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What is the deal with all the bs concerning transvestites, gender

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What is the deal with all the bs concerning transvestites, gender questioning, homosexuals nowadays? I guess I just don't understand why someone would think bc they've got a dick/vagoo they aren't in the right body. I guess help me understand?
> pic familiar (its your weapon fighting a jump-in)
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OP here why do most people concerning said issue think this way? Is because big pharmacy has their hand up their ass? How many peeps are currently on prescription drugs? How long have you been on these drugs?

I was prescribed ritalin and adder all at a young age. Since 7th grade been off these and currently have no prescriptions. Don't do drugs, may smoke and definitely drink but still.
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Same shit, how many people with thus mindset have parents who were divorced from a young age? How many people have been sexual abused? Why wouldn't these things assist in an altered mindset? Why wouldn't they assist in this mindset?
So like interesting take on your question -
I don't believe i'm in the wrong body. I was born with a lowkey intersex body. I have a "penis" that is slightly formed differently and my body doesn't look like a standard person with a "penis" would. I'm 115lbs, 5'5", look like a girl, developed small breasts but in some ways i also have your "male" parts.
my hormones naturally are different, my body isn't quite either way and people refer to me as a girl. i feel like a girl. i'm in the process of getting surgery as well.
not your normal surgery mind you. i like my bits. like i totally don't feel that it detracts from my gender or sense of self at all. but i also feel that not having a visible vagina doesn't feel right to me so i'm set to get a surgery that opens my vagina between my bits and my asshole so that i have visible both genital types. i want both showing.
so what am I?
I'm intersex. its extremely common. more common than being a fucking redhead.
some people would argue that i'm a guy who was just born with a really feminine body and hormones and my penis wasn't perfectly formed. I say i'm a girl because i've always felt like one. i'm totally happy with everything and just want to open a vagina up under my bits. i'll be that intersex girl with both genitals. lol
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What's with all the `trap threads` and make me gay bs I see on \gif\? You know that shit'll make you mentally derranged, right? Even encountering it in small doses will make you think it's ok/differently. Why does this not make you less inclined to preclude you from looking at these threads?
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Did you take any drugs to `develop` you small breast? Men don't usually develop these unless a drug has caused the side-effect of gynocomastia, I could perceive the feeling of not being born the right gender but it's still really far fetched for me.

Elaborate on intersex please

Slightly formed differently penis? What does this mean?

Both males and females have both testosterone and estrogene as well as all the other male/female hormones, but statistically it's proven male children born, in sequence, after male children will be more likely to be gay. How many sibling and what gender are they?
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OP again, the differing levels of sex hormones help determine sexual preference of the individual, but ultimately life experiences as well as exercises increase or decrease these levels, proprtional to the assumed gender.
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Intersex as follows: http://www.isna.org/faq/what_is_intersex

Still doesn't explain the difference between transvestite and intersex, truthfully.

Any other takers?
Hey so totally awesome i get a levelheaded response.
so yes they developed a bit in their own. I grew to be about an A which looks a little better when you're a smaller person but also the lack of body fat may play a part in the size. not going to test that theory out. I began also taking hormones this winter and have really enjoyed the changes. like i said though, i did have some development beforehand, just not enough to satisfy me. i don't wants to be an A forever. i also wanted less erections unless i was sexually aroused. no surprise excitement for me!
and as far as the "penis" being slightly differently formed.. my urethra is not in the right place and the opening is longer than it should be. it looks like a split to put it in easy terms. not an uncommon intersex formation but definitely a noticeable one.
i'm aware of the hormones in the different genders and mine were just not normal levels and were closer to that of some women or a castrated man rather. i am now taking hormones to further that with estrogen, progesterone and androgen blockers.
i have one sibling and she was born biologically what you'd consider female and is still 100% what you would call female and considers herself female lol. so like a normal everyday woman.
intersex is where someone is born with a variation or mix of male and female body formations or hormones. could be as simple as out of whack hormones or a woman with a testicle or a dude with an o art inside or deformed genitals etc etc

anyone who is born bio 100% a gender and begins trying to physically change their body to fit what they feel like is trans stuff.
an intersex person can totally take hormones and shit too and a lot do because we're shot on for not fitting neatly in either gender at birth but a trans person not born intersex can't become intersex ya know?
I guess a hormone inbalance would make breasts on a male more prevalent but, why would you be taking hormones in the first place? Again I am interested in purely a scientific method based query, as to parental relationship as well as sexual misconduct/abuse stats.

You don't have to answer those but I would appreciate acknowledgement in this regars.
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Literally what?
>guaranteed anal, no begging and denial
>extra parts to get fucking freaky with
>looks like a sexed up girl yet
>don't have to get odd bits of plastic jammed up your ass to get your rocks off anymore

This is an option we didn't really have before. It's pretty fucking great.

I get that it's disturbing for new /b's fragile delicate daffodil sensibilities, but that's because you're idiot kids and have a fucking immature concept of sex that's all fucked up, and it's going to take you twenty fucking years to unfuck yourself of it, by which time you'll kick yourself for having bought into other peoples shitty ideas and having wasted the only years you were attractive enough to actually get the sex life you will now spend the rest of your life desiring more and more intensely.

Hopefully you will find a way to control yourself, but, it's kind of a crap shoot by then. Good luck kids, you've got a long fucked up journey ahead of you. And you'll be surprised to find, traps are not one of your problems, they're just a strange colorful minor oddity on that path.
Still op, what is this fitting neatly in gender, you're biologically either xx (male) or xy (female). Even taking hormone blockers or drugs to make more hormones more available doesn't change your gender. It'll change the way you feel but doesn't change the way your perceived by the community at large.

I've got a guy at work who, apparently, identifies as trans. He still looks like the guy I met a year+ ago but, just dresses differently. It's weird, sure, to have to use a "different" pronoun but, it's not hard to use.
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Excuse me for asking a legitimate question you paramecium brained, egocentric, closet homo. I was asking for clear concise clarification as to what the deal was. Not an explanation of your personal sex life.
cool okay.
so i was born yeah? i had slightly botched genitals. i grew up feeling like a girl and acting like one and physically developing like one. i totally had pretty much a penis tho. that wasn't an issue at all because it was a part of me and i don't mind it. i didn't ever feel like i was born in the wrong body. i did feel like i felt something was missing a bit tho.
as i grew up my body didn't develop like i felt it should. i developed in a pretty feminine way but i obviously wasn't lucky because didn't have a vagina to see. i don't at all feel uncomfortable with my bits and wouldn't ever want them gone but i definitely want my vagina opened up so i have both at the same time. i still feel like a girl and look like a girl for the most part lol. i totally get not everyone agrees with that but fact is i was born with a middleground gender mixup and i always felt like a girl. there was never a transition or a moment of clarity. lol i just was.
i took hormones starting last winter because i want breasts. i want decreases random excitement. that does bother me, especially if you're wearing a dress or a bikini. there's only so much you can do when the kraken is released. but i do like using it in sex and it feels great and i have a wonderful sex life so why should i hate it or be ashamed of it? and i just happen to also want my vagina to be opened so i can be penetrated there too.
as for abuse -
yes. so much. all my life.
i did always feel and act girly but i've gone through some shit. i was ditched at birth, abused in foster homes and lived a life full of emotional and physical abuse and rape and neglect etc.
i did totally have people in the given families pushing the you have a guy part so you're male agenda but it didn't really do anything but make me feel like shit.
they didn't and still don't understand intersex or anything. i was kicked out as a teen and have been doing increasingly better ever since!
Id=OP, I guess I use don't understand the willful intent to be something you're not. It just doesn't click for me. I want to be a military service member, I may be just to old to be active duty but, I could still join the reserves. Doesn't mean I go about espousing "I'm in the militards" hehe "look at me trying to abuse peeps good will".

4% of the world is born with mixed up bodies.
some come in the forms of imbalanced hormones, some come in deformed genitals, and some come in the form of extra opposite gendered body parts inside or outside you.
am intersex person might have a fuck ton of the hormones you would associate with the opposite gender and have little of the kind they are "supposed to have" more of. they may grow up looking very much like the other gender.
some people have misshapen penises, vaginas etc.
some men may have female inside parts. let's say an ovary inside them.
some women may have a testicle in them or maybe some testicles like labia or enlarged clits with other things. maybe a guy has a vagina partially developed under his penis.
this is very real and more common than being a redhead.
they are born with bodies that don't fit neatly in the man and woman categories.

trans people were born normal but felt they were the opposite gender. a person born with guy shit feels like a chick visa versace. they may take hormones to begin developing more opposite gender like bodies and stuff but they weren't actually BORN that way. they weren't born with bodies that are a mix, they were born with normal bodies they don't feel comfortable in.

intersex people sometimes take hormones to so they might look more like the gender they physically resemble most, but they were born with a mix. trans people weren't.

that's about as simple as i can say it
Good on you, I believe that in the "right" upbringing people will be successful in all their endeavors, however I'm not "pushing" any sort of male parts= male to an extent. I do however have an issue with trying to persuade the community at large that you are something that you physically arent. I'm sorry you were ditched and abused. I do know the world is a scary and ever changing place. I'm not trying to justify anything. I'm just trying to get some real anecdotal answers
Do you think it could be psychological as opposed to biological in the essence that you belive you are a girl vs a guy and opposite?

I'll stretch and include Stockholm syndrome, a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.
Could something similar to this cause intersex/trans?
interesting thought there.

so a person born with feminine biological makeup and hormones with a slightly deformed penis is a man?
i get a lot of people base gender specifically on genitals but some people naturally have both, or mixes of their genitals. which gender are they then? if they have testicles and a vagina? if they have a penis and ovaries? perhaps even more intense mixes? what gender are they? who is to say okay you have parts of a penis and parts of a vagina (or whatevs) on your body but i say you're this gender and not that one?
i get that for me personally in my case the visible genitals downstairs look drastically more (deformed but) masculine as most of my stuff is more inside.
what makes me fit so neatly in the man category? why can't i fit in the woman category? or even both?
don't take that as bitey at all lol
so intersex is being born with a physical very material touchable or visible etc manifestation of both genders. it's not a mind game or a belief or a feeling. you are literally born with body gender mixups.
trans is all mind/brain stuff. not physical. they can take drugs to seem more physically the opposite gender but they weren't born that way. they are taking body altering drugs.
intersex people sometimes do that too because they want to lean one way or the other but we're still born with mixups physically.
why do i believe i'm a girl even though i physically have both gender parts in/on my body? idk actually. i just get up feeling this way and it's what felt comfortable. people didn't exactly love or support my descision but it's the way i always felt.

now to get to the gritty ideas

intersex is legit and real and physical and biologically formed at birth.

is trans something you're born with in your head or is it developed during life? is it natural or environmentally influenced? predetermined or a sickness? i can't answer that.
i do believe if someone feels one way and it makes them happier to look that way then why the fuck not. it's the most hardcore body mod of all time. fuck tattoo and scarification and elf ears, get tits. idk lol!

intersex isn't mind stuff tho.
def people can be confused and feel socially ashamed of having uncommon and unnavcepted bodies but fact is we are born with this stuff and it doesn't fit in either category nicely. it's very physical and very real.
some ppl argue mind stuff and trans isn't real: even if that were to be true. intersex is all physical body formed at birth.
I don't mean to be rude but, you keep mentioning slightly deformed penis. I'm not 100% sure what to make of this however, with a feminine make up and male genitals that would make you a guy (I guess). The people born with both genitals have their own gender it's called hermaphrodite or being hermaphroditic.
It's the argument I've always had with gay marriage. Aside from the fact marriage is a religious based action, "who am I to say who can or cannot be happy?"
That doesn't change gender though. Biological makeup should help you define yourself as one more than the other.
I'm not asserting you may fell one way ,ore than another but, I truely believe that if there is something wrong upstairs it'll coalesce downstairs (ie the body).
I need to do more research on intersex then, it seems I may have lumped both it and tans together.
This is why I ask quesrions, someone has answers even if it leaves more questions, something is answered
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Future of whites.webm
1MB, 304x560px
They are attacking the birth rates in order to speed up the exstinction rates of caucasians.
Caucasians are the smartest most inventive and productive beings on this planet.
others see this as a danger and are destroying it.

You lose 15% of your populkation to race mixiging and what up to 5% or so to gayness.

2 more generations and whites will be hunted down in the streets.
Rather I didn't include intersex in my initial questioning
hermaphrodite is a derogatory term.
intersex is an umbrella term and hermaphrodite is actually a type of intersex.
my penis doesn't look 100% right. it did not develop into a penis correctly and tried to also develop with feminine parts. most of the visible penis looks like a penis though so to most people it's just a botched penis. scientifically that's not 100% the case.

i also have imbalanced hormones and i have some inside parts that are not guy parts or are deformed parts. im infertile because my bits didn't develop that way too.
no problem! learning that there's a whole group of people that exist that you didn't really know about can be really cool regardless of how you feel about them. knowledge is fucking cool! :)
yeah but hermaphrodites are like lower than 1%, fruit queers are around 3%
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You can turn ppl gay, just go start a thread and inform about ppls fetishes and sexual preverances.
They start with masturbation depleting their hormonal level, this causes emotianal issues and general bitchery as you dont have any test any more.
If you are some 13 year old and start fapping daily you are pretty much set out to suck dick in later life.

Then the media who bombared little kids with transgender shit normalizing it, putting ideas in stupid kids their head, making them think its normal .
They will simple mimick the behaviour.

fun fact, the greeks got destroyed like this.
they started to race mix and became gay.
I will say that I DO NOT prescribe to thought policing. I will not be "allowed" to say certain things.
Had a convo with a gay friend about the words trans vs transvestite he had said transvestite was a derogatory term, however the are only so many words to describe something so, if I offend you with words like hermaphrodite or transvestite that is solely upon yourself.
We have had an honestly decent conversation tonight so dint think ill of me when I say these things.
intersex is 4% of the world.
most of those intersex people don't have functioning penises and vaginas at the same times.
most intersex people are born with more subtle or internal changes or mixes.
what's your point?
I think the trap is going Futa, must be a really crazy weab
If your hormonal levels are out of wack because of your dick condition, why the fuck didnt you get the male hormone.
You are fucked in the head.
intersexs is made up bs to exsplain the moobs? you get moobs because of all the female hormone mimicking toxins in this enviorment.
considering you complain about your erections i can only assume you have a daily masturbation habbit resulting in your test levels being to low.

>you are not just a faggot, you are an idiot when it comes to biology.
oh gosh don't worry about it. i appreciate like actually having this conversation like we have. it's really nice to hear how other people think!
and i don't expect people to know what term is okay or not or what term is a part of what category etc.. that shits too fucking rare to probably fit into a standar persons life. lol!

cool fact not about intersex but about trans
trans is an abbreviation for all the things like transgender, transsexual etc

transgender and transsexual are different too!

transgender is someone who feel and believes they are the opposite gender from what their body shows.

a transsexual is someone who is transgender but also is either taking hormones or has had genital altering surgeries.
it's like the 1-up
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gay frog god.jpg
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how do you even know you feel like a girl. you are not a girl.
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>4% of the world is born with mixed up bodies.
wrong. 4% is fucked up in the head because of the poluted enviorment.
>trans people were born normal but felt they were the opposite gender. a person born with guy shit feels like a chick visa versace
That isnt normal you freak.
so there's more than just a "dick conditiom". i have internal changes and physical gender mixups too. on the outside yeah i have a mostly formed penis. on the inside it's not so simple. do you know anything about male/female anatomy down there? it gets complicated.
and the infertility and hormones are from birth, not from fucking myself.
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My final remark is that I truely belive a great proportion of illness, be it mental or physical, stems largely from big pharmacy and the wares they pedal.
>they may take hormones to begin developing more opposite gender like bodies and stuff but they weren't actually BORN that way.
exactly, they wernt born that way, so introducing forgein hormones will cause medical issues and mental ones.

Wasnt transgender considered to be a psycological allement ?
normal as in physically normal.
i'm not debating mental stuff here i'm simply saying they were born with fully normal formed and looking bodies.

intersex people not so much.
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i definitely had all those things about my body over two decades before i began any "drugs"
im not debating it.
i was simply stating the differences between trans and intersex. that one stems from mental stuff and the other being biological and physical
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deal with it.gif
266KB, 386x515px
>i was ditched at birth, abused in foster homes and lived a life full of emotional and physical abuse and rape and neglect etc.
And ppl still think its normal and natural to be intergender. you are simply fucked in the head and use this as a explination. soon when your "change" is over you have a 60% odds on killing yourself because it was the wrong thing to do, you still feel like shit as life is shit you are supposed to feel like that.
you will wake up one day with medical issues from the hormonal intake, male bodies are not suppossed get femal hormonal levels.
After wich you will realize ppl abused you even more with their intergender bullshit mutalating your already mutilated bodie.

Accept life you faggot.
because i don't feel like a man.
why do you feel like your gender? because of your genitals?
i've got a mix of both genders in my body. am I both? or is it sorta just what you see on the outside and the inside physical mixups don't matter?
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as a trans i dream of the day i get to play wit a dick like its mashed potatoes
Even things like allergy meds, asthma meds, derpression, diabetes, acid reflux, circulatory meds all have long lasting side effects. Not only on yourself but on the progeny you loose on the world in your stead.

I release you from the triad of summer fags here, I wish not for you to receive any unnecessary convulsions from the deluge of satirical (seemingly or facetious).

I have noodles to eat the it's time to hit the rack!
>intersex people not so much.
you have a medical condition of your dick, this doesnt makes you intergender. there are 2 genders yx and xx.
Any thing you are feeling is simply psycological , stuffing your bodie with hormones that will further your instability isnt going to help.

>why are we not killing these jewdocters giving these hormones?
>are they jew docters prescribing this?
my body isn't all "male".
my body is made from a very real mix of both. there is no change to happen. i've been 100% comfortable with my body and self. i do not share trans feelings or views. i'm simply leaning one way rather than the other of the mixed body i was given. it feels more comfortable to me.

fun fact- also i had female hormone levels at birth! i've lived over two decades with female level hormones! still feelin great.
>Most women are 46XX and most men are 46XY. Research suggests, however, that in a few births per thousand some individuals will be born with a single sex chromosome (45X or 45Y) (sex monosomies) and some with three or more sex chromosomes (47XXX, 47XYY or 47XXY, etc.) (sex polysomies). In addition, some males are born 46XX due to the translocation of a tiny section of the sex determining region of the Y chromosome. Similarly some females are also born 46XY due to mutations in the Y chromosome. Clearly, there are not only females who are XX and males who are XY, but rather, there is a range of chromosome complements, hormone balances, and phenotypic variations that determine sex.

and i was born with more than just penis formation issues. it goes more deep than that. cheers
well it's a good thing i can't get pregnant or get someone pregnant!
i'll keep all the side effects to myself!
enjoy the noodles lol :)
thanks to the peeps willing to engage in conversation/debate/something about this subject. it's really cool to hear differing opinions (genuinely!!).
hope you guys have awesome days or nights and continue regardless of your views on intersex people. :)
>we are born with this stuff and it doesn't fit in either category nicely.
you do, you are either a boy with a defromity that looks like a vagina, and you could be a girl with some growth that looks like a dick.
gender has nothing to do with this, you are simply deformed.
my concern is why is this so prevelant today as the olden days didnt had the risk of 1 in 20 to get a deformed bodiy.
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plastic pyramid.jpg
147KB, 634x747px
We really need to clean up our enviorment so this shit doesnt happens any more.
Are you living near farms or some chemical plant, did your mom when she was with child?

it isnt normal to have 4% of the population to be deformed like this.
a lot of people don't know they are intersex. not everycheck to see if all the wiring is connected on their bodies in the way their gender should be, or know whether or not they have extra or opposite gender body part or formations inside their bodies. most people have never actually found out their chromosomes and only guess, etc

there is a lot more than just dick stuff with my body. that just seems to be the one you're stuck on. perhaps if it was just that i'd agree with you. but it's not that there are other parts of me that don't line up with male body parts.
it was prevenrlent back in the olden days, most people didn't know, or were shunned or kept it quiet. thankfully today the world is more accepting and less hateful.
it's more common that being a redhead.
How do you know how a man feels?
Point here is you are neither as you are deformed (no offense) identifying with either when you are neither is just not right.
you might have some isseus where you had to many female hormones in the womb, but you are still a yx person. so you are a guy with hormonal issues and deformities.
becoming a girl when you have y chromosomes is just not the way to go as you clearly are not healthy , yet you are increasing the condition you get by taking the female hormones whilst you are a man.
Just your glands alone is enough reason not to take hormones of the opposite sex
apologies didn't answer the question, accidentally sent it.

deformed? yep.
normal? yep.
is it more complicated than a phallic deformity? yep
are there more things about me that don't line up? yep.
am i deformed? still yep
have people always had this in the world like it is? yep

i've got lots of mixed up stuff in me. big deal. i'm still a girl. i still have a normal life and still have a fantastic and normal sex life, i still can succeed and be treated like a woman and . i still find love. i always am in female facilities and hospital units and such as a woman without question because there's a lot more going on with me than a deformed pussydickshit. im considered a girl without question. i still get asked about my periods. i still am treated medically the same way girls are.
is deformity really that extreme to you? people have all sorts of deformities all the time. mine just happen to have a lot of female/guy parts hacked together for me.
I am a guy, i dont feel like a guy, how do i have to feel feeling like a guy?
this is all in your head bro
So thats not 4% as priorly claimed.
which are you then?
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yes of course.gif
436KB, 182x179px
>still feelin great.
Yeah thats why you are on /b/ for support.
how do you know my chromosome type? there are quite a few you know. really!

do you know the anatomical formations and makeup of my body? do you know what's inside me? how do you know i'm not 100% built as a girl but have a sort of phallic deformity or large clit or whatever the fuck? you don't.
why are you so sure i'm a guy with issues and not a girl with issues?
how would you know? are you guessing because you hear that i indeed have a part of me resembling pretty much a penis for all intents and purposes? what makes you think that's not the only male part?
you don't actually know!
but i totally do know a lot about my stuff. i've been in and out of hospitals and specialists to find this all out for my own curiosity for years.
keep guessing.

but that's a cool thought saying i'm neither gender at first. am i the true non binary? that's a weird idea. intriguing.
not every intersex person has different or more uncommon chromosomes.
intersex is an umbrella term. some intersex people have different chromosomes. some don't.
4% is still intersex.
still adds up.
i'm not here for support. i saw a post and decided to chime in to have a debate/conversation and hear opinions and thought of people that aren't me.
not because i'm uncertain of myself, but because i like to hear and know other people's thoughts that aren't my own.
Having some one " born with a single sex chromosome (45X or 45Y) (sex monosomies) and some with three or more sex chromosomes (47XXX, 47XYY or 47XXY, etc.) (sex polysomies)" isnt normal nor natural.
There is something really wrong if that occurs more often then redheads.

>love how you are trying to normalize this shit to feel better about yourself.
>a lot of people don't know they are intersex.
you make this out to me a normal thing, jhhow would you even know its a normal thing if most dont know they have it themselfs?

there is a lot of fallacy in ther bud.
So what is your chromosome set?
so a few of those have the actuall medical condition of chromosomes, all the other ones are just fucked in the head using the umbralla term to gain legitimisy
well if i'm not normal, redheads aren't normal. there are other "normal" stats that aren't normal.

so you actually know your chromosome type? it takes testing to find out. you can guess and assume but my guess for you is you don't actually know.
a lot of intersex people don't even know they are intersex! crazy :)
because over time there is gathered evidence showing a person is intersex when they obviously had no idea and thought they were "normal". they still are they just didn't know. there a fucking million different ways for someone to be intersex, it's hard to know you are because it's doubtful you'll ever receive those. sometimes people do and suprise!. the statistics could be even higher. that's the estimate last i knew
File: Proof.jpg (30KB, 400x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 400x398px
What evidence?
intersex is more than chromosomes. it's anyone with gender mixups and deformities resembling the other gender.

that's pretty legit
Can we see your penis so we understand what you're talking about?
So, when developing chromsome test, they never ran in to this and felt like idk, inform ppl of this. instead they are hiding hiding the "fact" that every one is intersex and has poly or monochromosome ?
You are not intersex when you are a guy with tits. you are just a guy with tits.

>Here’s what we do know: If you ask experts at medical centers how often a child is born so noticeably atypical in terms of genitalia that a specialist in sex differentiation is called in, the number comes out to about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births. But a lot more people than that are born with subtler forms of sex anatomy variations, some of which won’t show up until later in life.

Below we provide a summary of statistics drawn from an article by Brown University researcher Anne Fausto-Sterling.2 The basis for that article was an extensive review of the medical literature from 1955 to 1998 aimed at producing numeric estimates for the frequency of sex variations. Note that the frequency of some of these conditions, such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, differs for different populations. These statistics are approximations.

Not XX and not XY one in 1,666 births
Klinefelter (XXY) one in 1,000 births
Androgen insensitivity syndrome one in 13,000 births
Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome one in 130,000 births
Classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia one in 13,000 births
Late onset adrenal hyperplasia one in 66 individuals
Vaginal agenesis one in 6,000 births
Ovotestes one in 83,000 births
Idiopathic (no discernable medical cause) one in 110,000 births
Iatrogenic (caused by medical treatment, for instance progestin administered to pregnant mother) no estimate
5 alpha reductase deficiency no estimate
Mixed gonadal dysgenesis no estimate
Complete gonadal dysgenesis one in 150,000 births
Hypospadias (urethral opening in perineum or along penile shaft) one in 2,000 births
Hypospadias (urethral opening between corona and tip of glans penis) one in 770 births
Total number of people whose bodies differ from standard male or female one in 100 births
Total number of people receiving surgery to “normalize” genital appearance

that's just one study. there's a million of them. literally google it and there'll be so many results
lol not everyone has more uncommon chromosome types.
it just exists and isn't rare or unheard of
>than that are born with subtler forms of sex anatomy variations, some of which won’t show up until later in life.
THIS DOESNT CHANGES YOUR GENDER. it means you are a set gender yet you have diformaties.
this maxes you deformed, a freak, not "intersex, what kind of marixt term is that. does that term really makes you feel better?. you are aiter a deformed man or women, you dont magiicly have some other gender. (unless you have poly or monochromosomes) you are a deformed women or man with identity issues.
but i'm not? if i was a guy with tots then yes i'd be a guy with tits
but i'm not a guy and don't have the male body and not everything is male inside or out.
i'm a woman with deformities.
i don't have identity issues.
this freakish deformity as you put it is not rare or crazy. i am not some other gender, i am the same gender as i feel.
but yeah i've got some physical deformities. not an identity or gender crisis tho lol.
to every medical professional i'm a woman, but yes i have some extra and less common shot to deal with. still a woman tho!
Non of these conditions would cause a change in your gender.
File: bullshit.jpg (14KB, 236x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 236x245px
>isn't rare or unheard of
Does saying that makes you feel better and less allone?
no lol. i get this is 4chan but with this volume of "fun" attitudes i'm not keen on putting vulnerable naked pictures of something people are hounding as freakish and etc here.

also it's not a "penis". i was using the term because it was the most basic and simple way to put it at the beginning of the thread.
it's a clit with a urethra in it that has a hole in the wrong place and a split. yay
worlds most expensive stapler?

You still havent said which chromosomes you have
right and with that logic i'm still a woman. i wasnt arguing that.
point being?
File: tits.jpg (99KB, 750x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 750x563px
So you are xx mkay
Could you find a similar picture to what you're talking about and post it?
i do have intersex people in my life and i've found people in the real world are generally very accepting and open minded. i don't feel alone.
Fair enough.
Still I think its kinda hot.
A women with deformities is something we could get in to, this is /b/ you know.
File: 1477458803765.jpg (11KB, 231x298px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 231x298px
Fuck OPS question, here's the real mother fucking question...
Who the FUCK actually wants to live north of the Arctic circle??
i am?! fuck. that's not what i've heard. midlife identity crisis coming right up
>something people are hounding as freakish
well yeah it is freakish, but im always in for a pictures of freakisly big clits that are actaully femine penises
What is the deal with this airplane food???
And these nigger threads??

yeah i expected as much lol
i don't think i feel omfortable in this environment to show vulnerable parts of me while being insulted left and right. i appreciate interest though. flattering actually

if you are xx you are a women and you have to post tits or gtfo, are you new?
Fuck your gay ass bait.
You are not normal, you will never be normal.
There is no "normal" to which you could ascribe to.
You have moobies.
Your gross...
Intersex is just a new age millennial word for hermaphrodite.... you under educated.... nvm waste of time.
I'm with this one.
They actually use the term for ppl with non gender related sexual deformities as well. termonology always gets butchered these days.
I think it's just that people feel the need to throw things in specific categories. Putting things in neat little boxes is actually really hard, and I think some people are just getting tired of settling for a box they just don't feel totally comitted to. If a series of bodily errors alters somebody's tits or cock/vagoo or dude acts super feminine we all have to lose our minds. If I saw an albino African I wouldn't try and convince him he's actually a white guy. He might not be normal but to me he'd just be a black guy with a skin problem. The only reason this trans/intersex/gay business seems like it's only a recent issue is because people are able to find out about it and feel confident enough to reveal it.

My personal opinion is that I don't give a fuck what you call yourself, as long as don't go crazy about me remembering pronouns and all that jazz (you're lucky if I even remember who you are, I'd forget my own goddamn face if it wasn't on my driver's licence). Indifference is the key to acceptance my /b/rothers.
I'll flatter you with my cock you sub human fucking freak ;)
If you don't mind the questions, what happen when you orgasm, do you ejaculate if you do what does it look like and have you tasted it?

Also to make sure I understand this right, you have a vagina that never fully developed and you are looking at surgery to open it?
Non gender related... sexual.... deformities....
Are you giving me autism?
appreciate it.
if you ever saw me you wouldn't know. your pronouns would e the same as if you approached any other chick.
i appreciate your stance tho.
i'm not into the whole trans, pronouns etc thing either. like fuck i've got some body deformities but i'm not saying i'm an earthworm or a lawnmower. i'm just a chick who's got a large clit with sexual function issues and a closed vagina. lol fml
File: TastySplooge.gif (1MB, 267x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 267x200px
>Tasted it
Scientist: Yep that's semen, label this one intersex and bring in the next subject.
that shit is member related not gender related.
you are not inter anything
So you are tight?
Can I put my penis in your penis
File: Numberino.gif (300KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
300KB, 480x270px
Well for the record some people understand what you're saying. The world just needs to chill on some things, let it slide if it doesn't hurt anybody.
File: white power.jpg (154KB, 840x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
white power.jpg
154KB, 840x440px

Good luck with that
I don't know but I wish they'd just kill themselves
awesome! hey person
so orgasms and cumming are actually seperate things that usually happen at the same time. mine don't always. but wen i do i sometimes produce a couple drops of clear and sweet tasting liquid with the consistency i would say similar to precum from what i remember precum tasting like. not salty or bitter, it's not like jizz or anything. i usually only produce it if i've been really sexually edged and frustrated or if i've gotten anal sex or used toys.
as for the vagina yes. i'm looking into two surgeons at the moment that have some experience with similar things. basically the surgery would involve skin grafting using stomach skin and cutting under my lower stomach so they can reach in and lengthening and widening my vaginal cavity and opening my vagina hole wide enough so it can accommodate a penis or dildo. my g spots in there for fucks sake!!!
thank you! :)
i'm doing nothing wrong. just being born and dealing what i've been given.
you're taking to a random person replying.
so tight. tighter than a jar you've slapped with a butter knife
I was honestly not expecting you to answer that dude's ejaculation question.
When you say "lengthening and widening my vaginal cavity" do you mean a cavity that already exists or the new one they made?
You are not inter anything either
hey! i mean as long as a person is willing to engage in a not clearly aggressive way i'll absolutely answer questions as clear as my sleepy ass brain can do.
and to answe r you yes. a little of both. basically they'll be mostly remodeling it from mostly scratch if it's not workable or using it as the foundation if it is and change it up accordingly . i don't actually know just how long it is or whether it's entirely straight or anything. the genera idea they have is they'll use whatever is there and basically makeshift the rest of the canal cavity using it as a base. it'll be a better, feel better, look better be easier. it could e there's an awesome amount that's super great and usable in there or it could be they are going to give it a hell of a makeover!
you are also taking to a random person replying
You keep claiming your intersex, but you don't actually have any female parts. Having and wanting are different.
I imagine not haveing access to your g spot must be annoying.

You mentioned getting anal, have you ever given anal or vaginal sex?
you have not read the thread. i do and have mentioned it.
i know it's a long thread. reading sucks :(
i am actually a random person replying on a random person now you as a random person are replying
it is! i can sorta somewhat like get it a slight tiny bit if i'm in certain positions and getting fucked really good or using a form dildo that i can push hard enough. its not affected much but i can tell a slight difference. more like pressure i guess? i really do enjoy anal anyways so it's fine for now.
and yes!! so i've given vaginal and anal sex. i have a partner and she lets me do both on a daily basis and it's really helped me explore the boundaries and functionality of my body in ways. i've never really give my bits the time of day but she's given me a no judgment loving safe space to explore sex in a new way than before! yay for acceptance and love
i too am a random person reading that you have replied to a random person replying to a random person replying to a random person. i too am replying to a random person. if by replying to a random person replying to a random person replying to a random person replying to myself have brought it full circle? is it o er? are we safe now?!
also to mention this too about my g spot, it's connected to a lot of muscles running on either side of my vagina area and so if i push with pressure from in my ass sometimes i get those like sexual joys like shocksgoimg all through my bits.kinda cool
So you are a dike on top of being a freak
I've read it all. You still haven't stated what female parts you have. Ovaries, filopian tubes, what... And how were they determined to exist?
replying to myself for extra info
since my clit is an interesting creature lol is doesn't always get engorged with blood enough and so sex can sometimes be really hard and super sensitive. sometimes. sometimes its fantastic and works. sometimes i have to hold it and try to make it work. sometimes there's no use and penetration isn't gonna happen. it can feel disappointing and i've definitely
cried because of it on many an occasion
i like girls. problem?
That's great that you found a understanding partner.
Once you get the operation you should look into getting double penitrated with your clit dick in someone, because that would be one hell of a cluster fuck and you have no idea how down I would be.
>it can feel disappointing and i've definitely
>cried because of it on many an occasion
you were upset that you couldnt fuck your gf with your enlarged clit?

i've had lots of hospital and specialist visits. you find out you're intersex as a kid and obviously you're going to explore it. once i turned 18 i was able to actually start getting g really into figuring outstuff.
i have a vaginal cavity i'm in the process f getting surgery on the make it actually usable. my g spot is connected to the muscles around it. i have breasts and can breastfeed. my hormones are all girl and i've physically developed as one. i don't have ovaries, and i'm completely infertile. i haven't had a chance to find out more about the exact structure and why my urethra is in the wrong place and how my bits look like inside and that's a piece of the surgery - to find out wtf is going on in there and what works and what doesn't and what's hooks up to what. not gonna lie i'm excited and worried
oh dear
i haven't thought of that.
haha that's a crazy idea that sounds fucking great. can't fuck for at least 8 weeks after surgery at the earliest and that'll suck ass
File: 1493821338527.jpg (130KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 1280x720px
yes because i was trying to do a sexual experi nice using a body part that is vulnerable and socially unaccepted to have penetrative sex. it's emotional and a lot of pressure. i get panic attacks a lot and that just happens to be a trigger sometimes. i'm not super super comfortable doing sex all the time. i still have some trauma to work theough
to add
i've had x-rays and ultrasounds and endocrinologist testing and some other tests. the most recent ultrasound was fun and exciting. they put this warm gel on you and rub this thingy over it and they push in from all these angles to check out the stuff inside.
i think ima sleep soon. i may be up to answer some more but i'm falling asleep . i appreciate people willing to talk even if they don't agree or think it's normal or acceptable.
stay gold :$
I'm sure the wait will be worth it.
One last question, how big is your dick when fully errect?
File: 1479886192924.png (93KB, 300x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 300x225px
its called mental illness my friend.
16.4 inches
idk i haven't thought to measure it like a dick. lol
can't remember the last time someone asked how long it is
You should measure it, or at least give an estimate.
Anyway this was a fun thread and I hope to see you posting again soon.
thank you! i rarely ever ever go on here. i remember i went on in high school some but that was years and years ago. so perhaps it'll be another few.
i think once my surgery is finished and i have my vagina workable perhaps i'll post and maybe open minds or change some opinions or sexually confuse people. who knows
not ever say you see a girl with both fenitals that work. i can't wait!
two hands and then part of another that's my guess
Damn that's hot.
If you ever want to send pics or talk xchrisk379 on skype.
Op is a gey https://youtu.be/XqS2g5WlMgM
its not about being sically accepted, its not biological accepted, this is the most silly thing i have ever read.
im insecure becuase i cant fuck my gf with my clit, and this is because it is " a body part that is vulnerable and socially unaccepted to have penetrative sex." with
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