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Share your secrets

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Share your secrets
i molested my 7 year old male cousin while he was sleeping
i sucked his dick and then came all over him
i swear he liked it
I got kind of forced by a guy to give him a blowjob and ended loving it when he pushed on my head and told me how to do it
>liked it
You fucking moron
>believing anyone on 4chan
>not seeing the joke
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If I were 100% certain of not being caught, and suffering no consequences (maybe overseas.)
I would totally fuck a child prostitute.
Just once to see what the big deal is.
Thanks /b/.. I used to be "normal."
i'm not really good at greentexting shit and im also a lazy fuck
>Posts stupid shit
>Gets mad when someone calls it stupid shit
I'm Batmans asshole third cousin Frank
Do it bitch
In high school I made a ton of money having sex with older guys. Never really had any desire to be with a guy since.

Girl say "give it a shot" but don't.

But everyanon says she really loves me

I've fucked 2 milfs

I lied to 3 girls from okcupid in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks just to fuck them all.

I used to wear my moms bathing suit when I was 7 because it turned me on and drew happy faces with lip stick where the tits should have been but when she found it in her drawer I said I had no idea and she thought my dad had done it (they had been divorced by then and I may have caused some unnecessary tension between them)
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Fucked a friend's teen sister when I was 20.

>Was sleeping at her place because I was too drunk to drive
>Get up to go to the bathroom at about 4am.
>Right as I reach the door this kid comes out, and to be honest she might not even have been a teenager yet, probably 11-13 years old.
>she walks past me, i head into the bathroom
>right as I'm unzipping she just opens the door and comes in, quietly closing the door behind her.
>at this point I'm freaking out, my cock is hanging out and a twelve year old just locked herself in a room with me.
>She didn't even fucking talk, just walks up to me and grabs my cock.
>Almost lose my shit, push her away, she looks like she's gonna cry
>Big brother instincts kick in, really want to help her, give her what she wants
>but she wants to touch my cock
>still a bit drunk, now excited, scared, and horny, stuck in a bathroom with a little girl who's about to cry, with her family within earshot.
>half out of desperate self presevation, half out of arousal, I put my cock in front of her face
>I'm getting sucked off by a little girl
>I end up fucking her pussy and ass, both of which where obviously quite used to that kind of treatment, though I didn't make the connection at the time.
>I have a guilty, crying, intense orgasm inside a 12 year old's ass
>she just silently leaves afterward
>A few months later her dad gets arrested, I find out that he'd been fucking her, basically training her to be his sex slave.
>I was dating her older sister by that point, so the kid stayed with us for a couple months until she eventually moved in with her grandparents
>I spend three months quietly sweating whenever this kid is around me, knowing she could ruin my life with a few words.
I don't think she ever told anyone. It's been a few years now.
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We all have secrets
I'm sure everyone's curious about doing a lot of illegal things but of course no one actually does them

I've done a few.
Maybe I'm wired wrong.. But these things most people wouldn't do. I would if I could.
Killed 3 guys, nobody have a clue that I did it.
broke up a marriage by throwing random pairs of knickers into my downstairs neighbour's washing basket.
Im here scince 2002 didnt tell anyone yet tho
I know I shouldn't, but I lol'd.
Brool Story Co.
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1MB, 2448x3264px

Well.. This copy pasta was mine.
Not the worst thing I've done to a passed out girl.

> be at house party
> tight little blonde is there
> it's a small gathering
> gets down to just four of us
> buddy takes other girl to bedroom
> leaves me with tight little blonde
> she's wasted.. and bored..
> says we can fuck.. but it doesn't mean anything
> we take our pants off and she starts riding me on the couch
> I think she came.. Then just held onto me while I pumped up
> I ask if she's on the pill
> no response..
> lift her head a bit
> passed out
> dick becomes diamonds for some reason
> thrust a bit more and pump my load into her
> decide to pass out too with her on top of me
> wake up to a strange sensation around 4am
> then I realize what woke me up..
> this drunk chick is pissing herself and by extension on me!
> I'm in disbelief.. Pick her up (only 110lbs or so)
> lay her over the arm of the love seat
> come back from wiping myself off to her ass and pussy still bent over the seat
> fuckit.. Technically I rape her from behind at this point
> grab my pants and leave her behind with two deposits of cum in her
Get cornered by the guys in a dark street by the 3 crackheads, pull out my knive, stabbed one in the neck, one in the torso and the last on the back while he was trying to run away. Nobody saw me, no relation with them, cops think of a deal which went wrong.
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still not gay.jpg
105KB, 812x523px

>still not gay
>friendzoned by girl at school
>all she does is fuck random guys she finds on OkC
>Make an OkC
>Take the first gutter bitch I find and shower her with praise
>5'8" 300lbs
>ginger with bleach blond hair
>can't read or spell
>was an escort for a couple years before meeting me
>my friend gets hella jelly
>starts trying to break us up
>decide to get petty and abandon the original plan of making her jealous so I can get the succ
>must make her cry
>tell her how this new girl is so much better than she could have ever been
>burn the bridge
>6 months later I realize that I hate my girlfriend
>3 years later my friend contacts me and tries to break us up again.
>string her along
>find out that she's into watersports and scat
as am I
>fall for her all over again
>still decide to go ghost just to be petty
>about 2 months later
>still trying to break up with my obeast GF
>been creeping my friends social media this whole time
>during the relationship I got up to about 310lbs
>recently got a new job, more active
>lost 50lbs in 6 months
>Also changed my relationship status to single
>had 2 girls from work ask to hang out after work at their place
>a couple girls from my old work have seen the drama unfold online
>they invite me out to drinks all the time.
>a girl I was friends with in highschool just went on vacation with her boyfriend to costa rico
>caught him cheating with some girl and broke up with him on the spot and flew back home
>All these girls wanna lick the icecream

>social anxiety
>low self esteem
>I never acknolegde their advances
>just stay on 4chan
I choked a hooker to death in Budapest Hungary over 20 years ago. I was there for a sport tournament. Let me know if you want details
hey, had to get rid of those trophy panties eventually

communal laundries were the best thing about unit complexes.

Sounds like a waste of good pussy.
Go on..
I think anyone would give this a shot with a 100% chance of no consequences

Obviously there's no such thing as that though
File: quintet.jpg (12KB, 286x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nah, sounds pretty boring tbh

just fly to bankcok or brazil or wherethefuckever
All she does now is post videos of her being a fucking pig and I love it so much. I need her succ

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this lil cutie is my neighbors youngest and prettiest daughter.
she comes from a very very poor family, my neighbor is a fuck up, she drinks a lot and all the money he earns goes to booze, his wife must work two lame-payed jobs just to get the house running, so the girls (3 of them) are left on their own.
they go to school whenever they want, they do whatever they want, they don't have any authority in life.
the youngest one caught my attention when she was at my place several times to play with my puppies that i was giving away for free.
since then i called her to come and play with them whenever i saw her passing by.
i was always there for her, we talked, played, joking around and jokes where usually with sexual innuendo.
i noticed she liked that like every girl her age, and that was the point.
after some time she started opening to me, how she lives hard and they don't have the money.
so i started giving her money like a gesture, very small ammounts so she can't say no if i am very pushy.
after some time i started buying her some stuff.
clothes, some things for school, so we became a very good friends but she always kept it low cuz i am 39 which is just two years younger than her father.
she started coming to my place more often and since she hit the puberty i was the one supporting her to embrace the bad girl inside she was.
i bought some booze several times,and told her that we can do this whenever she wants but only two of us alone, cuz that way she will be more up in front of the kids her age.
i bought her cigs she started smoking. i am a smoker to so we just sat there, drank some beer and smoked a whole pack for the night.
it was the coolest thing for her.
and every time she was a little drunk i was able to turn the party on the playing and fun side.
so we would tickle, wrestle and do stuff like that, where i could touch her and feel her body.
after several times she noticed what i was doing but played along..........
Sounds like she's not a malicious person, was just living with the ways her abuse fucked up her sexuality. Doubt she ever has intent to hurt you over it. Hell, just guessing here, but maybe coming to you was her way of wanting to experience all that sexuality with someone she didn't hate and that didn't rape her.
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Seen this pasta before.

This is almost allll pasta.

I know her. She goes to my school.
Then add something original, spergtard.
She went to my school too
I purposely fart in boys faces while being ate out and it turns me on
I may or may not be a rogue sourceror.
>mid 90's I'm in Hungary for martial arts tournament
>do better than expected
>celebrate at local club called "hully gully" or something like that
>realize 1/2 the place is dance club bar/ 1/2 the place is a brothel.
>decide to fuck a sexy young blonde around my age at the time
>she likes me, loves that I'm American
>tell her I want her to come to Americ with me
>she agrees to meet me back at my hotel after she gets off
>knocks on my door at hotel
>we fuck again she demands money
> I get angry tell her to leave
>she hits me says she's going to tell everyone I'm with a hooker
>I get her in rear naked choke... planning to leave her unconscious since my plane leaves in the morning
>squeeze a little too hard. RIP
>freaking out. Do what!? Don't want to live the rest of my life in some Hungarian prison
>stuff her in suitcase
>wait till everyone is loading in the van to leave for the airport
>throw suitcase in dumpster I remember seeing a few streets down from hotel
>get in van praying to leave Hungary forever
>board plane praying as we take off
>land in America. Safe
>never have spoken about it since and since this is b nobody will take it serious and I'm safe "it's just be I made it up excuse if anyone asks"
>have wife & kids nobody knows
> my secret dies on b
Jokes on you it turns me on too
first letters of her name?
Same as always. I want to see my wife coerced or blackmailed in to doing more and more depraved sexual acts that I secretly dictate until she's broken down in to being nothing more than a cum loving slut.

Hope you're behind 7 proxies.

/b/ literally reports cp and murder to the authorities based on IP address

>true story

> threatens martial artist
> gets rip'd accidentally

Stupid situation but hardly manslaughter, let alone murder.
Ya right.
What about all the false cp bans?

Mods once banned a user who posted a 32yo model that looked underage

Involuntary Manslaughter
I don't get it.

This girl gives mixed signals, and hints towards days that shes free so we can do something. But she never fucking agrees to a day. Either says she's busy, but we should, or just out right ignores it.

Nervous? Insecure due to loose skin (She visibly has some)? or what?
Uhm... Ask her?
>Girl I knew from high school, we'd meet up once every couple months to fuck.
>Hadn't seen her in a while but she calls me up one day, says she's horny.
>Comes over, we hang out, start fucking.
>Good sex, even for her. She's really into it, riding me like crazy.
>Get done, pull out, look down. Blood everywhere
>She starts having a fucking panic attack, hyperventilating.
>Won't tell me what's going on
>I'm freaking the fuck out.
>Finally tells me she'd found out the week before she was pregnant.
>Calls her doctor, sounds like a miscarriage, not shit they can do to stop it.
>Go to ER if you need to.
>This girl ends up staying with me all weekend while she miscarries
>I just wanted some pussy.
True. My big concern is that I could lose her as a friend if it turns out that she isn't interested in me.

And the face that we see each other in person makes it a bit more annoying
I'm in a similar situation.
Just keep trying to make plans and give it time.
Wasp what the other guy said and talk to her.
I know it can be hard sometimes because you're scared you'll be to forward and potentially ruin your current relationship, but talking is the best thing you can do.
This chick wanted a kid, but didn't want it with the guy she's with. Crazy sexually. Choked her unconscious with her used thong, slapping, rape play. Asked me to finish inside her for awhile. Currently has a 3 month old and tells the other guy it's his.
Yea. I get that. And I need to just get past the idea of ruining our friendship if she isn't interested. Chances are that there would be no change with her anyway.

Eh, again would be easier if I still saw her inperson. Now it is only via text.
M or f?
Yeah that sucks.
I always make sure if I have something important to say or talk about I do it in person.
Your best bet would be to keep trying to hang out together.
Offer to buy her dinner or something, she might be more inclined if you offer to pay.
Asking her why she always cancels is pretty harmless, if she has some cognitive function she won't take it as "ay gurl, u want sum fuk?"

>then JAM IT IN!!!11
I've slept with one of my cousins, and exchanged nudes with another. Currently social engineering the ideation in my half sisters mind that it's ok to send me nudes and want to sleep with me.
I've got a similar thing going on.

She gave me her number so we could set up a date, but every time I text her she ignores or makes up an excuse.

At this point I just want to know what the point of giving me her number was...
My wife loves to call me papa and have me call her a good little girl, but gets weirded out by girls who call their guy 'daddy'

Also she's cool with me roleplaying with her being any age (Usually 8) but gets weirded out if I fantasize about any other young girl.
>Offer to buy her dinner or something, she might be more inclined if you offer to pay.

Tried that. No luck, no reply.

And yea, I usually try to do it in person, but our scheduled just don't like up.

I suppose I can just text her normally, maybe back off a little and see what happens. Maybe try and get a little closer with her and judge from there?

The girl in my case agreed to get lunch (which we did) and we sorta remained odd friends.

We could talk for hours on end easily, but she always finds a way to not commit to a day to do something. but always seems wanting to. (When she replies that is)
That's hot. My boyfriend isn't into ageplay and it kills me because it's one of my main kinks
My female cousin and I both lost our virginities when we were kids, since then, we've had a secret relationship that lasted for years.

Now, the two of us are fully grown adults and ocasionally see each other on holydays to have sex.
A few weeks ago, she told me she's 2 months pregnant and its probably mine, what do /b/?
"I strangled bigfoot when I was on vacation with Godzilla in Thailand and I stuffed him in a suitcase... that was like 20 years ago completely got away with it hahaha
we're on B morons ask this shit on advice "Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
>she always finds a way to not commit to a day to do something. but always seems wanting to. (When she replies that is)

Guys tell me that means they aren't interested and you just move on.

I've had a couple girls tell me that the girl might just be nervous.

I just hate the shit where they act interested after acting the opposite way :(
Oh no! You mean I didn't impress you? I hope you didn't cry over it.

Move the fuck on, dumbass.
Are you into age play, or some other roleplay?
You're just saying that cause you don't wanna post boobs. Post boobs anonnette, you know you wanna.
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462KB, 946x946px
I'm glad my ex miscarried.
I hate kids and didn't want one.
dont be mad no one liked your made-up story
Ageplay, incest, and rapeplay
File: 1309603006778.jpg (9KB, 200x217px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 200x217px
>My female cousin and I

You do know there are dedicated forums which carters to your made up bullshit, yes?
My friend was in a similar situation to us, and the girl actually reached out to him and set something up. Which she actually followed through with

So the girls might be nervous. (In my case there is still loose skin. Which could compound onto the general nervousness?)
File: Thumbs Up.gif (2MB, 320x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Thumbs Up.gif
2MB, 320x180px
File: 1484156788054.gif (699KB, 248x193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mid 20's male
>went dark for a year because mindbreak
>decide to return to psn to play blops 2 zombies
>went full autist and made friends with kids around 16 and under
>everything was safe and casual
>whoops that girl is starting to headset sex me randomly with moans
>can't tell if 16 or 13
>get off once and ask to cam with no nudity
>she has a younger sister and immediately she flashes her as
i blocked her the same night after the call ended.
a year later i got in touch to say i've been busy nothing personal kid. it's weird but the next day my ps3 got the ylod (yellow light of death) so even if i wanted to i couldn't contact her.
an omen.
Sounds like you're a little-one after my own heart
I fucked you mom
I raped a girl in mexico and got away with it
Enjoy your herpes.
I'm a meme stealer.
I'm probably going to get married this year anon </3
She wasnt Mexican. She was a tourist

Interesting point of view.. Maybe.
Then wish me luck finding somebody to join us.
File: knockedout.jpg (160KB, 918x677px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 918x677px
Ah. So..... Aids.
tfw i actually began caring more for this story as soon as you say shes a tourist
Good luck!
Mexican girls are the best
>i fucked you mom

I think your mom already knows.
Greentext that kinky shit
File: 1391683279105.gif (650KB, 499x699px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
650KB, 499x699px
ba dum tss
left my wife and daughter when she was just a baby. i couldn't handle the pressure of being a father and i never loved that woman.
i married her just because she got pregnant
i was into a big game, and made a lot of money using scams.
i was always on the other side of the law, and over years i became a big shot.
i mean... not big shot like you see in movies but, comparing with my past life, i got a lot of money and good cars, apartment, clothes..... and obviously that made me kinda popular and not a trash like i was before.
after 17 years i was in a city where my daughter was born, i had some stuff to do and i was curious, so i did go to see how they are doing. i was in that neighborhood for some time until i saw my wife and a prettiest girl ever coming outside the house with her.
my daughter was a hot and sexy bitch exactly the type i like.
so after some time i started getting info, how old was she, where she goes out and made sure she notices me as a new guy in town with a lot of money who likes to spend it on hot bitches in clubs.
lucky me it was easier than i thought since my daughter grew up into gold digger so after some time, i started hitting on her and in the end i started taking her as my escort and fucking her.
i was her sugar daddy literally
I cum in my moms coffee everyday. Watching her drink it makes me cum so hard
File: 1446063945455.jpg (1021KB, 1520x2688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1021KB, 1520x2688px
> small gathering at my place
> lots of booze
> eventually just four left
> tiny jailbait, coke dealer, beta clinger, myself
> jailbait is passed out drunk on the bed
> five foot zero.. 90lbs.. About 14 or 15
> all drunk.. Start posing her for funny pics
> start undressing her.. Not a joke anymore
> she's naked from the top down on her back with her head hanging off the bed
> coke dealer unzips and sticks it in her mouth
> I stick my hand in her pants and feel around
> beta male "uh.. I'm gonna just get going guys"
> hell no bitch.. You're in this too so you'll keep your mouth shut.
> we force him to fuck her mouth too
> meanwhile we pull her pants off
> all three of us stayed dressed..
> but took turns violating her
> beta actually came on the floor after a while in her mouth.. Retard
> dealer fucked her pussy and blew on her non-existent chest
> I fucked her pussy for a bit and played just-the-tip with her ass
> came all over that tiny pussy and ass.. Rubbed it in a little
> cleaned her up.. Dressed her.. Swore secrecy
> she never hung out with us again.. And we drifted apart too
> see each other in public sometimes.. Always that "I remember" stare
Cool story, /b/ro
End yourself
Me and a buddy trade creepshots of our daughters. We'll get together and smell their dirty panties and JO.
I want to have a black gf. I'm a white male.
Bullshit detected
>when I was 20 I pretended to be 16 and seduced my photography teacher
>I had taken photography like 2 times before at a different school,
>liked photography but liked skipping school more
>at this new school I had got my act together
>she liked that I was "more mature" than the rest of the class
>our class goes on a trip to the movies because our class was studying jaws and it was re-released at the local theatre
>I was being a smart ass on the bus ride there so she told me to sit next to her in the theatre
>She was the only one with popcorn so grabbed a handful and she yanked the bag away and held it on the opposite side
> a while later I put my arm around her and grabbed another handful and she put the bag back in her lap
>so I took a sip of her drink and it was CLEARLY WINE
>then she says to me that after this we're gonna have a little talk
I nervously say about what? thinking that I'm about to get in shit for real
>I put my hand back in the popcorn bag and it's basically empty.
>grab a couple kernals and rub them against the bottom of the bag to get them all buttery
>as I pull my hand out she grabs my wrist and forces it back into the bag
>weirded out I yank my arm back and toss the last of the popcorn in my mouth
>she then grabs my hand and licks my fingers before putting my hand in her lap
>I grope and rub her through her pants and she squirmed around for most of the movie
>Movie was over and kids RAN home like the mall was on fire
>She asks if I want a ride home which is strange because we took public transit there
>walk out into the parking lot and she has a shitty 91 honda civic hatch
>we drive all the way to her place
>tiny apartment, very bachelorette frog
>kicks off her pants and drops her shit wherever
>she pours the cup from the movie theatre into 2 glasses that were sitting ready
>we drink and watch lord of the rings for some reason
>She gets up and goes to the bathroom and comes back in a bra
>straddles me on the couch and whips her titties out
Lying sack of shit
I'm trans and want to quit my job but can't because no one will hire me (because I live in conservativeville). I might need to actually cash in on still having a dick
>start sucking like I need an A+
>She asked if I was a virgin I slipped up and said no
>then she asks if I'm lying so I just said yeah
>she starts giving me an anatomy lesson on her vagina
>she shows me where the g spot is and I fingerblast her till she squirts white wine all over the livingroom
>she wasn't my first but she was one of my firsts so I sucked at actual PIV
>she ended up sucking me off
>we went on a few other dates after that
>most photography based, all of it was film and I never saw it being developed.
>one time we "ran out of time for presentations"
>asks me to stay late
>we put paper up on the window to the class and she talked me through doggy style
>it ended when i was at the liquor store one day and didn't see her behind me
>she found out that I had lied to her and she was super upset
>she offered me a ride home and just screamed in my face the whole way about how I can't be trusted she was hurt
>I stupidly said that if she fucks with my grades that I'm telling the principal and she started to ugly cry and kicked me out the car like halfway to my house
share more
>this was on friday and we had a PA day on monday and a supply teacher on tuesday
>when I walked in on wednesday and sae the supply teacher I immediately went to her place
>showed up at 10am and rang the doorbell no answer. called her cellphone and I could hear it ringing.
>opened the door and the whole place was trashed like a party just went down
>She was dressed in christmas pjs layng on the couch
>the cup from the movies was sitting on the floor next to her overflowed with puke
>she was drenched in sweat and just looked like hell.
>I threw the curtains open and shot her in the face with my water bottle
>She sat up really quick, put her head between her knees and puked all over the floor
>she started crying hysterically and seeing her in that state after falling for her made me cry too
>I dragged her into the bathroom and there was puke all over everything so I stripped her down and put her in the tub with the water on until she calmed down
>mopped her floor and threw all of the garbage into bags
>by the time I was done she was getting dressed and we went out for lunch
>during lunch we spoke about her drinking problem and how her mom and dad drank all the time and dad would get drunk and molest her
She apologised for molesting me and thanked me for checking on her but at the same time broke up with me for real
>like a day before my birthday
>but school was ending and I was graduating so we basically tapered off contact
>I graduated 10 years ago and I think about her every fucking day
My secret is... I know these kinds of thread are begun by the FBI.
cool, i love this idea
bullshit...it would just float on the top and not dissolve, no chance she wouldnt see it
i litteraly want to kill my dog.
File: 1474037574163.jpg (317KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317KB, 900x1200px

> thinks he's a living polygraph

Thanks for the lulz mate
have kik? add jonaismyname. would love to trade
I keep having this fantasy about going to a dog park and wearing a short-ish skirt with no panties. I want to sit on a bench and just like read or mess around on my phone or something until someone's dog comes up and starts to investigate my crotch.
I would just let it happen and hopefully one of the dogs would eventually start to lick me, so I'd spread my legs wider for it. Hopefully the owner would notice and would be totally into it, so I could go home with them and the dog and him could have their way with me.
If you stir it well enough it's fine.
Me too, but I don't think it will ever happen. I think it would have to be a situation where she got blackout drunk and filmed having sex. Because if I gave pics of her out, she'd know I was in on it.
>thinks polygraphs work
So you were 21 and still in high school and pretending to be underage? Even if this were true, why the hell wouldn't you be trying to fuck teenage girls instead of teachers?
have kik?
Yeah, but I have a bf who would be totally grossed out by this if he found it out. So I need to remain anon.
>still thinks polygraphs are accurate.

You still watching CSI Grandpa?
add jonaismyname and lets chat
Once had a friend who got banned for cp, all he was doing was POSTING movie titles with the words ch*** p*** somewhere in the title. Nothing ever hwppened
False CP bans happen every hour here, it's fucking stupid
My secret is that 99.999999% of the time these secrets threads are filled with some faggot ass gay shit, incest, pedo, or just straight up retarded bullshit and yet for some reason I always give them the benefit of the doubt and think "maybe this one will at least have competent lies that don't lead back to fucking kids or their cousins or the most idiotic shit ever typed on the internet"
and every single fucking time
I am let down
I sincerely hope every one of you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and just as they develop a new miracle cure for it, you all die of dysentery.
Best time to start is now.
>Good man.
I fantasize about letting insanity take over me and feeling what it is like to torture someone
File: 20161218_130218.jpg (862KB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
862KB, 3264x2448px
I want my girl fucked by a couple guys with big cocks in front of me who is doing it?
See >>721253096
Finding someone who's morally corrupt enough to make it happen (and not some whitenkight faggot), and is in the area, is nearly impossible.
I have a girlfriend of 3 years, live together, love her, everything's great.

For the past year I've been fucking the living shit out of a 19 y/o (i'm 27) neighbour and a 45 y/o coworker (and letting her husband suck me as well as we watch him together and smoke)
This week I got some new side pussy from a lesbro classmate who was craving some one-time-dick.

Sometimes I feel like the shittiest person on earth, most of the time my cock is so deep inside prime pussy that I dont mind at all.

I've written this before. It's nice once in a while lettin it out, mainly knowing no one here cares, or believes.

>pic related, lesbro.
I work at gynecologist's
I smear your bitch's pap with my nut
fuck you
I think I am god but I dont want to be.
I feel you dawg
File: 1386354073536s.jpg (2KB, 113x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 113x125px
I used to masturbate onto birds at a local park. Not a thing that I'm particularly proud of but I became quite good at it. I was taking zinc supplements so I was shooting massive loads and it became something of a sport to me. For anyone interested here is your best strategy. first, you need to find an isolated spot so you don't become a sex offender. I found a short kind of channel area where I saw the pigeons would congregate. Next, you arouse yourself. I was usually content with envisioning the occasional jogging lady coming over and taking a shit on my chest and that was enough to fuel the fire but if you're not as sexually charged as me just take some porn on the go. After you're good an horny, you get some bread. My pigeons preferred white bread but healthier birds might have a taste for honey wheat or maybe even multigrain. Fat, unhealthy birds are slower and easier to hit so remember that. Once you are seated on the bench and ready to do the deed, whip your roosevelt out and scatter bread out within a few feet of you. use your judgement based on how far you know you can cum. I was a lonely and depraved soul who could hit targets the size of a thimble at distances up to 4 feet. You wait for the pigeons to begin eating and to get comfortable with your presence. At this point, you want to coo gently and talk sensually to them to gain their trust. Now you're finally ready to cum on your bird. This is a tough part because the rapid motion of masturbation is very frightening to the birds, so you have to be subtle. Once you master a technique, you simply wind it up and let it go, aiming depending on your past cumming experiences. I always came high so I would aim for the neck of the bird and catch it right in the face. It's an extremely satisfying and erotic feeling, seeing those birds reel around covered in cum and maybe even transporting it to other places in the city.
i poop naked
what the actual fuck
Please be real

In undergrad I fucked a high school senior that I met in yahoo chat. She said she was on the pill. Ended up pregnant. I immediately blocked her. She didn't even know my real name. Who knows if I have a kid.

I fucked a mexican chick that was in my city learning english. Wound up pregnant. Said she has only been with me since coming here. Said she didn't think she wanted to keep it. Ended up trying to keep it. Miscarried. Bullet dodged.

Had an affair with a married middle eastern chick. We used the rhythm method. She wound up pregnant and had an abortion.

Fuck. I'm a piece of trash.

Well played best way to sort out the scum.

Had a similar experience. I live in the sticks, prick broke into my house. Must have heard me upstairs and he ran out so I grabbed my bow and gave chase Was evening, so I took a shot at him in the poor light to disable. Arrow went into his thigh and the wretch bled out. Just stood there and watched, it felt good. Ain't nobody gonna find him where he is buried.
Dude stop getting chicks pregnant damn

You're one fertile mother fucker.
Good luck anon. Sounds hot.
thanks fbi. you do a wonderful job of cleaning up the board. /s
File: fknjanitor.jpg (20KB, 302x76px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> tldr a group of friends and I inadvertently left a girl who was a a friend of a friend behind at a party to have a train ran on her while she was wasted

Myself and 2 other friends showed up at a party of a mutual friend to get trashed. People were coming and going. Both friends and strangers but was an otherwise chill party where everyone was smoking and getting drunk of course. College town, of course, so my friend who was the owner of the the apartment also invited the upstairs neighbors and stuff. Eventually an old high school buddy shows up with his late 20's roomate who brings his early 30s milfy blonde friend. We're all introduced only briefly and the party goes on.

Eventually it's about 3am and most everyone has cleared out except for a few people including the ones I came to the party with. High school buddy and his roommate had left also but left behind their milfy friend who wanted to keep on drinking and partying. Didnt think much of it.

Eventually we start to head out too because it's been a long fucking night and we're tired as hell too. As we are walking towards the car, we here someone yell "Hey are you leaving" turn around and see milfy chick yelling to us from the 2nd floor patio area. Turn's out she went upstairs to the apartment of some of the guys who were at the party and was gona smoke weed. I say " Yeah were heading home, everyones cleared out" something like that. She goes "aww don't leave" like she wants us to stay. Buddy asks her if she wants a ride but she doesn't say anything. Whatevs.jpg.

We get in the car go home. End of night

weekend later we stop by high school buddys house and his roomate tells me that milfy friend passed out from being crossfaded and 4-5 guys ran a train on her while she was passing out.

Didn't lose sleep over it or anything cause it was her friend who decided to leave her behind and she obvi made some decisions. Still fucked up tho
sometimes i bump threads
My daughter is in her early 20's and is married with children. But we've been playing the "hooker game" ever since she was in her mid teens. Basically, I pretend to be her "John" and she pretends to be a woman of the night.

It started one evening years after my divorce with her slut of a mom when she asked me for more money than her usual allowance, so I told her she would have to basically "do more around the house" to earn it. Well, she's basically useless, and she and I both know it. But she's always had a perfect body, namely her ass. So I halfway jokingly told her if she was going to get ahead in life that she's either going to have to use her body or her brains.

She always wants the easy way out, so guess which one she chose? Anyway, we got into a sort of argument over why I wasn't going to just give her extra money that she knew I had. And I told her that I don't just hand money to women unless they serve me professionally or sexually. I guess she took that as a hint, because she began to walk around in nothing but her undies or just a towel straight out the shower. Like a homeless kitten, she would cuddle up next to me to try to seduce me for my wares.

One day, I couldn't help it. I gave in. We've been playing the hooker game ever since, even now after she's been married.
I have been with a trap. She/he was quite cute too. It wasn't as good as I was expecting tbh. Traps are still male, they're not soft and they don't smell good like girls do. if you're not used to the male musk and expecting traps to be girls with dicks then you're going to have a bad time. if you're just turned on by feminine features and have had gay experiences before, then traps are probably not going to be that hard to date. however, another problem with traps is that its an illusion, those feminine features will fade with time and unless they take drastic measures to try to retain those at the cost of overall health, then you'll eventually just end up with a cute bf.
Bravo, anon.
I work in IT. Whenever I fix someone's computer or phone or take a manual backup other stuff, if I have a chance I'll go through it looking for either nudie pics or pics if their kids or even hopefully nudie pics of their kids. Haven't found any of the latter yet though.
who's nudes have you found?
I used to do this with my ex. I loved eating her out afterwards and fucking her cum filled pussy. I wish my wife was into it, but she's expressed zero interest every time I have brought it up.
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