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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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What is the theme of this thread?
Straight furry
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Furry stuffs
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Come on guys I want some sandy beach buns
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how about sandy cheeks?
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Hey gents.
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Hey Sunny,

Alex, a pleasure as always.
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Man, I just got mad hungry. Goddamn day drinking during protests and marches. Gonna head out for some food, bbl maybe.
Your in the shia lebouf protest too my dude? I'm just feeding on some liberal tears.
wait what are people protesting about?
I don't really pay attention to current events much
prefer history books
I'm not a usual talker in these furry threads, but I'm high as fuck not protesting, but rather enjoying liberal tears in front of me as I pretend to protest when I actually am about to show my trump pride by putting on a gorilla costume and hump some shit.
>liberals crying about daddy trump being president.
Oh so are they protesting for electoral college reform?
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Yep. I'm not though my man. I just really want to fuck trashcans.
Whats up guys
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Hey guys
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Greetings Mer SCF3.
good evening
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How we doing?
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as usual
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Hey bro

Sounds cool. Did the same today
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Yo, Fluffy.
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I'm OK.
Nothing outside of the normal going on.
Trying to come up with money for a new race car. Well, truck actually. I really want to put a Ranger on the track.
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yay thread
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Anything happening?

That'd be cool dude. 2.3 one right?
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Just some dranks and nothing much else. You?
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The newer 2.3 duratec.
It's a totally different motor.
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Almost over this cold, finally.

Had work the past few days while the weather has been miserable. Sick, sad, and it's been soggy here. But I got to drive a few Lamborghini's and a 918 this week.

Gotcha, wasn't sure if it was the duratec or the earlier one. All I knew is that the displacement was the same.
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At least I think this cold is passing.

Hard to tell. I just want it gone, I don't feel like myself. More than usual.
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Noice, I've had a cold all week too. It let up today finally. Also same weather. Glad you are feeling better!
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Yeah I heard it started to cool off for you guys.

Nice man, I've still got some sinus stuff going on but the sore throat is gone. I want to get back to life and not feeling as bad.
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I hear that. And yeah, Socal getting hammered by storms. Had some pretty major flooding in the city that usually doesn't get flooding. Crazy stuff.
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I just can't get excited about exotic cars.
They are cool, but I don't think I really want any.
I'm hoping to have a lada niva by the end of the year.
I'm also wanting a Nova.
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That's shit man. Hopefully this system will pass soon. I know our forecast is heavy rain for the next week basically. I know we flooded last night but that's kind of normal here when it rains

I love them. Anything performance oriented I really enjoy.

I know, they're bought and not built but there's something still amazing about them. There are many I would like after driving them. Never really got excited about a Lamborghini until I drove the Aventador SV. That thing was cool.

weird question I was thinking about like an hour ago:

so I read this like letter to the editor in a paper like 2 years ago from a farmer in california on a rant about how they get droughts in a regular cycle but everyone seems to forget that until it happens. Nowhere in that (at least that I remember) did it say how long that mess is supposed to last. Is this crazy storm I was hearing about something like its ending or do they have a while before the weather normalizes?
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