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Hey guys, I just took about 2 grams of magic mushrooms 20 minutes

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Hey guys, I just took about 2 grams of magic mushrooms 20 minutes ago. Any ideas for what I should do after they kick in?

This isn't my first time doing psychedelics, but it's my first time in a few years.

If no one replies, I'll just turn this into a wallpaper thread.
draw anything that comes in your mind hahaha
Play "Flower" and "Journey" if you game. You can get em on the playstation store.
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That could be fun, though I'm no good at drawing. I'll do my best. I feel that they're starting to kick in already haha. Skin feels warm, hands are clumsy (I'm making more typing mistakes than usual). And I'm experiencing some slowness in mental processes. No visuals or anything yet. I'll try and draw something if I can.
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OP here, just looked in the mirror. Pupils are dilated as hell. Still no visuals. I'm very calm. Any suggestions for music? I enjoy post-rock, neo-psychedelia, and artsy metal. Send your best.
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Colors are becoming brighter and there is great contrast between light and shadow. I've never cared for the appearance of a television or computer screen while under psychedelics. Extremities are growing weak, especially arms. Though they've always been rather skinny, haha.

I've put on Balmorhea's All is Wild album.
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I like touching different things. everying feels werird on psyches
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No replies still? That's fine. Wallpaper dump it is, then.
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you might not get any
This is probably pretty basic, but listen to Mastadon Crack the Skye, or Oblivion
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Draw whats in your mind and post it
you got 1920x1080 stuff and i like listening to moby on psyches
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Now they've started. Things seem to morph and "breathe" as I stare into a particular spot. Not like a human or any other creature breathes; it lacks an and out cadence. Kind of hard to describe especially since my powers of linear thought are diminishing.

I'm going to go with >>719784183
's suggestion and take a crack at Crack the Skye.
you got more like that?
>>719783251I suggest LAKE,they are a very chill band that I like,here is a song by them.

This band was on adventure time a couple times,Christmas Island is the end song for Adventure Time and here is another song that appeared on the show.
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Yeah, I tried that. Ended up writing the words, "MYSTIC FEVER" in big, stupid letters. I don't think that's gonna work out, haha, sorry guys.

Hey, my mouse has a trail! That's fun.
OP listen to anything by My Sleeping Karma.

Also this


Enjoy the trip
Now I'm at that terrible place where you feel hungry but also as though you could never bring yourself to actually eat something. Hungry, but nothing sounds good. Not even tacos! What a fucking nightmare.

God, it's so damned hard to type now. I love this wallpaper, one of my all-time favorites.
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Not exactly like that but i like it
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Still on Crack the Skye. Lovely music. Very old school. It's hard to believe it was only released 8 years ago. I think I'll move on to another anon's suggestion in a minute. Thanks for all the support. I love you faggots.
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Eat a good bowl of cereals man
are da best

Pictures for OP, also bumping my suggestion
Warchief is more active, My Sleeping Karma is usually more chill.
You ready to have the best trip ever?

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSkLs5BJGBE

Tell me how much you enjoyed it
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i got what i came for. cheers fella.
I mean...2 grams? That's it?
Come on OP, you're experiencing light visuals...that's about it. Unless you're unusually susceptible to their chemical effects, you're gonna have a pretty boring afternoon. Eat an eighth to a quarter - that's when it gets fun.
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Professor Soap is a pretty good thing
3.5 grams is the usual dosage.

OP is a n00b so that's ok. Get him used to it. Get him associating the feeling and recognizing them.

Then the next time, he takes 4 grams and will be high as a kite.

Also, where do you buy your shit from? My dealers keep bailing and making excuses as to why they don't have any.
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Well I recall at my dealer's house, he offered me 2 grams hash and 2 grams mushrooms for 60. I hadn't done mushrooms for some time so I took him up on it. I'm not a hardcore psychonaut so this is a treat for me regardless.

Shoutout to >>719784606
for suggesting LAKE. Their song just ended over here. Very nice. Very chill.
How are you feeling, OP?
Going to the Netherlands in 4 days, I'll get 14 grams of truffles for me and my girlfriend, what can we expect? We'll take 7,5g each.

We've done weed, hashish and ecstasy before. Is the experience relatable to any of those?
7.5 is too much in one sitting.

Break it into a solid 5 for each.
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Dealer is a friend of a friend. Great guy, very chill, good selection and does good security. Buying psyches is all about networking in my (admittedly limited) experience. You have to know people because they'll only sell to trusted buyers. Just be patient.
We've read 7,5 is an ok starting dose in a few forums, it's truffles, not shrooms, does it make any difference? Thanks for the advice, will keep it in mind
OP should check out zoomquilt.org while tripping or fallingfalling.com
File: 3gT7eHv.png (831KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Overall quite good. A bit hungry and the weakness in my extremities is annoying. It's making typing difficult. Visuals are getting stronger and are reminiscent of those kids cartoons where the furniture comes alive. Like... I don't know, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared? But much less terrifying.

Swallowing has become difficult, but not prohibitively so.
Is this your first time?
OP please, tell me you listened to

Truffles yes, it will be our first time
That is the wrong size for some reason
and what dosage of mushrooms have you done before?
Hey guys I plan on renting a cabin in the mountains birthday week. Dead of winter. Never have before. I'm a musician so I respect the mind. I'll be alone with my music. What will playin music on shrooms be like? Alone in the woods?
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Haha, not yet. I'll do it now. Let's see...
How does this make you feel?
We haven't done any shrooms before, just weed, hash and ecstasy. I've been told a somehow equivalent 15g truffles = about 2,5 g shrooms when it comes to the psilocybin
Is there any way to get mushroom for you guys or are you dead set on truffles?
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OP here, that sounds good for a first timer. My first I did 3.5 grams regular shrooms and it was a bit too much. I was more or less alone for much of it, no trip sitter except for a friend whose mental stability was questionable.
We're pretty set as truffles are legal and shrooms aren't in the Netherlands. I don't know any reliable source for shrooms, but I do know an old neighbour who now works at a magic truffle store and will advice me with complete honesty.


Thanks OP, better alone than with someone like that sitting you I suppose, lel. Are you enjoying your trip? Did you listen to Warchief - Warchief?
Well if you're dead set, just ask the guy and other people.

It sounds like you've done some research so you will be ok.

BUT I do highly recommend straight shrooms even if acquired through illegitimate means.
We'll totally do shrooms then. I have very high expectations for both. Just that truffles are a tad closer. I have a place of my own in Spain, and I know my usual dealers. So that's gonna be it for shrooms. Will wait a couple months though. Have you experienced both? If so I assume you recommend shrooms more?
My advice would be to watch any film by Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky are two of my favorite trip movies and follow up by listening to any album by Boards of Canada in its entirety.
Si. Would recommend shrooms but then again, I only did truffles once and it was in a shitty house.

Are you near the Ocean or major secluded forest areas in spain? Not for your first time of course BUT nature trips are the greatest.
I'm close to both possible places actually. What would you recommend for a second-ish time? First I guess home with a sitter.
First is definitely home. You'll learn to recognize certain "bring you down to Earth" clues. So if you are freaking out, you can learn to take those cues and apply them so that when you're out and about int he world, it becomes easier.

I would recommend the ocean or a body of water. The texture of sand and the aroma of the sea is something that is indescribable
Will do ocean then, that sounds amazing. I needed those kind of back to Earth clues with XTC once. Pretty amazing trip but had a bad moment that seemed like hours. It was barely 10 minutes in reality.
Never chew strong mint gum when on XTC. Never ever if you wanna save yourself from the bad shit I went through.
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Thread images: 29

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