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Do you know that feel ?

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Do you know that feel ?
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>tfw no enthusiastic qt tomboy gf
>tfw no gf
Do they have a sex tape?
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I said
>tfw no gf
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3d roasties are vile subhuman creatures and those who make contact with them are degenerate scum.
>tfw 3dpd
Is that his sister?
>tfw loner highschool gf let me rub her pusy in the girls bathroom inbetween classes
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>tfw no gf to have friendly horseplay with
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>tfw no gf at all
>he wasnt a social outcast with a nerdy skinny social outcast girl in 11th grade and ended up having a nice romantic relationship and both of you losing your virginities together

You had only one shot at it and you blew it!
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>tfw not a passive-aggressive redditspacing braggart so I'm not allowed to get a gf
everything but the kissing
only kissed on the cheek
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>tfw that's my ideal type
>and i'll never meet a girl like this because i never leave my house
why no kiss ?
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>tfw leave the house but just to take care of my grandparents
>that feeling when a qt nurse shows up every so often and her existence reminds me of how inferior I am
idk fuck I was 16 and stupid
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I wish I could help you fren
so is it like
we only feel sad and seek companionship so we can unload our load
cause I could sure unload on a lot of girls right about now
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>tfw look like the guy in OP's webm
>tfw still no gf
>head & shoulders
i wish she could put her head on my shoulders
it's objectively harder for men to date women nowadays. it's different when you're an adult than when you're in your teens and some ditzy teen roastie wanted to have you as her 10th boyfriend/trophy. women work now and they usually view men higher on the social ladder than they are as suitable partners. romance itself has been greatly exaggerated and glorified in entertainment media. people think they'll find "a perfect person" and bang like pornstars. a lot of people, both men and women, just avoid proactively trying to start a relationship just because of all the hurdles you have to go through.

so it's not that bad bro. it's just a sign of the times.
>it's not that bad
Your wall of text begs to differ
Yes, but not gf
>implying anyone here consensually touched a girl who wasn't family
I have, but I'm what the normies call a "fuckboy"
>tfw the only women I've slept with over the past 4 years have literally been "oh I hooked up with you to make this other guy jealous"
>tfw one of my fuckbuddies recently got pregnant by some other guy and cucked her husband into believing the baby is his (husband's)
degenerate life is the only life for me to be desu
c-can that happen on my twenties?
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It's been 10 years since I've had a worthwhile relationship. All the rest have been disappointments
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 14

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