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Have you ever heard of a trust fund that gives the beneficiary

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Have you ever heard of a trust fund that gives the beneficiary the equivalent of minimum wage?

Trying to think of ways to explain away my mysterious source of income. A trust fund seems simplest, but I'm not rich, I just have no large or fixed time commitments, i.e. I live like an unemployed person.

If I said I owned a house and rented it out, then I'd need to explain why I couldn't just sell it off to fund my business venture. To give me plausible excuses for both needing capital and apparently not needing to work, I need to somehow make my alleged source of income inaccessible to me. Hence my interest in a trust fund cover story.
Out of curiosity, where does your money come from?
I was injured while overseeing construction work and got compensation. I am fine, though I can no longer put stress on my back.

My original plan was to give up my middle class prejudices, stack cash, and never speak of it again.

People do not respect money from blue collar sources, and definitely do not respect money from welfare or compensation.
I'd just prefer to sweep it under the rug; I'd appreciate if you didn't question this.
Be deliberately mysterious about it. Nobody with any manners will ever inquire. If they do inquire become offended.
Yes those trusts exist.

but I'm not sure why you're having this issue. It sounds like someone wants more skin in the game then you want to give them.

If that's the case best not give it to them. and tell them straight up they're not worth what they say.
It's all hypothetical at the moment.

I'm using my time to study, and to figure out who I want to be; not in a hippie kind of way, but to specifically figure out how I want to present myself and how I want to be seen.

So I'm considering all eventualities. Being in a situation where I need to explain my finances is one of them.
Ah. Class reunion? Starting a new social life? Etc?
A trust fund can provide basically any level of income, depending on its contents.

I have a friend who has this kind of deal. Hardly a legit trustafarian, I don't think he could afford not to work. It's just enough that it elevates his decidedly middle class blue collar income to something a little more spiffy. Not rich or anything, just some added security with a little left over for some nice things. Not a bad way to live really, if you have the means.

Can you get a non physical job without losing your comp? Or do you have to pretend to be unemployable to keep the neetbux rolling? No offense or anything, just trying to help.
And to add, I think you may be over thinking things. There are a million ways to explain shit away, even without really lying. Start a hobby business. Take on some kind of non traditional employment, whatever. No one, socially, is going to scratch too deep, as long as you have a quick answer for the general " what do you do?" Question.
So you're trying to get food stamps or some other disability. and need to report income.

as the only people you need to explain finances to are the government and lenders, but lenders rarely check.
No need to be evasive, governments only after the pedos
Just explain that you have a sugar daddy, but he only gives you gifts and sustenance when he's not in Thailand. If they press further, just say no adult American ass can compete with the Thai youths.
You have the right general idea. I want to network. I'm also kind of vain.
I've left my home region, so I can seem to be whatever I want to be. I intend to return when I've cleaned myself up and at least doubled my income.

There's minimal oversight - it's deposited directly into my bank account, and there don't seem to be any "checkups." So I'm sure I could get away with it.
You're probably right. The real answer to that question is "absolutely nothing."
Usually I just pretend to be a tourist taking a post-collegiate sabbatical, but my lack of excitement, big spending, or any sign of cutting loose tends to undermine that image. I'm in need of a cover story, and a hobby business might be the very thing.

No, just considering the possibility of business partners, who would have good reason to ask how much I can contribute.

I already have the stipend.
so that's it, you just want to live a lie for the rest of your life?

kill yourself you disabled, useless, piece of shit
If by live a lie you mean tell you lies, then sure. I don't mind getting the upper hand.

I know that in traditional protestant belief your soul shrivels up if you don't inform the world about your haemorrhoids or whatever, but I'm not really of that ilk.
>I'm a lazy nigger and don't want people to think I am am what do

Get a job?
Not necessary. I'm in a good position to gradually become self-employed, which I intend to do.
I just need to iron out my public persona.
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