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Post girls and anons say how they should get fucked Reply for reply!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Post girls and anons say how they should get fucked

Reply for reply!
Remy love black cock
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Tits look quite big! a nice hard titty fuck will suit her.

Anything for my my sis?
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Railed by multiple black cocks
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love to see her do this>>734192707
and have the cum running down those huge titties
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Deep hard fucking by me and use those glasses as a cum target!

My gf the better comments the more risque the pictures
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Would pin her down and make her take BBC after BBC
Fuck she is hot who is she? GF? if so wouldn't you love to see her take a fat 12 inch bbc in her ass?
Love the fishnets! fuck her throat as she chokes on her fishnets then huge facial
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This girl is the exact type of girl I love. You just know shes fucked up enough to gag on cock while her best friend eats her out from behind, then return the favor while you fill her pussy with raw cock. I wanna see her and a friend begging for cum then kissing passionately afterwards, and licking the cum off eachothers faces
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Holy fuck who's this
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Not how these threads work m8
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mmm she is a freak! she loves me abusing/sharing her

For her birthday instead of candles she gets cocks, one for each year she has been alive! her bf going last having the sloppiest seconds of all
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She's going to get trained. Dudes pounding her pussy unprotected, sucking on those boobs, each doing their best to knock this pretty face up.
Cut throat then fuck hole
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What would you do with her whilst her boyfriend is out of town? Replies get moar, best replies get tits.
fuck this little goth whore and cream pi her. Make her lick up the left over cum on the floor
dude read teh rules
She would be given 5 cocks to suck and 5 assholes to rim for her birthday. 1 hour each and then she is gangbanged until cocks cant shot out semen no more.
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I need nudes of her

She's single btw
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me and multiple friends would make her spend an hour sucking us until she is wet enough then make her take each one of our loads
She's actually more into middle eastern dudes. Do you have an album of your girl?
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tits and ass
Fiance! works as a teacher at an upper school
File: jm.jpg (68KB, 749x657px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Every one of her male students wants to fuck your fiancee, and I bet she wants it too
File: 1477256779584.jpg (92KB, 539x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Both of them or just the one is fine
Faggots expecting something for nothing. Its reply for reply.
Really? iget worried about it! they are aged 14-18 and it drives me wild with worry

Would lay her down and fuck her face having her tits bounce around
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I'd force her to work in a gloryhole for me, sucking off guys for hours at a time to make money, then she would come home to give her reserved pussy to me
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Are you kidding? They definitely all have fantasies about her and talk about how they want to fuck her. They probably even have creep shots, and she acts like she doesn't know
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can i ask why do you think so!? it is kinda hot but is there anything i need to worry about?
Did you get posted, anon?
Teenage boys, smokin hot teacher, it writes itself. She'd have to be really naive to not know they all want her. I doubt you have anything to worry about, but I'm sure the idea of it all excites her
damn thats hot! i know she loves attention
She would be Gangbanged and fucked through every hole, she would be facefuckrd up over and over until she was drowning in gym

Just wanna say I'm lurking and saving her pics. Hottest girl in thread. Teenage boys 100% talk about which teacher they'd most like to fuck. She's caused a few awkward boners I guarantee it.
is it bad i fantasize about that!? She is hot and thank you for saying!
God she's so cute I would love to lick her

You'd be a fag not to. She should teach sex ed. Post more.
she teaches pe
This girl has been doing modeling for a while, finally decided to do it in her underwear, I saw her a few times at my high school.
She ran track I at my school I think
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Her ass
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 42

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