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What is they creepiest thing youve done to a family member? >be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What is they creepiest thing youve done to a family member?
>be me
>be 15
>female cousin is 16
>have a raging foot fetish and she has amazing feet
>we both start drinking one night when she stayed over
>after an hour she confesses she isnt allowed to drink because her parents so strict
>she tells me not to tell anyone
>I tell her "ok im going to get rid of all these bottles and when i come back I am going to lick your feet"
>she's confused but i already start throwing out the bottles
>when im done i tell her "if you dont want anyone to find out youre going to have to let me lick your soles"
>"come on now, get your feet out here so i can give them a proper slobber with my tongue"
>she's still drunk and confused so I just grab her ankles and feast on her soles and toes
>my penis starts turning into diamonds
>she's out of it and nearly passed out
>i think its now or never and unzip and whip out my raging boner
>treat myself to a foot job and cum all over her soles
>spread my semen on her soles like jam on bread
>tell her not to tell anyone or ill tell her parents she's been drinking
>"whatever" she mumbles
>I dont bother cleaning up my mess and leave her passed out
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>be me 12
>Me in Mexico for new years
>Me family getting fucked up
>Me with my little cousin (11?)
>Me playing uno with her bc that shit's live in middle school
>Me kiss my cousin
> Me/Her never speak of it again
checked what..
I don't know what checked means tbh
>be me
>be 16
>have super hot 20 year old cousin
>on crowded bus
>she's wearing yoga pants and dat ass is staring me down
>stand close to her
>boner in pitching a tent in my sweatpants
>squeeze closer to her as a gesture to give people more room
>shove my tent in her ass
>not sure if she feels it
>basically dry hump her as the bus moves
>nearly came
>she never mentioned it
it's not creepy imo but Ive showered with my nieces quite a few times
GTFO Newfag
lurk moar newfriend, you'll figure it out
what ages? were they hot?
6-10ish. they are pretty cute
Tell meh;-;
I'll suck it
i have a niece who is like 10 years younger than me
>be 26
>shes 15-16
>always tickle her feet as a "game"
>one time shes on her stomach with her feet up and i start tickling her telling her the tickle monster is back some bs like that
>she squirms and laughs
>tfw her feets are so near my face
>her feet start slapping my face as i brought htem nearer to smell
>"hey stop that haha" I say and stick my tongue out
>her arches gracefully give me free samples
>came in my pants so i stop and leave to bathroom to clean up
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I'll never understand you foot fags but keep on keeping on.
Describe the smell.
lotion mostly, she takes good care of her feet
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hqdefault (4).jpg
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I'm so insanely jealous of you anons, in too beta to to stuff to family's feet. Any pics?
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heres a candid of my cousin
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giphy (1).gif
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Well done you lucky mofo
>be me
>be 13
>14 year old cousin
>shes a solid 10/10
>be camping one time
>we strayed far away from camp
>"anon im tired"
>she passes out on a rock, legs spred in an arch
>wearing short shorts
>can see her pussy lips
>see if shes knocked out
>she is, i move her panties to the side and see her pussy
>just a bit of pubes
>start beating my meat
>she wakes up
>catches me
>cant stop
>splooge on her face
>tell her i was just fapping near her not to her
>paniced when i saw her
>she semi believes it, enough for me
>she gives me a dirty look
>bitch wanted it
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>do something creepy like jack off to your unconscious cousin
>she wakes up and is confused
>project unto her your creep
"she wanted it"

man, you fuckin delusional.
Holy shit I hate this place now.
Fuck this site in the summer.
>be me 12-13
>Have 10/10 step sister only a few months older
>She's well developed
>Be messing around one night typical kid stuff
>For some reason I just start groping the fuck out of her
>She's into it
>We start making out and getting handsy
>Get into her bed and spoon
>I pull off my pants then hers
>Go balls deep in that puss
>Cum all over her ass
>Fall asleep
>Wake up to her jacking me off in the middle of the night
>We go again
>Never speak of it again
Post her feet my dude
also have a raging foot fetish. im not sure if i belive this story or not, but it made me hard as fuck and i hope for your sake you got to lick and fuck your cousins feet. any pics of her? or her feet? thanks
yeah but not tryna get doxed
nobodys looking to dox. you. just trying to jerk off. use facebook photos and change the file names. dont use her profile pics, and youll be fine. lets jerk it to your cousins feet man.
>be me
>have a sister who currently isn't smart enough to be aware of what I do to her feet
>sometimes id be under a blanket and she'd be trying to get at me with her feet
>would put my boner where her feet was going
>whenever she'd practice handstands i'd hold up her ankles with her feet literally right in my fucking face
>sniff away
>she wanted to practice holding the handstand as long as she could
It's just pics of her feet crop out any of the background
>passed out in room one day
>exploit her feet
>lick her soles all over
>suck each toe
>fap while sniffing and licking
Because I'm not a douchebag I'll tell you. It's something that you say when someone gets like dubs or trips. Dubs, trips, quads etc being when digits repeat at the end of a post number. These are called gets. They look like say >>734147155, because the 5's on the end are repeating.
> be me 17
>sleeping with 18 ss
>we're on vacations so have to share bed
>she has a short with no underwear
>pull out my dick and start rubbing her ass with it
>thrust to hard and wake her up
>she grabs my dick and puts it in her pussy
>i cum inside her pussy
>she goes to bathroom, gets clean, sleeps again
>never mentioned it
Thanks you fat faggot fuck failure
You're welcome, and correct. And also, to whatever retarded newfaggot I responded too: lurk moar. I didn't start posting until I'd been here for about 2 years, after that initial spree my first few faggoty days here
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 7

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