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First time sex stories?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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First time sex stories?
> sex
>be me
>bang your mom
>shit was SO cash
>Be me (normie bruh), aged 6
>Have degenerate stepfather
>Have him crank one out on sofa beside me
>Have him bring a girl over for a threesome

He's rotting in a hole now.
> be me 17 y/o
> be alone home at bf's house
> try to put on condom
> finds out i have to get finger for ages because i'm too tight..
Be me
>d0 sex with a girl
pics of tight pussy?
nah i'm good, it's just annoying because it kinda get's tight again if i don't have sex in longer time..
holy fuck thats so hot
not really no.. like at first i couldn't even get my fucking finger in there.. it's just annoying
you're talking to a man, faggot
>two hours of foreplay, cutesy shit and fucking around in bathtub
>came on her bellybutton after five seconds
>fucking hilarious for both
>two more hours of foreplay, cutesy shit and fucking around in bathtub
>fuck til eight in the morning
It's not, it's fucking annoying for both of them.
am not a man, would be fun tho tbh..
> wakes up as man, can pee out of the window and never have to leave my room again
>Be me 23 years old
>Having a shit day dealing my uni's academic progress committee so decide to call up my besty whom I had a FWB arrangement with.
>Meet up with her
>Slips on a condom and gives me a solid blowie.
>I then insert my dick in her vadge and fuck her reverse cowgirl.
>Sooo tight, feels too good man
>Not long after I blow my load after fucking her.
>Finish up, chat for a bit, then we head our separate ways.
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youre a dude. fuck off faggot
>I´m a virgin

end of story. Am I cool yet?
>be me
>be 23
>meet girl at a party
>ask her for her number
>call her next day
>meet at bar
>get drunk
>go back to my house
>put dick in her
>holy shit this is amazing
>2 pumps later cum inside her
>date for 7 months after
>want to kill yourself when everything ends
>driving around in my car after highschool with my gf
>do it in an alley.
the end.
and also fucking hot
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>be me, 16 years old, 1987 (inb4 goddamn, you're old)

>with gf, 8/10 cutie. big 80s hair, shoulder pad shirt, acid wash jeans, the whole thing.

>We were so damned cool

>Be driving in my mom's 1985 Chevy Celebrity.

>Shit car, but 'velour' seats.

>Stop on side of road. Start making out. Hands everywhere.

>Here we go.jpg

>I recline the seat on my side, cuz I'm a gentleman.

>She climbs aboard. Slides down my dick.

>I make it four, maybe five pumps before I'm about to cum.

> Try to pull out, but seat angles are bad.

>Manage to get most of the way out, pushing gf to her seat.

>Blow an enormous, Peter North-worthy load.



>Cum is everywhere. Steering wheel, dashboard, Even on door. (not sure how I managed that)

>Gf laughs. Funny laugh, not 'ha ha faggot' laugh.

>We get dressed, use Taco Bell napkins (baller date, yo) to clean spooge off of mom's car.

>Drop gf off at home, drive home.

>Next morning, mom goes to work.

>Dinner time. She asks me if I spilled ranch all over her car.

>Yes, that's it, ranch.

We dated for most of high school. Lots of sex, including some that lasted more than 10 seconds. Broke up when we went to different schools for undergrad. Saw her at a reunion, laughed, reminisced. She brought a small bottle of ranch dressing all wrapped up as a gift. Much laughter.

Enjoy your youth, anons. It only happens once.
you probably already do those things as a girl
My first time was weird as fuck and stat rape tbh
> be me 13, DVD night at friends
> friends mum is 29 just divorced
> she feels me up when we go to get pizza
> leaves us kids alone to watch movies while she drinks in another room
> us kids take a break and play hide and seek
> she takes me upstairs to her room, she blows me on her bed. I cum in her mouth and nearly die from what feels like electric shock.
> I'm stunned, have no idea wtf happened. Enjoyed it but didn't really want it.
> things return to normal, us kids get back to movies, chips and chocolate.
> I go to take a piss she's waiting outside toilet for me
> drags me into garage, sits me on washing machine and sucks on my penor for about a minute.
> then walks out, leaving me and my boner alone
> I run back to friends get back into movie
Part 2 coming up
>Be me age 16
>Friend gave me a key to his house while him and his family went on holiday. This is what friends are for
>Invite cute girl i liked over to spend the night
>Both do 2 bars of Xanax, cuddle up and watch a film
>Wake up
>Find "evidence"
>Girl remembers it a little bit
>Tfw you loose your virginity and cant remember it
>be me, 18 years old
>Late puberty, voice still not broken
>have huge crush on girl in my English class
>7/10 but huge tits
>We talk occasionally but nothing really serious
>Out of the blue
>"Hey anon, wanna come to our barbeque tonight?"
>Choke on capri sun
>"Huh... Err, sure"
>Smooth talker
>"Great! My place, 7pm! See you there!"
>winks at me
>School finishes, go home and get ready
>Shower twice for double the cleanness
>Step out the door looking fly as fuck
>Give myself pep talk on the way there
>"You got this, anon. You got this"
>Arrive, only her there
>"Hi anon! Come on in!"
>"Where's everyone else?"
>She giggles
>"Oh, this barbeque is just for us"
>Senor peepee already getting ready
>We sit down in the garden
>She cooks chicken wings
>She invites me upstairs
>Peepee fully at attention
>She strips, huge breasts are confirmed huge
>Peepee straining against pants
>I strip
>She lies down on bed and says "take me, anon"
>Look down to find vajayjay
>See two penises
>Count them again
> 1... 2.
>Can't go through with it
>Run into bathroom and lock myself in
>Escape out window wearing bathrobe
>Never speak to her again

She still has my clothes
>be 15
>at party
>Fuck girl in bathroom
>be me 16yo
>average fuck boi
>super mega alpha confidence
>decent grades
>some sportz
>have job
>get qt gf
>preppy type shy and shit
>have math together
>older buddies drive us home after school
>put my hand on yoga pant clad leg in back seat together
>she put her hand on mine
>interlocked our fingers then she guided it up
>basically started tracing her panty line right there
>fuck bros was about to spill my fuckin spaghetti already
>diamonds and older bro is at my house
>math girl live 2 streets down can walk home later
>not now would take longer with 3 legs
>get out go inside with math girl
>go to room and take my shirt off immediately
>not yet anon, homework first
>nerdy girl is laying face down with some chem book on my bed
>im at desk most of my tasks i got done in school
>finishing up this geocentric thesis for advanced engineering geology oceanography astrology philosophy class
>"fuck this shits fake as fuck"
> get up throw pen down
>leave laptop screen off recording
>go lay beside her on bed
>"anon i can barely concetrate, i got so wet earlier"
>talk pretty openly from there on about how far each of us was willing to go
>math nerd was 16yo cutie virgin bros
> i had done my reasearch bros
> intact hymen
>bros she wanted to try it all
>we both got completely naked
>her tits were pretty big on her 5 2 body prob about 110 lbs and c cup
> bruenette hair long enough to hide her tits haha
> brown eyes some freckles
>we sat on my bed we started kissing
>touching grabbing
>laughing alot of moving around and kind of slapping each other and playing tag
> it was like some kinda pillow fight bs
> caught her staring at my cock swinging around
>grabbed her by her wrists and pulled her towards me
>we were an inch apart both on our knees on my bed
>my cock was under her pussy resting against her ass cheaks
It's not so hot when you two forget to fuck for a couple of days and when you DO want to you gotta skip a day easing her back in. And that's just days before your daughter is supposed to fit through there.
Spoilers, she took the snibeti-snab shortcut.
goddamnit my life sucks
OP, do you realize that /b/ is filled with love-shy virgins and reading these stories will only piss them off?
10/10, would buy you a beer.
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I have so many reasons to drink
that's the point i think
a lot of these threads are like that
>be me, an age
>had sex
thats hot as fuck damn
i think it sounds nice to fuck like that
File: 1494822415247.gif (1MB, 320x287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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f-f-f-f-f-fuckin n-n-normies
There's a party coming up, how do i get it on with girls there, any help /b/?
>be me eleven years old
>have 19 year old babysitter
>we are watching a movie on tv
>both bored
>she ask me if I want to play the tickle game
>I ask her innocently "What is the tickle game?"
>She playfully goes "I'll show you!"
>She starts to tickle me all over until it hurts
Just enjoy yourself my dude, shyness is okay but you gotta bite the bullet and talk to girls (preferably without mentioning /b/ or how many layers of irony you're on)
Same age as you /b/ro. Wise words.
drink a bit, just a buzz
Yeah well, four years and going and I've only worn a condom twice. I'm completely spoiled by bareback creampies. The only "good" thing is that even with her tightness, I'm such a pencildick I know 100% she's loyal.
>be me
> 14 yo with my second gf ever
>she wanted to skip school and go to my place
>hot diggity dog finally some alone time
>ride a public bus back to my house
>get to my place and went inside and straight to my kitchen
>mans gotta eat
>gf ate some cereal
>went to my room and laid on my bed
>started making out and feeling up on each other
>she unzips my pants and grabs my cock
> sucks my cock and balls
>can't hold it in after 30 mins of being sucked dry
>blow my load onto her face, hair, neck
>shes a mess
>went down on her and ate her out
>holy fuck tastes good
>ate her out like a fat kid eating cake
>made her cum buckets
>kept squirting in my mouth
>never experienced this ever
>stayed cool and ate on
> An hour passes, next visit to toilet
> again she's in the hallway waiting for me
> drags me out to the back verandah
> sits me down, gets on her knees and starts sucking
> change position, I stand up and fuck her mouth. Cum down her throat, she races me back inside.
> friends suspicious I've been gone a while.
> tell them I'm I'll and been sitting on the toilet.
> they buy it
> they tell her I'm not well, she suggests i go to bed now, and I can use the spare room upstairs.
> she takes me up there, taught me a whole world I never dreamed possible.
> taught me to eat her out, I finger fucked her in the shower, finally she let me fuck her. Having a grown woman with her legs wide open, holding her pussy lips apart telling me to fuck her was the best moment of my life
> Watching my cock slide into that pussy and having her wrap those legs around my back and writhe her body underneath me then became the best moment of my life.
> she told me to cum inside her
> then she took me to the spare room.

Ended up screwing her for the next 4 years without anyone knowing. While my friends were on playstation i was having fucking amazing sex.

She started getting batshit insane though. Possessive, controlling. Finished when I was 17, all my friends where starting to go out with girls, I discovered I couldn't relate to chicks my own age. Had weird relationships that went nowhere with a couple of them. Fast forward to today nothings changed. I had the time of my life living every teenage boys fantasy but she ruined me. I kinda hate women now.

That post didn't end up how i thought it would.
Fuck you normies

>be me
>freshman at college
>hit craigslist for sum fuk
>done everything but vaginal sex with highschool girls
>get reply from ftm (look it up) freak
>slightly high, so why not
>go over
>hairy, fat ftm has me eat it's puss
>fuck it missionary
>fuck it doggy style
>it asks me to fuck it's ass
>I do
>so disgusted, I end up telling it that I came and bail the fuck out
>blue balls and about to throw up
>join friends in dorm basement to study, tears still on my face
>what's wrong Anon?
>just family stuff

Ended up losing virginity to 7/10 Colombian slut who moved half her clothes into my room. Fucked her for 3 years.
I'm Russian, if i start to drink i'll get fucked up that's for sure, i thought about refraining from drinking.
> Peter North

That's how I know youre a fellow 80s kid!
File: Isla.jpg (277KB, 1000x1499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277KB, 1000x1499px

>Be 18 and gf just got 17
>At home eating dinner with my parents
>Rush to finish Dinner so we go into my room
>Until then we used to just lay naked and masturbate each other, same plan that night.
>I started touching her and at one point we started grinding cock and pussy only wearing undies
>Things get really hot so i say to myself fuck it, slide her panties to the side and stick the tip in
>The little slut moans in pleasure I push it in a bit a more, so tight
>She looks me in the eye with the look that someone has when she realized i was taking her virginity
>i pull out, she cries a bit, i console her. Always diamonds
>Finished crying and convinced her that its already done so its better to just do it.
>I put a condom and stick it in, the redhead slut loves it.
>Next day, she tells her mom about it
>Mom FREAKS out that we first fucked 4 seconds raw
>Make her have a pregancy test, both of us STD tests and go to some bullshit talks about safety.
>Still fucking worth it
ok then don't drink
I have the same problem
Isn't it hard not succumbing to peer pressure?
Do you not drink at all or what?
18 and you do what some freaked out parent tells you?! That's fucked up.
>be 17 year old me
>best friend has new girlfriend (Lollie) who he wants to fuck
>she is timid, refused to suck him off
>he plans to fuck her at her 17th birthday party
>I tag along to her party and meet her for first time. 10/10 deffo WB.
>I am literally in love with this girl
>spend all night drinking in a park
>Lollie and friend have fallen out and she spends all night talking to me
>calls me sexy Bear and asks me why i'm single
>that night she dumped my friend and started emailing me
>we flirt via email and she invited me over to hang out
>spend all evening making out on her bed.
>she goes to take my top off but i'm nervous and don't let her
>that night she texts me 'didn't you want to fuck me?'
>she emails me long email about wanting to lose her virginity to me
>borrow condom from older cousin and skip school the next day to hang with her
>get naked, both nervous. Touch her for a bit until she is a little wet. put condom on
>get on top of her and put dick inside her extra tight pussy
>literally plank on top of her as not sure what to do
>fuck her for a bit until i cum.
>little bit of blood on condom as I pull out

Spend 3 years with her. I loved sex and essentially used her body for 3 years as she was too timid to say what she enjoyed.

She was also batshit crazy. Manipulating me and spending my money.

Met her again last summer (we are both married). We had an incredible fuck session - she now knows what she likes!
Only down side is that we fucked bare and not long after she got pregnant with her 3rd kid. Could be mine!
>succumning to peer pressure
dont be a lil bich lol
no, if I start drinking I'll be retarded within an hour
give me two hours and I might die
I wanted to keep banging the chick dude, and i did for 2 very good years.
I thought about taking xanas just before to chill instead of drinking, sound like a good idea?
Sick burn breh!!!!!
Your youre so cewl
Summer duuuuuuuuuude
idk man I heard it makes you pass out
never done it myself
Sounds more like your limp dickd cuck didnt have much power
cont from my 13 yo first time

>eventually got tired and just got up
>dick is finally prepared for destroying
>gf still has cum all over her
>tell her to clean it up
>licks and swallows everything
>told her lets hit my shower
>mgs stealth walked to the shower
>turned on shower and made it a little hot
>she gets in and started rubbing her face
>op gets in and starts feeling on her vadge
>still wet and juicy
>bend her over
>"wait op!!! we don't have a condom!
>"its ok.
>shoved my cock into her
>felt her rip a little
>gf still a virgin?
>brushed it off and start hammering it in
>gf cant hold her moans
>ops mom is next door gulp
>fuck it and continued on
>gf started moaning and screaming a little
>felt her cum on my cok
>feels so good
>pulled out slowly and watch her fall to the floor
>her whole body is shaking
>op i cant take it anymore its too much for me
>told gf "well you got another hole"
>gf looks scared but aroused
>picked her up and bent her down again
>insert cock in anus
>gf starts crying but is too aroused to stop
>felt that tight ass
>kept ramming it on
>proceed to fuck my gfs brains for a good half hour
>took cock out and let the warm water hit it
>feels good
> gf cant move much. anus swollen, vadge rekt
>asked me if i cum
>said nope
>gets up and starts suck my cock
>deep throats it
> jesus fuck!
>blow my load into her throat
>afterwards we just went back to my room and slept
>woke up a couple of hours later and went to take her home
Ok man thanks, last question, how does it feel when you're the only one sober at the party?
Easier to hit on chicks?
You notice more stuff etc..?
So you alrdy had fwb... but lost virginity to.....
Doesnt at up..
>be me - 17, german
>just left school, entered an apprenticeship in the IT
>girlfriend (14) is in heat like a cat
>parents always keeps an eye on us
>no sleepovers allowed
>tight surveillance everywhere
>school trip not far away from our hometown
>she texts me via SMS (2005, nobody had smartphones) to go to a lookout tower, we will meet at 10 PM at this tower on this day
>raging boner
>be there at 9 PM
>she arrives at 11PM
>slow romantic defloration on top of the lookout tower
>did not use protection but did not come either
>did not got pregnant

2 months later, we are there again with the family. Surveilence is a bit lightened, we are allowed at least a bit of privacy, even tough still no sleepovers. We had like 15 minutes of fucking on top of the tower again before one of her brothers nearly caught us.
Never again did I manage to nut twice in such a short time - she went to her gynecologist to get the day-after pill, so it was okay.

We moved in 2 years later and still together to this day.
easier to hit on chicks but harder to not be anxious
just don't worry about what people think, assume they're all drunk anyway (they probably are)
>be me, 16 yo
>at prom with my gf at the time who was also a virgin
>prom was fun, lots of sexual tension on the dance floor
>prom finishes up, we bail
>driving around in my mom's car cause my car was a piece of shit
>gf starts grabbing at my junk
>pull over into some tree cover
>she blows me for a while
>pull out a condom and throw that bad boy on
>stick it in
>cum in about 5 minutes

All in all pretty unremarkable

>cum in about 5 minutes

I dunno, I'd say making it five minutes your first time is pretty remarkable.
>be me
>be 15
>get invited to a friends house
>his mom (susie)is at a party that night so we can smoke all the weed we want
>I accept
>the day comes and end up smoking 3g of hash between to two of us.
>later on in the night anon friend is fast asleep
>can't get to sleep so I goto kitChen and make my self a drink
>start to pour myself a nice cold glass of milk
> taxi pills up outside
>it's susie
>shit it and rush the milk back into the fridge
(I was shitting it cos was paranoid AF)
>hear the door swing open
>susie see's and joins me in the kitchen
>she was absolutely hammered and her breath stunk of alcahol
> say hi and chat about our night
> bit later she asks me if I would watch TV with her
>say yes not to be rude
>get on the couch and start watching family guy
>laugh all the way through it
>notice her getting close to me
>eventually me and her are snuggled up on the couch
>she's wearing a low cut shirt that show her massive tits and a really short and tight skirt and she's a soild 8/10
>at this point her ass is on my dick
>don't get hard, don't get hard,
don't get hard
>get hard
>she feels it and starts moving her as to jerk my dick
>Feelsgood man.Jpg
>she pulls up her skirt to reveal she was wearing a thong
>start grabbing her tit's and I end up going down on her
>she undoes my pants and gives me a bowie
>end up bending her over the couch and start pile driving her from behind
>last a whole 20 second's before Cumming inside of her
>starts sucking my dick again and gives me a rimjob
>nut again all over her face
>she goes to the bathroom to clean up and I head back to my bed thinking wtf just happened
>be next day
>be in the early morning
>leave quickly to avoid seeing her again
>haven't seen her since
>be in 8th grade
>just moved to new school halfway through year
>meet cutie half latina in art class, offers to show me around
>back of school has huge ampetheatre cut in hillside
>leads me to top and behind some statue thing before reaching for my pants
>sucks my dick during lunch break while people below us eating
>tfw a teacher took my virginity
mio dios
Do you not masturbate? Search Adam and Eve on google.
I definitely had a wank before we left
I heard she did it with a few kids, never got caught
>be me, 18
>Get with this girl I had a crush on in middle school, and periodically through high school
>Holy shit, dream girl
>She's "christian" but wants to fuck in less than a week
>Not aloud to have boys over w/o parents home
>Tells me parents aren't home
>wants me to hang out while she studies
>Come over and share a big chair
>She opens her text book to study and we make out regardless
>She gets up and coaxes me to her room
>takes off my shirt and massages me
>Tells me to close my eyes, if I peek, she'll kill me
>she tell me to open my eyes
>God damn.. 10/10 in a bra and spandex shorts
>she climbs on top of me
>we make out while she rubs her vagina against my bulge
>tell her Im not sure I want to have sex, kind of wanted to wait for marriage
>She says some shit about us "having god"
>we undress and she is riding me so fucking nice
>I want to be on top
>turn her over and proceed to fuck her deep and slow
>Start feeling like I'm going to come
>Can I go down on you?
>Her face lights up, "Yes!"
>Her clit is abnormally large but I suck on it, and lick the length of her vagina continuously
>I hear a noise
>It's the garage door
>I jump up and our eyes are bugged out
>she closes her door
>we get dressed
>tells me to wait here
>she goes downstairs and talks to her dad
>comes back up
>"I have to go to work"
>"you stay here and hide, you'll have to sneak out and go when my dad goes to pick up my siblings from school"

> be 20
> dating this chick at work
> parents went out the country
> decide to throw small party after work
> a bunch girls come over to party too
> everyone is boozed up
> I was eating some fresh peaches and one party goer girl wanted some as I put the last slice in my mouth
> the German girl jokingly said "I'd fuck you for peaches"
> not getting anywhere with GF and she want to go home
> so I drop her off and pick up some more peaches
> come back to my house and made a little fruit tray
> I joke with the German girl "don't forget what you said before"
> when the party ended 2/3 of people went home and rest crashed at my place
> I didn't drink much because it's my parents' house I had to keep an eye on everyone
> the German girl ask me where she can crash
> I took her to my room
> she said she has to pay back for the peaches
> one thing lead to another we fucked
> thanks to the condom I was able to last I think 10 mins
>Neighbors are 4 kids - twin brothers 5 years older than me, a sister 3 years older, a brother 1 year younger. The youngest and I are good friends from when my family moved in (I was 12, then). My older sisters and his sister are really close and my brother, same age as his, are also tight. Families do stuff together all the time
>Summer I was 16 the families are going to a waterpark. I had just gotten over an ear infection and my mother forbade me to go. The neighbor's sister (damn - call her Amy) had a cast on her foot for a cracked bone. We both stayed home
>She comes over to our house - we had better cable TV, and she was watching some old romance movie while I read a book. Amy and I were sitting next to each other on the couch
>She gets all weepy over the movie, holds my hand. That is nice! I say something silly about it'll be ok and she sort of snuggles me a little
>Movie gets more intense, she pulls my hand (which she is still holding) into her lap
>Big buildup to a sex scene and - she starts kissing me
>I barely have time to register what is going on before I just start making out back
>Kiss and fondle with our clothes on for 15-20 minutes, then she frees her massive tits
>After 15 minutes of me licking and sucking her nipples she pulls out my dick and starts stroking it
>She whips off her shorts and panties and scoots to the edge of the couch says 'I'm on the pill' and guides me in
>I came in about 6 strokes. She smiled at me
>"oooh! You were a virgin! I still came. let's go again!"
>Five minutes of pumping me and I am back inside her, playing with her tits as I fuck her. She came 3 times before I did.
>We got dressed and cuddled on the couch, then she sent me to shower while she went home to clean up (cast, so no shower)
>She came back over, cleaned up, and sprayed air freshener all over before cooking some frozen pizzas.
I have a friend who said his sister used to make him eat her out when he was like 6 and she was 13ish. Apparently he didnt understand and he hasnt told anyone but me. He has never closed with a girl before. He could and has come close but he never does. I think its cause of his sister. Non of our other friends know.
>Im like wtf
>agree to it
>she gets ready for work
>she leaves and I lay down behind her sister's bed
>wait to hear garage door opening again
>I hear a door downstairs
>I dont get up, want to make sure
>Im laying on a noise making toy
>it keeps jingling and singing while im pressed up on it
>pretty sure its a reindeer
>I see her dad through the cracked open door
>the toy sounds again and he stops and looks around
>I arch my back to keep from pressing on it anymore
>Im sweating and panicking
>wtf did I get myself into
>he goes back downstairs
>I think I hear the garage door
>I get up and stand in the middle of her room
>still waiting, still being cautious
>I walk around and then sit on her bed
>the door swings open
>I stare at the retired firefighter
>who the fuck are you?!
>I tell him Im his daughter's friend
>Start to push passed him
>grabs me by the shoulder
>What are you doing in my house?!
>told him we were just studying
>I start going down stairs
>He's furious and yelling
>Im pretty much shitting myself
>guides me to the front door
>yelling at my about how Ive disrespected his whole family
>Opens the front door
>Extends his hand after I step outside
>I put my hand out thinking he wants a handshake
>fucking idiot.
>he pulls back his hand
>"no, the door"
> he extends his hand out again
>"oh sorry"
>I sweep the front door across
>he grabs it and tells me Im never welcomed here again
>slams the door
File: My Story UPDATED.png (2MB, 6113x3307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My Story UPDATED.png
2MB, 6113x3307px
Me and my sister took each others virginities...

Will post story, and I am open to questions.
>inb4 omfg faggot why do you already have it greentexted?
Well I obviously post it in wincest threads...
Condon for a bj

Friends with benefits…

That's millennial for hooker right?
Post recording
Trips confirm bb greatness
>be 10
>single mom working full time
>spend a lot of time at my uncles place playing with my cousin (9)
>uncle is quite wealthy and doesn't work a lot
>has huge ass house
>I love being there playing with my cousin and her shitload of toys
>uncle suggests a game called movie star
>gets camera
>makes us go naked and kiss
>tells me not to tell mom because she hates the game and wouldn't allow me over
>uncle creates quite the cp collection over a year
>makes us do almost everything
>someday grandma asks me for my favourite food so she can cook it for me
>answer vagina
>all comes out
>uncle in jail since
It kinda ended unexpectedly bitter
Don't think she ruined you.
Younger women these days aren't anything to boast about.
Damn dude. Has it fucked you up at all? Hindered you? Or don't care?
Benzos can make you feel good, but can also shut your cock down

I'd take one and edge to see how it goes
I've been on NoFap for almost 30 days now, trust me my cock is only waiting for a chance.
No cause fake as shit nigga
I dunno.
I don't think it really fucked me up, neither my cousin, she deals with it quite good. My mom took her when our uncle was sent to jail.

She probably hope we could fight the trauma together or stuff.

But I don't have bad memories about it. Even when playing movie star I enjoyed going to my uncles, he never really forced us, it never became violent or something.
We were playing a game.

It wasnt all we did too, we still did completely regular stuff.

I know he sold the videos, so I guess they are still around.

I kinda wanna see them, just to prove he was no monster hunting children.

What made me suffer way more was people telling me he was a monster and that what he did was terrible.

I didnt wanna see him that way and I didn't want people telling me that something we had fun doing was bad.
>Be older than usual before I lost it.
>Selling couch online.
>Girl I know from forums wants to buy, lives near.
>Never seen her before, seems cool though.
>Load couch in badass new truck and go.
>Unload couch at her place.
>Short, kinda thick latina with big titties and a nice ass.
>Ended up talking a while, and then leaving.
>Date the next day.
>Later on, drinking. Drunk.
>Kissing all over, feeling some titties.
>Climbs on my lap, and I freeze like....
>OMG Anon are you a virgin?
>Gets up and leaves for a minute
>Well shit....
>Comes back in some lingerie, grabs my hand, drags me to bedroom.
>Naked and shit. Fuck, no condoms.
>Don't need, has an IUD.
>Eat some nice shaved pussy. Tasty.
>First time eating pussy, but make her cum.
>Her blowjobs are tootjy.
>Didn't think my cock was more than average but whatever, maybe her mouth is small or something.
>Fuck her missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and more missionary.
>One last mighty thrust, cum inside her.

>Spend the night, fuck some more in the morning.

>Fuck on and off, are just "friends" but we fuck.
>Love eating her pussy. And cumming in it.

>We try relationship...epic fail. She's a cheater.


Rebound time! I'm done greentexting for now it's a pain in the ass. I knew this good looking MILF that was into swinging, and had been hanging out with her and her family for a long time. She and her husband approach me and give permission to fuck her. Also invited to swinger parties, but mostly older unattractive people. Fuck my friend a couple times, fuck around at party. Apparently my dick is pretty good.

Now I'm married to a hot ass mexican girl who is nine years younger than me.
>All through school, if I'd have just thought a little more of myself, and said "fuck it" and made an effort, I probably could've got pussy. I was convinced that no one wanted to be with me, and that shit will convince EVERYONE else too.
File: 1439179438607.jpg (1MB, 2016x1512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2016x1512px
Couple decades ago

> 14yrs old
> socially retarded loner
> younger girl down the street
> we get along and play tag etc
> I'm not up to speed with what other teens are doing
> hormones start acting up
> not sure what to do
> end up awkwardly kissing 10yo
> over the summer this intensifies
> by fall I'm getting awkward handies because she thinks my foreskin is fun to play with
> I've been able to get my finger tip inside her a couple of times
> still haven't cum (late bloomer)
> school starts again and we don't see each other much
> during this time I learn to jerk off
> winter break and we start hanging out again
> says she wants to see it again
> show her how to stroke it this time
> she was kinda grossed out when I blew my load
> I still can recall the look on her face when she smelled the glob on the back of her hand kek

go on
File: 1467663998559.jpg (50KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 500x667px

> by summer she had gotten "the talk"
> mainly as I later discovered because she had gotten her period
> I had found some of my dads Hustler mags and knew a bit more too
> I was just 15 and she turned 11 in Nov
> she hadn't seen what her parents described
> I smuggled a less used mag out to show her
> for that summer we spent a shit ton of time together
> basically firsts for everything in the magazine
> she barely had whisps of hair on her pussy and it still is the sweetest tasting I've had
> she made me cum once just by licking the ridge around my cock
> didn't like cum much.. 90% of the time my loads ended up on the ground
> then there was the first time I got inside her.. Which was her idea
> my family was fairly religious.. So I had been skirting the rules up to that point and still technically a virgin
Fist time fucking
In a car
Taco Bell

murica said the virgin and scoured away
>be me, normie
> sophomore dating a senior
> concerned not sure what to do
> she wants to go raw
> hellyeah.jpg
> comes over my place
> takes off my shirt and we start making out
> shit gets intense
> breaks fucking couch
> still going
>cuts myself pretty bad on the broken part of the couch but still going
> It's dark so i don't assume anything
> nut after awhile and then all the adrenaline is gone
> holyshit this hurts
> needed to go to hospital 10 stitches on the back of my thigh
> 100% worth boyz
>Be me
>16 y.o
>2 weeks on a relationship
>Girlfriend was like: BANG ME
>I was pretty nervous
>In the middle of something good
>My phone rings
>FUCK, it's my mom (She was out)
>Awkward phone call ends
>I was about to put it back in
>My girl's phone rings
>Her dad asking for some dumb stuff
>Call ends
>I can't get a boner
>She is not wet anymore
Literally my first and worst time
I fucked my girl for an hour the first time I had sex, couldn't cum, after 4 times I filled her for the first time
File: mfw.gif (45KB, 499x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 499x499px
>be me, 8 years old
>only colored kid at the community pool
>feel shy and paranoid that everyone's staring
>scanning around, trying to find a free space to jump in
>notice there's a beautiful, pretty little thing in the water with floaties on
>make my way over there and dip my toes in the water next to her
>hear someone call out "lily" in my general direction
>turn around to see what it's about
>apparently my flat-bottomed crush has a name, and her name is "lily"
>start planning on what I'm going to do next
>"how am I going to approach her?", I thought to myself - Trying to come up with ideas in my head
>I'm so nervous I'm literally shaking
>all of the sudden, I feel this wave of primal instinct completely take over my entire body
>I knew right then exactly what I was going to do
>I needed and wanted to use that little thing for they're designed for
>I dash towards the pool, running Full speed towards lily, getting my footing as I prepare to jump
>This is when I leapt up into the air and came crashing down to land right on top of this little bitch
>Couldn't help but feel pleasure doing in doing what I did
>I landed perfectly, hitting her body hard and felt it go underwater beneath my feet
>What a fucking thrill. I wanted more.
>So... I took it EVEN further.
>I jumped onto lily again even harder, dunking her light body below the water even further before
>Then I did again.
>and again
>tfw that was the day I learned to hop across lilypads as a young frog
>Pic related, thiz my yearbook photo
> Be 16, go to corsica
>Take the boat, wait on a chair
> Cute girl walk around several times, smile at me
>To shy to talk to her
> Arrive to corsica, good holidays
> 10 days later take the boat back
> Take a sit
> wild same cuties appear in front of me
> speak for an hour, laught a lot
> Take my hand find a cabin open
> *heart accelerate*
> get naked start to fuck like a beast... for 2 min
> cum a huge load on the bed
> quit the cabine, the boat arrive
> go home
> don't know her name, just she come from belgium
>be me 15
>family is very religious
>go to catholic school
>everyone is religious
>except for one girl
>We'll call her Eve
>10/10 q t 3.14
>we're really good friends
>she flirts with me a lot
>i flirt back
>just friendly banter, right?
>it's halloween
>every halloween her family throws a party
>every year it's great
>me and eve are sat in her room
>"anon what's the best thing you've done with a girl"
>"uh, why?"
>"i'm just curious"
>"because i want you"
>oh lord
>i've never been taught about sex
>all i know is that married couples do it
>laugh it off, it's just that friendly banter right?
>i take a sip of my beer and in the blink of an eye...
>she's naked
>"i want you so badly anon"
>"t-then take me"
>she has this huge fucking grin as she mounts my lap
>we start making out
>she takes my dick out of my pants
>she's on all fours in front of me
>"put it in me anon"
>I get behind her on my knees
>don't know which hole to put it in
>pick a hole, thrust my dick in
>it's her ass
>"FUCK!" she screams
>oh lord
>the door flies open
>the room fills with a bright light
>it's God
>cursed to spend eternity in hell

and that was that
>be me
>be a naive 14yo boy
>sell kinda lotto tickets door2door in the neighborhood
>hot woman about 45
>"Come in, my little boy. Do you want some nougat?"
>(I love nougat)
>she gives me a nougat bar, I start to eat it
>suddenly she bends on table and pulls her pijama down
>"Do you like it, my little boy?"
>"Do you want to put your hard thing inside, my little boy?"
>I get close, it's the first time I see a pussy
>I put the nougat bar between her asscheeks
>I suddenly realize I got it wrong
>Ran away, forgot the whole block of tickets there
>Never eaten a nougat again
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