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>Post your green text stories >Mother, sister, grandmother,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>Post your green text stories
>Mother, sister, grandmother, auntie, step-mum
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Faggot OP, contribute to your own bread.
Fucking summer.
>be me 16
>mom gets a new phone
>one night while she was at work I noticed her old one in her room
>went through it and sent myself a link to all her photos on that phone
>honestly don't know how many times I've jerked off to her nudes but man they are great
post em
>be me 16
>relatives comes over for dinner party
>after dinner all guests move to living room
>no seats left so auntie sits on my lap as a joke
>since it was my house I was wearing loose, thin shorts, not to formal
>auntie wearing thin-ish dress
>thicc aunties ass crack envelops my cock
>auntie turns and looks at me
>confused look on face
>anon are you hard?

>her nudes
single motherhood in the 21st century
Keep going faggot
He's a homosexual, we don't like homos
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I was staying with my aunt during a summer break and guess she had thought I had went to bed, heard something going on down in the basement ( I was on the third floor the house ) around midnight- I crept down and ended up actually going outside the house to get a look through a basement window and watched her getting fucked by two guys (one white, other black) blew my mind and load!
Keep going, faggot
Plox anon, I'll suckle your cockle no homo shit bb
go my nigga
>be several years ago
>wife is out of town visiting her sister or some shit
>we aren't a wholesome family and I had been known to sleep around a bit
>teenage daughter is cute but not super hot
>she is known as pretty slutty around town
>she comes home all upset
>some guy turned her down
>she asks me if she is pretty
>I say of course
>very cliche it escalates
>she lets me feel her tits
>we end up having sex for a couple of weeks
>daughter gets preganat, blames some guy from her school

We stopped fucking after her preganacy, before you ask my granddaughter is healthy as can be, the poor bastard she pinned it on is still married.

My daughter was a terrible lay and had an ugly pussy. If she wasn't my daughter I probably wouldn't have banged her more than once
Just do it faggot
okay m8
You're 14 aren't you
>friend was dating my younger sister and had talked her into a threesomes or moresome
>she agreed too it he tells me, but she doesn’t want to know the guys and will wear a sleepmask
>figure why not and tell him i want in, he was like okay!
>at his place few days later i come over and sitting on the couch is my naked sister with another guy, she already sucking him
>i am rock hard and take a seat next to her and she starts to stroke me
> she was like ohh nice and started sucking me while other guy got behind her and fucked her
>i didnt last long seeing my little sis suck my dick and holding her head, she swallowed, but continued to suck
>once hard, i was getting behind her and pushing my dick into her, jesus she was tight, but felt so good too
>i came pretty quick, and another friend joined in fucking her, and she blew me again commenting on my nice cock
>hard again i started playing with that ass, my friend/ her bf nodded and i went for it, again, it was too much and i came after a few minutes
>fucked a lot that night
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>form to an incest thread
>comment about how the stories are fake

Literally why? Just don't come to these threads.
If you're going to make a fake story, at least make it sound realistic.
ALL the stories are fucking fake
No fucking shit dipshit. What I'm saying is to make these stories sound realistic
Do first cousins count? if so i have a few stories
Just do it, faggot
like the fag with the aunt, just get on with it
okay shall do just a moment whilst i get it typed up

don't worry i won't skip like these other anons
There's way to much scolding and not enough greentext
>mom titty
>be me
>had sex
>it was my mom

tell us a fairytale
mm jerking off here, carry on
>had sex again
>it was my mom again

Got plenty more
fuck yes i'm edging so hard right now

keep going
Oh fuck yeah, now this thread is picking up.
>about to lose virginity for first time
>sister puts pussy on dick

Was pretty good. Had to get the cat put down not long after that
long story?
bumping for this story
I'm back

thanks for sticking around
Yes might have to split it up, i took a while longer cos i ended up walking the dog(it kept barking)

>Be Pakis
>First Cousin from dad's side
>Grow up pretty much together; saw each other as brother/sister
>She was a year older than me
>Always play fought and stuff growing up
>stopped hanging/playing/fighting at some point for no apparent reason
>Some time during puberty she went from being flat to having a fat ass and some huge tits
> she was always short so it looked more impressive/ stood next to me she was always a few inches shorter im currently 6'5 atm she is 5'1
>Being younger/naive never really payed attention to her physical changes she was just my cousin i hung out with
>Innocent to the point i didn't know anything bout puberty/sex or w/e (uk school system is pretty meh on sex ed tbh)
>Never felt sexually attracted to her or anything/Nor do i remember anything like getting boners around her
>Do remember we were a bit rough with one another at times
>Probably did punch of grab her boobs or butt at some point
this is gonna be good, cont my fair sir
Raped my 7 year old cousin, I don't feel the least bit bad about it either. She knew what she was doing.
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download (16).jpg
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thanks anon! nice dubs btw
Incase I take too long pls bump this thread anons

>Don't ever recall her ever pulling/pushing me away when we hung out
>Slowly we drifted apart for a few years
>No arguements or anything just we grew up and had stuff going on like school and social
>Only ever saw her on family/special occasions for next few years
>Re kindle our relationship some time later around 16/17 (Thanks to phones and social media getting bigger)
>Start visiting each others houses and hanging out a little more
>Pretty much start going on dates together but not dates...
>hanging out at her house before we go out and stuff
>so always kinda caught a glimpse of her getting ready
>At her house on day sat around waiting whilst she got ready
>Needed to take a piss so ran upstairs
>Her room is past the bathroom
>Enter it and it's slightly steamy in there dying out
>Take a piss
>Walk toward her room since the door is like 90% open
>Think to check on how far ready she is
>Walk in on Her in pretty much the downward dog position on/against her bed trying to pull her jeans up past her thighs/ass with no shirt and bra on only
>This was when my boner started it's rebellion for her ass
>Back out slowly and re enter few minutes later after hanging out in the hallway
Welcome to /b/, faggot
Anyone got any saved greentexts?
bumping this thread
>If there was ever a moment in my life that i threw my self face first into an ass it should have been that
>Re gained control over my boner and urges
>In her room now ask if she is ready or whatever
>We leave five minutes later
>Whilst out with her I become aware of all the looks her ass gets from all the slimey pakis and other guys
>After a few moths more of hanging out our convos get more deep/personal about opposite sex/dating in general with her being the one who brought it up
>Asking 'so is there any special lady for my cutie lil cousin(even though i'm a foot taller)
>Tell her not really just a 3 short spells
>She asks more about the girls
>Tell her of #1
>#2 up next who where both of lost our virginity
>Kinda tells me off/calls me naughty for having sex with a girl who didn't last for long
>Spring/reverse it back on her
>Stupidly reply 'what bout you anybody popped your cherry'
>She was visibly upset/annoyed with me for whatever reason she had
>Punches me and calls me an idiot
>sort of apologise and pester her about guys
File: 1493168688262.jpg (18KB, 373x394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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C'mon Anon
File: 1485234627480.jpg (83KB, 712x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She gets to talking
>Says she dated one paki guy from her college
>He seemed genuinely nice etc but was very forward in wanting to bang her/wanting nudes
>She broke up with him
>Tells me of another guy she met at a uni party called Bradley who was some adonis looking machine with long hair
>They talked during the party and left together
>Got in his car
>snogged for a bit whilst he felt her up
>He guided her hand down to his crothch
>She got scared/started to regret it and pulled away
>Told him sorry and got out and left
>Jokingly asking her is she scared of dicks or what
>Gives it the whole/for after marriage/right guy stuff
>Says she's aware of what they look like and so on thanks to the internet and her girl friends being silly
>Get brave for a moment and ask if she wants to see mine
>she says she knows what they look like
>hey gurl, wann c mine brwn susage?
cmon anon
holy shit this is getting a lot of attention
yes and who is she
I really like her body and the Volkswagen i dont know who she is though
i did some shit with my cousin but i didnt fuck her so idk if u guys would wanna hear about it

its a long story
go for it my nigga
if you dont post them you are a faggot
this pasta got stale real quick
We believe in you Anon
post them and you are a saint
dont and your a faggot
God damn you nigga need to PRE FUCKING TYPE YOUR GREENTEXT
I'm trying, sorry

Hey i'll be honest at this point in time i getting random boners around her since the other incident it was my dick talking

>She reacts as you might expect with
>No hell no and so on
>Mess around like what's the harm etc
>meanwhile messing on my phone
>Send her dick pic whilst sat with her
>Her phone notification goes off
>She punches me and calls me an idiot
>Says that wasn't right since we're cousins blah blah
>Tell her it was a joke and try punch/half hug her
>Asks why i would ask her/do that
>Come out and tell her she is THICC for a paki girl and recently i noticed her body
>Tell Her that I don't really love her or anything it's simply lust/wanting to fuck her/ She's got a nice figure (her face was okay tbh she was pretty with makeup and okay without it)
>she asks if i get aroused/hard around her
>at this point i remember thinking this could be the make or break moment depending on my answer
>slowly getting a semi this whole time
>Come clean and admit that i have gotten a boner a few times but that it was cos how she dressed/What she did like bending over or wearing fairly revealing tops where i could see her nips poking through set me off
>she looks annoyed at this moment and called me an idiot
>Comes out and says that if she was to do stuff outside of marriage she wouldn't mind 'experimenting' with me

stick around anon!
>she was like ohh nice and started sucking me

File: 1493169644289.png (741KB, 671x603px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
741KB, 671x603px
>>Send her dick pic whilst sat with her
bout to be up all night
Step aunt not blood sucked me off a few dozen times, pumped loads in her too
probs had one on phone already
Really wish The Kristen Archives still updated.
Oh boy
File: 1474398946756.jpg (80KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ok so ill start it and u tell me if u want me to keep going

>be me two thanksgivings ago
>family comes over
>the only person near my age is my 20 year old blonde cousin
>lets call her kay
>kay is your basic dumb blonde hot barbie cheerleader
>we are all eating at the table
>done eating
>the grown ups start talking
>bored asf
>ask my mom if i can go to my room and play vidya
>she says ok but kay has to be there too because its thanksgiving and family bla bla
>sit down and start playing vidya while she sits behind me on her phone
>she starts asking me shit while im concentrating on my vidya
>start messing up
>get pissed
>go out to my mom and tell her kay keeps talking to me and i cant concentrate
>she tells me im being a jerk and that i should play something with her
>go back to my room and ask kay if she wants to play anything
>she says she doesn't play video games
>well shit
>she sees jenga sitting on my desk
>lets play jenga anon
>start setting it up
>she says we should bet something to make it interesting
>okay what do you want
>she says she doesn't know
>notice while she is pondering she is waving her feet around
>shes wearing some autistic sort of shoe ive never seen before except in gladiator movies
>this gives me an idea
>if you lose you gotta lick my feet
>she says okay but if i lose i have to lick hers
>my heart stops
>that was the moment i knew i was going to throw the game

holy fuck my sides
Hot, continue

nevermind, no thanks
Bump, give us a pic of her
Go for it

What the fuck?
Cont! plz!!!!!

continue please
continue, pics if possible
Sorry anon I didn't think I'd ever be re telling this story in this format. I kinda randomly stumbled on this thread whilst horny/fapping
if it's a lie i wouldn't have spent my night typing this with one hand majority of the time also
This anon gets it
are you upset or excited sorry?

>Take back by what she said to be honest
>Ask her what experimenting actually covers/means
>Said if she were to touch/see her first dick in person she wouldn't mind if it was me
>As long as no one found out like family or anyone close who could start pointing fingers
>Insta agree with her and swear i wouldn't
>she goes over the 'rules'
>Can't penetrate her pussy so no real fingering
>all the while she's turning red in her face from embarrassment
>Can't bite/do anything to her in an obvious place that someone could potentially see
>Weirdly pinky swear on it
>Moments later awkwardly just reach out for her boob and then ask if it's okay if i play with it
>answers yes and ask if she should remove some clothing
>Respond with a Yes like never before
>drop my pants at same time as she removes her shirt and jeans
>Sat on her bed with no pants and a hard on
>grab her hand and pull her in/onto the bed
>We make out for a while
>Move on to playing and sucking on her tits for a bit
>tell her i'm gonna go down and eat her out ask if she wants to 69
>tells me to wait/wants to get a hang/feel of my dick before we move on
>have her sit on the bed edge
>she's sat in front of me so dick is like eye level to her
>Pretty much had to teach her how to give a handjob/jack off me
>She was a tiny bit agressive at first had to tell her take it easy
>After some time nut.jpeg
>The majority of it actually shot her in the face so that was funny seeing her try and react
>Rest of it just oozed out on to her hand
File: 66.jpg (84KB, 386x707px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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FUcking continue already
>Sorry anon I didn't think I'd ever be re telling this story in this format. I kinda randomly stumbled on this thread whilst horny/fapping

You are forgiven, family is over, I have to edge for the next three hours.
File: 1494015469222s.jpg (2KB, 123x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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exited and now more exited, also if she says no puss puss then try the ham
Any more?
>so there we are playing jenga
>i can tell shes really trying to win
>im doing a pretty good job too but the first ones are always easy
>we get down to the deciding ones where it gets intense
>i throw it and jiggle it so the rest falls over
>she starts cheering
>act pissed
>she says a deals a deal you cant go back on it and starts undoing her shoes
>say fine but not for long
>she jumps on my bed and lays facedown and starts going on her phone
>calls me a wimp and to hurry up
>i test the waters with a first short lick
>she says cmon
>start licking a bit more
>still dont want to give away that im kind of enjoying this
>im so paranoid im constantly looking up at her to see if shes still on her phone
>i keep licking
>i pop a boner
>from where i am she cant see but if i have to stand up im toast
>start licking and very nervously rubbing my dick through my pants
>my dick takes over and i whip it out a bit but not all the way
>just enough so i can quickly conceal if shit goes bad
>start fapping and licking
>im going to town at this point
>in the heat of it i kiss her feet
>she says "oooo!" and laughs a bit
>i stop
>she says hey keep going
>i keep going
>i know this moment has to stop soon but i dont want it to
>i start fapping faster and licking her feet all over
>nearly about to cum
>she readjusts and i quickly hide my dick and my heart drops
>shes just getting a bit more comftorable and is still on her phone
>get a few last licks in then ask if im done yet
>she says sure ok i'll let you off the hook now
>good because i have to use the bathroom
>go to the bathroom and finish off
>come back and ask what she wants to do now
>she says she sees the family outside and asks me if i want to go out with them
>autistic me says yea sure
>go out and spend the rest of the time with my family until they leave

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>mfw i know what thats from
Devil trips.
do one thing right in your miserable shitshow of a life and continue
Sweet Guy, right?
cont i've got a semi

don't even ask again just keep on continuing.
Cont. We all waiting bro
nice trips kek
quit asking and finish, these are gold
My bad anon Id like to say there's not long left but if i carried on after this night that im telling we all might be her for a while
>try the ham?
plenty any
>She tries to clean it off her face
>Not realising it she uses her hand that was covered in cum
>Ends up smearing more/what was on her face around
>Have a good chuckle at her expense
>Ask her if she wants to try/taste it
>Tell her it might taste salty or sweet since i had been eating a fair few different fruits for a while at that time part of a diet
>She sucks/licks off one of her fingers
>Says the taste wasn't all that nice but the texture was different/unique
>wipe more of it off her cheek and on my fingers and ask her if she wants another taster cos she might get a random shot of it if she sucks me off
>agrees and just starts vacuum sucking my index and middle finger
>seperates my fingers and gets all it off between them
>DICK is diamonds...
>Pretty much lean in to her face/towards her with my crotch
>dick poking her face
>Ask her if she wants to actually try sucking dick tonight
>She said she'll give it a go and will stop if she doesn't really feel/enjoy it
>Outright tell her she wont really enjoy much its more a guys experience
>she agrees/okays
>i remember being horniest i'd ever been at this point in my life it was probably the pseudo-incest/Taboo that had me fired up
>Tell her to listen to me at all times
>If she wants to give up to just tap on my leg
>She sat there not knowing in around 5-10 minutes she was gonna get facefucked once i felt she was used to it
>start slapping her face with my dick
>line up the shaft from her chin against her face
>tell her to keep her eyes on my dick at all times
>she starts crossing her eyes for a few seconds and giggles she felt weird/rush from doing that
>joke shes getting drunk on dick
Sweet Guy
ham as in ass anon,
Admiral Kizaru heheheeh
>so they leave and i fap countless times
>then thanksgiving comes again which was last year
>see my cousin again
>hyped as fuck
>as soon as she gets through the door i invite her to my room to chill
>we are in my room just talking about life and school and other shit i could care less about
>she says she hasnt seen me in a long time
>yea whats it been like a whole year
>she laughs and says yea remember last thanksgiving when you lost a bet and had to lick my feet
>haha yeah that sucked
>she says did it really in a disappointing tone
>without thinking i damage control
>no no it was ok i guess
>she smirks
>holy fuck ive just been bamboozled
>im panicing
>she says im glad you enjoyed it because i thought it was a nice time
>she says yeah it was a nice little stress reliever it felt nice
>haha well good
>she says she could use a foot massage if i'm up for it
>yea sure no problem
>she jumps on my bed and takes her shoes off
>puts her feet in my lap
>pop a boner instantly
>quickly cover it with my hand as i pick up her feet and start massaging
>its pretty quiet and awkward
>suddenly she makes it not awkward by saying things like that feels nice
>tells me i should be a masseur
>i laughed and told her that if i was one she would get them free
>she doesnt laugh
>wait did i just fuck that up somehow what was wrong with what i said
>she says hey uhmmm do you like uhh my feet?
>say yea sure why
>she smirks and kind of blushes and pushes one of her feet down on my dick
>boner stealth completely gone
>she asks me if i need a massage as she rubs her foot on my boner
>uhm uh yeah sure why not
>she says ok ill give you one but you have to answer this question first and dont lie
>okay i wont
>do you like my feet like in a foot fetish type of way?
>yeah kinda
>her face lights up and she gets up and sits next to me
>she says oh my god thats so cool i have so many questions to ask, if thats okay with me

Anyone got screen caps of the guy who was seduced by his girlfriends little sister (sara)?
Lurker here. This is some good shit dude. I am throughly enjoying the story.

good shit, keep going
were all hard just go
my sides
Fuck that, more pics of her
I swear, if one more asswipe asks "cont??" Im lettin spiderman tear this thread down, i have a very impressive arsenal of spiderman memes.
I have two 4chan Prime Gold accounts, I can outspam you fag
plz man dont do it shit is starting to turn cash
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why anon
File: 1491119157796.jpg (8KB, 236x236px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 236x236px
I wanna jack off but my dick is fried
No more cont. Just finish the story.
Im keeping my word fucktard.
File: spiderman thread.jpg (35KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spiderman thread.jpg
35KB, 544x400px
dont ruin the thread just because theyre taking a bit of time to type, sperglord
oh right haha sorry never heard that one before! don't worry thought if the thread lives long enough or theres another i'll get to that story
no fighting anons pls

>laugh it off together
>tell her to get ready and open her with her tongue out
>Guide my dick into her mouth and put my one on the side of her head and the other behind pulling her hair back like a ponytail
>Once the tip was in a good amount told her to close her mouth to the shape
>The dopey cow in closing her mouth around my dick still left her tongue out hanging
>Instruct her to make sure not to graze/use her teeth
>slowly start to use her head with my hand from behind to show her the bobbing/sucking motion
>told her after a few more strokes to start using her tongue to lick around the shaft and tip
>after a while of her sucking i told her to get ready to swallow
>Though it wasn't as much she said she could taste it since it was distinct
>Now for the facefucking
>I had her lay on her bed telling her to get ready to 69
>before i even went down on her i told her i'm gonna thrust a little from on top of her
>start eating pussy and to be honest it wasn't the best of experiences it never has been when i had in the past but she was very wet/goey down there when i got in there with my tongue
>after a while of kind of enjoying the 69 i pulled away
>and told her i'm gonna fuck/thrust now so now would be the time to tap out like i told her if she doesn't enjoy it
>Spend the next few minutes thrust/fucking her mouth slowly building up the speed
>I ended up stopping myself cos at one point i got scared
>I must of hit her mouth at some angle which caused her to gag/reflex
>i ended up feeling some teeth and thought she was just gonna puke all over the place
>After a few moments of asking if she was okay she said she was done for the night
>We both cleaned up and i left shortly after
Ok faggots, here is a real story, not a made up fantasy.

>at family cabin with most of family
>Mom brother from out of town is visiting with his family
>two first cousins are ugly fucks and bitches
>see them once a year, so pretty much strangers
>out swimming with all the cousins
>everyone wrestling and stuff on the raft
>ugly cousins keep pinching the boys and shit, annoying
>ugly 14yr old grabs my cock by accident
>don't know how to react, so pissed cause I hate them
>she does it again, but this time linger
>try to ignore and keep playing
>she eventually starts wrestling with me in the water and grinds her ass on my cock
>average teenage boy, so cock gets hard regardless of girl
>she notices and grabs it, I can't stop her
>one thing leads to another and the next thing I notice is that I'm secretly fucking her in the water infront of everyone
>came inside her in about 15 seconds
>made excuse and left
>avoided her rest of weekend until she left

Weird shit, but honestly the hardest I've ever cum in my whole life. Still hate that bitch now
File: 1495823412668.gif (2MB, 378x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 378x285px
>she sits there thinking and then says you know what i can't come up with any questions
>she asks me if i want a massaaaaage or just a massage
>a massaaaage
>she says okay uhmmm does your door lock
>get up and lock the door
>lay down on the bed
>say im ready for my massage now
>she scoots over to me and messes with her hair and says okay i dont know what im doing so
>i say its okay its fine dont worry about it
>she starts rubbing my dick through my pants with her feet
>she says does that feel good
>yea that feels amazing
>she laughs and starts to slide her foot near and under the edge of my pants
>i dont know about all this teasing who knows how much time we have
>she says alright hold on and starts putting her back and tying it or something
>pulls down my pants
>grips my dick and looks at me as she puts my head in her mouth
>she laughs and says shhhhh
>sucks on the head for a bit before going down
>she is deepthroating and taking all of me like its not a problem
>making this gurgling noise
>holy fuck it felt amazing
>she lifts her head and starts stroking me and says think its wet enough
>say i dont know
>she says you're the foot expert you should know if its wet enough for a footjob yet
>i didn't say i was a foot expert i mean you like candy that doesnt make you willy fucking wonka
>she laughs and scoots back and wraps her feet around my cock
>shes having a hard time wrapping her feet around it and getting a grip
>i have to lean forward and help her
>after a while she finally gets a good rythm going
>shes holding her feet together against my dick and sliding them over my cock faster and faster
>holy fuck im gonna cum already
>she says yeah?
>i cum all over her feet
>holy fuck it was the best feeling in the world
>she says did that feel good
>yes that felt amazing
>she says did i do good be honest
>you did good you did really good

finishing the story
>>one thing leads to another and the next thing I notice is that I'm secretly fucking her in the water infront of everyone

Explain this or else this is a fucking fake story
Even if I wasn't a KHHV, how the fuck are you getting away with this without anybody hearing? If I had a female cousin in my room with the door locked I would be fucked.
She kept grinding her ass on my cock and she eventually pulled her bikini bottom down and I couldn't resist putting it inside her. I didn't care who it was, it was just a pussy to me
This concluded our first night of experimentation

After this whole thing we continued to play around with one another

There were another two/three times more we tried stuff with the second a few months later anal first after convincing/bring her to the idea that anal /= losing her virginity and her finally letting me fuck her pussy later on that year on my birthday

We're still quite close and do occasionally fuck once every so often when she feels like it

The riskiest time we fucked was at her house with her both our familys there and another two groups of cousins for a small ocasion

She invited/text me to come up stairs to 'use the bathroom' I ended up having to speedfuck on the stairs to their attic so we were hopefully a fair distance away from anyone and i was at least close enough to be 'leaving the bathroom'

I'd like to sit here and type it all out but not sure if i can or should stay up any longer as I'm supposed to ready for work in the next three to four hours
>she says do you have something cause like my feet are kinda and laughs
>yea theres a towel in my closet
>she gets up and gets the towel from my closet and starts wiping her feet down
>she says its good that i got some experience in this because a lot of guys are in to feet now ya know
>i say yeah, can i get that when you're done?
>she tosses me the towel and i clean up
>she puts her shoes back on and says well that was pretty cool and laughs
>yeah haha pretty cool
>she says she always thought her feet were pretty
>me too
>she laughs and says well so far you're the only guy
>we start talking about her relationship life and i know you guys dont wanna hear about that
>in the middle of talking about how her ex chad cheated on her my mom knocks on the door
>quickly jump up from my bed and unlock it and open it
>she says its time for us to fix our plates
>we eat and go back to my room
>we keep talking about our relationship life
>i tell her how scared i am to tell any girl about my foot fetish because its seen as creepy
>she says well a lot of girls are accepting of it i mean im one of them and laughs
>i laugh and say hey whenever you need a foot massage let me know
>she says yeah for sure
>we keep talking
>eventually its time for family to leave
>saying goodbyes
>she hugs me and says she had a great time
>yeah me too

fucking cant wait till next thanksgiving, new favorite holiday
Disgusting sand nigger.
>My uncle left my aunt 3 years ago to chase a 20 year old exotic dancer.
>My uncle is my dad's brother so aunty ain't related at all.
>She calls me one day to help her move shit into storage.
>I decide I am getting me a piece.
>She shows up wearing a tube top and Daisy Dukes.
>Is anon ready for action? she winks.
>Spend all day waiting for that top to fall down, no luck.
>We get done and she ivites me to her place for beer.
>As soon as the door closes we collapse on the couch.
>I stink anon, let's go take a shower.
>I follow and strip as she does.
>Go back and get beer.
>Her shower could seat a football team.
>Washing my hair and a warmth envelopes my cock.
>She sucks me dry in 2 minutes, and grins.
>My uncle is a fucking idiot.
>I don't wear clothes again for 4 days.
>no thicc paki girl fuck buddy
Man really makes me sad as fuck when shit like this happens to people like you, and I'm stuck fapping, and browsing >>>/r9k/
Nope. Sorry. Liar.
What the fuck man, cont??
fokin hot anon holy shit if this is real you're a motherFUCKING god.
FUCKKKKKKKK. If I were you anon I'd try to SUBTLY convince her if you can lick her puss next time. Just to return the favor next time ya know?
>I'm a smol anon- 5'4 (I know, fuck my genes) , but decided to get my shy ass to the gym so I have something to show for other than my "smarts"
>manages to build up a stiff chest
>8/10 3rd cousin's birthday, -2 points for having the most bland humor ever. Telling you most guys would date her for her body. (We talking double D's on a 5'4 body and an ass/legs that's built like a damn horse.)
>spots my cousin (We've had our curiosity about one another's bodies so we've crossed that incestuous bridge, so our conversations can easily turn lewd as our raging hormones urge us to fuck what's in front of us)
>We talk about the usual shit that's involved with small talk. (school, family, weather, etc.)
>Her mother comes up to her and tells her that she has to go get some more food so my pig of a family could stuff their fat faces.
>She tells her mother to get some pizza for us (Purposefully, so she can take longer.)
>Her mother accepts the requests and fucks off
>Cousin winks at me, followed by a smirk
>"It's been awhile since you last felt my marshmallows, they've grown so much~" (Our code word for breasts)
>"CUM ON THOSE SHITS, ANON" my brain yells at me
>Fired up anon grabs cousin's hand and orders her to tell the crowd of our mutual friends that we have to go prepare some balloons for the younger crowd.

Gotta get some water, this shit will be good.
Hot story. I'm putting a reminder for this year's update anon, may the foot gods bless you this thanksgiving.
>I've always been really close to my sister
>we hung out all the time
>I always thought she was perfect for me
>plus she was hot
>she would never cross the incest line though
>I forged papers that stated she was adopted
>told her I found these while looking through moms drawers for money
>told her not to tell mom and dad
>she was heartbroken
>consoled her over the next few weeks
>started to hit on her more active
>barrier of blood relationship removed things went well
>we kissed and suddenly became a couple, kept it secret of course
>I rented a shitty small appartement that I kept secret too
>we would often go there to have our privacy
>had our first time and many other times in there
>her birthday came along
>at dinner she suddenly bursts out to mom and dad that she knows she was adopted but still loves them the same
>it all came out
>dad almost killed me
>he went as far as to sue me
>got away with it quite lucky
>she however forgave me
>our mom accepts us being together
>dad left
>he still sometimes visits my sister though
>we are still together

I typed out the whole story once, but can't find the caps right now
Haha I'm sure you'll find her anon your fapping days wont be for long/Don't over overfap i'm sure thats bad for you
fuck anon you are evil
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