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High school sexual experiences story/greentext thread.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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High school sexual experiences story/greentext thread.
>am me
>in hiskool
>gril sex with
>very naice
tuna sub backwards!!!!!
i came buckets
>15 and friendzoned with qt3.14
>she's short, thin redhead, with nice tits and a good ass
>we were always close but nothing more
>in hindsight I was just a pussy beta and had no confidence
>in band, had an after school rehearsal
>her mom is picking us up and was running an hour late, chilling in band room til then
>she's been on the phone with a friend for awhile and leaning against a wall wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants
>keeps flipping her sweatshirt up and down showing her stomach
>person on phone is talking nonstop about some shit
>say to her "you really have a nice stomach"
>she grins and lifts her sweatshirt up and just holds it there
>i say "got any abs?" as an excuse to feel her stomach
>put my hand on her stomach and "inconspicuously" nudge her sweatpants down as i move my hand to flash some underwear
>heart beating fast, she's still on phone and i'm getting horny and nervous as fuck

>say something retarded like "that's a cool color" and lower her sweatpants enough to see her underwear
>still a bit awkward since she's on the phone, but whatever
>she says "what are you doing"?]
>"just curious about what it looks like"
>if this goes bad, potentially ruin friendship
>offers no resistance tho
>i start sliding her underwear down slowly
>her dark red colored pubic hair comes into view
>hard as a fucking rock now
>slide them down so that i can see her pussy
>she has a full, natural bush
>run my hand through it
>put my finger in and rub a bit
>after 10 seconds she says "okay that's good" and pulls her sweatpants back up

We had one encounter later where I was able to see her tits during a dare with friends. Still have no idea why she let me do that. She was young and inexperienced like I was. Freshman year adventures I guess.
>chick asks for smoke
>say blowie for smoke
>about 8 others watching
>she unzips and gives it one suck
>she puts it away
>I give her smoke

Still to this day I call it a BJ, but prob not classified as one. Don't care though, better than nothing
>start highschool
>be virgin
>end highschool
>be virgin

Good times, good times.
how much herpes did you have ever since then?
Lost virginity in a movie theater my sophomore year. Then didn't really have sex again til college
lol newfag
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pic related
>lol newfag
Na, he greentexted his highschool experiences
>>lol newfag
Years of sexual frustration. Suicidal ideation. Things got better later.
>>>/lol newfag/
>>>721589379 (You)
>>>lol newfag
I had some kid cry on my dick at camp a long time ago but that's about it fam
>>>721589379 (You)
>>>>/lol newfag/
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>>721589304 (You)
>>721589379 (You)
>>721589513 (You)
>>721589554 (You)
>>721589564 (You)
>>721589639 (You)
>lol newfag samefag
I had exactly three potentially interested sexual encounters during highschool: getting sucked off by a 13 year old at junior prom, fucking my lesbian friend in the most rapey way possible without it technically being rape, and masturbating with my older sister. Any interest?
Yes, all three, go man go
>be me
That's it
>>>721589304 (You)
>>>721589379 (You) (You)
>>>721589513 (You)
>>>721589554 (You)
>>>721589564 (You)
>>>721589639 (You) (You)
>>lol newfag samefag
Junior prom sounds interesting
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Bumpin dat lesbian story
>invite gf over for valentines day
>short, blonde, has glasses, and owns a plump body
>she comes over and we go to my basement
>we sit and watch south park
>start making out about 30 mins later
>mom comes downstairs and we stop right in time
>i get on my phone and act like nothings happening
>mom leaves
>she takes my phone
>looks me dead in the eyes and drops it down her shirt
>"if you want it come and get it"
>i panic
>lift the bottom of her shirt out
>phone slides out and i grab it
>tell her nice try
>sit on my phone for the next 10 mins
>she says her mom is here and she leaves

Fuck me why god
beta fucking faggot kys
The only sex encounter in high school is with tis chick i brought home and we were gonna bang but I couldn't get hard

yes I would like to know.
>>721589879 (You) #
>>>721589304 (You) #
>>>721589379 (You) (You) #
>>>721589513 (You) #
>>>721589554 (You) #
>>>721589564 (You) #
>>>721589639 (You) (You) #
>be me
>be 18
>on day of graduation See this hot qt3.14
>ask if she has plans for later
>she says yes
>ends there I didn't have sex in high school or ever
>>>721590062 (You)
>>>721589879 (You) #
>>>>721589304 (You) #
>>>>721589379 (You) (You) #
>>>>721589513 (You) #
>>>>721589554 (You) #
>>>>721589564 (You) #
>>>>721589639 (You) (You) #
This makes me feel worse than any other kind of story. The shitty awkwardness of it all, jesus
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gotta vote on one. Don't want to write them all right now, so looks like you guys could be the tie breakers.
You tard
lesbo rape or sister
>be me
>Autismo as fuck thru school
>Transfer schools during freshman year
>Decide to be the new guy
>2 weeks in things are looking like before
>New girl shows up
>We bump into one another during gym
>Her ass is planted on my now rising cock
>She gasps and whispers she needs to >talk to me after class
>I turn red and say yes
The best part is i played it up for a month before valentines day, that i had got here the bedt present ever. I forgot until the morning of and i got her a pack of sour skiddles
Dammit, OK. The lesbian, then.
sure fam
Fapping with your sis
how did you reply to me when I haven't even posted anything?
The dubs speaketh
>be me 17
>been banging thin15yo have jap slut casually
>calls me tells me shes having a sleepver with 2 other girls asks me to come over
>get ther and hang out at 12am
>these bitches boring so i left
>girl calls and asks why i left
>says her and thin 15 yo blonde want 3some
>they do no les stuff sadly
>blnes has the sexiest little pussy with a little dark blonde patch on top
>4 perky and firm a cups
>bang back and forth
>blond cums and leaves for a shower? wtf?
>finish up with jap girl
>says not to tell them she ate my load
>3rd girl comes in and stars makig out with me and jap girl
>the are bothjacking me off when thin blonde walks in
>she says her bf's coming over
>this guy was 25 and giant
>nope the fuck out
>bitch ruined round 2
>be 16 with first girlfriend
>hard to find private places to do things but we manage
>on a date in town
>no car, just on foot
>getting kinda frisky
>we are just at oral at this point
>she actually enjoys blowing me and she's pretty good at it
>plus she swallows and smiles at me after
>go off to "the spot" in the woods behind a grocery store where teens go to get high or laid
>sit down behind a fallen tree and pull it out and she sits between my legs and goes at it
>several minutes go by, it's dark out, and we hear footsteps
>hobo walks by us with his things going to set up camp
>gf puts her head down and tries to hide in my crotch?
>kinda try to pull my pants up but don't get up
>hobo notices us, face like he's looking at a monster
>"what the FUCK is that?"
>notices what he's interrupting, mutters an apology, and shuffles away more embarrassed than we are
>we laugh it off and we finish up and get some food after
Arright, looks like votes have it for the lesbian story that contains no lesbian sex. It'll be along momentarily.
>Be 15
>Horny af
>Literally bangs all the ugly girls in school.
>Friends make fun of me for doing this
>New girl moves to town
>kind of dumpy face but rockin body
>Tell my friends I'm going to get with her
>See her eating lunch alone out on the dining fresco
>Sit down and talk to her
>Introduce myself and she says hi to me
>Sounds slow, and has thick accent
>Says she's from alabama
>Ok cool Countryfriedchick.jpg
>Ask if she wants to come over to my house after school
>Says yes, Told her to meet me at the bottom of the hill after school
>Walk down and see her
>Walk to my house
>Go in to bedroom immediately
>She sits down on futon, and I ask her if she wants to watch a movie.
>She says yes.
>Put on Maid in Manhattan (Don't have any good romantic movies)
>Sit next to her
>she says she's never seen this movie before
>Start laughing at joke and my hand falls in her lap
>Start rubbing her thigh
>She spreads her legs a little bit
>I start moving closer eventually start rubbing her pussy through her jeans
>She's moaning loudly
>I lean in a start making out with her
>Move my hand down her pants and start rubbing her
>Pants come off and we bang
>After we get done, she said her parents are probably worried about her
>She goes home
>Next day I'm walking with buddies telling them about the evening before
>See her with tard wrangler
>Think she's volunteering
>See tard wrangler showing her something in her book
>Hide my face
>She sees me and comes up and gives me a big kiss on the lips
>Come to find out she's a highly functioning autist

I literally fucked a retard and couldn't live it down all of high school.

Pic Related, It's her.
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sick trips nigga
>lesbian story that contains no lesbian sex
wouldn't it make more sense to call it a rape story then?
>be me
>first day of freshman english class
>hot blonde wearing short skirt comes walking in class and sits down at desk in the back.
>I sit next to her and start chatting her up
>she seems uninterested
>decide to lay on the charm
>give her my best pickup lines
>don't know what else to do to get this girls attention
>pull out my cock
>grab her hand and place it on my rock hard dick
>bell rings
>everyone is staring at us
>put my junk away
>girl is sobbing
>try to calm her down
>two minutes later the principal shows up
>takes me to his office and lectures me
>I'm not allowed to teach in Michigan anymore
>be me
>14 and freshman
>did a school musical, somehow invited to party
>just trying not to be a total retard
>get a bit drunk
>somehow did some stupid Winnie the Pooh impression
>get embarrassed but everyone thinks its hilarious
>junior girl says she will kiss me if i do it again
>do it again, get kiss
>time passes
>party dying down, some people going to sleep
>girl from before hanging around me
>still an awkward freshman
>she apparently takes pity on me, leads me to another room away from the other kids
>start talking, she gets a little personal
>go with it
>eventually she leans on me, i put an arm around her
>get closer, start making out
>instant boner
>she rubs it through pants for a bit, then takes it out
>get blowjob, cum like a dump truck
>both fall asleep eventually
>she moves to new school next year
>dick still has fond memories

wuh dat pussy tight doe?
>7th grade
>friends with a semislut slampig
>agree we should fool around after school
>nazi stepfather wont allow friends over after school
>her parents are pretty much the same
>find random large bush to go into
>i try my best to figure out the complexities of the vagina with my hand, awkward
>get an old fashioned for about 10 minutes
>"wheres the cum at?"
>"uhh i dunno i guess i'm shooting blanks" (still rather clueless to everything)
>we make out for a bit, part ways, never do anything again

>same year
>smoking weed at girls house with her friend
>lay back on friends bed and continuously laugh at her air conditioner
>her hand suddenly in my pocket fishing for my dick
>dick found
>get handjob through my pocket in front of her friend
>weird sitution but whatever

>same year
>same girl from above story
>go into school bathroom to pee
>she follows to "shake me off"
>get blown in front of urinal until another student walks in

>9th grade
>same girl again from previous 2 encounters
>have sex in bathroom stall while her friend keeps lookout
>finish the deed and go back to lunch to eat burritos

there were a fuckton of more encounters but i really don't feel like typing out all of them
Her dad probably smashed her all the time so maybe no
Grade A shit rite here
You fucks can't make a decent thread to save your lives

>HS, junior year, somewhat popular
>Really good friend and I are chilling, both do swim/track/wrestling, athletic guys
>Both in between girlfriends
>Chilling at his place
>Playing some sort of competitive vidya, can't remember what
>Jokingly make the "loser blows the winner bet
>In retrospect he probably lost on purpose, I annihilate him that round
>I pull out my dick and flop it at him, pretending to go along with the joke
>He wordlessly leans over and takes the head in his mouth
>I'm diamonds in an instant
>I'd gotten handjobs from girls but this is my first BJ
>Don't last very long
>Ask if I can do him
>Spend the next hour alternating sucking each other off
>Have casual vidya/blowjob hangout the rest of highschool, even after we start dating new girls
>Shit was cash
>He now goes to college 2 states over, I only see him on holidays when we go back home
>Ended 2016 cumming in his mouth at a NY party

It's alright, we say 'no homo' before and after so it's chill
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laugh pepe.jpg
8KB, 250x247px

underrated post
Fuck off nypa
What/who the fuck goes to a school with a dining fresco?
File: 1420601177657.gif (1MB, 300x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 300x188px
And now you're posting on /b/
Pretty sure you are gay
There's literally no way to know that yet, considering that it's only been posted for a minute. Lurk more.
Lost my virginity in a park my sophomore year of college.
>'no homo

i got bad news bruh...
>Being this new
>on band trip
>pool night
>girl I have a huge crush on and friends are in pool
>my friends and I are rough housing
>one of the girls, dating one of my friends, suggest we chicken fight
>they purposely pair me up with my crush
>HUG BONER thinking about her pussy that close to my face
>thankfully in pool nobody can see
>win a couple of chicken fights
>"finals" and we lose, she gets knocked into the water
>flailing around to get to surface she wraps her hand around my cock for a brief second
>almost cum right then
>she starts apologizing profusely
>I'm red as hell
>call it a night...

>next day all her friends keep looking at me and then giggling
>buddy who is dating one of the girls asks me how big my dick really is
>I playfully laugh it off and say 10"
>he tells me my crush had been going on all night about grabbing it, how it was "huge"
aside: it's average, she was just a virgin who'd never touched/seen a dick
>receive a text from a random number
>it's my crush
>we chat the rest of the trip
>she sits next to me on the bus ride home
>get under blanket together
>she grabs onto my cock an hour into the ride
>held it for over 30 minutes
>abruptly let go and sit quiet the rest of the trip

we ended up dating for 2 years, took her virginity, got engaged after graduation then she cheated on me freshman year of college
i made the exact same bet with a friend over killer instinct on the SNES. we never went through with it even though I really wanted to blow him.
write more
>That's goddamn sad. Kill yourself and your family. Also take out a few muslims while you're at it.
How is this a personal army request?
>Be me, a freshman dating a really sexy sophmore with DDD tits
>Me, her, my sister, and my sisters fiance all go to a metal concert together
>We all go back to my sisters house to smoke weed
>Finish smoking and hanging out, they go upstairs, we spend the night in their living room
>At this point, all we had done was oral
>We start making out and she starts blowing me
>We decide to fuck on the couch
>Be me, a virgin, with a sophmore girl face down ass up on the couch in front of me
>Sex lasts literally 30 seconds, no surprise there
>She's cool about it and says it felt good
>We both go to sleep on the couch next to each other
>Wake up
>Go for round two
>Keep in mind we are IN THE LIVING ROOM of my SISTERS and her FIANCES house
>So we are going at it doggy style on their couch when we here the FUCKING FRONT DOOR OPEN
>We woke up AFTER my sisters fiance had fucking gone out to get food
>I pull out faster than anything else I have ever done in my fucking life and we both get under the covers and act like we're on our phones
>Sister's fiance comes in the room, and I knew he knew something was up because both of our faces were red as fuck and there was a condom wrapper on the table
>Really awkward
>He excuses himself to go upstairs
>Tbh can't remember if we finished or not, knowing how horny we both were yeah probably
>Sister finds out I lost my viriginity in her house like a week later
Go on
How is it not
Like an outdoor dining area... I grew up in Southern California, It's always outdoors weather there.
you're all kissless virgins stop fucking fapping to some pretend world where some of you fucked someone. kys.
do it yourself you lazy piece of shit
File: ShedPart1.png (1MB, 5280x3424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sister story
That almost became the best rape story ever.
File: capture.jpg (94KB, 557x629px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 557x629px
>implying I'm that anon>>721591411
>be about 11 years ago
>take girlfriend to battle of the bands after hours in the gym
>dip out for a smoke
>chilling at my car when some girl walks up on me
>wearing short skirt, boots, bob haircut, my type of shit
>bitch is crying on her phone
>reaches a car and tries to open it
>screams and tosses her phone
>crouches down and sobs
>look around, see no one
>show time
>sneak up on her and grab her by the hair
>push her face down into the gravel
>pull her ass up and yank her skirt over her butt
>fucking diamonds
>hear her crying into the ground while I whip out my wallet condom
>strap my jimmy up and slam into her
>trys to plea with me
>not having that shit, pin her face down with my forearm and go to town
>felt like forever, really only a couple of minutes
>fill the rubber up balls deep in her tore up pussy
>grab her hair again, drag her ass to the edge of the parking lot and roll her into the ditch
>go back inside and flush the condom
>go back to dancing with gf
>never heard anything about it afterwards

I miss highschool romances
He's not trying to dox someone for lulz, he's just asking for cap.
Probably a mobile fag

>couple months go by
>we feel ready to lose the v
>looking back she may already had before me and lied but whatever
>she buys like a three pack of condoms for valentines day
>says it was the most embarrassing day of her life in the store
>plan weeks in advance to go to her house when the rest of her family has plans
>she has car now so we go after school
>super excited and anxious on the drive
>get to house and undress immediately
>she looks great, small figure, really pale, decently sized boobs for her size, little nipples, petite pussy
>basically everything i like
>we take our time and foreplay the hell out of each other
>feeling each other every where and making out
>shit like rubbing my cock between her thighs and against her pussy is driving me crazy
>she lays flat on bed and spreads legs
>get condom on
>feel like i'm going to explode already
>she guides me in
>tight as fuck
>can't believe the feeling
>no longer virgin
>she is visibly in pain at first, moans "oh fuck"
>plays with her clit to make it feel better
>being amateur idiots, all that foreplay built me up too much and i cum instantly
>want to keep going at least for her so i thrust for a bit
>later she says it hurt at first but then got easier
>because i had already fuckin shrunk but don't say anything
>lay beside her, head spinning
>she's not done (obviously) and starts to handjob
>way too early after cum so it takes forever to get hard let alone cum again
>honestly kinda want her to stop but it's cool
>if we knew any better we would have reversed the order and made a lot more sense

shitty part is we never got a chance to do it again cuz i dumped her when summer started, so if she was also a virgin at the time i gave her a shitty first impression of sex and let the next guy look like a pro. Ah, memories
Go back to pol loser muslims are peaceful faggot
>believe everything i see in porn
>i'm over at my best friend's house with a girl
>we start feeling her up and put her hands on our dicks
>try to convince her for a threesome
>she says she isn't like that
>we end up convincing her to kiss each of us
>we continue to grab on her tits, pussy, and ass through her clothes.
>she says "i have to get home, sorry, guys" and leaves
>two 16 year old boys now horny as fuck
>hours later, his parents are asleep, and we still have raging boners
>we start talking about what we wished we could do to her
>i tell my friend "hope you don't mind, but i seriously need to jerk off"
>he says "i didn't want to say anything. i need to too"
>we're laying down on his bed jerking off under the sheets
> i bridges his hips up and pulls down his shorts and boxers, taking them totally off
>i pull sweats and boxers off just enough to reveal my dick
>we start beating off furiously
>i eventually reach over and fondle his balls
>he tells me he likes it
>he leans over and says "i bet you wish amy was doing this right now"
>he starts blowing me
>i reach around his body awkwardly and stroke his dick, but it is hard to reach
>he adjusts and gets on all fours, still blowing me and licking my ball sack
>i reach under him and and rub my hand from his asshole, over his balls, and then stroke his cock - underhand with my palm facing up
>i whisper "im going to cum, man"
>he takes his mouth off and jerks me until i cum all over my own stomach
>i laid there moaning softly for about a minute while he stroked me slowly
>i told him to get on his back
>i wiped the cum from my stomach and rubbed it all over his balls and cock
>i began jerking him off and he leaned in and smelled my neck
>he said "i can smell amy's body spray on you dude"
>i started jerking him harder and he came on my hand, his stomach, and all over the bed
>i touched my tongue to the tip of his dick because i was curious about the taste of our cum
>we wipe up, say we're tired and sleep
Hey! That is just not okay...
>Implying to that I'm flapping right now
Try harder you manlet.
2 more

>8th grade
>girl i previously fooled around with a lot brags to stacked indian friend
>friend tells me indian girl wants to fool around too
>... ok sure
>go to indian girls house after school
>weird conversation not knowing where to start
>eventually start kissing and i go for those golden titties
>almost the best thing my hands and mouth have ever experienced
>dad pulls into driveway
>i have to race out the back yard and hop several fences to be back on a street
>no more with her after that

>9th grade
>dating very cute girl who i really, really liked
>she wants her birthday present to be me naked
>oblige at her apartment after school on her birthday
>of course we start having sex immediately after
>we finish and school lunch starts roaring through my body for a dramatic exit
>use her bathroom, leave it smelling like death
>manage to get my underwear on before her mom shows up earlier than usual
>throw rest of clothes under her bed and hide in bedroom closet
>get to hear a 30 minute conversation about family issues, and her daughters apparent bowel problems
>trying so hard not to laugh about her taking blame for the smell
>mom goes to her own bedroom and i hop out the window in just my undies and race to the parkinglot to get dressed
>walk home laughing to myself about the situation
I'm not going to take the time to try and convince someone on the intertubes bro but it happened. Wasn't my last time either.
faggot kys
>Me fifth grade
> So i have my gf at my house by ourselfs
> We go in to the closet
> I start by touching her face
> She then startes makin out with
> I then get on top of her
> she touches my dick
> I then touch her pussy
> Then her fuckin mom is at my door
> Me scared shitless
> I say you her that
> We both stop
> Her mom breaks my screen door to get in my house
> Me and her are just sitting there freaked out
> her mom then opens the closet door
> Her mom asked what were you two doin
> We say nothing
> Mom then grabs her arm and leaves.

We broke up the next day her mom cock blocked me so hard
File: Capture.png (100KB, 166x214px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 166x214px

Lemme guess. In the south. No protection creampie. Broke up week later
Father Michael?
>7 grade
>smoking weed
You one of THOSE fags huh?
I didn't have sex once at high school.
Left school as usual at 16, had sex after that.
30 in 2 days, slept with over 100 women and 1 dude.
Not bad.
The second story also caused me to get grounded for being late getting home. So worth it though.
Hey op you from PA?
>freshman year, date this tiny redhead chick for a few months
>we can't really go anywhere but we meet up to "do homework" and make out before her mom gets home
>we never get very far, just some kissing, some over-the-clothes stuff
>eventually she breaks up with me but we remain very friendly (we have five classes together so its really just easiest to not have hurt feelings about it)
>fast forward a year
>she's dating a senior on the wrestling team, big jacked dude, and she spends a lot of time with him now
>i still like her so we meet to do homework sometimes but don't really talk much about her boyfriend
>i don't know a lot about that part of her life
>anyway she misses two days of school, no one knows where she is, she isn't answering her phone or any texts
>on day two I go home and she's at my door waiting for me and she's been crying
>bring her inside and ask what's wrong, and she tells me that wrestling guy raped her
>they'd been dating a couple months and had messed around but hadn't had sex because she wasn't ready
>but she'd given handjobs and he had fingered her, he was always pressuring for more while she told him to slow down
>(hearing all this makes me jealous but also horny)
>earlier that week she had gone to his place and spent some time in his hottub with him, where they had made out and he was insistent that they go further
>he wasn't taking no for an answer and she decided she was going to leave
>as she leans to get out of the tub he grabs her, holds her down
>is much bigger than her, much stronger, and he rapes her on the edge of the tub with her face pressed into the tile and his arm around her neck to choke her and keep her from screaming
>she's telling me all this while hugging me tight in the middle of my living room, tears on my shirt, and now i'm pissed off but also.... hornier than before
>i've got my arms around her and have to fight the crazy urge to grab her ass and touch her tits

continuing, one second
I hate when you niggers post shit that so small its barely fucking possible to read

>I was completely intimidated by girls when I was in high school
>thus, I do not have even a single story to tell.


>I did, however, make up for lost time when I got to college.

Yeah I was never one to shy away from new experieces. Tried a lot of drugs over the years. I admire those of you who are content not exploring what this world has to offer. I probably wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble if I decided to walk in your shoes.

But I'm still healthy and happy today, so it worked out quite well in my opinion.
What a fucking rollercoaster of emotions that was at the end /b/ro
>GF lives near the school.
>Go to her house shotgun a 40, fuck at lunch.
>be eating sandwich as we go back to class.

People started to figure out why I was eating a sandwich in the hall after lunch was over.
Medals to you Anon, kek'd my sides off
almost spit-roasting a girl to jerking your best friend? not sure if surprised or jealous.
>too small
I hate it when niggers lack the basic computer literacy to know that the size an image appears on your screen isn't the image's size.

Okay, guide for you newfags:
>open the image in a new tab
>zoom in
File: ohshit.png (166KB, 935x688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 935x688px
>This past summer
>Summer is fucking great been hanging out with ex a lot
>Go to party and then take her back to my place
>Go downstairs and watch movie for a little bit
>Sipping on vodka and cuddling
>Slip my hand down her pants
>start rubbing her clit
>asks her if she wants to go fuck
>Both drunk and stumble to my bedroom, take her pants off and we 69 for a little bit
>grabs condom from my backpack
>slips on and tries to slide into pussy
>too fucking tight
>end up just ramming it in much to her delight oddly
>fuck in missionary for a good 20 minutes
>she's putting in no effort, my dick hurts as usual during sex (No idea why it does)
>Flip her over and bury her face in the pillows start really ramming her
>smack her ass every 30 seconds or so and pull her hair
>"Fuck me harder daddy, I love when you're rough"
>End up fucking for another hour and 1/2
>Didn't cum even a drop
>She had a nice time
>Haven't seen her much since
>Still haven't cum from sexual encounters to this day

My dick is in pain during sex but I give a good ol' rogering and last for days, only had a few repeat customers.
nigga you gotta learn to type shit out before posting
>7th grade smoking
>smoking weed
By the bible definition you are a fag
You would brag to everyone about how badass you are for smoking weed while at the same time try and seem cool when people asked you about it
>Naw bro its whatever i dont give a fuck
>My mom knows i smoke
>she even lets me smoke with her
File: 1480981889996.jpg (55KB, 720x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 720x487px
nice bait m8
You should really get yourself checked out then
Anon, you know there are people that smoke just because it's enjoyable, right?
I'm pretty sure it's also just a mental block about fucking while not in a relationship. The pains gone away a bit over the multiple fucks.
> 8th grade
> Sisters bithday party
> There are tons of drinks and weed to smoke
> All of her hott friends come over
> Me cross faded AF
> As the night continues on i drink more and more takin it like a champ people saying chug chug mind you my sisters friends are in 11th grade and above.
> I start getting so fucked up i start grabin asses left and right
> At this point i can barely walk stright almost fallin on my ass
> Another chick is also wasted in the bathroom
> I stat touchin her and gropin her ass and tits
> It takes a while for people noticing me gropin this chick in the tub.
> After people kick me out of the bathroom i vomit all over the ground.
> I then black out.

I was so yelled at in the morning but it was worth grabin ass and havin fun.
File: Jar jar Vapes.png (295KB, 500x465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Jar jar Vapes.png
295KB, 500x465px
yeee... i vape so what bro

i vape bro
>On phone
>zoom in literally as far as possible
>Still can hardly make out that jumble of nigger shit
i came
The exact same fags who say that shit smoke weed in the 7th grade
I vape all day fam XD.
>so i'm hugging her and trying to offer support while she tells me these things,a nd then... she feels... my dick pressing against her
>and freezes up
>takes me a moment to catch up and then i'm like, ohhhh nooooo
>she pulls away from me and curls up on the couch, facing away from me, sobbing harder now and yelling at me
>'what the fuck is wrong with you, how could you, why are you hard'
>get on the couch with her and try to explain, talk her down, just babbling at this point and i don't know what to do so i try to hug her again, from behind, trying to be comforting and supportive
>she's got her head down on her arms, ignoring me, and i stop talking, and we're like that for several minutes, and i'm still kinda pressed up against her, and i'm still hard
>we're quiet and i'm embarrassed and just trying to figure out where the fuck we go from here, and she slowly, quietly, reaches a hand back and puts it between my legs
>head still down on her other arm, turned away from me, and she's squeezing my dick with care, muttering "you bastards, fucking assholes"
>and i don't move or say anything cuz honestly it feels really good
>she's squeezing and rubbing it, muttering to herself, voice still shaky
>this goes on for a little while before her other hand reaches back and lifts the back of her shirt up, exposing her bra catch
>"well, go on, you asshole, it's what you want isnt it?" and it takes me a moment to catch on but then i'm fumbling at her bra hooks
>get it undone, then slip my hand around to her chest, under her bra, waiting for her to start screaming at me but she doesn't
>just keeps squeezing my cock while her nipples harden as i FINALLY play with them
>not sure what to do so i start kissing her neck
>we're both breathing heavily now and this goes on for a few minutes at least until she gets up and heads to my bedroom without a word
I read this as "janitor prom"
All fantastic projections on your part, but again, I wasn't like you.

I enjoy this back and forth though. It's been a while since I've had this opportunity. /b/ is lacking in shittrolls lately.
Not below sophomores in highschool they dont
Unless they're niggers then they can smoke in the 8th grade
Everyone who smokes before the 10th grade is a faggot who thinks it makes them cool
File: 1479101346433.jpg (85KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 640x960px
>15, freshman
>Towards spring a senior who I was certain really didn't like me at one point... somehow became interested in me. I became interested in him.
>Not while after, we start dating.
>Three days into this freshman/senior relationship I take this guy's virginity.
>5'5" Asian/White girl getting naked in front of new boyfriend at his place.
>36B tits, toned ass (Biked 2.5 miles one way to school)
>...I dated a 5'5" manlet status white boy. Thankfully he worked out though, so at least he was strong.
>Traditionally begin the sex bullshit with a blowjob.
>Suckling the head, tonguing the tip.
>Average dick, but thick.
>Could take in his dick alright, deepthroat attempts earned groans. Good thing it took a bit of effort to get me gagging, so I handled it well.
>After my few minutes of awkward dick sucking I lay on the bed and invite boyfriend between my legs
>Boyfriend was a virgin, I stupidly gave up my virginity in 8th grade.
>Once I got the condom on and he was on top, he immediately slid inside.
>Pussy spread, tinges of pain for a few moments but otherwise fine.
>Sex didn't last five minutes, obviously awkward.
>I was silent as a mouse, but I gripped onto him tight and nuzzled my face into his neck.
>When he finished I let him rest his cock inside for a bit, enjoyed seeing him feel satisfied
>When we finished up and got dressed I had to be snuck out the house, one of his parents came home early

Funnily enough after I split from him (as he got extremely clingy) he found another girl and married her. He then tried to spread rumors about me being a camwhore? He was weird.

My current relationship is much better. I'm still in high school (18 year old senior) and I'm dating a college nerd, I'm more than willing to share recent sex stories.
I only smoke from time to time usually partys so stfu no one cares if they are cool or not people smoke cause it makes em feel good.
File: 1483758525806.jpg (21KB, 427x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 427x427px
Put me in the cap
Oh, here's more fuel for you to burn: My first time trying weed was in 6th grade. Also the first time I got head and tried alcohol/cigarettes.
Is this copypasta ? If not somebody save this gold !!
Tits and timestamp
what concert did yall go to?
>You got head
You're obviously lying
let me see your tits bb
That's a copypasta. It's been floating around since before the fappening, the scruffening, and even the holocausting.
File: 1477180088843.gif (856KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
856KB, 320x240px
Put me on r/4chan nigga
more pictures of her?
tits with timestamp, you know the rules
File: 1479803792686.jpg (70KB, 540x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 540x960px
Fucked a girl in the lifting room at my highschool without ever speaking to her. Pic related is a selfy of hers, she's on the right.
>be me
>be 17
>playing football, want to bulk up a bit, but I don't have time to hit up the highschool weight room after school.
>convince the superintendant to leave one of the doors unlocked so I can get in during the mornings
>every day for a couple of weeks I show up at 6:30AM to work out, always alone, nice and quiet, easy to focus.
>During week 3 or 4 this girl shows up and starts working out with me.
>Basically had the same excuse as I did, just too much stuff going on after school to work out then, asked the supes, he said it was fine.
>She's blonde, maybe 5"4, pilates bunny type girl, great hips, ass and legs, tits are probably only b's but are delightfully perky.
>The first day she came in I had earbuds in, so we didn't talk, she just smiled, nodded at me, and got to work.
>I do my best to avoid staring at her whenever she's working out, but being a teenaged boy, I fail miserably.
>I "discreetly" watch her for a while, she ends up doing some wighted posing yoga type shit facing one of the mirrors.
>I'm watching her ass as she bends over and the yoga pants pull tight, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.
>I eventually snap out of it and realize that she's facing a mirror, so she can totally see that I'm staring at her ass.
>Awkwardly go back to my workout, we don't speak.
>We work out in silence for the next few days, I ogle her a bit when I think I can get away with it.
>Those few days pass, one day things change.
>I'm doing curls or some shit when I see her glancing at the squat rack.
>She glances at me, the message is pretty clear, "Could you spot me?", but we're both used to the silence so neither of us say anything.
>This girl and I have been working out for about 45 minutes at this point.
>It's a small weight room.
>As it always did, it smelled like the fresh sweat of two horny teenagers.
only been with 3 women in my life:

1. someone who i was friends with for a few months at a friends 18th

2. random girl from a club who ended up being engaged. her military fiance was not pleased and threatened me over text. sent "soz". was in a different city so i didnt care.

3. girlfriend

sex in high school is not necessary
but recommended

dont feel bad losers.
share please
>Now I'm spotting this girl wearing yoga pants and a skintight tube top as she squats in front of me.
>She goes up, then down, the room smells like sex, her sweat is making her clothes cling to her skin...
>We're both staring into each other's eyes and know for a fact that we're both enjoying the hell out of this.
>We switch out a few times with a few different machines, "spotting" each other even though neither of us are really pushing our weight limit.
>Spend the next couple weeks with her working out in the mornings, always working out together, always taking our time, always showing off a bit.
>But we still never spoke to each other. Saw each other in the halls during the day a few times, waved and smiled, but never spoke.
>One day I see this questionably legit study that says men make consistently better gains if there's a woman sitting on their lap while they bench.
>Following our unspoken rules, I say nothing to her, I just pull out my phone and show her the next morning.
>She smiles.
>When it finally comes time to bench, she walks over to me in those fucking yoga pants in a cloud of fresh sweat and perfume, fucking sex pheramones and shit absolutely driving my inner caveman insane.
>She eases down onto me, straddling my lap.
>The weight seems easy, I'm so hopped up on adrenaline and testosterone.
>We're sitting there, staring into each other's eyes while she straddles on my lap and I'm heaving my shoulders and chest, sweating and grunting.
>We're basically simulating sex at that point, and both loving it.
>I can actually feel her getting wet against my lap.
>Lose. My. Fucking. Mind.
>Push the weights up over the rack and just let it fall the floor above my head.
>Wrap my arms around her waist and pull her down against my chest, she's not even surprised.
>We're tongue fucking each other's throats in a cloud of our own sweat, going at it like the fucking animals we were.
nobody feels bad, kys fag
>Our workout had been foreplay enough, I'm rock hard and she's so wet that the front of her yoga pants were dark.
>She shifts her weight up for a second, I move out from underneath her, pull her legs up with me so that she's laying across the bench, her legs up by my shoulder.
>I pull her yoga pants down and she helps me.
>Slide inside her.
>I'm madly plowing her for what seemed like an hour but was probably ten minutes or so.
>We're staring into each other's eyes, helplessly moaning, getting each other covered in our sweat.
>I speed up in one final, furious burst that probably had more in common with a gorilla attack than actual sex, but we both fucking loved it.
>I genuinely black the fuck out for a minute when I cum.
>Best sex I had during highschool, no contest.
>She and I only fucked twice more in the weight room until we got caught and weren't allowed in there during the mornings anymore, but I ended up dating her for the rest of highschool.
>Not talking to each other had kind of become a game between us at that point, so we only ended up speaking to each other at the end of the second date.
Awkward end of story.
ok this is what is happening,

my parents are out with family friends, and they'll be back any minute so i need your help

Heres some background:

see, i volunteer on my sisters softball team (im 22, the girls are 15)

and whatever yeah i met this girl, her name is Alison, and were going out for a while. We have alot in common, sometimes i help her with homework. I helped her on her english essay and she still got a D. This is because the teacher is a prick ... anywayz

So she came like an hour ago, and i really want to lose my virginity, so i ask her to have sex

"no, no i cant, its not right" she said, but i told her "dont worry i know what im doing, ill be done in like 10 seconds, pluss ill give you 2 n64 games if you say yes"

So I gave her Diddy Kong Racing, and Ken Griffey Jr Baseball, and then she goes to my room. Shes a bit confused and scarred.

Then i think to myself - yo I need lube right? Cuz i heard you guys saying you need to lube up her clit otherwise it wouldnt fit in properly.

Ok so i have no lube, but i really want to lose my virginity - so i grab some butter from the fridge, but its cold, it wont melt - so i microwave it for 8 minutes, and then i poured it in a glass and poured it on her cooter, now shes saying i burned it.

I dont know what to do, my parents are going to be back any minute and shes crying in the bathroom plz help you guyz are relly smrat please help me.

Any idea how to shut her up? Should i give her another n64 game?
I creamed my jeans.

I had a girl piss and bleed on me in a bathtub because she was in to extreme blood and piss play when I was in high school and she was in college. Do you all want to hear that?
>lifting room

sounds fucking legit to me
me too
Why, what did they call it at your school?
I never went to school. When I was high school age my daddy fucked me but he'd been doing that since I was a toddler. I got married when I was 16.
Nope, already been there.
It's a 5280x3424 image. It's literally too big for most computer monitors unless shrunk down.

It is not too small. If you can't figure out how to read it, that's on you.
>i'm still not sure what's going on so i'm a bit slow to follow
>she's got her top off before i even get in my room
>i see her taking her jeans off and i finally get it and lock the door, start taking my clothes off too
>she lies down on my bed in just her panties, i'm next to her and naked
>she faces away from me and starts giving me a handjob
>i have no idea what i'm doing but just get my mouth on her tits and put a hand in her panties, fumbling around
>more hair than i expected and isn't it supposed to be wet? wheres the clit?
>she spreads her legs a bit, puts her hand on mine, exasperatedly guides me and shows me where to rub
>she wants me to get it over with and i'm struggling not to cum all over her hand
>try to kiss her but she keeps her face turned from mmine so i just kiss her neck and shoulder and tits
>and i can feel her getting warmer and wetter and figure now's the time, so i pull her panties down
>no help or resistance from her but once they're off she spreads wide and pulls my pilllow over her face
>'just fuck me and get it over with'
>don't have to tell me twice
>push it inside of her and start thrusting away, jackhammering
>i don't last very long but i also don't really go soft, only half or so, so i just keep going
>she's grunting beneath my pillow and its not long before i'm diamonds again and go for another round
>i pump a second load into her and i swear i feel her clenching around me
>pull out, never felt so good in my life, and catch my breath looking at the semen collect between her pussy lips
>she gets up, throws the pillow at me, and calls me a bastard again but there's no real energy to it
>she goes to clean up, get dressed, and go home
>breaks up with her rapist boyfriend the next week
>we never seriously date again but until graduation we do occasionally end up fucking
>haven't spoke to her since she went to college out of state
of course they do
refer to: >>721590506 and >>721594609
continue pls
File: 10.gif (2MB, 384x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 384x216px
let's hear the stories too
It's OC. I literally just wrote this. Didn't mention that I spoke to the tard herder to keep Joanna away from me after that happened. My buddies were seriously solid for not divulging this to anyone. This happened a good 8 years ago and now every time I'm back in California i'm still traumatized about how I had sex with a actual retard. She did ride my cock really well, It makes me wonder if she was molested. She also didn't make me wear a condom, but she was also retarded.
File: 1389095980971.png (339KB, 683x646px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339KB, 683x646px
> Anonymous 02/06/17(Mon)20:23:56
>>the are bothjacking me off when thin blonde
>>721590521 (Me)
Post nudes
I know you lying, but you got the IG for that girl you posted?
File: Cool_Face[1].jpg (16KB, 435x312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 435x312px
>be 15
>first real halloween party
>last year was apple bobbing with my parents as consolation for not being allowed to go out because that's satanic
>hyped as fuck
>get there
>standard house party shit
>bunch of girls from the other high school there too
>see fruit bowl
>grab apple
>bite apple
>girl from other school comes over
>"hey annon, nice apple"
>"thanks, wanna bite?"
>bite apple with qt
>make out a bit
>she was loose as fuck that night, got off with 4 other guys after
>party continues
>friend, call him steve has been chatting up a landwhale all night
>go out to smoke
>landwhale is on bench crying
>consolidate landwhale
>make out with landwhale
>group of paki's from high school come outside
>they see and are all laughing
>calling paki friends over to laugh too
>rest of night pretty chill, spend most of it making out with landwhale
>next day at school
>"Hey anon, did you hear Steve made out with landwhale last night?"
>see Steve
>mention landwhale
>"ffs, that wasn't me I swear!"
>he gets shit about it all day
>mfw got with landwhale without any of the social repercussions
Don't know if she even has an instagram, that picture is from her facebook.
How old is she now?
> sophmore football jock, pretty fit and pretty good at football
>Win best linebacker of my district
>Senior girl that is friends with the cheerleaders hear this
>She comes up to me at school after Christmas break and asks if i want to hang
>Shes a fucking senior so of course
>Don't drive yet so she picks me up at my fathers car lot
>Go to see shitty Taylor Lautner movie that wasnt twilight
>No one else is in theater (shows how shitty)
>Rubs my dick, I am not prepared
>Takes out my dick and gives me, to this day, my best bj
>cum in 5 minutes lol
>She says that was fun
>Movie is over on the way back home she pulls over at a scenic overlook
>says she wants to fuck
>nervous as hell again, never done any of this before
>Stick it in and she screams, think I have legitimately hurt her.
>Go soft
>she says its okay
>Can't get hard again
>she drops me off we don't really talk much after that
>Spreads that my dick is hella thick
>Didn't have a hard time really getting laid after that point but have always missed her
>Now is married and moved away
>Will never forget blowjob and my 5 seconds of losing my virginity
File: Angel.jpg (476KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
476KB, 1536x2048px
Bullshit you fucked her in highschool, I know her! What's her initials?
Post that then?
good for you anon... nice
So...that almost sounds like that broke her.

How is she and how is your friendship now?
Her name is Angel faggot, tell me i'm wrong, hands down best fucking sex i've ever had
that's a hell of a high school experience
File: 1480884264239.jpg (62KB, 420x610px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 420x610px
>dick hard

>post the social media of someone you know on 4chan
Yeah... No.
>I speed up in one final, furious burst that probably had more in common with a gorilla attack than actual sex,

Kekd and came


Wow okay, uh.

>Officially 18, Dec. 31st 2016.
>Guy I've recently been talking to and whom I've already been seeing over/fucking comes over to spend the day with me on my birthday.
>Since I got kicked out of my first high school friends and myself have been distant, shit happens. So having said dude come over to be with me solely felt really good.
>Also we've been boning, so, of course I felt really good.
>5'11"-5'12" white boy, blue eyes, curly brown hair. I think he's absolutely adorable.
>Still 5'5", now chubby because binge eating copes, bad shit I know.
>Somehow this guy finds me absolutely adorable

>Once he's over and everything is settled we just hang around in my room.
>Memes, music, art, Rick and Morty. We got loud, we laughed together, everything was fine.
>I got my rats, from time to time we'd look over at them and giggle cause they'd be cute.
>From time to time we'd slow down from talking and look at each other before I'd get shy and break eye contact.
>It took me no time at all to finally start touching him and getting intimate.
>The moment I started, he did as well.
>Easily he gets rock hard and I'm pulling his dick out of his pants to start blowing him.
>Tonguing his tip, suckling his head. From time to time I'd run my tongue down his shaft.
>Notice he's loving every bit of it, get him to moan quietly from time to time.
>I'd start to suck him, having no issue taking him into my throat and really work myself to please him.
>Every time I brought my head up to breathe I'd immediately stroke him, only to go back to sucking.
>This lasted for a good few minutes until I'm having my leggings and panties forced off

cmon post somethin...
File: 1476408128886.jpg (87KB, 445x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 445x363px
I want this to be true so god damn badly
freshman in college story
>be me
>it's halloween
>student security officer
>walk awkward landwhales to their room all night
>final escort of the night is two drunk girls
>one was alice from alice in wonderland
>the other a slutty astronaut
>escort them back
> i pound alice doggy style while she eats out slutty ride
>cum buckets
>stay the night
>bowl of cookie crisp in the morning
>saw alice again at her server job...she avoided me.
shes cute though, I bet you sour creamed that potato
File: 1479852829406.jpg (112KB, 476x492px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 476x492px
I am genuinely surprised right now.
i think i laughed way to hard at this.. it hits home :(
well done anon
Haven't really talked since she went to college, 7 years ago.... no Facebook that I know of, I've no idea how she is.
keep going, but u know we want something else to tease our appetites
Yeah, I hadn't updated the thread for a while so I didn't see your continuation.
File: 1481212559363.jpg (103KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 1024x768px
>go on debate trip with debate team
>a senior indian chick is on the trip
>we hit it off
>keep texting her after we get back from trip
>i literally get kicked out of the school soon after the trip ends for various reasons
>we continue texting
>she has a car
>both parents at work, i'm home alone because no school
>she'd come over every day and suck my cock three, four times a day
>then leave and go home
>continued for many weeks
>eventually snuck out to her car at 3am one night, we planned to fuck
>she straddles me and gets on top of me
>it's obviously hurting her but we get it in
>amazing fuck
>this happens a few more times
>we keep meeting up, she blows me in a stairwell and someone walks past, she still doesn't stop sucking
>was amazing
>broke up with her after her making me cum multiple times almost every day for months

was a great time
It sounds like you didn't have too many friends back then, huh anon?
File: disdain.jpg (7KB, 209x241px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 209x241px
This is the least sexy sex that has ever sexed. "Oh, she seems emotionally traumatized enough! Time for sex!" Do you show up after an earthquake to fuck the mentally broken orphans? Jesus fucking christ, anon.
My thoughts exactly. After the second part I was pretty concerned for her, sounded like he broke her.
>4chan filename

Must be legit.
Most of us would act the same way, fairy faggot.
Guys love to dominate with our dicks.
Feels bad man.
Actually made me go down the slide of sorrow.
I mean like I said, we were still friends for the next two years, and she went off to college, not a mental institution. She dated, she got good grades, and had lots of friends and extracurriculars, she didn't hole herself up in her room. I didn't break anything.
holy shit, thank you for this. top kek
Pick one
Don't listen to the sissys. Good thing you pounded her.
Cap pl0x
Please learn how to formulate a sentence. Reading this gave me autism.
Yeah, dominating an emotionally sound, strong woman. Taking some stuck up bitch and making her whimper is fucking great, but if the girl is already fucked up by some other guy, it's shooting fish in a barrel. Fish that just got raped. There's no sport, no equal play, no agency, it's just taking advantage of someone who's hurting. Don't talk about domination when you're just hitting someone who's already been beaten down.
>in hindsight I was just a pussy beta and had no confidence
File: SAF.jpg (73KB, 724x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 724x720px
>they're sissies
>you want to fuck a girl who just got pounded by a guy who's bigger, stronger, and hit her harder emotionally than you ever will
>these sissies won't even push their tiny dick into a pussy recently smashed by a furious wrestler
>these sissies don't want rape sloppy seconds
I bet those sissies don't even let their girlfriends cuck them!
>Moment my leggings and panties are off I lay onto my back, my friend gets in between my legs.
>I'm hurrying to put a condom on him, the moment I do he easily slides inside.
>Somehow this guy could make me wetter than a goddamn stream so I'm more than okay.
>He starts going at it, from time to time I whimper and tell him to "Be careful". Sensitive cervix and not that deep inside.
>Each time I whimper, he corrects the mistake. I spend more time in pleasure rather than pain.
>I'm moaning and whimpering, kissing his neck. I never moaned in front of my past partners, but I felt comfortable enough with him!
>Since he's doing all the work it's easy for him to get sweaty.
>After a few minutes I tell him to take a break, he lays on top of me. I'm being squished under someone I find attractive so I'm more than okay with it.
>After a few moments he gets up and he asks me about doggystyle.
>I'm bashful about it, but I present my ass to him
>Last time I was in doggystyle? I queefed. I was terrified at the idea but he hasn't given me douchebag vibes yet.
>He happily accepts my consent and slides in, I let out a moan.
>The more he thrust his hips the more rough and almost demanding he got.
>Soon I was getting pounded, and I had to moan into my pillow to keep quiet.
>As I try to tell him that "I love it"... I instead tell him "I love you".
>Wasn't enough to get him to stop, was enough for him to smirk, it was plenty for me to freak out and feel weird. Since he didn't stop fucking me I had no choice but to shush and take it.
>As the pounding continued we went right back to being in sexual bliss.
>He got closer, and closer, until he finally came. He groaned and draped his body over my back, keeping his dick lodged deep inside.
>When we finally got off one another, I noticed how the windows were fogged up...

Pretty condensed story, in the end I spent the weekend at his house, had more sex, and smoked weed for the first time. On Jan. 1st we officially became a couple. <3
The letters are to small nigger
File: 1485112110334.jpg (130KB, 576x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 576x1024px
(never done one of these and i know you weird fucks beat your cocks to it so fuck it)
>be me
>be gr. 10 year
>be edgy, scrawny, suicidal faggot
>flashback grade 8
>chick and I exchange noots
>be well endowed
>she tells whole school
>everyone knows
(embarrassment but also somewhat proud)
>flash back forward (remembered halfway through and didn't want to put in the effort so i just threw it in there)
>be gr. 10 again
>be at friends house
>me, friend and another guy just chillin'
>friend gets call
>says he wants to hang out
>he shows up, he's about 5'2 hippie shithead type with an 8/10 scene type girlfriend
>super into that thing at that age so instantly outraged that He's with her

just the begenning, cont?
>nice try
that bitch needs to know her place, good job anon.
Why did you get kicked out ?
A fish from a barrel taste equally good on the pan.

Go bother someone else with your social justice bullshit. Bitches are bitches.

I used to fuck a girl who fucking hated me, she really hated my guts, but couldn't refuse the D; it was a fucking war campaing in bed. I also fucked a girl so shy she literally freezed once the things got rough and let me do anything I wanted to her, like a rag doll.
Both their fear and hate was delicious.
I came and enjoyed both situations.
this is just your fantasy of wanting to be a chad, complete fiction
Go for it
Go drink your grape vape juice nigger
>live it down
It's a 5280x3424 image. Open it in a new tab and zoom in you illiterate troglodyte. It's literally the largest image in this entire thread.
this just sounds like a shitty porn you fucking retard
I guess it's just a difference of standards. I wouldn't want to fuck a cripple, and that's basically all fucking a chick who's that messed up is.
>sounds like shitty porn
Doesn't that describe like... 90% of all sex?
Learn to zoom you inbred fuck, It is not rocket science.
>The stories and information here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
so is that all of it or is there more to it as the title leads me to believe?
eh, fuck it. no replies but I got nothing better to do
>hang out for a little white
>dude goes to the bathroom
>she follows few minutes later
>overly loud pretentious moaning from her for 15 minutes
>we sit and do nothing for this duration, too busy playing games
>boyfriend leaves and thinks he's alpha af
>girl and I drinking (her and I were the only ones drinking)
>friend, mutual friend and some guys girlfriend left at house
>girl and I starting to get fairly drunk, still playing video games
>she starts to lean on me and cuddle up on the couch
>only wanted to win smash at the time
>starts lightly rubbing crotch on pants (others too focused)

Im on a fucking phone nigger
It's a 3 parter.
Lost it at 5'12"
I haven't even been touched by a girl, even in a nonsexual way...
You have a link to the other two parts?
cont, you cunt
Just post it all faggot
>I took her out
>it was a Friday night
>we walked alone
>to get the feeling right
>we started making out
>and she took off my pants
>but then I turned on the tv
>and that's about the time she walked away from me
So am I, and I can read it just fine.

Go to the image, hold down on it with your finger till the right click menu pops up, then click "open image in new tab", and it should come up in a basic jpg format. From there, zoom in as necessary. If that doesn't work or if your phone's OS doesn't allow for that, just save it, open it in your gallery, and zoom in there. A lot of the time image apps allow for more zooming in than mobile browsers.
You don't know how to zoom in on a phone? Goddamn.
pls anon stories from high school. not when you were 23
Not sure about a link, but I think I have the other two around here somewhere, I'll find them.
Then who's at fault then you numb-nuts?
He's tall but not quite tall? What he lacks in height he makes up in weed and love.
What time is it? It's 9:60.
5'12" isn't a thing, you tardamax
That wasnt to you. wtf.

Thank you based anon. I had no idea any of these /b/tards were literate. My eyes have been opened, and also I may have jizzed in them.
ignore the newfag who doesn't know to fucking zoom in on an image.
Fuck of i hope you father is donkey
>>me at 20-something taking night school classes on a HS campus
>>find out the girls locker room is unlocked
>>steal underage swimsuits
>>cum in girls' shampoo bottles
File: 1477534864910.jpg (175KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 960x960px
I'm being told by said boyfriend that
>5'12" is 6'0"

I'm dead inside.
aww yay
File: Shed2(small).jpg (881KB, 1914x3571px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
881KB, 1914x3571px
As promised.
File: ShedPart3.png (1MB, 1920x4430px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x4430px
>consolidate landwhale
Hopefully you're a good fuck.
>Be me
>never got laid

eh whatever
Kekd and chekd
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