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Are you ready?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Are you ready?
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Oh well
Nah, I'm fine where I am and will be. I just plan to work there for at least 2 years before I head on doing freelance computer maintenance, gonna try to get in college this autumn for a single semester. I'll see what else I could after that.
I can dig it. At least it's income.
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Yep, best to have money in you wallet and safe before doing anything major.
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Queiro es "S/Fur"?

I hate you.
Shit yeah. I'm glad because my PC was my major thing and it's pretty much done. Until I get a proper monitor, then I'll buy a SSD
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yay another furfag thread

so whats up my dude anything interisting
>not actually being ironic furfag threads are a fav
Just existing. Wondering how life will go. you?
No u
Damn, seems like a beast you're building
I do plan to build my own workstation with a good amount of power under the hood, I'll have to wait and see what can I acquire that's within my planned budget.

Stuff and stuff about life
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eating some cinimon and apple oatmeal
still kinda hot

but other than that just chilling summers here got nothing better to do
I might make cereal and put olive oil and soy sauce on it instead of milk.
Summer is super hot here in the tropics. There's nothing to do outside. Inside I could do a lot if I wasn't stressed.
I made some friends but I uninstalled the chat program they use.
Fuck, I hate my spasms.
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1151 CPU GTX 960, soon to be 16g DRR4 RAM, 2 2tb hard drives. So yeah not too bad. all under 1k NZD
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i choose not to question that
but only to question one thing

wtf is a furry
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Yeah, well, it's a beast compared to what I still use, got a Aspire 5532 laptop from a while ago. I think I told you about before, didn't I?
I don't know why but it always amazes me when I find Kiwis on the internet.
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looks like im a furry then
i just like the idea of a sloth dude
i despise most of this fandom tho
u guys are good company i give u that
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Maybe, but still that\'s not too bad.
4-5million of us so yeah we're pretty uncommon.
I wouldn't consider you a furry yet, I guess. I only considered myself one this year, despite fapping to furry stuff for seven years.
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It takes time.
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I decide whos a jew
- Adolf Hitler

i like this quote
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did this just fuse into a H/fur thread?
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>be me
>wake up
>look around theres just fucking trees every where
>pack up my blankies
>i aint stupid i need these
>walk around
>hear some screaming
>turn around
>some cheetah looking women with small child
>child screams
>mommy not happy
>"who are you and what are you doing in my backyard!?"
>turns out when i looked around i didnt notice a house behind me
>look at her and say
>H/fur is ok i guess
intersex is disgusting
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This thread isn't labeled right and is pretty shit, so h/fur is a good fit for it.
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g/fur is laughing at us again...
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Only autists need labels
I'm done, sleep time
Only autists need 4chan. You and I are the same.
Thank you, fuck you, bye
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