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Hi, /bant/! I love you!

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Hi, /bant/!
I love you!
hello stranger, i love you too!
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Hey faggot, what are you up to?
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What did he mean by this?
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I love you too, Starfan13!
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hikari and tooru.jpg
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love you too slightly under aged avatarfag
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I like it, keep calling me that ^^

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I-I love you too, anon...
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I love you more, you're a cutie!
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Hug Tsumugi.png
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I'm glad you're enjoying yourself; I like talking to you
Is this a good show? Would you recommend it? What's it about?
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R-really? Oh my...
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Starco is cute and perfect!
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Alone Tsumugi.png
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Well okay then
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don't be lonely, anon :^(
It's okay. I have Dutch anon and manx poster
That episode where she goes into heat and starts raping boys at her school with her powers was surprising. How did they get away with that?
Come to think of it, I haven't seen spinners around as much as before.
Maybe I've picked the wrong threads though.
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Chewing Tsumugi.png
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Manx is getting depressed
It is a hard show to get into right away, S1 has more filler episodes, but these filler episodes still put out some plot points for later in the show, it really picks up in S2, which has the least filler episodes, but arguably it has the worst filler episodes of the series. You will find there are characters you like and characters you hate. When shit stops being silly you can notice a slight change in the show, but that doesn't stop the show being fun. There are a lot of hidden jokes in there that are great for older people, and it really is what hooks most people. For a light example of this, a character quotes Charles Manson in the series.

I would suggest you try it if you want, but you might not get into it till halfway into season 1 and maybe season 2. Also, prepare yourself for suffering, suffering and lizards.
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Lisa Loud 53.png
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How does it feel to be a cuck?
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Hello Starposter, arent you planning to go to sleep?
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>Loud House
>talking shit
Wow and I though people couldn't get more stupid.
>Show is literally about a cuckboy being emasculated every single day by his sisters who are all strong independent womyn...
hey there star. Aren't youtoo busy getting cucked?
Producer did a comic all about a furry shota who wants to fuck his mom. There is thick subtext on that subject for the likes of us. So if you like that stuff, it's a laugh.
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hello, star.
i blew many a load to you
Hello, you nerd! Go to heck and eat a poop and get cancered!
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Gwiazdka (89).png
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hey guys sorry i was sleep

dont be sad im back sorry!
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I think it's more that they were upset at the fact that you ignored their first post
this thread is still up?
/bant/ isn't exactly the fastest board
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Gwiazdka (235).png
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yeah but its because i went to sleep :(
i gave it the good ol page 10 bump
the fuck
i haven't watched the show in ages could you tell me what happened leading up to that
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Thread images: 27

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