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trap thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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trap thread
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What is a good place to meet traps? Srs question, how the fuck do you actually find a trap in rl
>take screenshot of video
>it comes out like shit for some reason

Is video you?
I'm a trap/CD and I whore out for 150$ each time with my daddies. I tell them we're exclusive, and that I don't meet anyone else.
could be a great thread, why start it with a shitty thumbnail
If you mean it's me sucking cock no. But if you're asking if that's my black dick then yes.
can you post a pic of yourself? im a trap too and dont know if im pretty enough to do this, id like a reference point
Faggots die
They're all business men in their mid 50's, tired of old pussy
id date a ts but they dont really exist other than in prostitution and porn
Lucky bastard. Regular fuck buddy?
I'm not pretty at all lmao, but my pass is tight as fuck and they know I won't tell anyone.
Let me see a pic of u.
Nope just some "chick" I met in some shady ass adult store. I think they're doing porn now or cam shit.
Upload the vid

Is this you?
I do it because I wanna have fun and make a shit ton of money while I study
upload the vid somewhere or post the webm
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*teleports behind you*
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Sause plo0x
Top right
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“Jesus, save all sinners from the fires of Hell.

Forgive blackened souls.

Help them to see You.

Lift them out of darkness.

Open their eyes.

Open their hearts.

Show them the Truth.

Save them.

Help them to listen.

Rid them of pride, lust and envy.

Protect them from evil.

Hear their pleas for help.

Grasp their hands.

Pull them towards You.

Save them from the deception of Satan. Amen.”
God has called me to holy board once again!
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O dear Jesus, protect us from the lies, which offend God.

Protect us from Satan and his army

Help us to love You more.

Sustain us in our battle.

Defend us in our faith.

Lead us to Your refuge of safety.

Help us stand up and defend Your Holy Will.

Strengthen our resolve to be Your true disciples.

Give us courage.

Give us confidence.

Guide us on the path of Truth.

Defend us against the enemy.

Pour Your Graces of Protection over us.

Help us to avoid temptation.

Bring us closer to Your Sacred Heart.

Help us to remain loyal to You at all times.

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And it begins...
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to fuck traps?
It's to fuck traps, isn't it?
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Yea I think it's to fuck traps
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God's word is clear on homosexuality, if you were a man of God then you would know this.
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Traps aren't gay tho
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Maybe to the corrupted Saracen mind they are not.
Which testament are talking, new or old?
Cause you know, Jesus was cool.
And the old testament had a two voice thing going.
kind of like one was of hate.. .
and you fell for it...
so you actually represent the devil.
With hate and all.
Just saying.
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Dearest Jesus save us from the deceit of the False Prophet.

Jesus have Mercy on us.

Jesus save us from the persecution.

Jesus preserve us from the Anti-Christ.

Lord Have Mercy.

Christ Have Mercy.

Dearest Jesus cover us with Your Precious Blood.

Dearest Jesus open our eyes to the lies of the False Prophet.

Dearest Jesus unite your Church.

Jesus Protect our sacraments.

Jesus don’t let the False Prophet divide your Church.

Dearest Jesus help us to reject lies presented to us as the truth.

Jesus give us Strength.

Jesus give us Hope.

Jesus flood our souls with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus protect us from the Beast.

Jesus give us the gift of discernment so we can follow

the path of Your true Church at all times forever and ever. Amen
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But it's a feminine penis.
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I'm talking God's word, fiend. He speaks to me, his loyal servant and sword. BEGONE BEAST!
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O Dear Lord, my beloved Jesus Christ

Hold me.

Protect me.

Keep me in the Light of Your Face, as my persecution intensifies, when my only sin is to uphold the Truth, the Holy Word of God.

Help me to find the courage to serve you faithfully at all times.

Give me Your Courage and Your Strength, as I fight to defend Your Teachings against fierce opposition.

Never desert me, Jesus, in my time of need and provide me with everything I need to continue to serve You,

through the provision of the Holy Sacraments and Your Precious Body and Blood, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Bless me Jesus.

Walk with me.

Rest in me.

Stay with me.

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Dearest Jesus, by Your Compassion and Mercy,

I beg you for the salvation of those who have rejected You;

Who deny Your Existence;

Who deliberately oppose Your Holy Word and whose bitter hearts have poisoned their souls against the Light and the Truth of Your Divinity.

Have Mercy on all sinners.

Forgive those who blaspheme against the Holy Trinity and

Help me, in my own way, and through my personal sacrifices, to embrace within Your Loving Arms, those sinners who need Your Mercy the most.

I give You my promise, that through my thoughts, my actions and the spoken word, to serve You as best I can in Your Mission of Salvation.

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Based anon doing God's holy work! Amen.
What exactly does the Bible say about traps? It doesn't say anything. And in fact, traps are not even gay.

Think about it, it's the body of a woman. But there's a penis. Explain to me what's gay
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Any true /b/tard worth his salt would crusade for the Holy Board!
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It is a man foul Saracen!
Actually it says effeminate men go to hell.
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O God, Father Almighty, please protect the weak and the innocent, who suffer at the hands of those with hatred in their hearts. Alleviate the suffering endured by Your poor helpless children.

Give them all the Graces they need to protect themselves from Your enemies. Fill them with courage, hope and charity, so that they can find it in their hearts to forgive those who torment them.

I ask You, dear Lord, my Eternal Father, to forgive those who defy the Law of Life and help them to see how much their actions offend You, so that they can amend their ways and seek solace in Your Arms. Amen
the blonde one in the lower part of the image is a friend of mine lol she's known as Carol Penelope.
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Where would I go to do that?

>tfw retard who can barely take screenshots
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Thread images: 38

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