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What is it about Finland that makes it such a meme country?
Finns have the best memes
excellent image
I have the same question m8. I went to /int/ and ylilauta. No clear answer yet. Some say it has something to do with "sisu". I'm still in search of finnish wisdom
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t. vitun nigger
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> you will never have guts and determination
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why even live :(
I think the correct term is "Grit"


For example, this is a blind man living alone middle of forest, fishing, doing construction, using dynamite etc. without outside help. He has "Sisu"

Modern Finns on the other hand lack Sisu because they are corrupted by American media and culture
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stop with the >> muh america shit nigra

have some oc
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Thanks for the story suomibro. I'm now a bit closer to understanding what "sisu" means
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im bumpin n dumpin
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The only man who hated the commies so much that he fought them under Finland, Nazi-Germany and USA
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commies you say?
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Isn´t that Horror of Morocco?
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>Kiitos 1918

Only the most retarded /pol/sters think civil war was some great purge in our history. Almost every family has people either from their father´s or mother´s side that were put in camps or killed during the civil war
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fuck c*mmunist scum and sympathizers
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sympathizing faggot
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oh fug seasoned suomiboo :DDDD ebin :DDD
Those reds who wanted to make Finland part of Soviets were probably like 40-50% of reds.

Whites also failed, considering how socialist country Finland is by today´s standards and even stuff like Finlandization
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im a native
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blah blah bbblah
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and protip: some finns i know were happy to have their sympathizing ""family"" purged hiding out in the woods
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oh wow, you sure got them with that one

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What's your point?
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hes merely retarded
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Oulu mainittu, torilla tavataan!
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