic, though it can hop around. And use Craig's list. Save any Chevy V8s and advertise them. Hot rodders love them so you can sell them easy. Call transmission shops and ask if they are interested in cores they can rebuild. And scrap anything that 2000 or newer and isn't Honda or a pickup. They are only worth the scrap. Pull the engines and transmissions though. They can be sold for a couple hundred each at least.
I'm all over the place but I'm on mobile and it's hard to edit posts on a phone.
I'd guess: attempt to refurbish and sell any autos that would be worth it (e.g. classic models), failing that strip useable parts and sell those, and finally sell what's left for scrap.

I'd personally sit on all of it.

Look what happened to copper. It is bound to repeat itself soon enough.
Rent your place out for paintball. Scrap iron isn't worth shit right now. Might as well sit on them. Make an inventory of what you have and advertise parts
Build a car-motel.
This post is why i come to /biz/. Lots of inside views. Thanks, anon.
>paying market price for shit that will sit in a junkyard
Demolition derby
The problem with that is that most of them have no titles.. and nothing really old enough to be a "classic"
at this point I will have to
if I were in a large city this make work but I live in a place that's cant even sustain a bowling alley
When I say market price I mean I paid a price that I could have made around a %30 profit on the cores...the %30 no longer exist..if sold today if would be like a negative 5% maybe more
You could probably start a closed club and do this. Would need waivers and clear legal protection, I don't even know if that's possible. Probably wouldn't make you money though.

These cars are all old and shitty. I don't think they will sell, and it appears you can't part them out either. Maybe you could donate some to a school for tax purposes or something.

You just have big piles of rusty steel it seems, sorry bro
Paintball field.
You could take them innawoods and charge people to blow them up with tannerite.
I do not live in a area that can or would support something such as a hobby or fun related business...the local bowling alley couldn't even stay afloat.

>find cars shells that have a cult status - ford pickups, vans
>advertise locally to reduce pickup cost and speed
>advertise on ebay / cart market sites
>call classic car fixer-upper places to see if they want to buy spare parts cheaply
>turn it into a playground for kids
>invent a story that wwii soldiers abandoned the cars for some mysterious reason.
advertise more. Let people within your 200 mile radius see precisely what you have and push your bullshit product. Make sure everyone knows that you have the hookup on piece of shit scrap cars. If that photo is an actual photo of your scrapyard then I see a few models in there which could net you some cash to dumb middle aged men trying to recapture their masculinity through a restoration project.

Maybe melt down some of the metal yourself, start making ninja stars with the steel. The ninja star market is always booming.
haha I don't really have any classics (pic not my inventory), and the economy is not one here that would sustain a "fun" business
>2000 or newer
Err, older.
This is what I have minus 10-15 not list that are generally the same

2006 Pontiac G6
2004 Pontiac Grand Am
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix
2000 Dodge Caravan
1999 Dodge Dakota
1998 Dodge Ram 1500
2002 Dodge Stratus 2.4
1998 Dodge Stratus
2000 Dodge Neon
1986 Toyota Pkup 4x4
1987 Toyota Pkup 4x4
1992 Toyota Corolla or Camry
1990 Jeep Cherokee
1995 Infinity J30
2002 Chevrolet Impala
2002 Chevrolet Tracker 4x4
2000 Chevrolet Blazer 4x4
1996 Chevrolet Lumina
1989 Chevrolet Pkup 1500
1989 Chevrolet Pkup 1500
1991 Chevrolet Pkup 1500
1990 Chevrolet S10
1988 Chevrolet S10
1994 Chevrolet Van 2500
1989 Chevrolet Van 1500
1998 GMC Jimmy 4x4
1978 GMC Pkup 4x4
1992 GMC Pkup S15
1989 GMC Vandura
1979 GMC Pkup 4x4
1980 Ford Ranger
1998 Ford Ranger 2wd
1989 Ford Tempo
1997 Ford F150 Ext Cab
1998 Ford Taurus
1984 Ford F250
1993 Ford F250
1978 Ford F250
1996 Geo Prizm
2000 Kia Sportage 4x4
1998 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight
why don't you take this list to /o/ and see what they have to say about your options? They may have more insight on your product.
im already ahead of you, I was just thinking I could get some good business sided info here and combine that with some /o/ advice and really come up with a good plan.
>1986 Toyota Pkup 4x4
>1987 Toyota Pkup 4x4

Would mount an anti aircraft cannon in the bed and cruise the sands of Western Syria spraying my hot load all over Daesh.
2006 G6
98 Ram 1500
00 Neon
86 Toyota Pickup
87 Toyota Pickup
78 GMC Pickup (get it running and you could make a profit)
98 Ranger
97 F150
78 F250 (see GMC Pickup)
Are the ones worth keeping.
Yeah, no title for either the GMC of F250
You could fill each vehicle with trash and turn the property into a sanctuary for abandoned or abused skunks.

Charge the public an entrance fee to tour and photograph the habitat.
Yes that might just work...what do you think $2 a head? maybe $6 for a close encounter? then $79.99 for a oatmeal bath at the end?
Do a lien on them, go to the DMV and say that it was stored on your property and never picked up. They'll have you wait a while and then they'll mail you the titles.

Thanks to everyone for the ideals...I will let this die now if no one has anything further
Thread posts: 34
Thread images: 1

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