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What does /biz/ think about investing in Graphene?

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What does /biz/ think about investing in Graphene?
Who knows what it will do? Could be huge, could be just another idea.

Besides, what company would you even invest in anyway?
There are some, but nothing huge at the moment. I suppose waiting until some barriers to its implementation on a wider scale are overcome would be the right thing to do.
Who's working on it.
red mercury is where the big bucks are at
Meme technology, like Rare Earths. Something would have come from it by now, surely?

Where are all the transparent, unbreakable smartphones they talked about 4 years back? They didn't even incorporate it into smartwatches.
I make this stuff :)

I dont know about graphene but if you want to invest in carbon fiber i would recommend Sika

I'm in the construction industry and I see sika carbon fiber strips being spec'd out more and more as concrete reinforcement
fucking carbon
don't invest on that shit the price can only go lower like when sequencing dna cost high now its like penny sequencing dna
Have you seen what they can do with silk. look that ted talk up.
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shill me more anon, I am hooked.

how feasible is it to conventional reinforcement?
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no idea desu

im in structural steel so this is kind of my competition

what they do is they take this carbon fiber strip and they put it on the concrete. then they sort of "glue" it with this epoxy stuff. especially ive seen it on the underside of concrete ribs in the floors of buildings

does it actually work? is it cheap? is it the future? i have no idea
but Ive seen it a few times in the past year on different jobsites, where ive never seen it spec'd out before.

its just civil engineers trying to seem modern and happening. probably.

considering investing in Sika myself but it apparently trades on some swiss exchange so id have to figure out how to set that up with my broker....
Best girl, but MC's voice in the LN is unbearably weak. Though for the first time I guess I understood being a small weak Japanese man.

I just looked over the company, its got growth but tanked hard in 09 crash. 3500 swiss francs per share, puts it out of my playbook. they've got their hands in a lot of building materials stuff and are a huge multinational corp of between 5-8B$ cap, people cant seem to get that valuation straight.
chestia is bestia

but yeah, im sure theres some more specialized american company that would be more what im looking for
Rare Earths are même ?

OK, kiddo

I invested in a Rare Earth company exploring in Greenland. They found the fourth largest deposit of RE in the world, plus a shitload of uranium, right on Europe and America's doorstep. Highly accessible too. Proven deposits.

If you know anything about rare earths, you would know that China is currently the Saudi of rare earths. Thus, there was economic and geopolitical backing for the company to succeed. Denmark and the EU were getting really excited. All that was needed was for the eskimo parliament there to greenlight it. They did, and immediately the shareprice crashed.

tl;dr rare earths are a meme
It's a really good fucking idea...? i mean that shit is gonna take over the world one day. Soon.
Oh isee
Thought you were implying that rare Earths as a material were même, rather than their subjectivity to market monopolies.

Comment retracted
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