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Feels thread, help me feel /b

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread, help me feel /b
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My gf just recently killed her self and my family laughs about it and laughs at my grief. Not sure whether to kill myself or not.
What the hell is wrong with your family?
Idk they just never liked her to begin with no reason, plus they're a shit abusive family anyway, I try my best to part away from them.
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What's up OP, I'll bump to help keep thread alive
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>21 years old, successful business owner, leasing 3br house with just my gf, sweet motorcycle, love life, feel like every mistake ever made was worth it to be reach this point

>25yo, NEET, no money, alone sad and angry, hard reset would be to hard on mom so I'm joining the army for a soft reset on this turd of a life
No friends left. Boyfriend wants to leave me, I have no job anymore or car, never been kissed, and of course a virgin.
I want to off myself so badly but I know when I wake up tomorrow its all going to be gone before I slowly sink back into loneliness and depression.
How's everyone else night going(
28, no job no friends and in a relationship with a girl who has borderline personality disorder. I'm back at my parents place and I spend all of my time away from them mostly. I avoid family as much as possible and spend a lot of my time alone except for the few occasions that I go out to spend time with my lady.

I don't know what's wrong with me but people always make me feel rather stupid and I'd just rather avoid them and spend time alone because it doesn't really make me feel comfortable knowing that I lack any sort of skill set or talent to truly be good at anything. I'm socially awkward and that makes things worse in regard that conversations die out quickly or I repeat myself a lot in similar situations over and over. I don't know, I'm just a dumbass and I have no place. I have a plastic bag and a rubber band I've been pondering on using daily as the thought of being useless and left behind in the pace of things has become such a terribly difficult burden to carry anymore.
I'm not bad, nice dubs btw.
How old are you?
How do you have a boyfriend still stay a kiss-less virgin?
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>Good Trips Man
19. I know it gets better. Life is just complete shit to me right now. And thanks.

He's an extremely timid person. Doesnt feel comfortable at all with anything past holding hands, anything else he'll get his way out of. I love him anyway but apparently he no longer loves me.
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one more before sleep
My grandma just died probably the only woman I've ever felt love & respect for shits kinda sad
Life dragging on, way too slow.
But Im relaxing watching We Bare Bears, so maybe things arent so bad for me.
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Yeah, you're right. It is going to get better, and if you stick through it, get rid of his loser ass, and raise your self esteem a bit you'll be just fine. Don't worry Anon, shit could always be worse.
smoke weed. take psychedelics. try to figure out what life is really about.
True. Could have no house or family.
Well it seems like he's ditching me soon anyway, and my self confidence is alright, atleast I like to think I look alright.
Thanks anon. It feels really good to talk to someone again. I really appreciate it.
That gif though, that was pretty cute.
are you huffing model glue too?
I smoke weed constantly, let me tell you I havent found shit, if I did I dont remember it.
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Yeah, if you're ever feeling down throw down a /b/awww thread. We're family after all.
I'm good with this one right now. I just hope it stays up, I noticed they dont stay up that long this late, I'd be nice to keep chatting, how's your life anon?
Honestly, I just met my girlfriend I've been dating for two years. I live in the US and she's in NZ, so my life is more than amazing.
hm. maybe you need better weed.

try psychedelics at least they are fantastic.
Dude, so lucky. I'd love to meet online friends let alone a partner.
Thats fantastic to hear. Hope you two have a really lovely long relationship.
Ive had both strains, edibles, used kief, and Id like to try psyc's but theyre harder to come by for me.
Ive gotten a good 8/10 high but again never had a revelation. Only bursts of idea's. Any recommendations?
Thanks, it's been a crazy ride being so far and I'm glad I've stuck around for this long. So keep your eyes open for opportunities. Shit happens in the weirdest ways anon.
I had a suedo online relationship at one point, we found eachother through 4chan stupidly enough. We dont talk as much anymore, but I fully see what you mean.
Stupid life.
I always liked 2CB. Had some of the best times of my life on that stuff.

Otherwise LSD is a great choice. Or NBOMEs are really cheap and are totally legit trips. I did them loads and I haven't even died once.
Yeah, I get that too. Online shit can be so fuckin' weird. But I mean with all things, jobs, cars, friends/more.
Weird and amazing things can find you if you keep a look out. I hope that you're able to find someone who treats you right. Everyone deserves that in their lives.
I'll look around. Im going to see how shatter and dabs treat me first before psyc's just to be sure. Ill keep 2CB in mind. LSD is just an obvious one I dont think I would forget. Maybe I'll get a life changing vision.
>tfw 19 and in the same situation
I like to listen to these songs when I'm feeling blue. Give it a listen, anons.
Thanks anon. I hope I can too.
I'll be keeping myself out there. Trying to take everything in instead of out.
Online shit man. So hard to maintain sometimes.

I have a bike to help me out, so thats an upside.
And one or two friends online I think care about me.
I think we under appreciate the snowballing our heads can do sometimes to life our spirits too. Tried to think about some good things and started to really appreciate the good.

Hey there other anon. Sorry youre in the same situation. I'm up to talk with you, if youd like?
>My grandma just died probably the only woman I've ever felt love & respect for shits kinda sad

Mine's gonna die soon. She only said 5 words yesterday, she's unresponsive as fuck and only gets out of bed to poop. Even then I have to help her get to the toilet. Her limbs are like jello.

Cancer is such a bitch.
Sorry to hear that anon
>Had no friends all my life
>Consider suicide often
>Tried working but got fired and not enough experience
>Volunteer at a hospital to cope with being isolated
>Have no skills
>Spend most days trying to enjoy vidya but it's too boring
>literally been playing vidya my whole life as my only hobby
>no money for school
>looked for work for a few months but nobody even considered helping
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That's good, hopefully the rest of your day/night is a little bit better than it was when you first came into the thread.
I've noticed a lot of people get so caught up in what they're doing, what goal they're trying to work towards next. Whether it's their next bill, their next grade, their next promotion. That they don't ever take a step back. Life goes so quickly some times it's good to stop and smell the roses.
Evaluate your situations. Otherwise you'll end up wanting to be dead. I used to be there. It's not a good place.
So keep your head up, and your eyes open.
Maybe if you werent such a faggy shit poster she would not have gotten dank cancer?

Thanks for the negativity in a feels thread. Fuck off
It is, quite certainly is and I have you to thank for that anon. You really helped me take a step back and just breathe and realize everything really just isnt that bad.
Thank you anon. Really, thank you.
I'm doing okay with it honestly. I didn't cry over it yesterday. But as she gets worse it gets harder to stay strong.

Thanks for the support
>Invite over family
>Feed them laxatives
>Right After that call them All heartless cunts and kick them out
>Hope laxatives kick in before they get home
>Your family will never contact you again
>Also for the lulz
Where to start...
>living in constant fear and anxiety
>former best friend is now a cokehead and wants to kill me because he says I fucked her girlfriend, who's also a coke addict
>I never even spoke to that bitch
>ex-girlfriend is totally fucking crazy and she is a time-bomb
>I don't know if she is going to show up someday, and try to do something to sabotage my current relationship
>dating the most beautiful girl in the world, we also have regular anal sex
>everything is perfect
>now she probably has to move away
>family falling apart
>feel really sorry for my brother and my mother, father is a cunt
>fucked a slut over the past two years and spent hundreds of thousands on her
>brother wears glasses
>feel guilty and sorry all the time

So, how can we help you, anon?
That's good to hear. Now go kick some ass and take some names. I need to go pass out now.
Sleep tight anon.
Have a good sleep, and hey. Hope the GF is doing fantastic
I hate my family for keeping me alive
Calm down. Go troll somewhere else.
Does anyone know what they are even doing with their lives. I just got out of the military and started school. I'm about to be 23 and I still don't know what I want from life. Like I'm lost. I hate the thought of being in a office for 8 hours a day wasting my life away. Must be the millennial in me but idk I just want to move to Hawaii and live on the beach. Fuck..
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Well /b/ I'm a stupid edgy faggot who can't get a job since I had to move, I spend all day either on 4chan or cutting myself, I can't even be assed to play video games and today my family finally snapped and told me how much of a disappointment I am.

I feel like trash.
you are not the one who should fell like trash

i fucking hate all these people who are seeing you standing at the Abyss and still pushing you
I do nothing but live off their money and my two other siblings went out and accomplished stuff. It's just me who's a fuck up so there's only one good reason for that.
I've always enjoyed solitude but now i'm starting to feel lonely. I'd like a wife or girlfriend and i'm sure I can find one but I don't think I have the strength to constantly maintain a relationship without feeling traped or obligated to entertain her.

I'm tired of porn, in fact these days it disgusts and annoys me as its seems a never ending cycle.

These days i'm also more aware of my mortality than I have ever been.
Go for an interesting career, like medicine or something unpredictable
you dont need a reason to fuck up
you need help to get back on your feet thats all but this is what they are doing if they kill the last bit desire to live.
Does he lurk? If he does, that's a perfect illustration that even though 4chanfags always complain that they can't get a gf, they can'do anything if they get one.
Dont die thread.
Nah he stopped browsing a while ago. He also never browsed feels threads.
But thats true, he was quite a bit of big talk before we fully met eachother.
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