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Fluffy Thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Fluffy Thread
I wrote a little story that I plan on constituting tomorrow night if I have time. It'll basically just be following the story of a feral fluffy

The dimunative dark green fluff was overjoyed at the sight before her. On the edge of the forest lay a quiet county road and in a ditch on the side of the road lay an almost mythical material to her, cloth. It was square with a curious pattern and an even more pleasing bright crimson color like the fluff of her "speshuw fwend." Seeing that filthy rag filled her with a burning disire. She had only ever felt the smallest scrap of fabric in her mother's den ages ago, so she knew of it's almost mythical properties; Warm, light, and impossibly strong, the perfect material to swaddle her soon-babbehs

Crouched down in the treeline she resisted the temptation to run out and snatch it. She knew that fluffies that stayed around roads were almost surely doomed for Hoomins and their Metah Munstahs constantly patrolled them, some slow with large wheels while others impossible fast, all of them equally deadly. So she waited.

She laid in the grass as still as she could manage, eyes swiveling back and forth up the road. Minutes had turned to hours before she decided it was time to act. Slowly she descended for the edge of the forest toward the road, a mere 20 feet seperated her from her prize. Hoof by hoof she crept the fabric burning in her heart. 20 feet became 15 and still she inched. As she came upon it she nervously looked up and down the road becoming painfully aware of how exposed she was and how dangerously close to the road she had come. But she did not let that deter her, in front of her was the object of her desire. It was nothing but a discarded bandada but it was magic to her.

Gently she pressed her snout and felt the texture and it was exquisite to her, soft as fluff yet with a pleasing pliability. Experimentally she took a deep sniff to determine if it smelt pretty enough to line her nest and in doing so her senses was assaulted. A musty salty smell permiated the cloth and it filled her with a deep aching longing, as if she was incomplete, almost like how she felt before becoming a Soon-Mummah. It was a feeling that disconcerted her. Biting onto a corner she turned to leave.

"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" came the sound of an ATV blasting up the road at 60mph like a bat out of hell, the wheel bearing screeching like damned souls.

She ran. With the cloth in her mouth she bound towards the forest with the bright red badana trailing behind her. The sound grew louder and louder as the machine and it's helmeted rider sped towards her with almost demonic speed. The safety of the trees neared as did the rider. Gathering up her energy she lept, just as the cleated wheels ground into the ground she was previously before speeding on, the ATV driver to apathetic to put any effort into killing the fluffy.
Although tired she raced into the forest with her invaluable prize slowly leaving the road and the dangers of the Hoomin world behind her
i . . is dashie o.o..okay?
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Nobody cares about that dumb brony's fluffy
(I'm not going to post the story, just this teaser).
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Just in case anyone missed it, gonna post Blue 31 and 32 here to. And yes, that shit was real.

Blue 31

>The good doctor Connors handed me a pair of scissors
>"You should be able to figure out what you have to do here."
>I gulped
>"Y-yep. I get it."
>"Here" He calmly stated as he began to mark the leg I had strapped in with a sharpie "Just cut it with one strong snip across the leg, getting all at once. A child could do it. It won't hurt him too much. Don't worry."
>I closed my eyes and took a deep breath
>And another deep breath
>"Why am I having so much trouble with this?!" I though, frustrated with myself "I had no problem with brutally and methodically slaughtering a smarty, so what gives?"
>"It's cause you love Sky you fucking retard" I continued to mentally berate myself "Now just do this so that he doesn't suffer any longer."
>"Wait what the hell are you doing Aa-"
>It was quick
>It was clean
>One snip of the scissors, and the head was off.
>No more suffering for Sky
>"WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Doctor Connors began to shout
>I just looked up at him, tears in my eyes
>"I don't want him to suffer and rot like all the other pillowfluffs. I showed him the best life I could when I could have. I just.... It was too late. He was only going to suffer even more from here on out. The only humane thing was to end it while he was at least a little comfortable."
>The Doctor locked eyes with me
>"I understand Aaron. You did what you though was right. Are you religious?"
>"A little bit."
>"Sky is in a better place now. He's with God in the real sky."
>It didn't take long to hail a cab
>I cried the entire way back
>I heard the cab guy mutter something about me being a "faggot", but it didn't matter
>All that mattered to me at the moment, was how I was going to explain this to Blue.
: ) : ) : )

Blue 32

>Be Dashie
>Am saddest fwuffy
>Daddeh was biggest meanie
>Gif speciaw fwien Sky big faww huwties
>Weww, Sky nu am speciaw fwien, bu Dashie weawwy wan tu.
>Bu daddeh am take fowevah sweepies
>Big badgie man huwt him wif big boom boom noise
>Dis gif Dashie biggest heawt huwties. Bu doctah say Sky be otay, an maybe see him soon.
>Yay! Dis hewps heawt huwties!
>Niceh wady name "Nuwse" hewp Dashie, puts itchy meanie tingie on weggies.
>Bu meanie weggie ting hewp weggie? Nu undahstan, but dat otay. Soon see Sky!
>Haf bestest miwkies fwum bottwe, wike miwwkies mummah used tu make.
>Nuwse take Dashie in haww tu see Sky, say he migh be aww bettah now
>But doows open, an Sky's daddeh come out. He wooks wike has biggest heawt huwties.
>Why? Sky es bettah now, hospitaw fix evewytin, so why Sky's daddeh haf heawt huwties
>Nuwse wooks at him, an den back down at Dashie
>Den Doctah come out of woom, an he wooks saddie tu.
>Can jus bawwy see into womm an
>Sky nu haf head?
>Sky take... fowevah sweepies?
>W-huuuuu huuu
>Wa- Wan die
>Dashie wan die
>Wan die
>Wan die
>Wan die
oh god
You planning on posting Blue 33 tonight? (Not to be demanding). I really enjoyed the last two but was going to go to bed rn if you were done. Oh, and thank you.
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66KB, 1500x582px

And thats all I got for tonight. Criticism is encouraged, everything is welcomed from in depth analysis to "suck dick figit." Also, any questions you have will be answered. Thanks for continuing to read my stories guys, even if the past week was pretty dry for Blue stuff, I was just going through some rough shit where I didn't think I could continue Blue right.
i'm kind of speechless right now.
anon your work is amazing
One can only hope the sound is stronger than its speed of shit blasting back through the instrument after it loses its bowels.
> the past week was pretty dry for Blue stuff
No worries. This is cliche but take care of yourself, bro. And again, thank you.
P-please tell me what you think of the story I posted.
It's not a question, but a request. Would you mind immortalizing this story on the booru?
Post it there, but not as anonymous, so we can know it's you when you release more.
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Thank you guys. I'll try, shits just been tough recently, but you know how it goes. "Get knocked down, get up again"

Which story was it? I'd like to read it

I really do want to post Blue on the booru, but I am but a mere phone fag, can't post the text files or screen cap that well. However, I think I could work something out with the guy who has been screencapping my story, he's the real MVP. I'll let you guys know when or if Blue hits the Booru.
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Sky is up in the Skettiland in the actual Sky now. Press F
This one >>738924026 I haven't done much creative writing so I'm just blindly typing what feels right.
we need new Santanon pictures!
File: Blue 31.png (70KB, 1252x531px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blue 31.png
70KB, 1252x531px
I capped and cropped it for all those too lazy to
File: Blue 32.png (55KB, 623x509px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blue 32.png
55KB, 623x509px
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That's some good shit my man. Keep at it.

As stated before, you are the realist MVP. Would you be so kind as to post the rest of the story as well for people who might just be coming in?
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My man. Thanks dude.
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No problem, heading to bed after dumping tho
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hey nigger, compile them into a single image
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Hey nigger, that'd be too large
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Don't be rude dude. This guys already going the effort of compiling this story, lay off.
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Lilith Ultrasound.jpg
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Derpbastian here.

Pic related: I finally finished my first comic, so I'm posting this OC I've been working on for the past week.

This is the first comic I draw, and also my second attempt at drawing fluffies, so please excuse me if it's not canon, or good enough. It took a while to finish and several advice both good and bad from random anons here and asshols at the booru, but it's finally done.

Hope you like it. I already posted it on the booru.

Also, I'm open to suggestions/requests. Will draw medical and foal related stuff mostly. Don't really care if hugbox, sadbox, or abuse. Now I'm working on a follow up to the "Scary Monster" story some kind anon posted on here two days ago.
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nice job m8
File: 30.png (76KB, 954x507px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Other two are above
And done
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Derpbastian here. Thanks a lot, kind anon!

If you have any more suggestions for drawing, please let me know!
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I remember seeing that when it was just a typed out idea awesome job anon
Happy feral fluffy making a comfy nest for her babbehs

Scary Monster

>Be Scawy Munstah
>Dats wat aww the othah fwuffies caww me
>Jus wan wub an huggies
>Nummies an hewd
>Jus wan evewytin aww othah fwuffies have
>But nu can have
>Ol daddeh was a meanie, gif biggest owchies an heawt hewties
>Ol daddeh take way rightie see place
>Nu can see gud anymowe
>Ol daddeh gif buwnie huwties, fwuff nu come back
>Ol daddeh meanie
>Ol daddeh stop movin one bwight time
>Ol daddeh nu haf aiw anymowe
>Ol daddeh take fowevah sweepies
>Scawy Munstah can be fwee!
>Scawy Munstah can be wif hewd, haf speciaw fwien an babbehs!
>Bu nu fwuffies wan be wif Scawy Munstah
>Aww scawed. Some gif huwties, most jus wun way
>Nu fwuffy wan Scawy Munstah
>Scawy Munstah nu wan Scawy Munstah
>Scawy Munstah wan die
>Wan die
>Wan die
>Wan die

Good shit. Can't wait to see "Scary Monster" in all his drawn glory.
where's chicken man? :(
Thanks a lot guys!

Yup, this is the one.

Scary monster follow up I'll work on will be a hugbox story fixing the scary monster fluffy.
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the pizza cutter
Well, it is just a starter kit. Anyone knows how to use a pizza cutter but not everyone knows how to use a bone saw.
Besides, a bone saw is way too dangerous for small kids if they want to try to pillowfluff theor shit rat.
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I like the dancie babbeh ones bestest.
Anyone taking drawing requests? I'd like a dancie babbeh dancing on Hillary Clinton's grave while fidgit spinning.
File: 1499568188423.png (69KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shit you make really good points
File: 1499651808129.png (238KB, 600x1900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wook, dancie babbeh on c...crwu....cwuck Hiwaweh Cwinton fowevew sweepies pwace!
Bu dancie babbeh nu am good wif spinneh toysie :(
Wild Hillary supporter fluffy appears:
>nu mah pwesiden! impeech!
Trump supporter fluffy replies:
>shudap stoopie snowfwake ow get wowstest ouchies
File: IMG_0495.png (559KB, 1000x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey it's Blue here! You can now find me on the booru as Loserton_McAutism_The_Third! I'all be posting Blue on there in screencap form. (I hope that's cool with the cool guy who made the screencaps.) Look for it tomorrow!
And then a Vermin Supreme fluffy crushed them both with his mighty boot! Vermin Supreme 2020! A politician you can't trust, but at least he's honest about it!
File: 1499890843087.png (177KB, 800x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can we not
File: IMG_0315.jpg (61KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thread posts: 98
Thread images: 70

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