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Incest stories thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest stories thread
i have a story that involves me n my cousin but dont know how to greentext lol
quick, how to green text?
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not greentext

> followed by text to greentext

Good deed for today done, so now I can be a cunt at work.
>greentext testing
its also late and im working early, maybe tomorrow
Giving step sister piggybacks up and down the stairs then she put her feet around my dick. I didint like it and I didint want that to happen. Was no pre hesitated.
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Fuck You.jpg
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Bumping for someone to drop incest story archive google drive. Plz need link

any have stories of you with your gf's younger sister? my gf's 12 yr old sis keeps sitting on my lap and grinding her ass into my boner...
Bumping for stories
Holy shit Sarah dump.
>I was sexually abused by my stepdad. Not going to go into the details because it's still very painful, but he did pretty much everything.

>I was 5 when it started and so I didn't really "get it" at first and he said it was normal. My mom worked most of the time and didn't believe me at first when I told her (I was 11 when I worked up the courage to do that).

>I ended up moving to my real dad when I was 12 and my stepdad went to jail.

>I'm 19 now and as ok as you can be after something like that. Although I can't even stand the though of sex or mastrubation or anything like that.

Feels good writing about it. Don't know why. He also went to a really bad prison which makes me happy. All rapists you be tortured to death.
I bet you liked it a little bit, deep down.
That's what's most painful, huh?
Any pics that aren't shit quality op?
Gonna try to greentext it, bare with me

her, about 18? not to bad looking, maybe 6-7/10, found out later she was a huge slut, once got fucked in school mid day against a locker

>be me, about 8 years ago i think so...20?unsure
>visiting my dads farm (parents divorced) dad >remarried some cunty farmhand witch, shes not important
>we call her fathead
>fathead has a sister with a daughter, so stepcuz?
>step cuz always a brat, about 2 years younger or so but shes acting weird
>this time.
>kinda nicer than usual
>almost flirting maybe?
>oh shit shes flirting
>shes being kinda touchy and hanging around me more, keeps wanting to
>ride the farm dirtbike with me driving, sounds cool
>ff that night, we have nightly fires cause farm so nothing else to do
>she goes into the barn to get a drink or whatever
> i follow a minute after so as not to arouse (heh) suspicion
>bring her into dads office around the corner
> start holding her a bit, moment of truth, kiss her
>she likes it, I like it, nice.
> go back to the fire to not freak anyone out, couple hours go by and everyones tired, time for bed
>normally she'd stay in my step sisters room on the floor, tonight she uses the spare bed in my room
>we're chatting about her conquests and i decide to get closer, move to her bed
>i end up fingering her, couple minutes later shes bouncing on my dick like theres no tomorrow.
>I finish, she makes me go back to my bed so no on knows
>never do it or talk about it again, feels bad

shit was cash, shes married with a couple of kids now I think, i haven't seen her in a few years at least.
I'm a guy and I gave my older brother 3 blowjobs in one night when we were drunk

>just so you know you can greentext literally an entire paragraph if you want to just so you know you can greentext literally an entire paragraph if you want to just so you know you can greentext literally an entire paragraph if you want to just so you know you can greentext literally an entire paragraph if you want to
No creep.
Oh shit good to know!
Thanks anon
Don't lie, fag boy. You liked that big man cock in your tight little ass.
I'm a girl. Also ew.
tits or gtfo
i dont really have a story. but i have seen my mams tits in person a couple of times and in her underwear. but i have seen nude pics of her on my dads phone and on hers just recently.
soooo we gonna get any more stories
operation your moms tits is a go, get that shit
Yea what he said, I only got the one
Closest I ever came to incest is my cousin plays with my penis and I played with her vagina when we were both real young. Never fucked though. We didn't even know what fucking was at the time.
i now want the cock blocked by al-qaeda story posted now.
Insensitive cuck
who the fuck is this
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no idea
>be me, 12 yr.
>Vitits Miami for the first time.
>Stays at grandma's sister house.
>Meets cute 11 yr cousin. Round ass and small tits.
>Play around the house all afternoon.
>Night time. Grandma wants to sleep alone. Her sister and her husband sleep in one room. I have to sleep with cousin.
>I sleep on the floor. I wake up in the middle of the night and she is just there staring at me.
>"Hey anon. I can't sleep. You don't mind if we sleep together, right?"
>"Yeah sure."
>Jumps out of her bed and cuddles next to me.
>Next morning. >dimonds.jpge
>She wakes up and the first thing she does is give me a kiss on the cheek.
>"Thanks anon. I slept much better."
>Fast foward 5pm. Grandma sleeping in couche and her sister is gone, while her husband is not home.
>"Hey anon. Wanna play happy family?"
>"Thank you. Follow me to my room."
>She locks her room. We are both alone on her bedroom.
>"Let's do what my parents do when they lock their door."
>She pulls her dress off. I take a good look at her body
>"Dad loves when mom does this."
>She pulls my pants down, discovering my dick.
>Puts her lips on the head.
>She starts sucking like a lollipop.
>some time later.
>"I...I think I need to pee."
>"No you don't anon. Don't stop now."
>keeps sucking.
>bust a nut in her mouth.
>She sucked me dry. Not a single drop of cum wasted.
>"So this is what mom likes about dad."
>"I...think I reached heaven."
>"Anon. I want more. I've seen dad do this with mom too."
>She pulls her panties down, revealing a pussy with some pubes.
>"Come on, anon. Put you penis in my vagina"
>I start pressing my dick on her.

>Be me
>Be 16
>Have 32 year old 7/10 Columbian cousin (thats right) migrate to US and is living with us.
>She is white complected and never had kids or married.
>One day came home from school early because of half day.
>I knocked on my door and heard her turn off the shower and ran to open it.
>She gave me a blushed smile and let me in.
>She than bolted to my laptop and exit out of the web browser.
>Dumb bitch forgot about History
>She was in Muchacarne.com
Fast forward 3 weeks
>Parents and brothers left to the movies
>"Fuck Norbit im staying"
>Cousin didnt went because no speak English
>started having a conversation about her life etc.
>topic went from her previous job to her sex life.(Im seen mature for my age)
>clearly shes alone and wants the pepe.
>made my move when she was washing dishes.
>grabed her from behind. Gently kissing slowly her neck
>turned her around to see her red shocked face and guided me to her bedroom.
>she immediately aim for my pants.
>she sucked at giving head. Shes a noob
>started undressing her. Fucked for a solid 6 minutes before giving out a mighty Ogre roar.
>we looked at each other in guilt. We than quickly got dressed andlocked ourselves in our room for the rest of the day.
>we continued however. Moar?
here we fucking go
> Am I greentext ?
more man more
>Slips in completely normal
>She lets a cute moan out.
>I have a mix of feeling I can't even explain.
>"Don't just stay there, anon. Move your hips."
>I start to pump.
>"Ah yeah anon. Please don't stop. Continue. Give me more"
>Not sure why, but something in my head told me to kiss her neck and grab her boobs.
>"Im going to pee again!"
>"That's not pee. Thats cum. Do it in me."
>bust a nut in her
>"Yeah anon! Yeah!"
>grandma wakes up.
>"anon where are you?"
>rushing getting dressed.
>"We are here grandma. We were outside."
>"Just making sure."
>We stopped there.
>Fastfoward 2 months when I have to leave.
>"I will miss you anon"
>"I will miss you too."

insensitive not showing your TITS
My parents divorced when I was too young to remember. My mom remarried a few years later. Stepsister same age as me. Grow extremely close over the years. Sleep in the same bed. As we get closer to put puberty our parents try to get us to sleep in separate beds, we don't really understand why. Parents eventually gave up, and bought us a king sized bed figured no harm. Turn 13 start learning about sex. We've always been comfortable naked around each other but now it's different. One morning I wake up with a hard on. I'd been getting them for a while but usually hid them in front of her. She notices and laughs and rubs it quickly. I thought nothing of it at the time. That night we are cuddling watching a movie hard on again. She's says she wants to know what sex feels like. We take off clothes, didn't kiss or anything. I rub my dick on her pussy not really sure what to do, she starts to feel wet. Not really sure how to stick it in and then suddenly it slides right in. Give like 3 or 4 thrusts and I cum. I pull out she laughs I laugh and we go to sleep. We end up fooling around after that nearly every night trying more and more. We got scared and nervous after a few months about her getting pregnant so I got condoms from the nurses office. When she turned 15 our parents put her on the pill. We are both 26 now and we've been with other people but we still fuck. No one will ever know me sexually like she does.
brah there's literally a lesson on greentexting at the top of the thread cool story though
11 yr old "small tits"... No shit
>I know how to greentext
>Greentext is for people with no attention span

Get rekt
I have a story from yesterday about an anon fucking his cousin if anyone's interested
At some level I know you actually enjoyed it which is part of the reason you can't deal with it. If you could embrace the fact that this is part of your sexual make up you could move on with your life and have normal sexual relationships.
When she gets married I told her I get to fuck her in her wedding dress the night before
its a wincest thread, we're all interested
Not incest.
Ok but bear with me I only saved the text so I have to copy and paste

>be me, 15, aunt and uncle living with us, daughter too.
>Cousin, 15
>We would always flirt kind of, because we were close and sort of brought up together
>We had to share a room, which was great for me, Idk about her, sometimes I'd get locked out and didn't know why (She was fapping bros)
>Never actually thought about how pretty she was until something happened between us
>be coming home from school one day, cousin(let's call her Alex) Stayed home.
>Go to walk into room and tell her to get out, b/c gotta change out of school clothes, brothers.
>Knock knock, Open door, so surprised, Alex on bed masturbating
I'll allow it.
Ok so this happened 3 days after first time.

>Be me
>Skiped school and came home early
>was extremely nervous to knock on the door since me and my cousin havnt spoke or made any eye contact.
>decided to go in my room from my window.
>im in
>Hearing ManĂ¡ play in the background
(Fuck this is getting me nostalgia and goosebumps)
>she was in the shower.
>Remembering the 6 minutes of stationary sex and her naked body gave my peepee a hard armour in which only a slained pussy would quinch its hunger.
>Decide to be slick and try to get the toto
>Also lets call her Johan from now on
>So Johan got out of the shower and headed toward her room
>Surpise, surprise I was there pretending to be looking for something.
>"A-anon..I-I didnt hear you knock or come in" She sounded very afraid
>Shes a shy beta. Which made me feel Alpha
>"Ooh Im so sorry. I was looking for a sheet of paper that I need for school"
>hehe im slick as fuck
>I guess she knew whats up.
>"Listen anon. Im worried that I would be pregnant from that time three days ago.
Please. We are familia. What would your mom say."
>Oh shit, weak knees but gotta stay dominant
>"Pero mi Amor. We had a good time.Its only temporary"
>went in for the kill.
>took off her towle slowly she was not resisting and aim on sucking her C cup pink titties
>The relief of her anxiety,stress, and shame made this shit passionate.
>she rode my dick and finally had a glimpse of her pussy. It had a little light brown bush on top and was blush pink. Shit was an innie but remember Johan is 32.
>10 mintes later.(im getting better)
>Another Ogre Roar to wore off predators.
>She than took another shower and a few minutes later my brothers came from School.

I got a couple moar.Continue?
Johan is a mans name you fucking faggot.

Continue, please.

I am a sexual abuse therapist and about 1/3rd of my patients with situations like this admit that they really enjoyed it and continued to crave the abuse long after it ended, and if you know anything about how people, especially women, like to hide personal details you can bet the actual percentage is much much higher
>"Oh anon I didn't expect you home until later"
>Get a good look at her body, perky B cup tits, pink pussy, the cutest freckles I've ever seen on a girl
>Just stand in the doorway dumbfounded
>She covers herself up and turns as red as a tomato
>I mange to choke out, "Guess I should be more careful?"
>She does look kind of disapointed, but nods, seeming relieved.
>The rest of the day goes somewhat normally, I browse the internet, sort of think about Alex, though something did happen at dinner, but not thoroughly related to the story
>During dinner, Alex and I exchange awkward glances, and I'm pretty sure my mom thought something was up, because she kept looking at me funny.
>Realize Alex probably told Mom what happened.
>I'm balls deep in trouble now.
>Mom doesn't exactly like me right now
>Rebellious phase
>All that teenage shit
Be 11-13ish
Stepbrother 13-16ish
Playing vidya
Truth or dare
Show dicks and asses
He is huge I'm small
He jacks and we taste his cum
That night we jack each other and suck balls and blowjobs
Don't think I came that time but he did in my mouth.
Next few trips we do more.
Ended up swallowing each other and he took his time playing just the tip with vasoline till he couldn't fuck me good. Used to like it when he would jump me and grab my hips and cum inside of me. He would bite my neck and jack me off. I came in him a few times too he said he liked me sliding my small kid dick in and out of him while he jacked himself.
Any questions?
>Sort of care, sort of don't.
>After dinner, Ask Alex if she told anyone what happened,
>"No, Anon. I would be too embarrassed."
>"You really shouldn't be. It isn't a big deal."
>Trying to make her less embarrassed, but she just seems confused.
>Total beta mode
>"It is to me, Anon."
>"What do you mean"
>"I dunno... I just wouldn't feel secure with anyone seeing me like that, not even family."
>She looks literally perfect in the light, but is borderline crying. I think I messed up her brain, mates.
>Sort of sad, I apologize for bringing it up and gave her a hug, which I'm pretty sure made it worse.
>Rest of the night went on as most nights do.
>Except for one thing.
>She was up later that night, I don't know what it was, but it was a friday, so I didn't give a shit.
>First thing next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon(Lovely smell by the way)
>Alex was out of bed.
>This was weird to me because she had always slept in late on weekends.
>Look at my clock, it was 12:30
>I had slept in, not her.
>Looked at her bed, her sheet was bunched up, and her blanket was on the floor.
>Girl was tossing and turning.
>Suddenly feel bad as if it were my fault
>leave room with just my shorts on(slept commando in basketball shorts.)
>Alex is at table already eating, looking sleep-deprived as always
>Get food, sit down, start eating
>Waffles, bacon, eggs, the usual. Never got pancakes, my favorite breakfast.
>Once again, we exchange awkward glances before I break the silence
>"So what are your plans this weekend, Alex?"
>"I'm staying home, I guess. What are YOUR plans?"
>Bitch, you know I don't have friends. "Same as always. Are you not going to Lori's?"
>"No, we got in a fight."
>Silent again
>Get up, go to bathroom to shower, brush teeth, etc.
>While brushing teeth, knock on the door.
>"Anon, can I come in? Your mom's in the other bathroom and I need to shower."
>"Uh, yeah, sure."
>She comes in with a pink polka-dotted towel(No reason to tell, I just find it cute)
>She has the biggest pokerface, I think.
>I don't think she realizes she didn't come in with clothes to change into after she showers.
>"Anon, don't look."
>"Of course not."
>I hear clothes hitting the floor
>I know anyone changing in the same room as anyone else probably won't face them.
>Don't think she's looking, sneak a long peek, admiring her figure
>Once again, diamonds, /b/.
>Do I have a back fetish? Thats the first thing I noticed after her pretty ass. She had a smooth back.
>Go back to brushing teeth before I get caught.
>thinking back, she probably saw me through the big mirror on her side of the room
>Hear shower starting, so I open the door and close it like I left
>Now or never. The wait begins.
>I wait for what feels like forever, probably because it was, and I feel like pussying out like the beta I am by leaving.
>But instead I just wait.
>This isn't going to work
>She's not going to like this
>I should just leave
>Listening really close, hear her gasping quietly
>At first I thought she just looked through the shower curtain and saw me, but then she did it a second time. And a third.
>Girl is flicking the bean, I think.
>This bitch has a higher sex drive than me, bros
>Got me a little hard.
>I keep listening, my heart pounding, and eventually I hear her moan sort of loudly, reaching orgasm.
>By this point I was diamonds.
>Just after she finished, I heard the shower turn off, my heart was pounding, and I was covered in sweat.
>Alex stepped out of the shower, and as soon as she reached for the towel, she saw me.
My mind was a blur.
>Once again, doubtful thoughts.
>I shouldn't have done this
>I made a mistake
>Why am I so stupid
>She gasps loudly, and I thought that maybe my mom heard it
>I definitely didn't think this through
>She stands there, seeming awe-stricken
>"Anon, this is so wrong."
>My mind is still racing
>She's looking at my member
>I realize what I am looking at and get a little bigger.
>I have a full view of her freshly flushed slit.
>I am still looking over her body, she had recently got her bellybutton peirced, and it was still a little red.
>By the time I came to my senses, she was staring me into the face, shit bros.
>I don't know what to do so I pull her into a kiss
>She whines(Not in a sexual way, more like a whimper of fear) and reluctantly kisses me back
>I'm totally in
>Not filled with tongue like many would think, but still filled with burning passion.
>I debate shoving my tongue down her throat
>my hands grabbed onto the first thing they could find, her ass.
>My mind was still racing, and my member was rubbing against her shaven mound.
>"Anon, I've had a crush on you for a long time"
>And I'm just now hearing this. Damn.
>Don't say anything, continue rubbing my penis on her vagina.
>Run my fingers through her hair, not believing what's happening.
>She gets down on her knees
>My first blowjob
>Now that I think back, she was terrible at it, but I still loved every second.
>I could tell that she watched a lot of porn and really wanted to make me happy, because she looked at me through every second and tried different things every time she went down.
>I thought that the puberty fairy had blessed me but I was really only maybe 6.5"
>I was in love with this girl
fucked my daughter several times without her even knowing with whom she is sleeping
>After maybe ten minutes I told her I was about to blow, and she kept sucking.
>I came and she tried to swallow every bit of it.
>She didn't do too well, but scooped it off of herself and sucked the rest right out of me.
>We ended that morning with a shower full of touching and kissing.
>When we left the bathroom the adults were gone(Thank god, as I didn't have spare clothes either and left the bathroom wet with just shorts on.)
>When we got to our room, she got dressed in some sweatpants and a loose t-shirt and we cuddled for a bit on my bed.
>We were still pretty awkward about everything, but tension was relieved.
>We start talking, and it turns out she really did have a crush on me since we were little.
>It's a little weird for me, because she's like my sister, but I still believed I was in love with her.
>Day goes on as normal, but with several romantic encounters with Alex as I go.
>By dinner, we've already gotten past frenching
>Hooray for hormones, amirite?
>During dinner, my mom looks at us like she knows something's going on.
>"Are you two planning a surprise?"
>"No, Mom."
>I kind of hate my mother at this point.
>"Why do you keep looking at eachother Anon?"
>"We do?"
>We play it off like nothing's happenned.
>We got off scot free, and are to our room at once.
>Once again we cuddled, and I was the bigger spoon.
>She sort of hinted at wanting to do the naughty, and got up and locked the door.
>I didn't know what to do but we continued cuddling for a bit before she slipped her sweatpants off and I start grabbing around down there, noticing she was in a thong.
>I didn't find thongs all that hot at that point but as long as it was on Alex I loved it.
>I slowly felt her up and realized she didn't have a bra on.
>She took off my shirt, putting her hand on my stomach close to my >insert penis name here<
>I'm already diamonds, and I start to kiss on her neck.
>Not exactly experienced at this but whatever.
>She moans softly, which turns me on quite a lot
>I slip off my shorts and start to rub her slit
>She's already wet so I dip a finger in just cause.
>Light gasp. I'm in.
>I start to push my finger in and out, and soon I'm going pretty fast, and she's moaning pretty loudly.
>I kiss her to stifle her moaning.
>I feel my member rubbing against her mound and decide to go for it.
>As I'm kissing her, I pull my finger out of her slit and start to try to push my penis in.
>Once again, gasp, but I'm not letting up on this.
>Keep pushing, eventually get head in.
>Feel like I'm going to explode.
>She digs her nails into my arm and I slowly push farther.
>I get in all the way and then start thrusting slowly, and she seems to be starting to enjoy it.
>After a while she feels loose enough for us to start fucking, but I already feel like I'm going to explode, so I'm careful.
>We start going faster and I'm going with her pace so I don't hurt her.
>Once she seems comfortable I start to move faster, also rubbing her bean to speed up her orgasm. I don't want to come first.
>Very soon she reaches her climax and starts to convulse around my length, arching her back and moaning
>I couldn't handle her pussy quivering around my Johnson and exploded in the middle of her orgasm.
>Best sex to this day.
My stepmom always made me shower with her daughter to save water. She would start the shower watch us undress and get in and then leave. Since I was older I was expected to make sure my step sis washed good. This goes on for a few years with no incidents. But sometime after I'm 12 (step sis 9) I was suddenly aware I had access to a naked girl and started to bathe her more in depth. It wasn't long before I was fingering her and she was jerking me off. Things started to get heavier when one day my stepmom walked in to check on us( been taking longer and longer in shower )right after I had finished in her daughters mouth. Her eyes went wide but she snickered and said please make sure she's clean. She went out the door but came back a second later and said I think your probably to old to shower with her now anon. I was upset and dissapointed but not in a position to argue. And so ended my shower time fun. She brought it up once when I was 20 and as I tried to make up an excuse she laughed and said boys at that age are curios and will be boys.

you illiterate americunt
Back to tumbler sjw scum!
The point is, go to a therapist, accept the fact that this person activated some of your body's mechanisms that provide pleasure wether or not you want it. If you can't have sex, you're not "ok as can be" btw probably fake and gay but if not bait at least I tried to help.
Well fine Johana (pretty close to the Original name) Its Spanish you fucking donkey. Lets continue shall we?

>Be me again
>Its been a good week since the last episode of me convincing Johana to fuck me.
>A week is too damn long for a sexually active teenager.
>we talk alot now and shes starting to open up too me. And hell Im even starting to love her.
>When to her room to grab a dirty pair of panties.
>Yup. They were dirty alright. Had Red plasma stain in them. Will do.
>Started sniffing the shit out of it to remove the spirit.
>By god. The smell was of Perfume and harmones.
>heard door open.
>She cought me dick handed
>"Anon what are you doing!Why!?" another red face Johana said.
>gota be smooth.
>"Johanna I love you!"
>she than looked away
>long story short I sweet talked her.
>Proceed to remove her skirt.
>She was gigling
>I see her smooth ass pussy and by god it might as well been of a teen.
>I started from her smooth as legs down to the toto.
>Shes very ticklish down there and gigled
>Her pussy than started regurgitating amounts of fluid. She was wetter than a fat guy in a treadmill.
> "oh annon. Mas ai.ai.ai. Oh baby."
>was hitting her like a champ
>hear somebody calling Johanas name
>we bolted and started puting our cloths
>We started hearing the doorknob shake
>"Johana! What are you doing?Come out!" It was my mom
>Oh no weak knees
>I than hid under her bed.


Rapists indeed deserve punishment as cruel as their acts.

As a pedophile, myself, if I had gotten wind of any such thing being done to a child as your stepdad did to you, I would definitely fuck his shit up.

Children can definitely consent and have healthy sexual relations, but, as in your case, they can also be put in a position that leaves them traumatized later in life. It is no easy task to understand children well enough to be able to gain a healthy sexual relationship with them; however, it is a simple task, because it is simply a choice.
>me 18
>knocked up a girl 16
>fucked it up, got to marry her, cuz parents and shit
>never loved her
>after got child
>one year marriage past
>left her and baby girl
>moved to other city
>started new life there
>started small, selling life insurance
>after 6 years of insurance scams got enough exp and money to begin my own company
>3 years of work and some tricks....now shitting money
>started living fast life
>good cars, young whores, drugs, booze
>made a name of myself
>shit started moving from local
>spread my business to other towns all around the state
>build a home
>expanded work
>now even more money
>living good for 7 more years
>job takes me to my home town
>i got to the neighborhood to see how my ex was doing
>still in her parents home
>parked the car and waited curiously
>saw her once with some nice hot looking girl
>guess thats my grown up daughter
>started seeing and noticing her around town more and more often in night clubs
>the word in town spread about me so gold diggers started hitting on me
>among them my own daughter started giving me the looks one night, not knowing shit
>she did a good job getting more and more closer to me, and make sure i notice her as well
>even tho i knew somehow it made the whole thing exciting for me
>i rolled with the whole game
>started taking her to clubs myself
>business dinners too, like an escort girl i usually always have on me
>she got to the point of almost dating with me after some time
>things got hotter and hotter between us fast
>i didn't stop for any fucking reason at all, i did not know what i was thinking else
>only think about most cruel and evil thing that can ruin her life, and i liked it
>i ended up fucking her several times before i left the town
>didn't tell her anything when i left
>she also didn't mention me to her mother, obviously fucking for money and nice clothes
>moved on after that knowing the most satisfying thing ever
>i was her sugar daddy.....literally

The problem is you call it abuse without any discrimination. You lack discrimination. This lack allows you to function without any hiccups in our society.

And that's fine.
holy fuck you twisted

Isn't this story from American Dad or some shit?
Close enough since all McFarland is good for are rape jokes.
Quite the imagination you got there anon
continue you fuck
anon your story sounds a lot like mine, only we don't fuck anymore :(
look up genetic sexual attraction
Hurry up, Paco. I Dont got all day.
Tits or GTFO
Sounds fucking hot
File: 62raBak.png (71KB, 250x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Be 15 and smitten with qt 17 yr old 8/10 at school
> Nut up and go talk to her
> Awkward at first but she is easy to talk to
> Super comfortable with her and ask her on a date
> Surprises me and says yes
> Several dates later and she says she wants to try sex
> She was virgin as fuck but so was i.
> We begin fucking on a near daily basis
> Fuck her on her period, ate her out on her period and got my red wings
> didntgiveaflyingfuckbecausefuckitwasamazing
> Fast forward almost six months and she invited me over to her house to meet parents
> Parents are chill as fuck but they look nothing like her so I ask
> Turns out she was given up for adoption as soon as she was born
> Said her given first name was Anonette but they changed it so they could truly be theirs
> Sad story but whatever
> I go back home and tell my mom about how my gf was abandoned at birth
> She feigns interest up until I say what her given name was
> Eyes widen to the size of goatse assholes
> Anon... Darling... It's time you knew something
> "17 years ago, I had another baby at 16. I couldn't handle being a mother so I gave her up for adoption. Before I did though, I named her Anonette"
> Mfw she told me I was dating my long lost half sister
> Mfw I ate out her asshole
> Mfw I ate her out on her period
Feelsbadman, or does it?
At first it did but I said fuck it. Tried to fuck her again but could get it out of my head I was balls deep in my half sister. Broke it off a week later.
I mean... im guessing you told her the reason?
Never get to talk about it so throwing more out there. Few visits into seeing that side of the family my stepbro and I are having more fun. I remember one time I sucked his balls and he was jacking off and first time without him asking I took his dick and started sucking. He came in my mouth and I swallowed most. He cleaned up and laid down on his stomach and just looked at me, so I went over and got spit on my dick and slid inside his ass. I think he liked me fucking him, I wasn't that big and he always talked about how I would twitch and he could feel my cum shoot into him how it was warm and stuff. We did that only a few times but we swallowed each other's loads way more
Get some therapy.
Sex is beautiful.
No. Just told her I was depressed and wanted out before I drug her down. She was pissed at first but she eventually mellowed out. We actually met up at a family reunion several years later. I pulled her aside and told her then. She still hasn't talked to me.
>As a pedophile, myself

There are many ways to look at it.

Non-violence, self-love, love for others...

Forgiveness for yourself...

Being gentle and kind, learning from people who are gentle and kind to you...

Being strong, learning from people who are strong...

Emulating your heroes...

Being considerate by smiling and learning to start conversations with strangers...
>sister and I
>we were both about fourteen
>we were basically best friends rather than siblings
>one day, sister finds mother's vibrator
>she shows it to me right away
>she treats it like it's hilarious and keeps buzzing it like a (non sexual) toy
>I'm really panicking, parents are still home, telling her to put it back
>still under the pretense (don't know if that's the right word) that this is a hilarious situation, she humorously takes down her pants and starts buzzing it against her pussy, through he panties
>keeps asking me to try it like it's a fun game, she pretends to have an orgasm like it's hilarious, won't break eye contact with me
>after a while I can tell she's really pleasuring herself
>not making jokes anymore, damp patch on her panties, occasional sharp breaths and jerks
>she is looking intensely into my eyes all the while
>don't know what came over me but it felt like she wanted to kiss, so I kissed her
>she exploded all over me, tongue in my mouth, fingers down my panties, like I'd just made all her dreams come true
>very sloppy, and I was no better, though I wasn't doing anything back just letting her do things to me
>vibrator left forgotten, she just wants my body
>could tell how happy she was but I was sad, felt like every line has been crossed, and my best friend is a pervert
>she ate me out until I climaxed, then asked me to eat her
>said sorry I don't want to
>never did anything like this again, though over the years she has seduced me into making out a few times
It's not really a proper story but I kinda wanna fuck my cousin. We're hanging out soon and I kinda have a plan but has like a 1% chance of happening. Advice /b/?

Everyone loves having sex. If you are very attractive, you can initiate incest with your cousin under the right circumstances. If you're not very attractive, it's not going to happen because incest is a big line to cross.

Compare the 2. Then youll know the answer for urself
YES, please post Sara story!
Im a 7-8/10 and shes about a 6. I'm taking it I'm good
File: autism.gif (731KB, 540x304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This shit is the reason I'm glad to only have a brother. I do have a story about someone I knew in high school.
>be her
>be complete degenerate, short hair, hipster glasses
>plays this lewd yet innocent persona
>live in San Francisco so I'm just used to this degeneracy
>Despite being an ugly duck looking deviant she suprisingly hates animu
>like you would bring up any animu and she would be all quiet and give this look and just say how its disgusting and perverted
>you'd even bring up Pokemon she'd get pissed
>ask a friend of hers why the fuck she hates animu so much
>its her brother
>literally a fat autistic neckbeard
>he had all these lewd overpriced loli figurines in his room and yanked off to hentai 24/7
>decided to one day go become one with the japanese and molest her.
>was also told by her friend that I should stay away from her because I remind her of her brother
>>we were both about fourteen

so you are twins then? wtf
File: IMG_4884.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How does a pic of my sister's panties fit in here?
You voted for Trump, didn't you?
A Trump voter with Trump-Pence stickers on his bumper jumped the car line today and tried to run me off the road in order to get in my lane.
You are a far worse asshole than he was.
timestemp full
You were in the green Prius, right? I cut you off. You mad faggot?
Diamonds as fuck anon.

I loved your story. I'm a mobilefag but I really want a screencap. Any of you anons mind doing this for me and the other anons?
I looked into my sister's gallery while she was in the bathroom today. Only had time to see a 16 second video of her rubbing her clit from a shitty angle where all I could see was her hand moving at the apex of her legs. I'm planning to look into it again and Bluetooth some files over to my phone if I have time.
fake and gay
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