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Wincest Storys thread dont have any

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest Storys thread dont have any
>>i once fucked my sis during mask-party when she was on Extasy. She still dont know that was me.
jesus christ how do you samefag your own thread with copypasta
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PROTIP: OP is younger than the girl in his picture
Not sure if it counts but one time years ago my mom came home totally wasted and watched me masturbate.

Not really a cool story to it or anything. She caught me jerking on the sofa but was super chilled about it and said I might as well carry on.

>sat next to me on the sofa, totally wasted
>put her arm around me and my head on her chest
>cuddled while I jerked off
>super weird but I couldn't stop
>put her hand around the head of my dick and caught most of my load as I cum.
>cuddled a bit longer then she washed up and went to bed
>never spoke of it again

She was a long term single mom who never even dated anyone in years so it was probably the first hard cock she'd seen in a long time and her drunken brain got the better of her.

just wanted to greentext? too much > and thats all. Not my thread thou.

>>also green
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>posts / File / IP / Page
>1 IP


and clearly, newfag
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yall niggers better start dumping
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Who exactly is her shirt agreeing with?
who cares?
Got my cousin drunk as fuck like wasted and I fucked her and she gave me a handjob and a foot job all in one night
Obviously I do nigger.

still samefag
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hrmm what do I got....
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You all need to stop making these threads in the damn morning.
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I've got 2 really long forum journals I've kept for years of 2 moms who were hot on their kids.

Not to fuck them, just to tease them so they felt desired.
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But when you make the threads in the morning, I have no time to post them, because of work.
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That's how long they are.
Umm ok? No I'm not. And also she's gonna come over soon and were gonna get drunk again
You can't just post sexy chicks in the hopes that I'll forget my question.

I'm like 95% sure that won't work on me.
Dammit, I tried to convert Proxy Page's Mother.Daughter incest fetish confession into a webm, and its too large to post.
Pictures of cousin
dude there is such a thing? link??
please, does someone have that greentext of a girl fucking her brother on the back seat of their van while their mother was driving? im getting desperate
that, OR the greentext with pictures where this hot powerlifter blonde chick rapes her younger brother? that shit was cash. can never find it again.
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did he ever come back since 2013?

did they get married?

any info will be rewarded with a dropbox link with an archive of screencaps.
......... Hey what's up guys its scarce here
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dumping some for info realted to>>719627308
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I once came to my half - step - sister's(step father impregnated two women before meeting mom) vagina.
>hotel, siblings shared one room
>woke before everyone else
>look over and see she's wearing short shorts
>see her hairy puss
>jerked off for 10 mins.
Couldn't stop thinking about her that day.
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dumping some for info realted to
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dumping some for info realted to

>this one is my fav.
anyone has the full columnfags crusade?
like season two?
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Shed pt 1.png
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image is 8MB i cant post the whole thing
OC here.

>Be me about 15
>Mom and dad are divorced, I live with my mom.
>Mom is in decent shape, brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin.
>Something seems weird.
>One night my mom comes home from a particularly bad date and sits with me on the couch.
>Her: "Anon, why can't I find a nice guy... like you?"
>I look at her confused.
>"What did you say?"
>Her: "I know I'm your mom, but I've felt something for you for a long time..."
>I look around the room, finally realizing what is happening.
>"This... this isn't real! This is a fake gay 4chan story isn't it!"
>She just smiles and starts to unbutton her blouse exposing her big Triple D tits.
>Her: "Do you like what you see?"
>"Seriously, this is fake. This kind of thing never happens in real life!"
>I run from the room trying to escape the lame wincest story, but as I get into my room I notice a girl in there, about 14 with red hair and freckles.
>Girl: "Hey anon, it's me your sister, back home from college. Do I look different?"
>I look her up and down noticing the woman standing befo- No! No! STOP! This isn't real!
>My 'sister': "Anon, I'm curious about... you know... boys parts..."
>"Stop it! Stop it! Nobody talks like that in real life!"
> I don't know what to do, so I run back downstairs past my mom.
> Mom: "Anon, ever since your father died I've just felt so lon-"
> I swing open the front door trying to escape the terrible story. When I notice my cousin standing there.
> Mom: "Oh anon, you remember Kristie, don't you? She's coming to live with us for ridiculous reason."
> I shove her out of my way and run across the street to the woods. I knew I had to get out of this poorly written story. As I ran into the clearing in the forest I noticed my older male cousin.
> Older Male Cousin: "Hey anon, you wanna see something neat?"
> I broke down into tears. Crying as I realized where I had never even left my house. I looked in the living room. And started walking the dinosaur.
this is gold
I've been having sex with my daughters since they were toddlers. It's pretty great. Girls are made to get dicked by her daddy. Nothing like cumming inside a girl you made.
ten out of fucking ten
You care to share your story
>OC here.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

I am disappointed anon.. I trusted you
What do you want to hear about? It's a lifestyle not a particular incident so what kind of stuff do you want to know about?
Yes that counts. Ever wish you had pushed the issue
MODS underaged

to the sentence: "sex only in marriage and only for the purpose of procreation"
>>Her: "I know I'm your mom, but

not even the cheapest hentai is that gay and stupid
tinyurl /hg8kzv9

season two is incomplete
yeah judging from the quality of moderation on this site i'd agree that at least half of mods here are underaged
Most kids don't like reading though, just want pics
Mostly how it all came about really
I always had an interest in young girls so I when I married I told my wife about it and told her when we have daughters I'd probably do them and because of her views on relationships between men and women she agreed that if I wanted to I should. So when our first girl was almost 3 I noticed she was looking doable so I started eating her out and teaching her to suck my cock.
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bamp for brother & sister content.
pic related blood related.
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tits or gtfo
Catalog of story's some anon posted a while ago
d r i v e dot g o o g l e . c o m / o p e n ? i d = 0 B 4 9 M 2 O V c x x c 9 d l 9 p Y j B P a V N 1 Y U E

gotta fix link because of spam bot
File: 2541.jpg (119KB, 861x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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but anon they are hidden.
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>half-step sister
you're fucking retarded
>Be 8
>sister is 6
>at home and dad is asleep because he works the night shift and our mother works days
>have really nothing to do so we just mess around
>sister and I play in the bathroom
>she tells me to pee sitting down
>do it
>she tries peeing standing up
>piss everywhere
>she starts making a bath for us to go in together
>we show each other our parts
>I remember seeing her having a clit and thinking at the time it looked like the head of my penis a bit
>we laugh and continue to bathe

>fast forward another year or so
>we both get these large stuffed rabbits for Easter or something, at the time they were about the size of us
>we had bunk beds in our room
>both of us were in our own beds with our dolls
>for some reason or another we started making out with the dolls
>I remember asking her if she was pretending hers was a boy, she said she was pretending it was a girl
Thinking back I wish I had thought of both of us trying each other, it would have made this thread much more win.
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Is this wrong or is it right??
try it now!
post results
File: 1478179652511.png (414KB, 1366x2648px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not direct win but close enough to get me rock

File: 1478179672814.jpg (993KB, 1366x1909px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She's in another state.
File: 1478179692440.png (423KB, 1366x1886px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is she a lesbian now?
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Its an ad bro and no nudity why the hate ? Its all about the ice cream! Kek
that's good.
reconnect, spend time together.
grab and kiss her tongue-deep.
Maybe bisexual, I don't know, she isn't dating anyone currently.

I found some pictures of her and her friend wearing diapers and pissing in a bathtub but I can't find the memory card anymore.
Her female friend was doing that with her.
Be 6.
Sis is 5.
Ask sis, show me yours and I'll show you mine.
She does.
I do.
The end.
>used to fool with my cousin like daily got pretty intense con?
>friend was dating my younger sister and had talked her into a threesomes or moresome
>she agreed too it he tells me , but she doesnt want to know the guys and will wear a sleepmask
>figure why not and tell him i want in, he was like okay!
>at his place few days later i come over and sitting on the couch is my naked sister with another guy already sucking him
>i am rock hard and take a seat next to her and she starts to stroke me
> she was like ohh nice and started sucking me while other guy got behind her and fucked her
>i didnt last long seeing my little sis suck my dick and holding her head, she swallowed, but continued to suck
>once hard was getting behind her and pushing my dick into her, jesus she was tight, but felt so good too
>we all fucked her that night
>nuffin flash me 4-6 her 3-5
> used to make out and like and suck each other
>coz thats what we seen in porn mags
Went on for ages thats it grew up got on with life
Not me but a couple of friends. Probably doesnt count. Names changed to protect the inncent

>be me, have two friends
>used to have no self confidence so only close friends with the freaks and geeks.
>Andrew, massive nerd. The kind who said smeg a lot.
> apparently good looking (I'm no judge on male attractiveness) and smart funny guy, but off putting
>had an english accent even though we lived half a world away from england.
>Charlotte, 6/10 and I'm being very kind
>loved invader zim, found great amusmant in words like "muffin!" You knkw the type
>chubby, face cute in a weird not really attractive way, but 10/10 tits
>seriously, she flashed at a.party once, firm, tight, and bigger than tour head.
>we hung out a bit, and anybody who knew us knew andrew and charlittw had chemisty
>every time someone wondered why they didn't fuck.
>eventually it finally happened
>I got my own gf, and they started fucking all the time, so started to drift apart
>He'd occasionally chat, throw in the odd bit about her lingerie/corsetry (like I needed ro know)
>forward about a year
>talking about them to a mutual friend
>tells me they split up
>"aww, what happened"
>Friend starts laughing, thought I already knew
>Charlotte's brother got married, Andrew came along as her date
>starting to feel a bit left out as his date was at the family table, decides to make some friends
>notices older lady
>"hey Charlotte, how does tour family know my great grandmother?"
>"You mean my great grandma?"
>penny drops
>split and never speak again within a week.
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Watch red dwarf much ? Britfag
Not that anon but i do! do you? if so what did you think of the series that aired recently?
File: ed7.jpg (47KB, 596x628px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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looking for the story of the kid who fucked his hot single aunt
Last I heard his father passed away, him and (amanda? I dont remember tasha's friends name) but whatever he name was, they got married and were expecting their second child.
File: My story.png (896KB, 3004x3307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My story.png
896KB, 3004x3307px
Someone made this for my story w/ me and my sister.

Very much appreciated to whoever did it, as now it saves me from copy/pasting it.
File: 1.png (13KB, 1312x108px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Found the post I read this from.

Yeah that was me. I would ask for you to greentext more but I'm gonna go pass out in a minute. hopefully I can catch you later and get some more.
Thread posts: 90
Thread images: 35

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