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Got any incest stories or pics?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Got any incest stories or pics?
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I can give you a bump, best I can do
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Bump. Sorry man
I saw my cousins everything yesterday in a way I'm not sure how to read.

>be on annual fishing trip
>cousin tags along
>takes room next to mine
>our room has a window between it
>last night
>give her a heads up I'm changing so keep the curtain shut
>opens the curtain a crack and asks what I just said
>repeat myself
>oh OK
>walks away from the window but leaves it cracked slightly
>I don't care, spent half my life naked in front of others because of sports
>start changing
>get down to nothing and start picking out my best smelling dirty clothes
>"hey anon don't look I'm changing"
>OK boss
>starts changing right in front of the window
Both rooms are small, I have no where to change but in front of the window, but she has a L shaped room where she can change away from the window
>being a man of my word I don't look
>"anon I'm changing my underwear, really don't look"
>being a man I look
>cousin is standing buck naked in front of the window
>can't see tits through the crack but her cunt is clearly visible
>clean shaven with a small gap between each half
>feel kinda dirty for peeking sit down on the bed to get away from the window
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on a cruise.jpg
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>notice cousin shift just a little bit closer to the window and look up
>make half an instant of awkward eye contact
>oh hey floor, look at you
>think I'm fucked
>cousin stays at the window still naked as a bird brushing her hair
>from my spot on the bed I can see her ass in the mirror
>laying on the bed stock naked watching my naked cousin in the mirror
>keep seeing her face
>it occurs to me that if I can see her, she can see me seeing her
>decide I better get going
>get dressed and notice her looking through the window
>I think

I don't know what to make of it. it really seemed like she wanted to be seen, but it's entirely possible that I'm just thinking that to justify my actions to myself. Maybe she was just changing there so she could lay her clothes on the bed and use the mirror, but why was she peeking through the window? It could just be curiosity with no sexual intentions, or she could have been looking at me the same way I was looking at her, or maybe she was looking to make sure I wasn't. I thought about bringing it up with her this morning on the boat but I couldn't think of any way to phrase "was last night when I was spying on you changing mutually beneficial or am I just a pervert?" any way that wouldn't make it super fucking weird so I left it lie.
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twin sister.png
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Quick one since I'm on the phone
>fooled around the my younger sister when I was in middle school and her elementary
>my cousin when we ditched high school and hung out at her house
>fooled around with cousin from father's side during grandma's funeral
>got my cousin's daughter into porn at an early age, let me act it out with her and still fuck years later
How can I get my niece to deepthroat me? I want to squeeze her ass while I cum in her mouth
How old?
What have you tried and how did it go?
How close are you and your niece?
Possible pics or pics that look similar to her?
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some time back i read a greentext story about some guy that fucked his drunk, divorced mom when she would come home from work. never been able to find it again, anyone have that one?
20. I'm 27. Flirtatious for sure. Fap to her all the time
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is she hot?

if so you should have just turned to the side and started playing with your dick like you were checking it for shit, idk, and turn to her.

if you ever make contact never be the first to look away
wow.. fuck this thread..
10/10 thx
>is she hot?

Kinda, not really. She's rather chubby bordering on just plain fat.

>if so you should have just turned to the side and started playing with your dick like you were checking it for shit, idk, and turn to her.

This thought crossed my mind, but I really don't want to escalate anything with her. It was more just curiosity that made me look, I don't find her sexually attractive. Just something about a naked woman standing two foot in front of you partially hidden by a rag blowing on the breeze makes you stop to look, nothing more to it than that on my part. I'm just trying to figure out where she was at with her thoughts during this whole ordeal.

>if you ever make contact never be the first to look away

Of course, that would place the entire situation on me as it implies I feel guilt. (Which I do, but I'm damned sure not going to admit that I am some kind of pervert who did something I should feel guilty about.) As far as I'm concerned if anything ever comes up about it, I was just changing my clothes and don't have a clue in the world what she is talking about.
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I regularly jack it to my sis
Kik me moar?
Bump is all I got
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fucking dark
>Be me ages 5-11
>Occasionally sleep in moms room
>Single. Kinda looks pornstar Erika Bella.C tits. Solid ass. Black landing strip. Moon (or sun) tramp stamp
>She wakes up much earlier than me. So 99% of the time I fake sleep while she gets ready for work.
>Was already watching porn by 9, and was really into pussy from the back. Thought it was only a porn thing for some reason.
>Remember getting massive hard-on when first noticed my mom's.
>She also casually walks around in panties and shirt throughout the day.
>Walk in on her couple of times when she's having sex when around 12 years old.
>She was never embarrassed, more pissed off.
>From 5 to about 16, always asking me if I think she's pretty. Never really answer, but she's very persistent.
>She knows I've got a thing for milfs because I flirt with all of her friends.
>Starts being very irritating about massaging her feet.
>Say no, because I'm not at the age where i want to be massaging my moms feet.
>Finally give in one day. Sit on couch with her legs on lap. She's on her belly.
>She's wearing long Tee with nothing but underwear underneath. Classic girl nightgown look.
>She tells me to move up to her calves and thighs.
>Really not into it. Still don't want to be massaging my mom.
>Get up to thigh area and start massaging the back of her knees.
>Lets out a loud moan and arches her back, pretty much putting her ass directly in my face.
>Essentially downward doggy.
>I'm not turned on, just really don't want to be doing it, so i stop and get up and do something else.
>Eventually gets boyfriend and has been with him ever since.
>Very regretful a decade later that i didn't take the obvious bait.
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Would you guys happen to have a greentext where a brother fucks his blackout drunk sister, gets her pregnant without her realizing, and seduces her?
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>me age 17
>visit fuck ass country town in indiana for summer to visit my bro and sister and law
>population under 4,000
>sister in law's family is second biggest family in town
>go to family barbeque
>meet cousin, 14
>hot as fuck
>we hit it off talking about family and internet and shit idr
>she suggests we go swimming
>town has a pool down the road from us
>grab my suit from the car
>she tells me there are changing rooms there so we can just change once we arrive
>we get there
>one co-ed changing room area
>I, trying to act mature and shit, offer to change first and head over to a bench
>she goes right across from me about 2 minutes later
>she has no problem stripping in front of me
>i start getting hard
>eventually she's bare, can see her perky little B cup tits and cleanly shaven slit
>im naked at this point, cock still hard, so i try to hide it
>she looks over at me, then my cock, back to me then smiles and lets out a little laugh
>eventually were in our suits and go swimming

i'll continue what happened after if anyone is interested
keep going
Give us more
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Thank You sir
I fuck my preteen daughters. It's great, nothing better than cumming inside a girl you made yourself.
>we get out of pool
>get undressed from swim suits, and i decided i should take a shower
>hop in the shower
>no dividers between showers
>she gets in the one next to me and starts showering too, and makes conversation
>continue in her convo, but getting hard as diamonds again
>cant stop looking at her slit and tits
>she says something like "lol anon you can look im not ashamed of my body"
>i decided to continue convo to make things less awkward
>i need to piss
>at this time in my life, i had a piss fetish
>get amazing idea to piss on my cousin while we talk
>i keep a convo going about my hometown and how different the country town is to keep her distracted
>slightly aim my cock with my leg and waste and start to piss
>first onto shower floor, then onto her leg
>since warm water, i guess she didnt feel it
>empty bladder
>we're talking about something else now
>at this point i knew if i didn't relieve myself i was gonna explode
>so i kept convos going, and i started to tug on my cock a little bit, pretending to scrub and shit
>then harder
>nearly to a full slow wank
>she says "anon i see what you're doing, its okay its natural"
>says something like she thinks its cute
>at this point i saw that as a green light
>start to full on jack it right there while talking to her
>of course my voice is quivering a little bit here and there
>she makes a couple suggestive jokes and mentions its the first time she ever saw that in real life
>i laugh
>blah blah blah
>eventually i know im gonna cum
>i point my cock at the wall right infront of us and shoot my cum all over it and let out a deep sigh
>she laughs and asks if im finished
>i laugh back and say yes
>we get out, get dressed, and head back

eventually, the next summer i came back we ended up fucking and more shit
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closest thing to incest ive done is shower/bathe with family lots of times including my 4 sisters, nieces and nephews. never done anything overtly sexual with them, nor really want to, but it's still pretty fun imo, especially when they arent old enough to do it alone and i have to help them some. I showered with my 9 & 7yo nieces a couple days ago.
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From cousins computer
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This one is really old but anyone have the one about a guy fucking his niece I wanna say who he nicknames Jewels for the sake of the story or some shit. I'm pretty sure greentext opens with him picking her up from dance practice or some shit if that helps.

Pic unrelated, just contributing
Yep she wanted your dick. Women are just as perverted as men, remember that. And if she was unattractive, more likely.
I do too now.
Got any more? If so give me your kik?
Good thread keep it going
Contribute or gtfo newfag
holy shit this is so hot o////o
Green text is just made-up shit, right? If so, green text sucks.
Serious question.
Stop bumping and actually post some fucking content, or piss off. I stopped posting because I was the only guy giving to this shit thread.
lol grumpy babby needs a nappy nap
>fooled around with cousin from father's side during grandma's funeral
>during grandma's funeral
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You fucking idiot.
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como en el piso.webm
1MB, 544x408px
hi op. i post sometimes. but i dont want to post whole story.

>me. 23.
>(its year i remember most because of specific reasons)
>little sister sleeping with me.
>we are sexing on floor.
>its winter time so its cold.
>but i am paranoid of sex smells
>so i open window but leave curtains closed.
>i go back on floor with her.
>and tell sister to get on top.
>she gets on top
>dick goes inside.
>start sex.
>do sex for like 1 minute.
>she stops
>says she is cold.
>asks me: "can you be on top and we put the covers on us...?"
>i tell her ok.
>i get blankets from bed.
>(just extended arm and pull blankets. bed was next to us)
>we put blankets on us.
>we are missionary now.
>grab dick under blankets and try to put it in vagina...
>but room is dark and we have blankets on us so i cant see.
>so she grabs my dick and puts it inside herself.
>i hug her. dick is in.
>she puts face on my neck.
>we resume sex like video related.
>i stop sex sometimes to make it last longer.
>because too arousing.
>finally cum because its late and school next day and it was late.
>wipe fluids with dirty clothes.
>quietly put blankets and pillows on bed again.
>we go back on bed.
>fall asleep.
>wake up early hours later.
>driver her to school.
>the end.
Any advice on seducing my mom/b/ros?Mid forty's and loves to party
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found on sister's phone
any more?
File: ggh.jpg (166KB, 1080x1351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hence my question.
I can't stand made up dimestore novel bull shit romantic stories. I can't be the only person who fucked his brother & sister, two cousins, and was sexually rejected by my mother. Y'all suck.
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Anyone have the one where the guy puts a egg in his sister ?
Funny as fuck.
I'm thinking about tracking down my birth mother who gave me up when I was two. I know (where) she lives. I want to show her my transgender tits & scream, "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!!!"
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Thread images: 38

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