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> Work Stories Costumers Suck Edition

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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> Work Stories
Costumers Suck Edition
It's your attitude that sucks
>>Bitches love their coupons
>>Total comes to $104
>>She can't handle the notion of a $2 coupon not working
Either you drank the Kool aid or you've never been in customer service. Ever try to calm down an upset black woman?
Not a specific story, but when those shitty cuntstomers throw their money on the conveyor. I fucking hate that.

I just got home from work at a DQ about thirty minutes ago... We had a customer come thru the Drive Thru, order a few ice cream things, including a small hot fudge sundae. He then asked, and I quote, "Is the hot fudge warm?" Thank God I wasn't actually taking the order because I couldn't stop laughing for almost two minutes. What's next? "Is your ice cream cold?" "Are your ice cubs frozen?"

I actually had one dumbass ask if our ice cream was a dairy product. At a Dairy Queen.

The stupid ones I can laugh at just barely cancel out the bitchy ones I hate.
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Worked at the Apple Store in the Genius Bar.
Customer restores their iphone and fucks it up majorly.
Theyre also out of warranty.
Try to restore the iphone and it fails, so hes essentially left with an expensive paper weight.
He also has his ten year old son with him
I ask if theres anything else I can help him with, which triggers him.
He then proceeds to smash his iphone to bits in front of me and throw it behind the Genius bar.
Is it too much trouble for the costumer to actually hand me the money instead of throwing it on the counter?
Apparently it is.
>work in grocery store
>customer asks me for a full case of mineral water
>I dig the bitch out from the bottom of the stack and take it out to the floor
>dudes almost to the front of the store walking away
>I hustle as best as I can with the box
>"Here's your case sir"
>"Oh, I thought it was cheaper so I don't want it anymore"

This asshole was just gonna leave the store with me hanging. No decency to tell me he didn't want it. Thank god I don't work in grocery anymore
> My store sells Yeti's. You know, the over priced colsters
> Get a phone call to my department
Costumer ask if we have the 20 oz Ramblers
> I say No, but we do have the 30 oz Ramblers in stock.
Is that bigger?
> ........
> Yes, the 30 oz is bigger than the 20 oz
costumer hangs up
>1 minute to close
>guy comes in
>"y'all still open?"
>"we close one minute"
>"cool" he says and his 4 buddies enter the store and Fuck with all the inventory
>working at sears
>doing my rounds, cleaning up the clothes from the changing rooms
>some 350 pound dude leaves the one in the levi section
>was putting away pants so I don't get to the room right away
>head there like 20 minutes later after helping a customer
>enter room, just see a bunch of panties from the kids section just completely covered in cum
>lock the changing room, nope out of there
>ask manager what they want me to do (we have a cleaning crew that normally deals with the nasty shit but they didn't show up for another 30 min or so)
>manager tells me to go clean it up

and that's the story of why I quit working at sears. just dipped out and went home, ain't gonna clean up probably half a dozen loads on kids underwear
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Look at all you bitter peasants bitching about your peasant jobs. "HAHA THAT STOOPID CUSTOMER WE LAUGH AT YOOOUUU" then you watch him drive off in a nice car that you'll never be able to afford and fucks his hot wife.

You retail zombies and customer service fucktards are the worst, just bag my groceries like a good little servant you fucking slave.
My worst work experience can be summed up in one word:

Depends. In a lot of countries, especially in Asia, it's considered rude to hand cash to a cashier. They usually have a little tray you put your cash in and the cashier takes it and gives you back your change in the same tray. Could be that some customers who won't hand you the money are from countries where they do that and are simply unaccustomed to handing the money to you.
Nasty dubs kiddo
Seriously, here it is <INSERT CURRENT YEAR> and the best way people have to find each other in a store is to yell MARCO!!

For the love of moot, send a fucking text!
I've had a lot of jobs since I can't hold them down very well, but inevitably end up in situations that make me wonder why I started working again in the first place.

>gas station
>gas station also has sandwich shop inside, so have to work both sides at once
>black guy and his girlfriend/wife come in and ding the bell for a sandwich
>he's courteous, lets his girlfriend order first
>I make her sandwich and wrap it up, then go to make male black's sandwich
>halfway through a fucking fly lands on his sandwich and he throws a bitchfit
>tell him we do the best we can to deal with the flies
>at a fucking gas station sandwich shop
>girlfriend apologizes on his behalf
>another fly shows up and he continues his bitchfit
>I ask him "Are you serious?"
>he stutters before continuing his pointless bitchfit
>still end up selling two sandwiches to the niggers
>work in a mall store
>no public restrooms in the stores
>plenty of them throughout the mall and in food court
>fat fuck comes up to the register asks to use the bathroom
>no sir, we don't have a public restroom
>there are a dozen bathrooms literally within 20 yards of our store
>fat fucks starts yelling that it's an emergency
>just smile and say I'm sorry we don't have a public restroom
>fat fuck throws his merchandise at me and starts to walk out the store
>gets about 5 feet out of the store and pulls down pants in middle of mall with shit spraying everywhere
>starts crying and runs out of there as fast as fat legs will go before tripping and falling 5 feet later
>mfw wetback janitor has to clean up the mess
Would you want to eat a sandwich that a fucking fly landed on?
So.. no Marco?
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What do you have against cosplay?
oh man that makes my pee pee feel funny
>Working at a brewery
>Be barback
>Can't take customers orders cause money bs
>Customer sits down
>Hey yeah I'll have a ____
>Sure! I'll go get a bartender for you!
>"Why can't you?"
>I'm just a bar back sir
>the fuck is that?
>QT bartender walks over
>what can I get you?
>I want HIM to serve me
>sir he can't. He's a bar back
>bullshit! That's a made up job! He's probably new!
> ...
>gets manager
>what seems to be the problem sir?
>this guy (me) refuses to serve me!
>that's a bar back sir. He can't help you!
>he gets up and leaves
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I personally have no qualms about costumers.
Customers, however, are idiotic assholes from the deepest darkest pits of hell sent to earth to make people want to commit murder just so we can clean the gene pool.
Damn it to fuck, you both have iPhones!! I know you can afford to text!!
actually I'm on an Android rn and this is a free country so I can yell MARCO wherever I want
Actually, that's not so bad.

What's worse is when your friends make animal noises to get you to find them.

Fucking ducks, frogs, peacocks, and owls man.
Good trips.

Let's hear about how you fucked the QT bartender.

Also what the fuck is a barback?
That's cringey. Just whistle like the old pioneers. fweeet fweet, motherfucker. There's a reason they used it

Thank you. I've fucked her a few times. I'm no chad myself but being funny helps. And it's basically everything bartenders don't do so they can function while being a slave to everyone else
It doesn't depend when that same fucker expects the change to be put into his hand
sounds like a dumb/shit job m8, "barback" HA
It's adults playing dress ups and think it's not a mental problem because they gave it a special name
Well then they're just a dipshit. Just saying, some of the customers, it might just be a cultural thing.
>Work at a local coffee shop near a college
>Everyone is rich and feels like they deserve everything.
>Long line so i start writing down orders to make more drinks at once
>Stupid blond orders a retarded drink completely wrong and gets mad when I ask her to clarify
>Finally walks away
>Comes back and grabs a cup off the top of the espresso maker for some fucking reason
>Then precedes to drop the cup because its fucking hot
>Then starts yelling at me like it was my fault
>I fucked up her drink on purpose, and held eye contact when she started drinking it and realized it was wrong
>Ignore her to finish my other drinks, and she finally walks away
>Also she never paid for the cup she broke
>>I don't get paid enough to deal with fucking full blown cunts
It's hot when grills do it, tho.
shit happens to me all the time
>just closing up
>2 guys who stink of cigarettes and dressed like theyre cosplaying "The Road" try to get in
>"come on mate, we just need some ingredients for sunday dinner"
>lol, ok whatever, manger says let em in, warn em to be quick
>leave with a small bag of flour and 3 3ltr bottles of white lightning
Oh, I have a lot of these.

>Work at a burger joint
>Two black women come up to our window
>I hand them their food and they just stare at the burgers in the bag
>Wait for like a minute and the girl driving says that we forgot her pickles
>I explain that we don't initially put pickles on the burgers but I can grab her some
>"Every other (insert burger place name here) I go to does but whatever."
>We literally don't
>She has attitude the whole time
>I grab her some pickles and she just looks at them
>"Don't I get something for free since you messed up?"
Like why
"gimme a large fries, but no salt or potatoes. i'll be checking."
Like thn I gotta us my fngrs and stuff and redistribution how to spell gud.
so? sell him a reconditioned one, so he'll be back in a month just as angry. they're paying for the excuse to be angry. don't pretend otherwise.
Because niggers always gotta be hustlin'. Gotta game the system, get a better deal, get some free shit. I think they think it makes them smarter than everyone else.
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>work retail
>teenagers steal shoes
>find old dirty shoes in box
>motherfuckin faget kids
>30mins later
>kid walks in with new shoes
>plastic tie and extra laces still attached
>call him out
>says its cool to leave the labels and shit on
>arrested for shoplifting
>faget kids
Hey, it's fun fuck you
Or maybe you just have a poor outlook on life. No one forced you to get a job. And if your job is customer serif then maybe you should service the hell out of that customer and stop bitching all the time. What else are they fucking paying you for if not to do that?

i was a barback for a while, happened to me all the time
It's only hot when hot grills do it
I worked as a busser while in high school at a restaurant that had a bar. I can attest to people being straight up retards.
we only had bar backs on Friday nights so the bussers cleaned the pint glasses if the bar got busy.
when I was cleaning glasses for the bartender on a random wednesday same shit happened to me
>guy walks in and sits down
>can I have a vodka tonic
>I cant do that sir
>why not
>im 17
>then why are you behind the bar
>im cleaning glasses.
>gets manager
>why is he behind the bar if he cant serve drinks
>"he is cleaning glasses"
>it's like I'm really at work right now!
Fair enough
You have clearly never worked in a retail job. Shouldn't you be in bed?
This is one of the truest things I've seen on here in a while
It's normally some faggot without an education and skills, that is only capable of doing the most simple of tasks.
>no one forced you to get a job
lemme guess, unemployed and living off the state?
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>be me
>working as supermarket janitor
>not too bad of a job
>customers are generally pretty nice.
>except for this one fucker
>he waddles into the store, fifty years old and wearing a my little pony shirt
>he has an MLG hat. Like an actual MLG hat
>he wanders the store with who I can only assume is his 80 year old mom
>as they finish up and head for the cash register he stops in his tracks
>I can hear his stomach rumble from across the store
>this fucker sprints like an Olympian toward the bathroom
>knocks some fucking Asian kid down
>in bathroom for like five minutes.
>his worried mother comes up to me
>literally the nicest old lady.
>asks me to check on him like he's fucking five
>go into bathroom
>the stench is worse than even usual
>"are you okay"
>"yeah just finishing up"
>wait outside for a few more minutes
>hear a toilet flush
>then hear another toilet flush
>and then another
>all six of the toilets flush.
>he is the only person to leave bathroom.
>go inside.
>there is shit on the floor running from stall to stall.
>somehow that fat fuck managed to shit in and clog every toilet
>turn in uniform
>get new job
Usually older white men that do this to me.
Haha that reminds me of something that happened the other night.
>be at work
>get off early
>tie noose
>kick chair out
>in too fucking fat and the rope snaps
>cry myself to sleep again
What was your job in your late teens?
>working retail
>store gets shoplifted from every day
>last week I found 4 pairs of headphones that were stolen
>the shoplifters didn't even try to hide the empty boxes
>person left their wallet
>some kid from the high school down the road
>contacted the mother and told her we suspected her son was stealing
>an hour later a mother comes in dragging this 18 year old kid in by the shirt collar
>the whole time the kid is just putting all the stuff he had stolen on the counter while the mom was screaming like a marine corps drill sergeant at him
>turns out he had stolen very frequently from us
>about $200 worth of merchandise this guy stole
>since he was 18 the police were called and he was taken to jail
>no more shoplifting after that
The best part was that the kid was one of those privileged white people who think they're from the hood, just thought that was hilarious
time to get a stronger rope anon
>working at pizza hut as a driver
>melanin-enriched fellow gets mad at me when his order is "wrong"
>it's exactly how it should be according to the ticket
>he ordered it online
>he bitches at me because he ordered wrong
don't touch it or your bones turn into liquid and spray out
Even most prostitutes won't fuck blacks because black dudes always try to rob them or not pay them or get some sort of discount. You think I'm making that up? Go look on backpage. Like half the ads specifically say no black guys.
>privileged white people from the hood

privileged is some pc terminology. Just call 'em a Wigger.
That's fucking terrifying, sdon't ever tell a kid that. jesus christ
Is backpage actually a viable means of purchasing live fleshlights? I thought it was just cops and bots
Probably never had one. I guarantee he's just some self righteous cunt who's still trying to feel good about himself after finding out his wife is fucking the asian with the three inch dick.
>be bartender in Sweden
>work at nightclub
>fucking crowded around the bar
>take someone in the front at random
>black dude on the side gives me dearh stare and walks of
>later on comes back with more black dudes and calls me racist for taking a ehite guy before him
>complains to my boss and tey to get me fired
>boss laughs at them
Idk if hanging is for me at this point. I've broken 2 ceiling fans, accidentally used a bungie cord, snapped 4 different kinds of rope/cord. I think I'm just going for overdose next time
Don't you mean sandnigger?
> worked at 6 flags in nj
> el Toro roller coaster
> if it got too windy we had to close it down because there was a chance it wouldn't make it over one of the hills
> when the wind died down we had to test it first by putting plastic test dummies filled with water on it to simulate the weight of people
> while this went on I had to stand at the entrance and tell people it was closed and whatever
> one guy was super pissed
> saw the cars going around with test dummies in it
> try to explain we are testing it
> he starts throwing punches at me
> two security gaurds run over and we hold him down
Sweden YES!

Congrats on the 10 million population benchmark. That's
...real ...impressive ....pfffthahahaha They're all immigrants!
You can do it, I believe in you
damn, i remember working in place that had a major problem with theft.
theyd worked out that all you needed to take off those security tags on alcohol was a reasonably strong magnet and we ended finding those tags all over the store, 2 or 3 at a time. glad im out of that shithole
You work in nj. Who's really at fault here anon?
Don't you hate that retard that keeps texting back even if he is stupid and wrong and changes subjects?

You are that guy...
Yeah it was shit, that was 10 years ago before I knew any better
Used to work graveyard shift at meijer back in high school. Day 3 they told us if we saw someone shoplifting we weren't supposed to do a god dam thing. Don't call them out, don't talk to them, don't even go tell a manager. Not that I cared much either way I was 17 working two jobs during the summer, as long as I got paid I didn't give a fuck what happened
Better Great Adventure than Traction Park
I work as IT Support, and our customers are officials. And sometimes I'm scared about the way they think. It's like 'I can do that, but I don't want to, that's your job.' Welp, bitch, we HAVE to reboot the computer after it's running for a month. I don't care if it takes 5 minutes.

Sometimes I'm scared that those people are responsible for money and shit.
We all make mistakes anon don't worry about it. For example, my parents had a kid

I fucking wish action park was still in its full fledged glory. The stories ive heard are epic as fuck.
I never really gave a shit about the shoplifters, just seeing that kid get chewed out by his mom and then shoved into the back of a police car made it a really good day at work
Dude i used to work at meijer too, place was fucking nuts.
>Guy comes in every friday like clockwork
>walks through self check line with 30 rack under his cart
>dosnt even pay for anything
>says hi to person maning self check
>walks out
he never got caught
> worked at a popeyes for a little but in my younger days
> this older lady would come in every day
>every day
> every single day
> never missed a day
> and order ten chicken breast
> how it works there, that forced us to have to fry up ten breast for her and ten legs thighs and wings as well
> still wonder what she needed ten chicken breasts everyday for
I mean isnt it smart? Nigs are willing to do whatever it takes to always get more out of a situation or get something for free. Society may look down on it for whatever reason but at the end of the day they're getting more then they originally would have.
>be working in a dollar store bright and early
>old man dressed in red overalls and a red beanie comes to check out
>slams his cash down on the counter as hard as he can
>well damn
>asks him if he needs his receipt
>people usually lose their minds over the $5-off coupons printed on them
>he's visibly upset and tells me to just put it in his bag
>stares me down for a minute or two
>says, "where I come from, you'll get that receipt crammed down your throat for asking that."
>I tell him he's awfully cranky for a person dressed up like a Christmas character
>he goes on to say that this is the only store that asks customers if they need their receipts
>I'm alone because the manager went to take the deposit to the bank
>tell him he must not get out much
>he mumbles: "...tryna give me my receipt... who you kiddin."
>I just gave it to you, it's in your bag
>he walks out still mumbling angrily under his breathe
Nah, he is living with his mom who lives off of the State
If you take proper precautions, yes. Google image search any pictures, Google phone numbers, check sites like theeroticreview for reviews, that sort of thing.

Personally, I don't bother and only do it when I'm travelling to countries where it's legal. Comes with the added benefit of there being no chance of anyone back home finding out what I do.
It was scary fun. I got fucked up on the alpine. My friend broke his arm.
Electrocutions in the wave pool
They even tried a loop on a water slide
if its anywhere like the place i worked at, its because if you start calling out the shoplifters theyd start losing most of their clientele
it's a curse, always watching what i say... u know my own mother called me a sick fuck before while laughing, figures
Dairy Queen is actually lactose free, buddy.
Yeah, but then no one wants to deal with them. I mean, ok, you get an extra couple McNuggets or whatever, but is that really worth everyone you encounter thinking you're a piece of human garbage?
not even lol
not one at meijer gave enough of a shit
wasnt our money
>taking the b8 that hard
>work at a gun store
>near an Air Force base
>new airman in all the time from Kommiefornia and Jew York
>find out they can legally buy guns here with station orders and a current ID - no FOID, permissions, etc bullshit needed
Most at that point have a good time, get a gun, use the range, etc
>in walks nigger airman with white dependapotamus wife
>from Illinois, asks what he needs to do to get a gun license
>tell him there is no such thing in this state
>get called a liar - "it's a federal law, dawg - I know I'm in the Air Force!"
>it's not a federal law - point to the ATF laws pertaining to out of state armed forces buyers listed on the wall
>oh, they musta changed it since I got back in the states
>uh huh
>well since the laws changed I want to buy a 12 gauge like I use in the Air Force
>sure - get your station papers and your current ID and we can do this
>nigger and dependapotamus leaves
>comes back 40 minutes later
>picks out the overpriced Mossberg JIC (500 with pistol grips in a watertight case)
>tell him that the purchase comes with a free day of instruction (boss adds this to justify his stupidly fucking rip off prices)
>MAN, I don't need no fucking instruction, I got trained by the Air Force how to use this. I could outshoot you and anyone in this store any day of the week
Entire store is ex military or ex law enforcement. Everyone. Except me - I used to work with a private LEO training facility, so that got me the job since I had all the qualifications and certifications needs to be able to train new shooters.
>sure thing bud
>nigger pays for shotgun, fills out 4473, gets a proceed 10 minutes later, walks out
I can't tell you the number of people who acted like their receipt was a curse or something. Right before I tell them about the survey the are rushing out the door. I understand they were probably in a rush but there have been people who have given me that look of disgust whenever I tried giving them their receipt
I've been working at a movie theater part of the time and maybe it's the area, but the customers are the most ridiculous and entitled shitheads I've ever met.

This one just impressed me, though.

>Star Wars IV comes out
>every show sold out so all hands on deck for cleaning
>usual popcorn strewn across the floor and abandoned unopened candy boxes
Side note: why do people leave unopened candy boxes behind? You just spent way too much money on something that you didn't even open.
>go to pick up a courtesy cup from cupholder
>realize cup is filled exactly below brim with a weird mix of soda and popcorn
>it smells very strongly of vomit
>someone was dedicated enough to Star Wars that they didn't leave to throw up
>also managed not to get it anywhere else, not even the outside of the cup
>no other trash left behind so they clearly cleaned up everything else

I was kinda just impressed more than disgusted at that point.
30 rack?
I got some good war stories from having worked at a pet kennels for a few years.

>"Hello, welcome to _______, how may we help you?"
>"Hi, I'd like to board my dog with you, but I'm worried that he won't get walked. Do you walk dogs there?"
>Dog the size of a small pony being taken for a walk (Great Dane/Mastiff cross if you're wondering)
>minimum 60kg.
>Old enough to be full grown, young enough to still have that puppy energy
>Trying to hold on as the dog is taking me for a walk
>Having to use my body weight to hold onto him.
>Fucker is throwing himself one way and another.
>Straining so hard against the lead that he's almost crushing my hand
>Suddenly wraps his lead around my legs and jerks to one side
>Fall perfectly to DISLOCATE MY SHOULDER
>Dog drags me maybe 10 meters before workmate sees me
>Takes both of us to get him back into his kennel (with dislocated arm)
>Afterwards, spend three hours in the emergency ward at the local hospital to get my shoulder reset (they go on a triage basis)
>spend the next two or three weeks being careful not to use that arm for much because possible muscle tearing.
>Back to the present
>"... We only walk dogs that are lead-trained ma'am."
>"oh, okay" *click*

That's the story of how I got my first dislocated arm and why they no longer walked dogs at that kennels.
Oh shit that was bait. I haven't slept in a long, long time and I'm high and drunk and not thinking straight. And I'm retarded.
30 pack of beer
Why shouldn't people be pissed off for you wasting their time?

fucking gamestop...
That is more like a retail win. I would rather be a dish washer for 100 years in my once peace and silence, THAN TO EVER WORK RETAIL AGAIN

>2 days later
>nigger and wife are back, bitching they got sold a broken shotgun
>take gun and tell him we can look at it, if it's a manufacturer defect we'll send it to factory for repair for him
>"yeah, you best do that" acting tough
>get it back in the gunsmithing area
>find its loaded
>safety is off
>not worried about it being dangerous though
>nigger loaded the shells in backwards
>get my boss (the owner) and show him what the nigger did
>he takes the shotgun back out to the nigger and tells him we can fix it but it was due to user error so it's going to cost $125 to fix
>nigger goes apeshit, starts yelling and threatening to sue
>ends up getting tossed out of the store at threat of being arrested for trespassing
>2 days after that
>dependapotamus wife comes back in, apologizes for how husband acted, asks if we can still fix the shotgun
>sure - $175
>why did it increase?
>have to order the new magazine spring for it since it has been jammed in there 2 days and likely bent it
>oh, ok, I guess this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gotten angry
>nope, would have been fine
>she pays the $175 to boss who takes it back there, hands it to me to fix, which takes all of 10 minutes and no parts changes
Boss was a cunt, customers are retarded.
Fun times.
Same person
>be in the garderobe
>heard girl talking
>"wtf Jenny, you broke my phone"
>hear arguing
>eventually come to me
>hand her her jacket
>"have a nice day" acting polite
>takes up phone and look at it
>look at me
>" Thanks for breaking my phone!"
>"you broke my phone"
> im stunned, but come to my senses
>tell her to fuck off and gtfo
>comes back later and complain to my boss
>whines like a motherfuckes
>fucking breaks out in tears to enforce her act
>tell him the story
>he tells her that she wont get complensation but she can contact the owner if she wants
> owner of the place is a pussy who only cares about reputation so he repays the phone
Still hate him for it
Nah it's not at all. It's fucking abhorrent and it make sure normal nigs like me look bad
Oh no I meant Star Wars VI
t. a jew
this shit irritates the hell outta me, especially as there are people who act the exact same if you DONT give em a receipt, like im trying to scam them or some shit.
for some reason im meant to somehow read their minds and just know whether or not they want it
I drive forklifts all day, i never have to deal with this shit.
Not a customer considering they were a thief, but

>Working at wal-mart
>see guy in big jacket walk in, he doesn't take a cart
>seems sketch bruh
>he goes to liquor aisle
>picks up some kind of liquor, I was only 16 at the time, wasn't familiar with liquors, but it was a dark one
>puts it in his jacket and starts walking towards the door
>stop him and tell him I'm calling the police
>he takes bottle out and hits me over the head with it, knocked me out cold

Those bottles are fucking hard and stronger than you'd think, it didn't even break when he hit me
The best part is when they say they don't want it, and I wad it up and throw it in the garbage can full of hundreds of them; then they say "I do want it after al!" and I have to dig through shit to find a receipt for a thing of chewing gum and a Pepsi.
That's what you get faggot snitch
They get free pickles.
Some customer comes into the store and said he purchased an airplane rudder the other day. I tell him we are a clothing store. There is no way he could have purchased an airplane rudder from the store. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when he went to complain to the corporate office.
Another one:

>Customer orders a burger that comes with three meats three cheeses
>It's obvious it comes with cheese
>His order is ready and he looks at it in disgust "This wasn't supposed to have cheese."
>Wants to speak to a manager
>Manager offers to remake them without cheese, customer still not happy
>Him and his fat wife say super mean things about the order taker in front of her
>"Useless piece of shit." "Why can't that idiot get it right?"
>Have to smile and do everything they ask
Fuck man
>Those bottles are fucking hard and stronger than you'd think, it didn't even break when he hit me

Fucking kek, you watch too many movies anon
Might as well post my green text story.
>work at dollar tree cause to lazy to look for better
>think this won't be this bad I am a casher, the faster I am the faster the customers would be
>boy was i wrong
>beyond obese useless nigger using ebt appears
>her ebt is declined and being there for a month or 2, I know it is not the system she is out of funds
>repeatedly try again to no avail
>she gets mad and says "what is the problem, oh man, you got me all fucked up."
>realize and stars to dip into my new acquired racism at age 22 and say "mame is that even english you are speaking?"
>she realizes I do not give a fuck and there are people in line with real money not state funds
>she is like fuck youre stored out loud and you have to put all this shit back then walks out the store yelling
>I litterally had to put like 6 items in a hand cart to put back later
>next mexican lady in line says oh boy does she have mental issues and we both laugh.

Besides the constant young niggers running out of our store with a dollar bag of chips and a can of soda you stop to care. I stole a 100 dollars and quit and got a job as a prep cook at Denny's like a month after. I had 2 write ups for actually having too much money in the register and they said if I fucked up my counter in the register at the end of the shift one more time I would be fired, so I did the opposite and told my next new boss I literally got fire for having too much money in my register at my previous job and he hella believed it for some reason. But that taught me my lesson of retail, never again.
You've dug through the trash to get a customers receipt? The fuck is wrong with you. Tell them to get that shit their self.
>someones parent is on 4chan
File: 1483546819119.png (123KB, 612x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123KB, 612x563px
>work at a theme park in retail
>selling drinks from a stand by one of the park gates
>come back from break
>coon nigger approaches me saying he's bought a bottle of water but left it on the stand
>there is no water and I've never seen this guy
>tell him I can't just give him a bottle of water
>gets majorly pissed and goes full ape mode
>I tell him for the 20th time that I'm trying to deal with his issue as he shouts at me while I radio for assistance (we can't just leave the stands unattended)
>nigger eventually storms off in an autistic fit of rage
>puts in complaint about me despite the fact I told him what to do
>go to work
>customer needs something off the high shelf, or asks for a specific item
>search warehouse/floor for item, or get item for said customer
>ask if they need anything else
>yes/no, they go on their merry way

shit man that was difficult, anything tougher and I would've been obligated to call my manager.
sorry for typos, too drunk and trying not to wake up tommorow lol
most people just do this shit to try get a free meal. The worst part about that is it usually works. Company policy is usually to keep the customer happy, make the meal gratis if its warranted and the manager just gives in because its the easier option.
its worse when they contradict you and makes you look like an idiot because they cant be assed.
I honestly think whites are honestly worse than nogs when it comes to shit like
because blacks will throw a bitch fit but if they can't get their way or you can prove that they're in the wrong they'll fuck off.

White people on the other hand treat that shit like a personal vendetta and will not rest until you pay for your insubordination. Even if you prove them wrong they'll send your job a scalding email or call corporate.
Aw saw an coworker vanish in a cloud of white smoke with his forklift because an oven he was fillig with molten aluminium cracked and everything flowed below him and liquified his tires preventing him from backing up. he looked not happy
Mate you telling me you watched a nigga get fucking melted
Doge is that you?
I've had a few near death experiences, mainly others on forklifts driving like fools
Ikr working CS convinced me that although most people are ludicrously ignorant, black people are even more so and require electric shocks to deal with.
k, jamal
nah, he was a magician in his spare time and he had just performed his greatest trick. a cloud of smoke and poof, he disappeared forever
Is it too much trouble for customers to use a debit card instead of cash
was she swole?
he didn't melt, just his tires, but no windows on the sides. he was choking for a few hours and hat a few small splash-burns
and /thread
HOLY FUCK!! Jamal, that's a stereotypical black name innit!
Ahahahahahahaha damn you are so funny anon

Man you really got me

People are disgusted that they have to look at actually spending their own money..
So you have this haircut, right?
>at best buy
> customer asks if samsung s7 has ios installed
>tell him no but can download from app store
>smile wickedly as he walks away
The magnets combined with things like Amazon has become a big issue for a lot of places. Most security devices can be unlocked with magnets and locks you can get online.
Here's my gross cat story

>Regular customer books cat in that hadn't been at the kennels in years.
>Arrives and comes into the office/cattery
>Can already smell the cat urine in the cat-carrier
>Yes we'll clean your cat's carry-box.
>Takes cat out of carry-box
>Cat is completely limp
>Meh. Cat must be on some good drugs because people do that sometimes
>Make sure that he gets food, water, a litterbox and make sure he's comfy
>Talking with customer, and find out that the cat is non-medicated, older than dirt, has no teeth, arthritic, incontinent, deaf, and can't see very well.
>Also find out that we have to deal with this cat for an entire month.
>Oh well, have to take care of it anyways
>Next day
>Piss in the floor of the ENTIRE cage (I could fit inside the cages if I crawled into it and I'm not a small guy)
>Crapped in his water dish
>Completely missed his litter box
>Didn't even touch his food so there's also semi-rancid cat meat in there too.
>Cat is pitifully meowing
>For the next month, every day, this happened.
>Told my manager about it and he didn't believe me until I had to go for funeral
>Gone for a week
>Come back and Manager apologizes, tells me that it was the most disgusting cat he'd ever seen.
>Customer comes back to pick up their cat.
>Gets their cat and first thing it does when they pick him up is piss all over them.
>Disinfect it's cage after they leave like we're prepping it for surgery.

I don't know why they hadn't put the cat down but we suspected it was because they wanted to blame us for it. Fucker was never heard from again. Damn cat was one foot in the grave already when we got him.
This is true.
And buys a $800 cellphone for his kid who proceeds to crack the screen.
>$800 is two weeks of work for me
I would eat the fly too
>free food
The only extra thing i've given a nigger is lashes.
>be working calgary stampede in a pizza booth
>about an hour to closing
>bored as shut checking out the hotties in the area
>me and one girl lock eyes
>she leaves her group to come over to the booth
>"Hey what can i get ya?"
>"You got anything for free?"
>"Nope. Sorry"
>"Oh come on. You dont have anything you can give ME for free"
>"Nope. Now get the fuck out of the way of the paying customers"
I hate women who think they can get anything they want for free just because theyre kinda hot and have tits.
It's the dumb ones who are narcissists who try that shit.
Wait, your patrons make costumes? [tard]
With extra salt
>no one forced you to get a job
The Federal Loan servicing program would disagree.
you got him lol so mad
Why do you think Rhodesia dissolved?
Used to work at a gas station. There was this smug asshole who always set his shit on the far end of the counter. I'm short, but whatever, I just deal with it. One day he set it all the way at the corner, so I decided to fuck with him. I grabbed the one thing I could reach and put it into a bag and left the bag all nicely open so he could put the rest of his stuff in. He waits like a minute before saying "Usually, when you bag stuff for a customer, you put all the items in." So I respond with "Usually, you're supposed to set the items where they can be reached". Him: "You could have told me." Me: "common sense." Meanwhile my coworker was just standing there laughing his ass off. Customer just left angrily. It was a shitty job and I was about to quit. Otherwise I wouldn't have pulled that shit.
okay but he said dairy, bucko
For anal insertion
Dude was just doing his job and you call him a snitch? Way to sound like you have autism, anon.
800 is one week work for me.
not bad at all


"I need the electronics department."



Exactly, but it wasn't enough for them.
Wtf does a peacock sound like
Where I work, we have "The Culture of Yes."
I understand that it's for business and reputation but god damn do people ruin my day.
Google is your friend anon

You mean coasters....Holy shit you midwestern types are fucking retarded.
>Used to work at walmart
>Putting seasonal items above the aisle, the soda aisle to be specific
>One a ladder
>Some fat cunt on a scooter comes into the aisle
>Wants some soda I'm in front of.
>Doesn't bother to ask me to get it for her or something
>Just fucking rams the ladder
>Ladder teeters, I and it fall on her.
>I landing weird and broke my collarbone, her head got for cut and needed stitches.
>She demanded my job for being an unsafe worker
>Was suspended without pay until a court hearing which ended up taking 6 months to happen
>Camera footage clearly showed her pause, look at me, say nothing and ram me.
>Judge makes her pay for my medical fees
>Walmart forced to pay me the salary I would have gotten for that 6 months.

I'm sure all of that was worth the 2-3 minutes it may have taken for her to ask me to get what she wanted for her after coming down the ladder.
Did you really say that? lol

Yeah my ex gf was pretty dumb and selfish, so glad I did not get her pregnant on accident, lesson learned.

Against that one? My penis.
lol ive been there, "yeah you don't have to throw out the messed up one even though you're replacing it?"
bitch 800 is a day of work for me
File: 1543163576.jpg (19KB, 300x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 300x100px
File: California.jpg (790KB, 800x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
790KB, 800x1000px
You must suck ALOT of dick...
Another another one:
(This is just more of something annoying)

>Where I work, we close at 1 a.m. on weekdays, and 1:30 a.m. on weekends
>Every god damn day from the point of 11:30 p.m. to 12:59/1:29 a.m. the smoke cloud rolls in
>People high as shit that can't formulate sentences come in cuz "muh munchies"
>"Um, yeah uh can I uh um get like a.....*slow motion giggles* um like yeah can I get a uh #1?"
>They think they're so cool because they're high as fuck and look at me like I'm supposed to be like "Haha oh yeah man, you high as shit, that's AWESOME."
>No bitch, I'm trying to do everything I can to close on time
>And here you are at 12:59:59 FUCKING ORDERING 5 # 1's
Like, weed is cool, I'm not judging people that are responsible with it but get the fuck out of my workplace so I can GO HOME.
Ok story (rant) over.
Fucking rights i did. Its the calgary stampede. No one gives a fuck unless its family day.
>implying im even from the US
Bitch I wasn't bragging. Go suck some more corporate dick faggot
So, like this you mean

$800 is an hour for me, faggot
Something like this happened to me:

>It's 1 a.m.
>My store is officially closed.
>There are still people in the dining room, we let them finish cuz we're not assholes
>This girl gets up and goes to the bathroom for like 20 minutes
>She finally comes out and comes up to me and asks if she can get a shake
>"Aw, I can't get a shake?"
>"Ma'am, we closed at 1 a.m., our shake machine is already taken apart."
>"Aw, not even for ME?"
>"No, ma'am, I'm sorry."
>"Isn't there a way you can put it back together just for one shake?"
>"No, I'm sorry it doesn't work that way."
>She stares at me trying to pull that "I'm totally self absorbed because 3 guys liked me in high-school" look.
>"Please, for me????"
>"Nope, sorry."
>And I walked away.

This bitch thought she could pull that on me but I'm a chick too.
Only dudes are vulnerable to that lol amirite?
>work at subway
>nigger and wife walk in, wanting the cheapest sandwiches they can get because niggers gonna nig
>everything going smooth, gonna pay
>complain about price, nothing new
>he starts paying when fat wife says she wants cookies
>ask how much they are, i say $1.50 for three or .75 for one
>says he wants two
>i give him two
>looks at me like I'm autistic and says he wants two
>show him the two cookies in there
>"sir there are two cookies in there"
>turns into the chimp he is and calls me retarded
>what's wrong sir
>i want two cookies
>there are two cookies in there sir
Line starts building, i start to get frustrated
>full on nigger mode
>Ask him two leave
>get call from manager two days later
>complain about me to no surprise
>turns out he wanted two sets of three cookies

There's a chance she wanted your pickle in the handicapped shitter.

Should've forced yourself on her either way, just to be safe.
Yeah like that!
But all of them are the big guy, and all of them are in slow motion.
>work at local KFC
>cooking chicken
>get a fat neck beard no joke complaining that there's a small amount of blood in his chicken
>makes chashier tear up
>asks to see the manage
>I tell the manager I've got it
>what's the problem with my chicken
>there's blood in it
>you know chicken were alive before they were cooked
>so they had blood flowing through the muscels that you're eating
>I want to see your manager
I get the fucking manager
>what seems to be the problem
>your cook is being a smart ass and there's blood in the chicken
>my manager asks the same shit I did
>neckbeard squishes chicken/gravy/chips in to a ball on the front counter and walks out

He's now banned from most stores in my area
I'm from the south. Now you should understand
>california is the US
this thread obviously isn't for you
File: 1481951298843.jpg (89KB, 700x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 700x525px
focking hell that is funny then and if it is not pack i would do the same
people fall down the stairs all the time, hell with a broken leg its not even strange to happen a second time
i make 800 a minute, pleb
I used to fall down the stairs on purpose as a kid. Never broke anything but my curiosity. It always looked funny in movies lol
>be me, delivery driver at little caesars
>take order to fat nigger lady
>2 pepperoni pizzas
>when i am halfway there, she calls store and asks to add crazy bread with order
>i have already left, but dumbass coworker who answers phone tells her he will make sure i take it
>get to house of nigger lady
>give her the pizza
>she stares at me
>"where is mah bread"
>"it doesn't say you ordered bread on the ticket, ma'am
>fat nigger kid comes to door
>starts asking his mom where the bread is and begins crying
>i feel really bad for letting down fat nigger kid
>i really don't want to go back to store and bring bread back to lady since it was about a 20 minute drive and store was closing soon. also had plans to hang out with girl when off
>offer to just pay for the pizzas
>give her pizzas for free and leave
>when i get back to store, manager tells me black lady called 5 minutes ago and demanded i bring breadsticks to her and said i was rude. wtf
>store is technically closed now, but bring breadsticks
>eat 3 of them on the way
>>implying im even from the US
that sucks
File: mouse.jpg (94KB, 300x273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 300x273px
>be me
>last year at my grocery store job
>working at the customer service desk
>middle age black guy walks up with something in a plastic bag
>a box of fried chicken leg bones
>bones are absolutely picked clean, no meat on them at all
>me: "can I help you sir?"
>black guy: "ye, these was dry"
>me: "dry? but they are all gone"
>black guy: "ye, but I didn't have nothing to eat"
>look at him like wtf
>have to give him a full refund because company policy
>mfw this fucker got chicken for free
File: cats.jpg (760KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
760KB, 1024x768px
He is a genius nigger! I would have the same look lol
At my job a black lady came in with her kids, she didn't order shit but her kids bought game credits for the games. The entire time she is on the phone with every number for the company she can find, our bosses boss, corporate etc.. Complaing about her food being messed up, employees being rude, the store being a mess and generally making up bullshit. She never ordered any food and only interacted ond time with someone buy more game credits. She ended up getting 70 dollars worth of food and game credits free because corporate is a bunch of pussies.
Jesus the gall of militards sometimes.

Gives the men and women who do their job and act like anyone else a bad name.
>hur de dur look at me
>i wear sunglasses at night
>stoopid pezents i so am great
>goes on /b/ to shit post like the alpha he is
>Society may look down on it for whatever reason
Society looks down on hustlers because it makes everyone else's life more difficult.

Not to mention they have no actual leverage more often than not, and just make shit up that could be reason for what they want.
It's called a YETI Colster you fucking moron
Some old fucker on an electric scooter made me fucking shop for him because he had a "bad leg". Well his bad leg turned out to be him being too drunk to walk. That same fucker about got into a fist fight with his 80 year old dad around christmas. I hope he fucking crashed on his way home.
i only remeber falling once around 6yrs, i was happy going shopping with my mom and didn't want to wait so i ran and tripped right on top an entire flight, next thing i know i am leaving a bakery and munching on a brezel for "having behaving so well" i still wonder just how
So if it rhymes with the word you do know, it's wrong? Tard.

>be me
>be Donald Trump
>be new president
>make 800 dollars a second
You sir are a idiot

>things that never happened
Learn to google, dumbass.
Kill yourself you fucking moron.
Fucking apple fag deserved it. He wouldn't have that issue with an android
Holy fuck what a retard!
Use a gun
>work customer service in retail
>nigger calls asking for crwnekswt
>"I'm sorry can you repeat that"
>nigg gets mad and repeats slowly with angry voice
>fucking hate belittlement like that
>anyways say okay lemme transfer you to that deparment
>2min later
>phone rings again
>same nigg
>asking for white crewneck sweatshirt or some bullshit
>complains that the lady working in apparel can't speak english well
>well fuck
>if your not patient that's your fucking fault being angry w me for no reason
>put him on hold and ask another associate to answer
>niggers been on hold for 5 min
>maybe more
>don't care
>don't know if anyone ever answered
why call about such a basic item? shit makes no sense
File: wallhaven-440282.jpg (1MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x1080px
>Train Conductor
>tacking a train from Vancouver to Kamloops
>2 am, almost there
>Go around a bend
>Guy standing somewhat close to the track
>Blow the whistle and slow down
>As we get close he throws himself in front of us
>Plug the air
>notify the RTC
>Get out
>Nothing left of his head
>blood everywhere
>Get one month of paid stress leave

Still think that guy was a fucking asshole. Kill yourself in the bathtub and dont ruin my day
Dont know to greentext but still funny story.
Be me
Working night shift at mcdonalds
Ghetto ass nigger loving white girl uses the bathroom
When i go to take a piss...
See shit on mens bathroom floor
Im the only man working that night
Blame me but totally not me
Manager checks the cams
Sje sees the the ghetto white bitch go into mens bathroom
Long story short the nigger lover got fired
So true next they will want us to tip them to validate themselves and poor life decisions.
Ohhh i forgot to say they lock the doors after 11pm so it was drive thu only
It's called coat check, retard
$800 every half second, cunt.
Ha i drag concrete about every day and in great shape too bad ur girl wants to fuck me instead of a puss fuck boi like you. Day laborers like myself are REAL HARD WORKING MOTHERFUCKERS!
>privileged is some pc terminology
and what, nigger?
Sounds like my old manager, always sucking off the customer to keep their business
Can someone hang themselves with a gun?
Do you fags even know what "dragging mud" even means?)
Saaaaame. People are fucking stupid.
>white suburban mom comes in screaming
>says she ordered delivery two hours ago and it never came.l
>ask her name
>It's blah blah cunt
>find the ticket it was an online order for
>tell her
>the idea that she could ever make a mistake is inconceivable to this woman
>yells more and demanded to speak to the manager
>demands a refund
>manager tells her to leave
they're called loonies, you boffer
I work at a petsmart hotel, and I can confirm that people are shitheads when it comes to their pets, and that walking gigantic dogs all day is fucking awful
Lol half of you cucks cant even handle REAL CONSTRUCTION work...for the ones that do i have respect for you
>first day of work at taco bell
>only manager on duty thats training me in high out of his mind on xanex
>orders backed up in drive thru for 50+ minutes
>lobby is full of angry customers
>high manager puts me on the food line by myself
>"just put whatever in it bro, they won't know"
>he paces around the kitchen in his drunken stupor while i sweat my ass off trying to learn this shit with fire under my ass
>needless to say i fuck up every order royally because i have no idea what goes in what
>customers start demanding refunds
>drive thru customers come inside and start yelling at me and shit
>backup finally arrives and saves our shit with much more yelling and swearing
Proof customers are actually retarded:

>work at grocery store in germany
>part time to earn cash while going to school
>usually do groceries but when retarded staff that's filling up the shelfes with drinks are missing too many people I had to help out a couple of times
>towards end of shift, drinks department
>have to make sure shelfes look nicely
>at sixpacks
>there's 25 meters of shelfes, 10 letters telling people to quit opening them to buy single bottles
>sixpacks sell cheaper per bottle, some shit only sells in sixpacks
>find a sixpack torn open, one of many
>told to just do my thing and ignore it
>ponder how to make it look half decent and pull out the package
>three bottle missing
>find another sixpack with 2 bottles missing right behind it
>same motherfucking brand
>2 autismos opened 2 sixpacks to buy 5 bottles total
>it's one of the brands that has single bottles standing right underneath the fucking shelf
What the flip is wrong with these people? I'd get that some of the are lazy fucks, but to take an opened sixpack out of the shelf to tear open yet another one, because the other one could've been opened god knows when, how is that even remotely logical?
Wigger, a white person who thinks that they are a nigger
t. Nigger
>work at gas station in black neighborhood
>only me and subway girl running the store
>i decide im tired of the shit job so i tell subway girl to start shutting down
>"wtf why"
>i walk over to the door and lock it
>i turn all our tvs on to cartoons
>decide to grab an icecream sandwhich from one of the coolers and proceede to sit on top of the counter watching cartoons
>subway girl is panicking at this point
>customers banging on windows and door threatening to call my boss
>"lol go ahead"
>i finish my frozen treat then shut the lights off
>i let subway girl out and we go home
>both of us got fired
fucking retarded ass business model
>Be cashier
>item doesn't scan right
>customer: "must be free lol"

every god damn time
That was an opening to ask for your phone number kiddo...
Do you look like a stereotypical lesbian, cos that might be why she tried to pull that shit.
Would you look at that, you are a fucking faggot.
They're called dozy cunts, you shitcunt.
In Australia, eating food that hasn't had a fly land on it is bad luck, americans are a pack of fancy nancies.
So you're a retarded nigger right? You re not supposed to be under OR over on the register, when you cash out. If you're off by much it makes you look like a moron that cant count and then you stole 100 bucks? Well, Nig on thinking the world owes you something for nothing.
Pizza hut driver reporting in
please no, i hate those shit eating grinning fuckers that say it like they think they're the first person to ever say it.
File: 1484801508374.png (82KB, 375x325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 375x325px
>Been working at a pizza place for a solid 4 months now
Am I safe? The neighborhood is college students and old white people.
You didn't take any pics for oc?
Depends which one do you work for?
dude you got a month of free pay why complain
hes just a pussy
Fucking niggers and restaurants, they don't mix.

I work at a bar/pizza shop that does delivery, you wouldn't believe the irate coons I've had curse me out because their food was taking a little too long. A quote is, "...So i don't get nothin for free? Or like, anything?" when I had told him my driver was on his way with his food right now.
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