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tell me /b/, how was your first time?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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tell me /b/, how was your first time?
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>fucked her for like 10 mins
>never came
>nervous as fuck the whole time
>she sucked my dick afterward and finished in her mouth
Could have gone worse
Keep this bumped, I'll be typing out my tale.

>be me, depressed as fuck
>anhero.zip has failed to extract
>end up in psych ward for adolescents under 19
>be there for a week or so, nothing exciting
>new girl shows up, 2 years younger than me, 8/10
>start talking to her, get to know her a bit
>shes awkward and quiet as fuck but we get along pretty good
>evenutally we both better up and leave the place
>the day i get out, find her on facebook, add her
>she accepts, we start talking
>asks me if im single, i say yes, she is too
>fuck yes
>she asks me if she can send a picture of her, i say sure assume its a selfie or some shit
>its nudes

stil waitin
psych girl fucking
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bumping for intrest
Never have nor will.
>im like holy shit, no way
>asks for dick pics, i deliver
>shes super into me
>im super into her
>we talk for a couple weeks, flirting and "in love"
>she wants to visit me
>(forgot to mention she lives few hours away from me)
>im like holy shit okay
>her mother for some reason pays for her to come to my town for a night
>we're excited, lusting after each other
>the day comes, i meet her at the bus stop
>happiest day of my life
>(keep in mind, this is my first gf because im a beta fuck)
>we already decided to stay at my friends place
>keep in mind shes extremely quiet
>we get to my friends place, shes not saying a fucking word to any of my friends
>friends bust out the weed
>everybody gets high as a motherfucker, except for her
>she wont even smoke weed even though she does every day at home
>whatever, doesnt bother me too much
>evenutally we end up leaving my friends place and going for a walk to some park
>we're kinda talking
>sitting on a playset thing
>i overcome my awkwardness and kiss her
>we make out for a bit
>she tells me to lay down
>i lay down
>she climbs on top of me and grinds the shit out of me
>im horny as fuck so im down to fuck literally anywhere
>shes like we're in public, not yet
>we keep doin our thing though
>evenutally shes like woah whats that?
>i jump up nervous its people or something
>its deer, a fuckton of deer
>i got cockblocked by fucking deer
>we decide to head back to the house

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i know that feel /b/ro
>blowjob for a few minutes
>got really hard
>stuck it in raw
>5 minutes
>didn't cum
>ate her out
>she jizzed all over me
>brushed my teeth
>she sucked some more
>ended up never busting
wat nervous about anon?
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Was in S.Korea (navy fag) and I picked up a prostitute. Honestly I was worried at first and asking if I was actually going to go through with it. Wound up being fucking amazing, she kept telling me to hurry up and not to make so much noise, super bossy and clearly knew what she was doing. She told me not to be nervous and proceeded to give me a bj. I lasted all of about 5 mins, I thought I loved her for a bit but then I realized I was being fucking retarded. Now I have a hooker fetish and I go see them every year. I either go to South East Asia, Japan, or S. Korea for vacation just to bang hookers and hang with the locals.

>pic not her but similar.
>we get back head to the basement since theres a side door
>everybody is upstairs
>i forgot to mention, this friends place is dirty as fuck.
>recycling bags, trash bags in the basement piled up, cig butts on the floor
>the choice of seating is an extemely old couch and two lawn chairs
>we take the couch
>we sit, talking, occasionally kissing or holding hands or some shit
>slowly, things start to escalate
>she slowly unbuttons my sweater
>fuck yes
>we're kissing and grinding hardcore
>suddenly the basement door opens
>make it look like we werent obviously just fucking around
>its my friend that has the place, his gf, and two other friends
>the two other friends come down first, see that we're kinda just there
>they nope the fuck out
>the gf comes down and nopes the fuck out too
>the friend that owns the place comes down and sighs and is like wtf
>"no greasy shit"
>we're like okay yeah
>he leaves
>we're back at it within 2 seconds of the door closing
>quieter though
>she's nervous somebody will come down again
>i start thinking with lower brain
>theres sheets draped around the area but they're tied up and not hanging because it used to be a "room"
>i see this and make it so you have to walk through a sheet to be able to see us
>it works, shes back on me
>dick outta the pants
>she starts blowing me, 5/10 bj
>we hear something outside, no worries, cant be seen anyways
>continue getting succ
>shes bored of it
>shes getting anxious so we slow down a bit and just sit
>evenutally start making out again
>basement door opens again, we're like oshit
>its my friend again
>slams door
>we laugh and continue

>broke up with current gf
>got new gf
>decided i wanted old gf back
>she was with my mate
>got her back anyway
>went to bed
>put on condom
>fucked her for about 30-40 minutes
>she was still with my mate
>broke up with her a year later

So lost it whilst she was with another guy, feel like a dick for it but I was young and indecisive
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Let the lies roll in...
yeah once you realize you can get sex for money ... it changes the whole equation.
keep it bumped while i type
He had a problem using his teeth
But most boys do at that age
See I've never been able to blow a loud do to a blow job, multiple girls and it's never fucking happened I'll get hard I'll feel like it and then nothing. Only time I cum is when I'm buried in their ass or cunt. With a condom it's even more impossible, my last ex and I fucked for like an hour straight without me cumming because she insisted we use a condom that day. Literally went so long I tore through the condom.
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better not be b8
>be 16 years old at the time
>only place to fuck without other people nearby is in a car
>proceed to have sex with girl for the first time
>cum inside her after maybe 3 pumps
>Know nothing about birth control or condoms so immediately think she's going to be pregnant
>Break down in front of her on how I don't want to be a father.
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Thread images: 7

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