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Fuck off larper
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>christcucks believe in a like nailed on a stick
Can't make this up
why does that man have a bucket on his head
I am NOT buying Fallout 4
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We wuz neanderthal n shieeet
>All things in the right are paganic and not christcuckian
You just played yourself retard
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trump dancing.png
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Stop being religious. It's a giant hoax, made up to control the masses.
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Pls kang
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Quick Rundown on Louis Cachet

>Varg Vikernes. (Birth name was unironically Christian Vikernes.)
>Raised in Iraq in the 80s because his family illegally oversaw Chemical Weapons Research for Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran War; Varg personally met Saddam Hussein and said he was a role model growing up
>Joined the LARP scene in Norway as a teenager
>stabbed his BEST FRIEND 23 times because he 'heard a rumour' that the guy planned to harm him.
>burned churches and UNESCO monuments
>gets sentenced to lul norway prison for like 14 years
>meanwhile in America he would have gotten death penalty
>becomes a nazi in prison
>attempts to break out of prison, and robs a car at gun point
>gets caught and sent back to prison, only gets slap on the wrist
>gets out of prison
>Abandons his 13 year old daughter he fathered in a degenerate black metal party. Doesn't even have contact with her, or attempts to have contact with her. Literally caused a single mother
>marries a literal autist in France
>Takes her last name, and moves to a cuckshed in the middle of nowhere in France. Now legally known as "Louis Cachet"
>Refuses to learn his host country's language, instead abusing their immigration laws. He can't even talk to his wife, outside of some broken English phrases she was forced to learn
>Literally lives off welfare, and has 5+ little baby money makers to keep the flow coming in
>Makes shitty youtube videos about how Italians are negroid, and why autism is genetically superior or why blue eyes makes me not go blind in the snow
>worshiped by "le deus vult" magapede larpers on 4chins for some unknown reason
>doesn't even make music anymore because he has to live in a hut and pretend its -3000 BCE to feel like a man
>no accepting the fact he is a complete loser, who knows nothing, and is a maniac LITERAL MURDERER WHO STILL SAYS HE DID THE RIGHT THING BY KILLING HIS BEST FRIEND

>this is the strong god of christcucks
>Snow nigger spelling skills
>Ameri56%ndes unable to see it was autocorrect
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>varg on mobile
Some may call this junk.
Me, I call this treasure.
Lord Buckethead has really let himself go since he lost the election.
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Varg on genetics
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>using a quote from a sexual deviant that the literal word sadist came from him
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Varg on Mediterraneans and southern Europeans
Did Varg actually think that Poland is white? Wow, I fell honoured :^
Man i love living in eurpoa
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Varg blacked.jpg
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I doubt it.
Christianity prevailed because it's the TRUTH, no tree or vikang can destroy the word of our LORD
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Snow nigger.jpg
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