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incest story?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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incest story?

A clip of me fucking my cousin
>>be me
>>12 years old
>>laying down with my cousin who was 5 or 6 at the time
>>I convinced her to open her mouth while I put my tongue in hers
>> Even though she didnt know what was going on she like the feeling
>>Her mom (my aunt) called her to the other room and if she hadnt called her I'm sure I would have put my cock in her mouth next.
op do it!
1 time i fuk sister in vagin

>Be me
>Have sex with sister
>Story over
>>be me
>>be 14
>>be my sister
>>be my father
>>be immortal
>>be everything
>>jerk off to pics of mum

Only happened once, though, fam.
>>Be me
>>14, sister 10
>>Sister hot blonde, model body, maybe A-cups at this point
>>She keeps asking me to join her in the shower because she has problems washing her back, I keep saying no
>>One day parents decide to go for dinner without us
>>Sister goes to take a shower, asks if I can wash her back
>>Say yes
>>Dick shoots towards the heavens
>>We get undressed, enter shower together
>>She faces the wall, I wash her back
>>I reach a bit lower, rub her waist
>>She seems to like it, I go lower, headed for the sweet spot
>>Hands touch her pussy
>> Hear a slight moan
>>She suddenly turns around and asks
>>Want to grab my cock?
>>Turns out she has a penis, I was playing with her asshole
>>Its super hairy and small, kinda deformed, half circumcised
>>I quicky and efficiently drink the bottle of shampoo next to me
>> I was 16 at the time living in a household on 5 people. Mother, step-father, sister, female relative and myself. My female relative was 17 at this time and for sakes of not writing relative over and over, let's call her Amy.
>> It was during school holidays and Amy and I weren't very close, in fact we barely spoke. It was weird how out of nowhere we suddenly begun talking and become very close and I was starting to feel like I could trust her.
>> I told her about my issues with my ex girlfriend who speak false rumours about our awful relationship and she comforted me and told me it was stupid, and that she didn't deserve me any day.
>> Few days later she'd come into my room one time wearing a long frilly black skirt and a grey crop top. We begun talking again and she asked if I was a virgin because she might've spread sexual rumours and I said the rumours weren't related to that. She was very content on asking about our sexual experiences.
>> Few hours later, we're drinking woodstock and smoking fags when she sits on top of me as a joke asking to teach her brazilian jiu jitsu. I hip thrusted her off but my semi hard penis through my tracksuit pants collided with her groin area and she let out a little moan.
>> Out of nowhere we begun suddenly rolling around and exchanging words and kisses, that's when the good stuff started...
Is pic related? By which I mean are those girls related to you?
top kek
how do you make the green text
asking for a friend not a new fag
fucking kek
So i'll type up what i got

first thing i remember is being really young and me and my sister touched butts together and then rubbed our fronts together because we didn't know what we were doing. We got caught and i got yelled at. I remember my parents asking if I knew what that was and I didn't

will cont. gets better

also you just delayed my incest stories
They're green?
sorry I was asking for a friend
I fucked my cousin a couple nights ago. I busted a load inside her, the day after I felt guilty and pretty much felt like a sick bastard. Now im pretty much content.
Me and my best mate used to regularly 'play with' his two youger sisters. We were 13 and they 7and 10 when it started. Lasted about 18 months when his dad found out. Was a fucking shitstorm
>be me
>about 12
>cousins and sister 11
>we have "secret time" in a tent they have set up away from adults
>cousins are twins by the way, one guy one girl
>so my sister goes in with my guy cousin and they just "whisper secrets" to eachother
>he has always been a pussy
>me and girl cousin go in tent
>she is pretty hot, curvy, wearing booty shorts and a loose shirt
>we both agree that other two kinda ruined it by not doing anything
>we decide to do something quickly
>i go down and lick her belly button, she is very tan almost brown
>we get scared and stop

not the last time i messed around with her
>be 14 and your 2 cousins are coming to visit for the summer.
>female cousin is a year older.
>catch her watching me pee when we're in the woods stacking firewood for winter.
>she pulls her shorts down to give me a look.
>spend the rest of the summer sneaking off to fuck in the woods.
>she dies in a car accident a year later.
>be me
>sit in bed with my sister
>smell vagina
>bad smell never want sexy times again
>pursue wizardry
>live a life most magical
>My cousin Beth comes over to.see me the other day.
>Anon, remember when I let you put your dick in me when we were kids.
>Oh yeah
>It's about that time again.
>She's a lot more fun at fourty than she was at 12.
I wanted my brother since he was 11 years old but he said that he was wrong in the head and that he never spoke to him again
About 2 years ago I contacted you, I wanted you to forgive him, I stayed with him. When we saw we do not know why but I felt the same way I felt for him and I ran out there while I cried, my brother immediately went behind me
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391KB, 2630x2285px
he contact with me, I'm sorry, English is not my language and I'm using a translator
>be me
>17 now
>staying at cousins house
>her friend is over
>we stay up late to fuck around
>we all get fucked up on my meds and "wrestle"
>i get all over her friend and then get tired
>we all sit together on the pull out couch and I put my hand on my cousins leg
>she is thin but curvy with a hella tan and good sized tits and ass
>she is wearing short shorts and a white top with a bra
>kind of uncomfortable dont know what to do she is just sitting there
>slide my hand down between her thighs, cant really get a good angle to her vag so i just leave it there
>'warming my hand'
>other girl is snuggling with me
>its dark except for the movie, i forget what was on but it was a scary movie
>cousin doesn't want to watch it so she rolls over with her ass towards me
>wait for a few minutes
>thinking if she is not into it, giving me cold shoulder
>i ask her if she wants to watch the movie
>no its too scary I just want to snuggle
>i roll over and spoon her
>Her round ass presses up against me, im hard and i adjust myself, but she feels me
>we begin to grind and I reach my hand around
>she kinda grabs my hand to stop me
>she is moving her ass up and down rubbing my dick through my gym shorts
>I rub her through her shorts, but I dont think it does much
>I start building up and press really hard on her vagina
>shes pushes her ass hard into me and I come, squeezing her body close to mine as I explode in my pants
>we sit for about 10 minutes then she leaves and gets coffee and breakfast, i sleep for 8 hours and wake up in the afternoon

I dont know if it messed her up, she got fat a couple months later and her friend did too, they were both really sheltered and I think i made her friend come.
are you a boy or a girl?
I am a girl
All through high school, I date my female best friend with heavy interference from both our parents. We finally save enough to run off and get married when we turn 19 and she is 3 months pregnant.. When we come back, our parents tell us that her dad is not her real dad like it says on the birth certificate. My dad is also her dad. So now, we moved away from our families and have a secret. If we were told about our shared blood, we would have never got sexual, never started dating, never fell in love, never got pregnant, never got married. We ran off because our parents were talking about taking action to DNA test us to void our marriage. The bridge is crossed, so we are making it work. By this point, finding out it was incest is a non-issue. Now, we have damage because our parents were secret-keeping manipulative assholes. How are we going to explain this to our daughter?
what is your languague?
Cont fag
post a picture of yourself why not

>be me 16
>sister always hooks me up with her friends
>now that we are in high school we are getting out and doing more
>I finally get official with one of the girls
>we are dating for a few weeks
>one night we are in the basement and smoking weed
>I am getting hot and heavy with gf while sister is with her guy friend who is also my bro (he ended up being my friend for like 5 years after this, weird)
>then my sister and my gf start making out with eachother
>i am so hard but don't know if everyone there is down with that

>later that night sister guy friend leaves
>me her, and my gf are sitting in sister bed together
>I can tell my sister was dtf that kid that was over, is kinda bummed he is gone
>i keep trying to get feels from the girl, but she doesn't let me do anything under her clothes
>We are all in bed, about 9 oclock just playing on phones and stuff
>mom is not home yet and usually gets home really late
>all of the sudden my gf says her mom is out front to pick her up and she has to go
>we make out for 15 seconds right next to my sister
>i grab my gf's boobs a little and get hard
>adjust my boner a bit
>she hops out of bed and runs down to the front door
>we hear it open and then close

will cont.
>so we're sitting on the bed
>my sister is looking at my boner very obviously
>i notice this and cover myself with the blanket
>this makes it more awkward
>she gives me this look
>and this look is killer, my sister is hot, but this look was like mischief
>"Kinda sucks that everyone went home so early" she says
>me: Yea and GF is kinda obsessed with her mom, we said she could sleep over but she just does what her mom says
>sister: Go lock the front door
>i run down and lock the front door
>go to the kitchen and chug a glass of water then run upstairs
>sister is sitting in bed with blankets up to her neck
>i run around to the other side and get under the covers
>"oh" she says
>she is kinda hesitating
>"i didn't know you were coming back"
>i realize that she is weirded out that i want to chill in bed with her
>"oh no im just grabbing my phone i left here, probably gonna play video games"
>"no!" she says fast
>I mean no, you can stay, just not that you were coming back so fast"
>i don't have any idea what shes talking about
>she's getting really awkward and not saying anything
>her head is turned the other way even though she is laying flat
>she pulls her hand up from under the covers and she is holding her black bra in one hand and the covers with the other
>being a retard I still dont get it, think she is just finding it in the bed
>"i was getting changed really quick when you came back, look under the covers"
>I lift the covers and she is completely naked, i see her whole body and I just keep looking at her
>her head is still turned to the side with this embarrassed smile and almost red face

So what happened is when I ran downstairs she got up to change really quick, and was just down to her bra when i ran back up so she hid under the covers so i wouldn't see her. But I got into the bed too fast for her to tell me. Still while she was under the covers with me she took off her bra.

>she kinda explains the above

will cont
Just TRY fapping to this tragedy.
This thread still going?
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Don't. Just pretend it's not true and be happy.
True story coming

>be 18
>watching niece and my sister in law's sister's daughter
>the daughter will be d for reference
>d is 6
>they are in the playroom "teaching" and I'm on my computer
>I figure since they are busy playing, I'll go fap in the other room
>proceed to do that
>d comes in asking for food
>Try to hide expanded dong
>asks what that is and just grabs it
>I quickly say it's a big poop
>she says eww and let's it go
>boner didn't leave the rest of the night

Pretty sure my family thinks I shit myself cause that kid doesn't shut up
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File: IMG-20170101-WA0001.jpg (139KB, 900x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: IMG_20170101_212938.jpg (479KB, 2009x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tell her to shave her carpet
>she kinda explains the above
>she asks me
>Do you still have your penis from GF
>I wonder what she means
>"Earlier I saw you had your hard on from her, is it still there"
>I'm feeling something i've never felt, talking to her like this
>"That went away but yea I have one"
>Wait, she says, and finally looks at me
>I'm staring at her boobs
>Did it go away or do you still have it?
>I look at her thinking of how I explain it
>i go for it
>"That one went away, but now I have one because of you"
>I pull up the covers so she can see and I press my boner out
>"Oh" she says
>With the covers lifted this whole time she is basically just lying there naked
>sister says "im cold" and moves towards me, back towards me
>I move my hips to spoon her and press my penis up against her naked ass
>she starts grinding me immediately, i am taken aback
>I reach around her skinny torso and just hug her as she grinds me
>we lay there like that
>i move my hand up and grab her boob, i shudder when i do and feel her nipple, haven't even felt my girlfriends
>her tit fills my hand, she is totally skinny but for her tits and ass that are full
>then for some reason, both of us at once just sit up and get into position
>I kneel between her legs and look at her
>she still wont look at my face too much
>"do you want to do this" she says
>I bend down and lick her vagina, she goes almost blank faced with pleasure
>then really quick she said "wait but we can't tell mom or anyone and never do it again"
>ok i say
>I pull down my gym shorts and my penis comes out sticking out hard
>there it is, about a foot away from my sisters vagina
>we both just look at them like that for a second
>I lean foreward and kiss her, we make out with tongue
>i feel electricity shoot through my cock and body as the bottom of my penis rubs up against my sisters vagina lips and tummy

thats hot af
And long term? Why we are not talking to her grandparents at all? Who are her grandparents? We can claim her birth certificate mother's dad is her dad, but that will blow up in our faces if her grandparents are still alive when she tracks them down. Well, if she does. We want openness because secrets damaged our relationship. We would have been best friend half siblings instead of what we became. Irony, we are kind of grateful because we are so great as spouses.
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Keep going son
cont pls
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Bump w more oc of my gfs
>i rub my dick on my sisters vagina now, she reaches down and spreads her lips, i put my head in and she lets go
>her lips wrap around the head of my penis
>i can't contain it anymore and i thrust foreward
>my head goes in a little then slips up and her lips just grind the bottom of my dick
>she moans loudly and shivers
>i pull back again and just grind up on my sisters vagina again, it already feels so good that I am feeling great from that
>i pull back again, and aim my penis
>i then lean over my sister and tell her to kiss me
>as she kisses me, just the feeling of her lips on mine are crazy and edgy
>then i thrust forward into her hole
>her pussy is so tight that it squeezes my dick
>i cannot control that i am pushing all the way in
>"Ow ow ow ow" she says
>she looks at me and is playing with her boob pinching the nipple
>i pull back slightly then keep going, slower
>her legs twitch
>i pull out most of the way and go back in as deep as I can until she says OW!
>her back arches and she pushes her hips towards me
>then i pull out
>her OW turns into OHHHH as i pull out of her
>I push foreward again
>She pushes into me and i can feel my dick go all the way inside of her, i push extra hard and I am now balls deep inside my sister
>her OOOOHHHHH builds up as i get deep and she lurches
>i pull out and put it in again, deep
>my sister is now convulsing
>i grab her hand and lock fingers with her
>she is coming, moving her head back and forth sporadically and shivering her legs
>I kiss her and thust again, i wait inside her to make sure she is okay, i've never seen that before
>She stops coming and i am still hard inside her
>"ok I am done" she says
>"ok hold on" i say and i thrust again
>NO its over now stop, she says
>i keep going
>she grunt with every thrust
>"stop" she says again
>She gets back into it
>i thrust a few more times and she goes back to pushing her hips into my dick
>suddenly know im going to come
>i pull out most of the way
>then push all the way in
>i collapse on top of my sister, hips curled foreward with my penis deep inside of her
>I start to shoot my load, and each pump must have been more than i ever normally shoot
>i shot so much inside my sister and I kept going
>still cumming i pull out and thrust in again, it makes me go even more
>then I pull out and start busting all over my sisters tummy and vagina
>we both kiss with tongue and lay there for a minute
>"its good that you pulled out and did that on my stomach, because now we know i can't get pregnant"
>"no" i say "i went inside of you, didn't you feel it"
>Yes she says and breaks down into tears, she is just laying there crying
>i try and comfort her and she says its ok and we kiss and i grab her boobs one last time
>i leave and she is done crying and we never talk about it

the end

another good story incoming
File: IMG_1698.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bump for storytime
File: IMG_4985.jpg (1004KB, 2483x2481px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Storytime pls
File: IMG_4699.jpg (1MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3024x4032px
Bump w more oc
File: IMG-20170102-WA0000.jpg (125KB, 1600x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1477875184425.jpg (575KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Y'all niggas are slapping fat ass way too high. The pleasure centers are lower, where the thigh meets the glute. Smack her there when you thrust balls deep and she'll be begging for your cum.
One last thing about that story, for like the next 3 days i would just grab her boobs and crotch because I though she was chill with it, then she told me not to do it anymore because she would always sit in my lap and she didn't want it to always be that way

So another thing that happened with my sister was a few years later, so when we were young but not too young at night we would go skinny dipping in the pool with my dad and mom

Then they got a divorce so my dad left, and my mom usually didn't come in the pool, so we never really did that anymore.

Also my sister had perfect boobs that seemed to appear over night, one day she was a kid, the next she had these hot bras and thongs and i wanted to look at her tits.

So one night when we were both in highschool we both decided to go skinny dipping again, at the time it wasn't anything sexual, the pool was warm and we just messed around with the light on
>then we went into the hot tub
>in the hot tub everyone is much closer, so things get different
>also there are bubbles
>so we sit across from eachother naked, but under bubbles
>i put my feet up next to her, looking at her hair wet and the tops of her tits above the water gave me insta boner
>she moved her feet to put them next to me like i did
>when she moved her feet she bumps my boner
>doesn't say anything
>we start playing feetsys and like bicycling our feet under water
>sometimes our feet slip and she almost kicks me in the balls
>i flinch a little and she ask why
>I tell her not to kick me in the balls and do what she did with my foot
>she presses back so when my foot slips I almost kick her in the vagina
>she flinches even though i didn't hit her
>i let my foot hover there and then touch her pussy with it
>"Ahh" she screams out and grabs my foot
>she holds it against her pussy and lifts one of her feet out of the pool
>kinda hands her foot to me while bringing it to my crotch
>i touch the bottom of her foot to my boner and she presses on it
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Ahhhh woodstock, makinh siblings fuck across the globe
Where the fuck is the rest
more of this set?
>we sit there with our feet pressed in eachother crotches for a while and talk, not really doing anything
>then she stands up and says "i have to ask you something"
>come close
>we get close to eachother, low to the water
>she whispers
>"When I moved my foot earlier did I touch your penis"
>Kinda awkward i just nod
>"But you didn't have one while we were swimming, why did you have one"
>"I was looking at your boobs"
I think she had trouble grasping the concept of a boner
>When i say I was looking at her boobs she rises up out of the water so I can see her nipples and belly
>she pushes her chest out a little bit
>"Do you think i'm attractive"
>"Yeah" i say and i reach up to touch her
>She turns around an puts a towel on "not out here"
>remember that mom is upstairs asleep/ could be watching us
>she goes in the basement
>i get out of the water after a minute of trying to get sister foot boner to go away, with no avail

We go int he basement and are both drying off naked in front of eachother
>"i want to take a shower down here" she says
>I say something about how I called it becuase of some deal we had with the showers
>She gets all pissy and follows me in there
>doesn't say anything about joining me, just bitches while i get in the hot shower
>since she is in the bathroom I don't lock or close the door, but she does, she locks us in together and then comes into the shower through the glass door
>"i'm not waiting" she says, still 'acting bitchy'
>We stand there from a second and she asks me
>"Is that really from me?"
>She is looking at my boner
>"Yes it is, can you stop with it now"
I think she is really pissed but this is just her way of doing things
>"Can you get rid of it"
>"You know what i have to do to make it go away"
>"Ok then, can I have some soap?"
>I grab the flower scented soap and squeeze some in her hand
>i put some on my head and lather up
>bump her in the ass with my dick a few times on accident
>"Do you need me to soap you" she asks
>give us more nigger
biggity bump
Bump for the only good content in this thread.
File: 1483176237735.jpg (317KB, 801x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317KB, 801x1200px
>I am thinking she is asking seriously
>"Oh then can you help me"
>Just put some shampoo in my hair and help me rinse it out
>she faces her back towards me and i start to massage the shampoo into my sisters hair
>it suds up and soap falls all over her body
>she takes a small step back and my penis pushes on my sisters left ass cheek
>i kinda let it go up so it is resting on the top of her ass
>she backs up again and her ass crack and perfect body press up against the bottom of my penis and my chest
>she is leaning on me while i run my sudsy hands down her hair, onto her arms, then back to her body
>down her sides, then back up
>then her upper chest, down over her boobs, i feel her nipples like braille, the slip up when i rub down on them
>Then back up her front, back over her boobs and nipples
>and again up and down her chest and boobs i rub my sister with soap
>I bring my hands down to her hips and back to her ass cheeks
>pull sisters ass cheeks up and foreward so that my dick sits in her ass like a hotdog
>then i go for the pussy, slide my sudsy hands up and down her front
>i slide my soapy hand down her lips and under her until i feel my fingers on my own balls
>i pull foreward and slip my hand up the front of her vagina
>back down again, but this time with a finger i press into my sisters hole
>it goes in and her knees bend, she grabs my wrist
>"no not me" she says
>i pull my finger out and continue to rub her body with my soapy hands
>sister begins to move her ass up and down hotdogging my penis and grinding it with slippery soapy water on her skin
>we turn so the shower rinses her off
>she pulls away and turns around
>i think its over and is lame
>"Um, i dont know how to ask you"
>"HAHA she kinda laughs"
>"Um do you want...."
>shes trying to tell me something and won't really say it
>"uhhhmm" she thinks for a second and then goes for it
>She just kneels down in front of me and starts laughing
>"haha we laugh and i put my hand on her head
>she starts sucking
>I cum instantly
>she laughs at me
>"that was quick"
>I tell her I'm sorry
>she says shes done

Basically we didn't fuck until a few years later
Shit... Why were my cousins there
go on...
14 years old and traveling to new state with stepdad and mom. Meets new family, bonded with female cuzzo quickly. Same age n shit so we hit it off quick. All the kids played hide n seek si we joined and fooled around when we were hiding. Fingering and hand jobs. Still swap noods until recently when I pissed her off. If I can find em will post. Also were 20 now.
Your cousin needs to wipe her ass, she made your dick look like it belongs to a nignog
>as we are kind of laughing i say "yes of coarse I wan't that"
>my sister is smiling and kinda happy that she got it right by kneeling down
>she is kinda looking off to the side and smiling as i guide her head towards my dick
>her smile quickly fades when she sees how close it is to her and she says "oh"
I think she got caught in the moment for a second, lost in her success with the kneeling thing
>this little stumble makes her rush a little she puts my dick all the way in her mouth
>she hacks a little when it goes to deep then closes her mouth down and sucks
>my sister slides my dick out of her mouth while sucking, stopping when just my head is in her mouth
>Mmwahh* she half kicks half sucks the tip of my dick
>Should I keep going? she asks
>I tell her to go fast
>she licks the bottom of my dick and rotates her tongue around my penis like a sword fight
>just her lips touching my dick cause electricity to radiate out, its so forbidden
>then she starts just giving me head
>my sisters teeth touch my dick only a little bit while she does this
>i can feel everything, she is doing stuff with her tongue and she keeps looking at me for support
>for a moment i step back and just look at what is happening
>the shower is running
>i am leaning on the wall
>my sister is kneeling in front of me naked
>her mouth is wrapped around my penis
>i just watch her and listen to the noise for a second, holy shit
>And just like that i start to come
>right down her throat
>she stops and reels back
>NO i say and grab her head, pull her towards my penis
>I am coming on my sisters face now
>OOH she says as one hits her below her eye
>Sorry she quickly blurts and opens her mouth wide
>i put my dick in her mouth but she doesn't close down, just lets me come in it, i was almost done coming but her lips slightly brushed my underdick and i let out a few more pumps
>Oops she says as she stands up with my come in her mouth
Goddamn Lannisters.

Seriously though awesome so far.
>she lets it drizzle out the right side of her mouth, it drips on her nipple and down the drain
>i look at her face, with a few bursts of come on it, and her perfect lips dripping come and water out one side
>Are you okay? she asks me
>Yeah i say
>are you done showering? she ask me, i have to wash this off
>yea i say
>feel like she wants me to leave
>so i do

Then end

this took place in the basement shower

the final trilogy of stories happened in my upstairs shower, might type them up in 2 mins and post below
how old was your sis
File: 1388259203009.jpg (140KB, 993x827px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 993x827px
you fucking retards are supposed to use 1 meme arrow per line.
she was 14 or 15 that time, just going into highschool
Can I get a quick rundown?
so 8th grade? holy fuck hot

jealous, wish i had a younger sis or cousin
Guy fucks sister, then fucks her friend, then her other friends. Find out his sister is only his half sister so fucks her more. Starts fucking his mum who has focused nymphomania. Starts getting heavily involved with one of the friends in particular. Goes to diusneyland paris, helps his girlfriends beat the shit out of someone, has a christmas day orgy and ends us getting married, but that paret isn't in the book


307 pages. Knock yourself out
did lel
Details of shitstorm? keen to hear how that played out
Explain? What did his father do?
So the shower stories

we were now in highschool maybe a few years in and nothing had happened between us for a long time
>for like 2 or 3 weeks my sister would come into the shower and just fuck with me
>stopped all of a sudden and started using another bathroom to shower
>don't know why, she instigated most of this and I didnt really offend her

>so the first time she came in to dry her hair
>she was outside the curtain drying her hair and i just chilled

>after that she would say I was taking too long and would wait in the bathroom for me
>my sister would stand there naked in a towel and wait for me to get out
>eventually she started dropping the towel before I looked away

>Then the first good time happened
>I am taking shower
>my sister comes in and says she in in a hurry
>starts coming in the shower
>i am all WTF
>I need to be somewhere I am just taking a quick shower just don't look at me and I won't look at you
>You're looking at me right now
>she turns around and starts to shower
>just turn around and dont look at me i'll be two minutes
>i just watch her shower, her ass is so fine and her legs are skinny with nice tight thighs
>i notice that one hand is just constantly rubbing her vag
>Ok she says
>i turn around
>i am getting out so you can turn around now
>i turn back round just in time to see my sister turn around and holding her boobs one in each hand so to cover her nipples
>they are pressed up so nice to eachother it's so nice, some areas are slightly bulging out between her fingers
>not yet idiot
>i just watch her get out
>when she gets out i leave the curtain open and watch her dress and talk to her about where she is going
>she leaves and i jerk off

closest thing to wincest ive done is shower with family (bros, sister, nieces,nephews) lots of times,
fucked my sister , felt a little guilty, but still get hard thinking about it
This is the second time we showered together in highschool only a few days later
>me in shower
>sister comes in
>gets in shower we have to go back to back and share water
>minor back pushing fight ensues
>she kinda snaps and turns around and says "look its not weird if we just get it over with
>i turn around
>see, you can see my boobs and vag and i can see you, just let me shower and get over it
this is more of her play, it was her rule to go back to back and now she is breaking it but blaming me
>here, grab me
>she puts my hands on her boobs and then cups my balls
>she moves one of my hands to her vag and just has me lay it over it
>she then grabs my dick pretty tight
>"See now we are even and nothing is weird.
>we proceed to rub eachothers bodies and shower
it's an amazing story, starts out as a simple greentext and as events unfold in real life he transitions into a full story. One of my favorites for sure. Made me sad when I finished it because it was so good and I wanted more.
i'm jealous
<3 :(
File: 1479789086496s.jpg (2KB, 125x123px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 125x123px
File: 1480514365624s.jpg (4KB, 250x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 250x201px
did she get plan b or what? hot as fuck. and she was 14 here? :3
Guy's story sounds like something out of a doujinshi about a tsundere imouto.

>B-B-baka! I just need to shower now! It's not I like you or anything!
My dad taught me to suck his cock when I was 6. I knew it was a secret but thought it was normal. I sucked my dads cock and swallowed all his cum nearly every day for 5 years till I realised it wasn't normal.
girl or guy?
jerked off on my mom a few times, after her divorce and she was dating, she would come home drunk and pass out sometimes, other times she would bring a guy home and when he left I would jerk to her passed out naked
Got fucked by my uncle when I was eleven. Kept it up until he overdosed when I was sixteen.

I still miss his fat cock so bad.
girl or guy

how'd he start doing it etc.
My uncle taught me to suck his cock when I was 8. Kept it up for 6 years till we moved away. I loved sucking his cock and swallowing his cum and did it at every opportunity.
I feel I need to do this for closure.
This happened this last December.
The person in Question is my moms half sister.
So basically she's a 9/10 to be quite frank, great ass toned and decent face.
I'm not a fucking obese fag or anything remote, average college student.
I'll refer to her as R
Well I usually acquire drugs (LSD, Weed, coke, shrooms) for R because she's scared of law enforcement.
On this particular day R was baked and had smoked dabs.
She asked me to get her LSD because she had never done it.
A few hours later I come back to her place where we smoke and proceed to take the Acid.
For some context even though we were related I always had an attraction to her and fapped to FB pictures etc...
So after rolling on L for a few hours and talking we get in bed because my hips hurt (LSD fucks with your vitamin D) well R then proceeds to ask if I'll rub her back which I agree to.
I rub her back with coconut oil and tell her to take off her top so it's easier for me which comes off easy enough.
I rub her back and unstrap her bra which she doesn't complain about.
So as I'm rubbing I realize I was on a roll and so I pull down her leggings and start rubbing her ass she likes it and doesn't tell me to stop.
Suddenly she gets up and freaks a bit which freaks me out I'm thinking I blew it.
Turns out she just wanted to take my phone in case I felt cheeky and was recording or taking pictures.
After she takes it I go back to rubbing and it when she starts moaning I pull my dick out and since I'm sitting on her I can put it between her ass cheeks.
Not to brag but I'm well above average.
I hear her say "oh my god"
And starts moaning I continue to slide it up and down her ass.
She flips us over and sits on top of me without penetration.
We make out which is hot af and I lick her nipples which makes her soak I can feel it on my lap.
She begs me for it but I don't have a condom ( don't want to get R pregnant)
Say fuck it and so I slide my cock in.
me and couple of friends fucked my cousin when she was 14. She was visiting for a about a month over the summer, was fun month
fuck you're a lucky cunt, Please tell me theres more!
Tell the truth.
guy or girl
File: 1484809906707.jpg (44KB, 288x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 288x306px
There will be more, she's visiting next week
answer >>721317276

how old were you
Pussy was so good I could believe it
It was 10x hotter than fucking random sloots because of the taboo.
I fuck her till my legs hurt and the acid wears off, cock covered in her juices and she's rolling in bed from pleasure.
When we're done I haven't cum so she sucks me off until completion.
She asks if I want to smoke since we spent the entire night fucking.
I say yes we smoke and then I leave after a hug.
I come home and I can smell her on me I can still smell her pussy on my fingers and feel her juices on my dick and am utterly repulsed by my self, literally burn clothes take 5 showers that day.
Fast forward a few weeks of soul crushing guilt and self disgust.
I go to my family Christmas party and R is there I go to the bathroom after a while where she ends up showing up and cornering me tells me I was great and she wants to do it again and how we can make it a reoccurring thing.
Kid you not spit in her face and slap the. Fuck out of her (never spit in someone's face before)
So not only am I human filth and hate my self for the incest but all attraction to her is nulled.
Guess I just wanted what I couldn't have.
pretty nice, younger is good too
very nice! you got an email? Just in case I miss her next thread, I'd love to see more of her.
File: 1463045755247.png (1MB, 1414x947px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1414x947px
I'd kill for some 12yo
illegal though and at that age you can end up scarring them for life unfortunately, so i'd never do it
only in a make-believe world
aha im drunkstill bt yesterday my sister walked in on me

He lived with my mom and I and she worked overnights at the hospital.

Started with him fingering my butt in the bath, and escalated to watching porn on the couch and me learning to suck his cock.

Soon after he trained my ass with a medium sized dildo (my mom's) so I could take him (about 9 inches and thick), then he fucked me slowly and came inside.

Next, he bought me girls clothes from DEB and taught me to act like the girls in our "movies". He was feminizing me, bathing me, giving me enemas, showing me porn (including sissy hypno) and breeding my ass a few times a week for almost five years.

I've been looking for someone like him ever since he passed.
I was 16
There's girls that age who want adult dick
What the government doesnt know cant bother them either
can post it if anyone wants it still
you'd scar them maybe if you raped them.
File: 1453495231248.gif (2MB, 400x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x250px
how'd she agree to it, much less to be fucked by your friends?

obviously, and while the act themselves might not hurt them (we really don't know) society's reactions likely will. you can't escape culture. so there's a non-zero chance of it hurting them and i would never want that
or if society tells them they were raped, which it most definitely will
see >>721318458
>answer >>721317276
He used to babysit me as a kid. I caught him wanking when I was 8 and was curious. Wanted to watch and help, ended up sucking his cock and getting my first mouthful of cum. After a couple of months I loved feeling his cock cumming in my mouth and wanted to suck it every chance I got.
surelynot19 gmail
File: 1484018823251.gif (1MB, 280x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 280x210px
Have you ever considered just keeping it a secret
>for sakes of not writing relative
you could have said cousin or smth
>which it most definitely wil
society may say so but it doesnt mean it is rape or they actually believe it. there's nothing wrong about girls wanting/having consesnsual sex
she had a crush on my friends, and we all got to talking about sex and blow jobs, dick sizes and one of my friends talked her into touching our dicks, because you cant get a true measurement if not hard. wasnt long before she was sucking ( not very good at firsts) and fucking him, and well, couldn't resist when that mouth was open, and her pussy was presented
I don't think anybody here is THAT big, no matter what they say.
i mean legally it is rape and not consensual - and they will view it as such in many cases, in which case you get assfucked in jail

fuck, wish i had a hot young sis/cousin like this or even friends with ones that aren't incredibly sheltered
Oh more details bro
i was talking about mental scars, not physical. they are physically fully capable of having sex
What's that app next to the time ?
File: 4L_PJAgso7L.gif (804KB, 1307x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
804KB, 1307x734px
Pic related.
just sent you a message now
was incredibly wild seeing her suck and being fucked by my friends- I was hard as hell, and kinda knew it was wrong, but had to have some of that even if it was my cousin. she was a little hesitant about sucking me, especially as I watched her on my dick. She wasnt a swallower, more a spitter. We had more sessions with her, we all watched porn together, to show her what we like and stuff, she was pretty good at the end of the month, very confident sexually
File: 721300744.jpg (2MB, 1953x3464px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1953x3464px
was she a virgin?
yes she was
who took it? you? fuckin' hot
My step sister (14 at the time, me 20) groped my dick and I was like oh hell no I'm not getting thrown out or worse for fucking my sister
She was a thirsty little slut, maybe one day when she's legal I'll nut in her butt but not yet
Not yet
no, my friends took it i was third
>expanded dong
>on holiday with family
>sister, mom and aunt have been drinking cocktails all morning
>adults go out on some trip
>I'm swimming in the pool
>sister has passed out or fallen asleep by the pool
>she's wearing a very small white bikini
>can see her camel toe
>boner.gif, start cautiously jacking it
>after 10 mins, she hasn't moved a muscle
>get out, go over and poke her on the cheek
>poke her in the ribs
>bikini is the type with the strings at the sides
>give one of them a tug
>she doesn't react at all
>untie other side
>pull front down, find out she has a real nice bush
>harder than I've ever been before, start jacking again
>about to cum, rub dick across her bush
>cum buckets all over it
>put her bikini back in place carefully, tie it up
>act like nothing happened
>she woke up an hour later and then went for a swim and didn't seem to notice
>friend was dating my younger sister 22 and had talked her into a threesomes or moresome
>she agreed too it he tells me , but she doesnt want to know the guys and will wear a sleepmask
>figure why not and tell him i want in, he was like okay!
>at his place, few days later i come over and sitting on the couch is my naked sister with another guy already sucking him
>i am rock hard and take a seat next to her and she starts to stroke me
> she was like ohh nice and started sucking me while other guy got behind her and fucked her
>i didnt last long seeing my little sis suck my dick and holding her head, she swallowed, but continued to suck
>once hard , I was getting behind her and pushing my dick into her, jesus she was tight, but felt so good too
>we all fucked her that night , she has no idea i was one of the guys
why didn't you insist you do it first?

how old were both of you
me 13, her 15
Sounds like a cool story, if it only was true
what color did her bush have, how full was it
thanks mate
was just how it rolled out, i was more watching it unfold, and then was like shit, i gott get in on that- she became rather promiscuous in high-school and college according to the family rumor mill, kinda wonder if it was us that did that to her, or she was slut anyways
dark brown and pretty thick, thicker than I thought it would be
probably a combination of both
pobably , not something her and me talked about
Just a sign that i charge my phone
Thread is kill boys, pack 'er up.
Was fookin great while it lasted, eh?
Just google the rest of that Zoe story, I'm reading it now.
No link? Zoe story is a bit vague lol
Tell me if this works.
Wonderfully! Thanks /b/ro!
>there are more than 5 parts
Who is pic?
Nut-central if your'e into that, honestly I think its very cute.
No problem m8
and she's all the same age throughout? hoo boy
File: IMG_2689.jpg (203KB, 1125x1001px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203KB, 1125x1001px
All these stories sound about white.
Nasty Neanderthals
File: deep links.jpg (29KB, 544x516px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
deep links.jpg
29KB, 544x516px
Huge List of Darknet (TOR/Deep Web)
>>Hidden Websites 2017
I know someone who does that is Wendell the toddler diddler his information is on my thread
File: 1485717452328.jpg (222KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
222KB, 1024x768px
File: victoria-martens.jpg (42KB, 446x451px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 446x451px
I never came so hard from reading a news story.
literotica is great for incest stories, also the kristen archives, and reddit r/incest. for captions there's r/wincest r/dirtyfamilyphotos r/incest_gifs r/gifcest
Wait what?
I'm a girl and I remember once when I was 9 or 10 my brother was 15. I went into my room after a shower. I just got done getting changed when I noticed my bro's phone was on the floor, stood up against my bed with the camera facing me. I picked it up and saw it was recording me the whole time. I stopped it and immediately deleted the video. Neither of us mentioned it and nothing has happened since. I hope it was just a weird accident
That Shit has to be fake somehow.
File: 1473018850182.jpg (98KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 960x720px
Just give him what he wants. You either give up that body of yours willingly, or get raped. Your choice.
File: 1473851653874.jpg (60KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 720x960px

It could be. How many guys in real life want to see their sister naked? He's not inbred and wasn't abused.
mmmmmm what a good girl
Incest/molestation run deep in my family. Atleast as far back as my grand parents. Growing up I didn't know it was wrong to have sec with family members I didn't even really know what sex was or meant, it was just something my family did. Started grandpa and grandma on my parents and aunts and uncle they spread it to thier children then the older cousins to us younger ones and so on. It wasn't till my aunt and uncle went to prison did I understand what we did was wrong.
dude probably hits that like 5 times a day, pussy's wrecked yo
File: fucktoy_2.webm (2MB, 520x688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 520x688px
pastebin com Pt6g5XU9

hit her up
how old are both of you
Ive got tighter oven mitts
Fake and gay.

Found the nigger.
A whole thread and no mention of Columnfag. He may be asleep. Hope he updates his story again soon. I'm about 99% sure I live in the same town he lived in during the story and might even have known him.

i was surprised as well

i'd like to hear more too.

why do you think you lived in the same town?
Sounds about right. She's completely submissive to me.


You must have really tiny hands then
File: 1483495993066.gif (822KB, 600x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
822KB, 600x366px
>do you still have your penis from GF
Because I know a lot of the landmarks and places he mentions.
>you tell me
File: 20170204_011941.png (667KB, 807x1422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
667KB, 807x1422px
My sister used to jerk me off back when we were younger
Stories of how it started?

She won't understand anyway, because Down Syndrome
>me 14 her 15
>watching a movie together when sex scene comes on
>"hey anon, have you had sex yet?"
>me stuttering"w-what no of course not"
>she looks away
> later that week when were going to bed she comes to my room and asks for a favor
>she wants to know how a dick feels like
>always been atrracted to her so i jump at the opportunity to go alomg with this
> i take it out and she just looks at it and touches it
>she then starts to stroke it, she said she saw this in a movie
>dick is diamonds and end up busting all over her shirt
>im embarrassed but she says it's fine
>kisses me on cheek and says goodnight
That's sweet. Was it the only time or did you two carry on for a bit?
He means fat. She was a fat kid.

pick one
File: pototo.gif (1018KB, 300x167px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1018KB, 300x167px
A ctrl+v of another thread I posted in.

Besides the fantasy confession I can safely say ive gotten away with raping my daughter once and other young relatives a few times each.
I would buy one of those large countryside estates and... well drug my wife so she od's on her meds. Collect insurance money to buy said estate. Live just Me and my loving daughter. Slowly weine her away from her friends and make her dependant on me. At a moment of weakness during one of her suicidal episodes I'll take advantage of her and eventually over time; impregnated her. From there I'll repeat the cycle myself with our family and raise our children to revere me as a godlike figure (inb4 father Comstock meets Crossed Family Values) but yeah clock worship is my kink. I'd have our young on their knees just begging for it each clammering for a touch, a taste, a moment to prove their devotion to the new family. (Sons, daughters if they are my own I would happily be bisexual)
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