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incest anon here. in this thread we talk about any incestuous

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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incest anon here.

in this thread we talk about any incestuous experiences we had.

>me. 19.
>sleep with younger sister sometimes.
>we talk as we fall asleep.
>one night we talk about secrets.
>she tells me one of her secrets.
>(she seen porn)
>when she is describing porn it makes me horny for some reason.
>says guy had a big dick.
>she asks me about guys dick size.
>"do all guys have big dicks like that?"
>i tell her no.
>but conversation had made me horny.
>so i offer to show her my "normal size" dick cause horny.
>she says "no thanks" and laughs.
>but later on changes her mind.
>says she wants to see after all.
>when she says she wants to see i get horny immediately.
>so i ask her: what she is gonna show me if i show her my dick?
>she saysi will show you my boobs.
>i get excited immediately. wanted to do it right there.
>but i tell her to wait till parents not home.
>(moment comes. parents not home.)
>i show her my normal size dick.
>she laughs because its hard.
>she asks if she can touch it.
>i tell her yes.
>she touches it but in non-sexual way.
>says she's done and i can pull pants.
>i pull pants up.
>i tell her her turn to show me her boobs.
>she shows me. but not excited or anything.
>i try to touch her boobs.
>she says no. backs off. like step back.
>i tell her "you touched my dick. i can touch your boobs".
>gets annoyed but says "fine".
>i touch her brand new boobs.
>have erection whole time.
>asks me: "are you done"?
>i say yes but was really horny and didnt want to stop.
>parents were supposed to comeback soon.
>so we stop and dont do anything else that day.

adentro antes de pasta. picture not her obviously.
fuck you you're not my real dad, I want to talk about pokemon

my sister used to watch pokemon. i was too old for it by then. sorry.
And how bout a picture?
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then get your own thread, this is a pokemon thread now
sometimes i wished the series featured sandshrew as ash's primary pokemon instead
this is a bad opinion
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>me. 19.
>(more than 15 years ago.)
>little sister sleeping with me in my room.
>hug her and get erections because she grew curves.
>body makes me horny. so start talking about sex with her again.
>she asks me about when i first had sex.
>i tell her i was 15,etc.
>she asks me "how do guys know when they're gonna cum?.
>i tell her about sensation of cumming.
>conversation makes me horny.
>i ask her if i can see her boobs again.
>she says No.
>i ask her "why not?"
>she says " no. cause we have to turn on the light".
>disappointed but istill horny.
>so i ask if i can just touch her boobs then.
>she stays quiet for a bit...
>then says "ok, fine".
>we are under the blankets
>i slide my hand up her shirt and under her bra. i start toucing her new boobs.
>after a bit she says: "are you done?
>i tell her i am. (but wasnt)
>she fixes her bra and shirt.
>i am dissapointed and wanted to keep touching her boobs.
>but then she says: "you touched mine so i can touch yours".
>i am surprised she says that cause i thought she was annoyed i asked to touch her boobs.
>but i immediately agree to it
>so i let her touch.
>she starts touching my dick but over my clothes
>she mentions my erection. (its hard lol)
>i am super horny now. figure what the hell.
>so i ask her: do you wanna touch it under my pants?
>she stays quiet for a bit.
>then tells me "alright".
>so i pull the elastics of my sweats down on front with one hand...
>and guide her hand with my other hand onto my dick
>her hand is on my dick skin to skin
>she starts grabbing it
>not sexually, just like grabbing an object
>touches up and down. touches my balls
>says "your balls are hairy". laughs.
>then she pulls her hand away and tells me "im done"
>i pull up my sweats but really really horny now.
>want to do more but she keeps talking.
>i didnt want to push anything with her...
>so my erection eventualy goes down.
>she eventually stopped talking and fell asleep.
>i fell asleep after really really horny.
You're never too old for pokemon
I'm 30s b/Rotherham and his wife in jail for method. I raise niece she is 12. Keeps crawling in bed with me cause she's scared. She climbs into bed with nothing on but shirt. She knows she is getting to me. I get up and go down stairs and walk the dinosaur
This is pasta now? Or same anon from earlier?
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oo (2).jpg
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>me. 19
>sister has touched my dick more times in bed.
>and i could ask her if i could touch her boobs while she touched dick...
>and she would let me.
>though sometimes she would say No...
>but on times she would let me touch her boobs, boob touching escalated
>sometimes she complained that my hand under her bra "made bra tight"
>so she would pull her bra down.. or take it off
>but not every time.
>this one one night we are in bed talking and she's letting me grab her boobs with both hands.
>i am on my side with arm over her chest.
>grabbing her boobs.
>her shirt is up and her bra is down to her ribs
>i am really horny and have erection against bed.
>i want to suck her boobs but dont know how to start doing it.
>so i ask her if i can kiss them.
>but she asks me "why?"
>i tell her "i dont know. i just want to."
>(thats all could think of right there on spot)
>then she thinks about it for a little bit
>then says:"ok." (like "yeah ok. fine".)

same anon/mismo anon.

>heart going really when i start kissing her boobs
>figure i already gone this far...
>so i stop kissing boobs and start sucking on one of them.
>i start sucking other one.
>not thinking at this point. i am just into sucking her boobs
>look up at her face accidentally while im doing it.
>see half of her face (cause room dark) looking down at me
>has horny/confused look but doesnt say anyting to me while i suck boobs.
>so i keep sucking her boobs more.
>i make little pause while sucking them.
>and when i stop she pushes my hands away from her chest
>says "eww, you left your drool all over me".
>she starts wiping saliva off with her shirt. like disgusted or something but not mad.
>like playing around tone of voice.
>im really horny obviously and i want to do more
>(i was ready/wanted to have sex)
>but i dont wanna push too much cause she would get annoyed and not want to mess around more.
>so i get stupid idea and tell her "im going to bathroom"
>(implying going to bathroom to masturbate)
>but she asks "are you gonna pee?"
>i tell her "no, im gonna do something else"
>but she gets annoyed (says "ugh") and turns body and face away from me.
>realize maybe pushing too much.
>so i get back in bed with her and dont try to do anything else.
>i just hug her and try to forget about horny thoughts.
>just try because it usually wouldnt work.
>eventually just fell asleep with her
>didnt try anything else. but i was super horny whole
Please go on
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>had done more stuff with sister while "sleeping" in my room.
>regularly sucking her boobs if she'd let me.
>one time she wants to see "what cum looks like in real life".
>i tell her i show her.
>we are in bed at night.
>tell her to do it with her hand so she can see cum in real life.
>she starts doing it.
>but we stop because parents door opened. (heard it)
>hear one of parents in bathroom.
>(didnt know who. just noise)
>when finally no noise she doesnt want to continue because sleepy.
>so didnt do anything anymore that time.
>but for days i wanted to do it after. but no chance.
>another day watching tv with sister in living room.
>parents are home in kitchen
>mother talking to father at kitchen table.
>i am not paying attention to parents because tv.
>then mother comes to where i was sitting and asks if i want something from store.
>(because mother and father going to store)
>i tell mother i dont want anything from store.
>mother asks sister if she wants to go with them. or stay.
>sister says she doesnt want to go. that she wants to watch tv.
>mother asks sister if she wants somethinig from store.
>sister asks for something, but i cant remember what it was.
>(this is more than 15 years ago)
>so parents leave to the store and leave us alone watching tv.
Why didn't you type this shit out man
seen this story already....
>we are sitting on different couches watching S Club 7.
>(i had crush on rachel. so i would watch show with sister)
>i get horny thoughts immediately because alone with sister..
>realize this is good moment to ask her about doing stuff.
>I call sister's name, and she turns her face to me.
>i ask her: "do you still wanna know what cum looks like ?"
>but she says "no".
>dissapointed. dont say anything. decide to leave it alone because didnt want her to get mad and not want to do anything later on.
>so i just keep watching tv
>but then maybe like 5 or 6 seconds later...
>she turns to me and asks me: "will it take long?".
>heart starts going fast again like times before.
>i tell her that "it probably wont".
>sister says ok fine.
>she asks me: "where are we gonna do it"?
>and since i had been thinking about it for days, i already knew what i wanted to do.
>i get up form couch and lock door with both locks.
>i tell sister to go with me to the bathroom.
>sister follows me.
>when i get to bath room i tell her to bathroom door open in case parents come back
>so we could hear them.
>already have erection by time i get to bathroom
>so when we are in bathroom i just pull my pants and underwear down and start masturbating over toilet.
ready for the "smells like chlorine" segment
>my dick doing all the thinking for me as i am masturbating.
>figure already this far. ask her to "help".
>she asks me "how"?
>i grab her hand
>tell her to "do it like she was doing it the other night."
>she grabs my dick and starts mastubaring me.
>not really good the way she was doing it.
>but cum really fast anyways.
>cum inside of toilet and outside
> look down on her hand and notice she has some cum on it.
>she brings her hand up to her face and starts looking at cum.
>she is sort of playing with it with her fingers
>she brings her hand up to her nose and smells the cum.
>she tells me the cum "kind of smells like chlorine".
>then she wipes it off with toilet paper.
>i grab some toilet paper from her and start wiping myself too.
>she says to me: "that was cool" . like it really was interesting or something.
>i tell her to wash her hands before she goes back outside
>then she went back to watching tv
> i was paranoid i was gonna leave cum on floor and parents would see it.
>so i stayed cleaning and wiping the floor over and over.
>then finally went back outside to living room and unlocked the door.
>kept watching tv with her until parents came back.
>after that we started doing more stuff like normal.

i will post a new picture for you.

i can fake the text, but not the family pictures.

i can stop but nobody is posting any stories.

am i the only one who has lived this?
File: 1473515444289.jpg (377KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A long time ago I used to sometimes sleep with my mom when I lived with her, so I took the opportunity to molest her by fingering her and grabbing her tits/ass, it was very exciting at the time... I did eventually tell her I had sexual feelings towards her but said it would be impossible for us to have sex... bummer, I hate it that people don't think how we only have one life and we should live it out, but alas, she doesn't like that.
Yes, I really want to hear the rest of the story. So please continue OP.
Even if fake cont please

op here. the thought of having sex with my mothe is disgusting, but its weird because i never felt same with sister, and some people said i should have felt that way.

sex is weird. the mind is weird.
Yea I've seen it too.
Omg continue you autist nigger I just want to sleep

Depends how hot your mom is, mine was a solid 8.5 at the time, latina, ex-regional beauty queen, nice plump tits and a firm ass, she did a lot of those jane fonda videos.
This. Right. Here.
File: oooooo.png (278KB, 322x784px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>me 20.
>handjobs regular thing at night when under covers..
>but sometimes she would not want to mess around
>because getting up early for school.
>or she would just tell me to hurry up and cum fast.
>but most times we would.
>when mess around with hand, i would ask her about oral
>(if she wanted to try)
>but she kept saying no and just did it with her hand.
>then suddenly she stopped sleeping in my room with me.
>i figured she was mad or something.
>stopped asking her about anything.
>few weeks later one night we're playing ps2 in my room and it gets late.
>our mother comes into my room
>talks about mundane family things.
>(she's standing at door frame while she's talking to us)
>she asks sister: "are you gonna sleep here or are you going to your room"?
>sister says she is staying there with me.
>i am confused
>thought she was mad.
>mother says "ok" to sister
>tells me to lower volume cause father in bed already.
>mother says good night and leaves,
>me and sis keep playing PS2 till late.
>finally gets tired. says she's going to bed
>[she was already on bed.]
>bed literally behind me. im sitting on the floor. tv in front.
>sexual thoughts obviously arise because she is there...
>not sure what to think. maybe just my dick thinking for me.
>dont wanna push my luck or anything
>keep playing PS2.
>then maybe like, 3 or 5mins later.......
>she asks me: "what time are you coming to sleep"?
>im my head i thought she was already asleep...
>im confused and slightly aroused
> dont know if what im thinking is what she wants... or just me thinking it.
>tell her "i can go to bed right now if you want me to".
>she tells me to "just come to bed.".
>again, i didnt know what to think...
>but get up and turn off the PS2 and the tv and get in bed with her.
>my room was mostly dark with tv off...
>but there was a light fixture right next to the window outside, so some light would come in
>and you could still see things.
>i get in bed with her under covers i spoon her
>with my hips away from her butt to avoid erections.
>not sure if imagining things or just thinking wrong
>so just laying there in bed with her quietly
>not trying anything or asking for anything.
>im starting to get sleepy.
>start to forget about sexual thoughts.
>suddenly she sort of moves around on bed
>tells me she likes sleeping on my bed cause its softer than hers.
>(which was very true, her bed was hard)
>i figure this is good time to ask..
>so i ask her if she was mad at me.
>she tells me she wasnt mad at me.
>i ask her if she minded the hand jobs.
>she tells me she didnt mind.
>i ask her if she was mad cause i was asking her for oral.
>she tells me she wasnt mad or anything.
>i figure maybe pushing so i stop.
>just stay quiet and keep hugging her with my hips away from her butt.
>then maybe like 5 seconds later...
>she says to me: "If I do it to you, will you do it to me?".
>(those were her exact words will take to my grave)
>obviously i get horny like right away even though i was trying not to have sexual thoughts before.
>i tell her yes. i'll do it to her if she wants me to.
>she says to me: " I wanna know what it feels like"
>my heart pumping hard./fast.
>i ask her if she wants me to do it now.
>but she doesnt say yes or no.
>she says to that i have to "close the door first"
>i get up and close the door really really slow so it doesnt make noise.
>lock door really slow too.
>then i get back in bed with her...
>before i even say anything she says: "you do it first".
>already have erection for obvious reasons.
>i tell her its fine i do it first
>tell her to take off her pants.
>she lifts up her butt and takes off her pants down to her ankles.
>i tell her: "take them off all the way off or I cant do it right."
>but she says no (because of parents) and leaves them on on one leg at ankle.
>i lay down on my stomach between her legs
>she spread legs for me.
>i start eating sister out with erection against the bed.
>vagina smells like armpit and urine.
>but dont care because really horny and keep doing it.
>whole time im licking her, the only thing she says is: "that feels good".
>moments later she says "stop" and i stop.
>i asked if she liked it
>and she just said "yeah. it feels good" and nothing else.
>she puts her pants back on (sweats)
>says to me: "ok now me".
>i lay down on the bed with a pillow behind my head
>trying not to make too much noise while i move on bed.
>i pull down my sweat pants and my erection sort of just sprung out of my pants.
>she asks me: "how do i do it?"
>tell her to lay down on my stomach. sideways.
>she grabs my dick..
>puts my dick in her mouth.
>i cant describe the feeling.
>but heart was beating really really fast.
>it wasnt a very good blowjob or anything.
>but still had to constantly keep telling her to stop or I was gonna cum too fast.
>I tried to make it last as long as possible...
>but the whole thiing probably lasts maybe couple of minutes
>about to cum.
>tell her im cumming.
>pull her face away from dick from shoulder.
>and i cum all over my stomach and own my own hand.
>we move around room quietly and clean up with dirty clothes.
>then tell her we should go separate to bathroom to wash up because parents.
>that would happen again many times.
>go to bed.
>wait for parents to be asleep.
>get blowjob and go down on her.
>or sometimes she would just give me blowjobs in bed and not ask me to lick her.
>only did oral for like 2 years.
>until one time she finally let me put it in.
Waiting between posts is why Screencap are better

sorry. i am not here all the time. sometimes i post in incest thread but there was none today so i made this one. not trying to be attention whore. i just post my own and only experiences.


mi madre es atractiva pero nunca la miraria asi. se que suena raro por la vida que tuve con mi hermana, pero es como es.
continue please, very good.
Cont please it's very good
File: 55555555.jpg (25KB, 226x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>me. 21
>(long time ago.)
>we do blowjobs/eating out at night when parents asleep or parents not home.
>but when id eat her out sometimes my jaw and tongue would get tired
>so i would rub my dick at the entrance of her vagina to rest tongue
>when rubbing dick on vagina (to rest tongue) i would try to put dick inside.
>but she would always say not to put it in.
>it went like that for while.
>then, one time parents not home
>im giving sister oral. shes on my bed in room.
>notice sister is more wet than usual
>i hadnt even started licking her (she was giving me oral) and she was really really wet.
>so eating sister out and tongue gets tired.
>rub dick on her vagina to rest tongue like always.
>touch boobs while i rub dick.
>i try to put dick inside, expect to be told not to...
>but she doesnt say anything and i notice right away because she always did.
>i ask her if it hurts as i try to put it inside.
>she says no.
>says "it only burns a little".
>i keep pushing in. and she still doesnt say anything.
>figure maybe this time she wants to have sex.
>so i tell her to get on bed.
>(i was on my knees on floor. she had legs over bed edge)
>(bed had no legs)
>get on bed with her.
>get between her legs.
>support myself with one arm.
>aim dick at vagina and keep trying to go in.
>doesnt tell me not to. figure this is time.
>keep trying. she hugs me.
>feel dick go inside her.
>(felt wetness of her vagina on dick lenght.)
>realize i am finally inside sister.
>feeling of cumming starts to overwhelm.
>she starts humping me back with hips. i tell her to slow down.
>she slows down/stops but i still feel like im going to cum anyway.
>realize i cant hold cum and pull dick out
>i cum on sheets
>sister asks me if i came/came inside?
>i tell her i came but didnt cum inside.
>she opens legs and looks at cum/blood stains on bed
>like laying down and looking down between her legs at stains.
>says she needs to go to bathroom
>sister leaves to bathroom
>i try to clean blood and cum from bed sheets with dirty towel but cant
>mother washes our clothes, etc.
>decide to pull sheets off bed and throw sheets away
>sister comesback while im changing sheets.
>asks me what i am doing.
>tell her sheets stained so i am throwing away.
>says "good idea".
>i ask sister if she wants to do anything else. (because i came and we stopped)
>sister says no. she wants to watch tv.
>sister lays on bed to watch tv on clean bed.
>get dressed and throw sheets away far from parents house.
>had worry that mother was going to notice sheets missing or something.
>but she never told me anything.
>after that just start to have sex if she slept with me or parents not home.
fakest thing I've read in while but i can still fap to that
anybody have any screencaps to post
File: iiiiiiiii.jpg (45KB, 347x656px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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almost same thing every time.

>be home.
>getting close time for bed.
>ask sister if she is going to sleep in her room.
>she would say: "yes" or "i dont know" or ask me if i wanted her to sleep with me.
>(but obviously in spanish)
>then i would say yes (to sleep in my room) or ask her to stay with me when i lived alone.
>but best times was when she would stay in room without me asking.
>like she would be playing ps2 or watching tv or a movie in my room and just stay there and not go to her room
>mother would come in and talk to us and then go to bed.
>or sometimes not at all and just go to bed.
>wait for mother to fall asleep.
>(because father almost always went to bed earlier)
>then look under door for light.
>get close to door on toes and listen for noise in parents room.
>then go back to room.
>sister asks: "are they asleep".
>tell her yes.
>we start getting naked.
>close door really really slow.
>lay on bed and get blowjob.
>or sometimes do 69.
>have sex on floor because springs make noise.
>used to get erections at work/school/driving when i thought about stuff we did on previous night.
>or when i was going to get home and she was gonna stay with me.
>true story.
>fakest thing I've read in

lol. estupido. si supieras.
how the FUCK would parents be ok with a 20 year old sleeping in the same room/bed as sister?
When I was 14 I let my 6 yo sister catch me wanking and she asked about what I was doing. For a while she just watched me wank and cum. Then she would kneel in front of my cock and let me cum on her face and into her open mouth. Wasn't long till I convinced her suck my cock to make me cum in her mouth. She grew to love feeling my cock cum in her mouth and began initiating it and wanting to suck my cock even when I wasn't going to wank.
Is it natural to be attracted to a half sibling in anyway?
>how the FUCK would parents be ok with a 20 year old sleeping in the same room/bed as sister?
File: DSC01.jpg (54KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 480x640px

no todas las culturas son iguales/not all cultures are the same.

for example here i know people who still live with their parents, and they are like 30s and 40s. its not weird here.

i think it depends on how long you have known her for. if you dont grow together, its more likely you may like your sister.
you missed the whole point of what i said. i get the living with parents thing. i meant sleeping in same bed as hot sister. I know spic parents are 2woke when it comes to that sort of shit and im sure they fucked around in younger days so why allow that to even happen.
He's not from mexico, anon. He's definitely from somewhere in south america. My guess would be colombia or venezuela, but the point is that his culture differs greatly from mexican culture. It probably wasn't a big deal.
File: 1487044677001.jpg (73KB, 519x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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idk how you're not supposed to be attracted to blood siblings. you grew up with them, if you weren't edgy they were prob your first and best friend. you were with each other in cringe years and grew up into the person you are now and still have stupid inside jokes.
but then are told to fuck off and find someone else to be with.
alright who cares. post more green texts. got me blue ballling here

we slept together before for a long time but she wasnt always hot. they never said anything about not sleeping together when she got hot. it was normal to us.

thank you for "hot" part too by the way. i appreciate it.
I guess it is normal/natural in my case, there are good memories of us growing up together, but in the end we are somewhat estranged and have many differences, one part of me wants the best for her and to live a happy life, the other wants to ask if I can prone bone her ass.
Guess it's all a matter of self control.
How old was your sister when this was going on?
>prone bone her ass
made me kek
i used to always feel my sister up. im pretty sure she knew but just didnt want to tell my mom cuz my mom told us her cousins would touch her. she didnt want to further shame the family i guess.
spics are strange.
File: ggggggg.jpg (52KB, 252x618px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 252x618px
>asked sister for sex at night but parents taking too long to fall asleep.
>we're in bed and parents still up.
>they are in their room
>[i can see light coming from under parents door. noise]
>sister says we can do it another time because she's sleepy.
>i am horny so i ask her to wait awake more.
>try talking to her so she stays awake
>but she says another time because sleepy/school.
>getting desperate so tell her we can do it just do it like that...
>under the covers with pants down and with door almost closed.
>sister says No because what if parents come out from room.
>i tell her if parents come out we can just pull pants up and stop.
>sister stills says no but i insist.
>sister finally says "fine" because she is sleepy..
>so i get up from bed and close door as much as possible but dont close it completely.
>see there is still light under parents door but no noise.
>go back to bed with sister.
>lay down on bed behind sister and tell her to pull down her pants.
>sister pulls down pants and i pull mine down. already have erection.
>dont have big dick so cant really go inside her from back because position of her butt.
>i ask sister to push her butt out so i can go inside her
>sister pushes butt out.
>finally find vagina entrance with dick.
>i am inside sister. start sex.
>trying not to make noise so just moving our parts together like grinding
>immediately feel like i am going to cum when she moves butt like girating
>tell her to hold on to make it last longer but she doesnt.
>realize i am going to cum and pull dick out
>i squeeze dick in hand and cum in my hand
>she asks me if i am done. i tell her i am
>she says "that was fast"
>i get up from bed and wipe hand with dirty clothes in dark room
>then tell her im going to go wash in bathroom
>ask her if she is going to go wash.
>she says she washes when i come back
>wash in bathroom and go back to room
>sister looks asleep
>move sister and ask her if she is going to wash
>sister gets annoyed and tells me shes sleepy
>leave sister alone and get in bed with her
>fall asleep worried she might have cum on her or something.

¿how would you touch her? and ¿did your sister never tell you anything about you touching her?
i would rub her nice ass when she slept in her booty shorts that she made even shorter by like tucking them in and rolling them up higher. would rub her tits.
flew too close to the sun one time when we moved into new house and had our own rooms. walked in b4 school and did my thing and she woke up, and was like 'are you touching my ass' told her nope that i was grabbing a pen and walked out her room. she later called me and asked some dumb question about mom and food for tonight. i wanted to believe she was half asleep/forget. but a part of me wonders if she knew.
just blew a load to this pic btw

she probably knew. my sister never asked me directily if i wanted to have sex and would just wear clothes she knew i liked. women are weird like that. they dont tell you exactly what they want and just do things that you notice so you make your own moves.
that's like blowing a load to tetris
>implying tetris isnt hot
another sign i missed was that our bathroom had one of those generic skeleton key holes that had always been blocked out with like paper/lint shit. in the early days of jerking off to my sister i would rig the house for perfect hiding spots to spy on her. this was way before smart phones. so the only way i got my nut was spying/imagination. i found the keyhole was stuffed so cleared it out. it gave me a perfect view of the shower, but just the 'entrance' part i guess, when u open curtain and walk in.
Whenever normal ppl shower they close curtain all the way right. not my sister, she would stand in the perfect spot that matches the keyhole and wouldnt close the curtain all the way. every day 6am it was a ritual to get a morning jerk off session while she took a shower.
again, i suspect she knew i was watching.
I'm 19 and I sleep with my sister (9)
I am 49 and sleep with my daughter 8
i'm x and my x is x

girls are weird. they would never tell you what they want. i am op by the way. so i know how they act.
File: IMG_0774.jpg (16KB, 235x235px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 235x235px
I'm 12, what is this?

19/13 - 28/21.
Why are they your ex, what went wrong?
File: 1460827039256.jpg (86KB, 498x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 498x352px
proof needed
>>i touch her brand new boobs.

lol wut? Where'd the old ones go?

no old ones.
File: IMG_0671.jpg (35KB, 477x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 477x351px
Ahahahahahahahaha this thread little sad kids
Well i have a story with my aunt. I don't have enough time to greentext. So i'll just break it down and if enough people are interested maybe open a thread later.
Well my Aunt just got divorced and was basically homeless. So my mom decided that she could live with us. Aunt and me shared a room in my basemesent (she slept on a matress, me on the bed). At that time she was 28/29 and i was 15. So after some time she started asking me about my relationship with girls.
It was mostly normal talk. Nothing too sexual. Sometimes she would say things like: If i was a girl in your age, i would totally be on your.." and then stop and laugh or once she said that my body should be growing at the right places in my age. Also i noticed that her clothes got shorter and shorter but i dont think that it was to arouse me, just that she had gotten comfortable with me. Like at our first time she was wearing full pajamas but later on she would be just in a tanktop and shorts. I think she saw me looking at her cleavage a few times. Well now i am getting to the real deal

hot sister anon. if true you are one lucky motherfucker.

were you her first? I could only imagine what it must be like to fuck a brand new hottie.

parents ever suspect anything? you guys still get along?

i was her first but she wasnt mine.

parents have never said anything. and yes we still get along but we dont see each other a lot because we are older now.

estupido. usa la cabeza. probablemente solo hay 100 personas en todo 4chan.
Lol flouride.
I dont speak Taco Bell Parkinglot. This is why we're building a wall to keep you sickos out.

I cant jack my big ole dick off to pasta.

i have a serious question. no fighting.

are you guys really that uneducated to think that there are not more than 5 countries in the world?

its like a recurring theme here. for all you guys seem to hate mexico and mexicans, you guys love talking about them a lot.
One night she bluntly asked me if i found her attractive and i said that i found her totally hot. She really was, she is one of the more curvy type like huge breasts (must've been at least DD) and a nice ass. Then she started kinda whining about her mariage and things that went wrong (she did that often) and thanked me for saying that she is hot because she has some self esteem issues now. Also she was drunk that night. So one came to another that night and i lost my virginity. Next day she apologized but i said that i liked her and convinced her to continue this. After that we started fucking on a daily basis for 2 years straight. Even though we stopped i love that smile she give me everytime i see her.
Most of us dont even hate Mexicans or any sort of Latino. Its for humor.

And as far as the 5 countries, I wish I could say an absolute no, but it honestly depends on who you ask. A machines is only as strong as its weakest piece and we have some pretty weak pieces. Stupid ass people who just get taken care of because its not legal or ethical to euthanize them.

Imitating them is funny though. Or maybe its just a case of laughing because there are no more tears left. Imagine if everyone around you only had one of two views. "We have to shut down everything coming in and out because some of the people coming in are bad people. Everyone with brown skin is a lazy government mooching nigger faggot." and the other "We should just open all of our people with open arms and give them flowers without any sort of vetting or background checks because calling a terrorist a "terrorist" might offend the terrorist. Also you dont need guns to protect anyone because if we make guns illegal then criminals cant get them." Thats basically what its like growing up here.
File: IMG_1197.jpg (96KB, 960x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 960x640px
Fuck. You better have some type of picture of her.
File: 1461103015087.png (7KB, 670x543px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 670x543px
And I know youve been here before. We've had a somewhat similar conversation before up to the point of just now leveling with eachother. Its all for goofs. The only people I truly hate are those who chose to remain ignorant purposefully because feelings.
File: 1461102451892.png (216KB, 501x502px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216KB, 501x502px
File: 1463974959543.jpg (56KB, 880x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 880x540px
File: 1436755580105.png (32KB, 250x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 250x249px
Magikarp is for Niggers
File: 1461102491533.png (34KB, 151x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 151x200px
Poor people.
Happens all the time.
File: 1461102705710.png (8KB, 603x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 603x556px
Magikarp is for winners
File: 1461102768491.png (136KB, 547x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 547x508px
File: 1461102829938.png (4KB, 169x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 169x244px
She's a Ronaldinho fan.
I'd fuck her too.
File: 1461103138967.png (5KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 300x300px
>>i touch her brand new pokemon
File: oo (2).png (219KB, 364x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oo (2).png
219KB, 364x357px

that sounds terrible. we have problems but not like that. also i noticed you have a very specific morality and for us its more like "what happened?" so we can figure it out. unless its religion then people just say it was god or something.

>We've had a somewhat similar conversation before up to the point of just now leveling with eachother.

sorry. its hard to tell who is who here if that. i just talk to people like i would talk anyone i dont know: with respect. until they act stupid or disrespectful.

thank you for the explanations anon. i appreciate them.
File: 1460890972676.gif (300KB, 344x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1460830757834.gif (983KB, 500x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
983KB, 500x377px
File: 1461103200988.png (24KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 350x350px
File: 1461103262252.png (6KB, 276x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 276x256px
Dont let it get under your skin. 9 times out of 10 theyre doing it to get a rise out of you anyways. Cheers.
File: 1461104067595.png (3KB, 338x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 338x338px

what do you mean "brand new boobs"

wtf does that mean? breasts implants?
>Be me, perverted 14 year old boy
>Have hot 10/10 cousin who's basically my sister (she's a model now)
>She clears her throat and spits into the sink one night, doesn't wash it down
>Go back later that night, wipe up all her saliva with my hand, use it to jerk off

feels good man
File: 1461104497314.png (3KB, 343x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 343x180px

they were new.

"estaban nuevas".

i will try to find a picture to explain it.
File: 1461104684909.png (86KB, 713x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 713x612px
File: 1461104623041.png (187KB, 710x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187KB, 710x538px
File: 1461104807215.png (8KB, 420x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 420x400px
File: 1461105213945.jpg (32KB, 364x271px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 364x271px
File: IMG_0796.jpg (88KB, 720x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 720x528px
She has "new" boobs.
The fuck is wrong with you people.
File: 1461105393181.png (134KB, 500x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 500x418px
Real story, me and my cousin used to have "sex" games when we were like 5 years old. Sounds pretty gross now but we all know it happened so when family reunions come around its awkward as fuck lmao
Typical South American Mexican
You're never too old for Pokémon.
File: 1461106588521.png (4KB, 462x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 462x385px
File: 1461105478825.jpg (42KB, 373x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 373x412px

i would watch it sometimes but i didnt see what people liked about it. the Nintendo64 game where you took pictures was fun though. a friend of mines brother had it.
File: boobs.jpg (51KB, 682x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 682x1024px

"new boobs". closest i could find.
I came.
>be me 17
>sister 14
> get caught banging her like a storm door In a hurricane
> That's how I became the fresh prince of Bel-air.

yeah I got it fag. this>724780584 fag explained it.

so you would just suck her tits in the beginning?
>Be me
>Be a cuckold
>Sleep over hot cousin's house (she lives there with her boyfriend)
>Sleep on the couch outside their bedroom
>Hear bed start to creak
>Hear cousin (who's a fuckin 10, honestly) quietly moaning
>Hear quiet sound of flesh slapping against flesh
>Jerk off to the thought of her getting fucked
>Finish before her boyfriend does
>Fall asleep feeling disgusted with myself, still hearing her quiet moans
>so you would just suck her tits in the beginning?

she would let me suck her boosb while she did it with her hand, or sometimes she would say just to touch boobs because she didnt want to take off her bra/shirt and then put them on again. it depended on what she wanted to do and if we had school or work next day.
Pokémon Snap. I never actually played any of the N64 Pokémon games.
File: 1421417229928.jpg (56KB, 500x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 500x499px
copy pasta it is shithead

lol. ok.
>be me fresh prince of Belfair
>banging auntie like a storm door in the Sante Ana winds
> and that's how I became my cousins daddy.
always had a thing for my sister, ended up fucking her in group party her bf set up
nice story
greetings from Russia

saludos hermano ruso.
whats wrong is people dont use the term "new boobs" you moron.
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