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>feels for us late night, no sleep, loveless fuckers

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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for us late night, no sleep, loveless fuckers
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ive wasted most of my youth and im about to turn 23 please tell me it gets better
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wont get better unless you get better.
Life only gets worse
what about your problems bro?
>dont rub it in
im the same boat annon just turning 22 instead thing are getting better but the one thing ive learn is you've got to make it better believe in yourself annon and dont waste another second of your youth put yourself out there travel try new things just dont loose hope, you can do it annon
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thanks yo sometimes it feels like life gets a boner and just fucks you in the ass which is what happened in my case that really speaks to me
the girl i liked told me she was in some guys room naked and he was too drunk to fuck. then she stopped responding and told me they fucked and then he kicked her out.
i wanna die more now.
aw come onn i hope i didnt kill it i just didnt have any more dainty anime pics

also bump ^.^
I miss the feeling of someone in my bed, and the only women I seem to find myself attracted to are 10 or so years older then me and married, I've given up on the chance of a decent relationship because I refuse to settle for someone I don't find in any way attracting.
Im still a virgin ha ha ha
I fell in love with my best friend's gf. We talked for a while, but because I'm a raging faggot, I eventually spilled the beans and she told me to fuck off. Feelsbadman.jpg.
Im actually unlovable.
you can still get soft and warm with a RealDollĀ® thatll leave your sheets pasty and you can pretend its emma watson
Sex isn't fun for me anymore, the one thing I crave is someone to hold, but I feel you man when I was a virgin I was miserable thinking I'd be alone all the time. You ask me sex is overrated.
i cant even get someone to hold.... im so fucking alone and it hurts.. theres a hole that wont go away. it hurts so bad..
I'd be your little spoon anon
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you just gotta not orgasm for a few days before and then you can get the squibbleblaster when you do nut inside
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this girl that ive been into for quite some time began showing interest in me, and after talking for hella long, we got a little physical, started talking about sex, intimacy, commitment and it felt really good until she got a glimpse of how clingy i am and bailed on me.

you should've seen how quickly she took a step back, and why? cus i was jealous. left me on read for 3 weeks cus i apparently "hurt" her by doubting she even cares about me after that. now she wanna be all lovey dovey, but it all seems so fake and forced.

idk what to do, im too afraid of being alone to bail on it, but the idea of it being plain bullshit is torture, not to mention the fact that this chick is 11/10. like, no fucking lie she is beyond fucking hot. i cant describe it with words, guys are always sliding in this chick's dms. her blocked list has well over 100 dudes in it.

honestly, i dont think i deserve it, even if it was real, which is why i doubt that it is. she seems like one to change her mind.
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I held out hope like a faggot for 3 years for someone who wasnt even really worth it.
After highschool the only regret i jad was not taking the chance to be with her
Now my only regret is having wasted my time. For one short moment i had her in my life and i was actually so happy to be alive.
Only to realize she doesnt give a fuck about me, or all i did for her in her time of need.
Like all the loosers before me i was a tool to be used and tossed away. Now im not sure if ill ever be able to trust someone completely again
Since that moment the very thought of letting someone get close to me makes me physically angry, i just get so pissed off.
I sound like an edgy autistic faggot but thats okay, thats what i am. I have never proven to be anything else.
It hurts so much to be alone, but it hurts so much more to be vulnerable
I just want it to end
Ill just post some more images to spread the feels
Or just some pics that make me feel something.
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I made this for us
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hurt and running.jpg
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finished product
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anons, what do you do when you want to kill yourself?

im not a friendless virgin, ive got a qt3.14 who seems to like me as much as i like him, i have a job, i have enough money to get by, but i still just want to fucking die

i graduated high school late and that was such a huge relief, i was riding the high for like two weeks before i got suicidally depressed again and i dont know what to do. i stopped taking my meds and going to therapy because they dont work. ive isolated myself and my friends are getting pissed off at me over it. all i do is play fucking overwatch and hope i feel better. im glad i stopped being a retarded self harming faggot but i still hate being alive

what do you do /b/
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Well thats all ive got for now, getting hard to deal with the captcha. Hope the rest of your nights are somewhat pleasent.
We all deserve to be happy.
Its just hard to believe when all we've been given is sadness
Anon... i dont know what to...my life is okay but im just lonely. i dont know if it really gets better... sometimes i think maybe just pulling the trigger will help after all...
Everyone who's ever said it's better to have loved and lost is a fucking retard. Knowing what's gone forever is the worst fucking thing I've ever experienced. It's just a failure you'll always remember and everyone else will always downplay. Hope everyone else is doing better than me. I have very difficult academic aspirations and i get to have a first person view of me dashing them even further away. Feel like killing myself constantly but my family loves me alot and i could never do that to them. If I wasn't such a faggot I could talk to them about my problems like a normal person and probably fix them so much faster. Sitting here for weeks now unemployed and grades just dropped so i cant go to college for free. Just waiting on myself to call the therapist's number i got in the hopes that happy pills will make me want to succeed again
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I dont know
I want to kill myself constantly
i just keep moving to see how far ill go
I want to die, but im indifferent as to how i get there
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shit man, me too. i said that guy probably likes me as much as i like him but im a clingy piece of shit and im sure he'll get tired of me soon if he isnt already. ive been alone and playing out my slut phase for so long that i dont even know if i can handle a relationship.
this is where im at right now. i passively want to die but i guess i wouldnt blow my brains out. like if i got hit by a car or shot i wouldnt care too much.
I agree with the first statement
Id much rather not know what im missing
I dont even get the satisfaction of being able to get some girl to hold me... or see me past a friend that they dont really need... im clingy too so i know what ya mean.. it just hurts so bad
I had a 6 hour phone call with her once. She showed me a band she loved and i loved them immediately. We sang the songs to eachother. Every once in a while i listen to them and cry. Im trying to resist tonight. I didnt mean every once in a while its been nightly for weeks.
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i'm jobeless for months. i've made dozens of applications. i don't have high standards, no high salary expectation but not a single call. i'm going fucking crazy.
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Just fuck my shit up fam
The only girl I ever had something real with dumps me the week of senior prom and tells me she "still wants to go" with me. I still, every so often, cry angry tears about it 4 years later. No one else in this shitty town even gives me the time or day
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its a nice saying, but it implies that everyone wants to be successful, have a good paying job, alot of money and plenty of bitches.

you know what depresses me? death. the fact that, even if there is an after life or heaven, we leave everything behind. All the work, unfinished or complete. all the opportunity and potential.

hell would for me would be staying alive while everybody else died. a beautiful irony. like life.
Fuck same here anon both the situation and this shitty town
anyone know any sad videos on youtube? I just need to cry
High on blow...drunk...and horny....should I call an escort??? Any sober anons here to make some sense for me???
Enjoy some sad music videos:
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im sure a lot of you can relate to this
nope, faggot.
you'll instantly regret it
My whole sob story is far too long to type out, but it's nice to have a good cry every once in a while. Thanks guys.
I laughed harder than I should have
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