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Feels thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread
>A little over a year ago I start a new job at a restaurant
>Immediately a particular server catches my eye
>She's gorgeous, but different. She's unique, interesting. Weird but in such a good way.
>Straight up manic pixie daydream girl trope
>I want to ask her out, but it's work. I think she likes me but she's so eccentric she could just be hard to read
>I'm personally still overcoming lingering insecurities after a purely toxic two year relationship.
>Every time I get an opportunity to ask her out I freeze up.
>She gives me all the signs in the world. She gives me her number, she sings to herself and looks at me whenever she comes upon a line like "I really like you" or "You're my favorite guy".
>I still do nothing
>I finally decide that I'm tired of this and I want to make a move
>Decide to ask her out
>She walks into the kitchen, right up to me
>this is it, I'm going to do it
>"Hey anon, do you know anyone who's looking to buy a bed."
>"why are you selling a bed?"
>"Because I'm moving. And not a minute too soon."
>She's leaving. Moving back home on the other side of the country.
>Over the next few days it becomes the talk of the restaurant how everyone knew how much we liked each other but I never did anything for some reason.
>One cook asks her why I didn't do anything.
>Apparently she just says, "I know, right?"
>Realize how she also liked me but I never made my move.
>Now she's leaving forever
>I guess she had a hard time connecting with people. She felt lonely.
>Maybe I could have made the difference

Life is short guys. There's no time to let your fears and insecurities get the better of you. Tell the people in your life what they mean to you because one day you they may be out of your life forever. I've asked her out for coffee before she leaves. I'm going to tell her how I've always felt about her and wish her the best. It's too little too late but at least I can let her know that she had an impact on me and that I will never forget her.
Good luck anon.
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Good luck anon. I am going through the same as you. Except high school senior edition!
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I felt the same way. But day by say passed, and realizing who she was, I feel like I dodged a bullet, although I liked her at some point.

She leaves to boot camp mext month and. I leave in March. She'll be a wookie like the rest of them. But I know Im on the hunt for pussy too, I guess.
>ex-girlfriend has been claiming to still love me for 5 months since she left me because she developed feelings for someone else
>I want to be with her and have told her numerous times (mainly for pussy, most sexually compatible hoe I've ever met)
>she won't be with me but still claims to love me
really fucks with my head even though I know I should just cut contact with someone whos fuckin with me this hard
Thanks guys. I hope I have an impact on her.
My dog, my best friend, is going to die this week
I feel so angry and sad. What is the point of getting a dog if you know its going to die and emotionally destroy you?
I'm sorry.

also dont be a pussy dude its a fucking dog you can get another one and it wont even be different christ
Follow her, man
Chase her through the airport like in the movies
I feel so alone /b/
Have you tried going outside?
Maybe you're into the cuck lifestyle? Have you considered that?
It's not about that. I feel so separated from my love even though we live together
Have you tried talking with your SO about it?
that would require her to be my GF, which is more than I got
you should probably fuck her
I've tried but it always turns into a different conversation. There's just so much going on right now in our lives and it's definitely putting a lot of stress on me so now I can't really find the courage to talk to him about anything that's wrong with our relationship.
A little bit of style for your feels.
fuck her before she leaves. that good dick might just make her stay
You can still be a cuck and not have a relationship anon.
So kamikaze into a conversation if it goes nowhere move on.
how the fuck am I getting cucked if I'm not dating anyone
I thought cucking was when someone else fucks your girl
if I dont have a girl how do I get cucked
I'm just gonna go to bed. I've been too stressed out today to even think about talking to him about it
By fantasizing about the the fetish.
Better get over it now than later. If you drag it out any longer it's gonna be bad for both of you.
you sound like you're making up problems. call him out of he does shit you dont like, or ask him to do whatever you want that he isnt doing. dont complicate things with bullshit, just give and receive love
lol gotta face my fears
What the fuck, dude? Are you a complete idiot? If pussy is all you want and that's why you're pursuing this relationship don't pretend you want more than that. Your girlfriend probably left you cause' you're a whipped beta that'll do anything for some pussy and she probably got bored of that, she wanted someone to fuck her like a neanderthal and treat her like shit. Someone is probably taking care of that for you right now.
fuck you. You obviously have no empathy just because your parents were clean freaks who didnt let you get a dog to develop an emotional bond with doesn't mean you need to shit on all the lucky kids who did. Fuck you x2
I'm a little unhealthily into BDSM anyways. I'd be more prone to have a rape fetish than a cuck fetish. and that scares me a little.
That's a lot of accusations. Maybe he just doesn't give a shit about dogs or maybe just your gay dog in particular.
haha if I told her pussy was all I wanted I would have never gotten to fuck her in the first place you retard
actually I love dogs and I've owned multiple
but dont bother giving a fuck when they die because youre just putting yourself through unneccesary pain
we hurt ourselves thinking about humans enough, dont be retarded
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wh.... why not? are you such an ugly degenerate loser that you literally can't get laid without trying it from an 'i want to be in a relationship with you forever' type angle? It doesn't matter anyways, she obviously doesn't give a shit about you if she's been saying she loves you for 5 months while getting smashed by other penises.
Similar story
>move halfway across the country for a job
>little to no money left after I get settled in
>new city, on my own
>just after I renew my lease, company has cut backs
>find new work. Not one but two jobs, bussing tables and working in a deli
>end up falling for a server.
>mfw she says she's a lesbian
>over the next few weeks I notice she's flirting with me
>notice all girls say they're lesbian
>one tells me management tells them to say this so guys won't hit on them
>months go by and I move up to deli manager
>keep my job bussing tables so I can see her every other shift
>highlight of my week
>one day she stops showing up
>no one knows what happened to her
>she won't answer her phone, facebook isn't updated
>I start to get worried
>continue my life wondering every day what happened
>Friday night, a few months later I'm downtown
>go to a club that has go go dancers on mini stages across the room
>under a smattering of make up and a wig I recognized her
>run over and ask if she can come down and talk to me
>she looks me dead in the eye and says
"That'll cost you about tree fiddy"

Good luck, Anon.
This is my destiny.
some hoes are looking for a boyfriend, not a FWB.
I liked having her as my girlfriend anyway. it was fun being able to fuck her whenever I wanted and I was happy.
>Im being kicked out in 2 weeks
Lmfao RIP my life
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Ya got me, had a hearty kek out of it.
embrace the freedom. I recommend getting thrifty. sell some weed. it's easy, everybody smokes, you can make yourself some money to get high off. and depending on where you are its hard to get caught and often not a felony anyway

if thats real thats some heavy shit
Okay so let's get this straight...
>girl breaks up with you. she left you for someone else but you don't stop talking to her
>5 months later, you're still talking and she's still saying she loves you.

The fact you kept talking to her in the first place makes you look weak and unable to find someone else. Do you think she's going to be interested in someone that's presenting themselves as weak and unable to find another partner? The best thing you can do for yourself is to completely remove her from your life and focus your energy elsewhere. i you keep in contact you're going to drive yourself crazy if you actually do care about her.
or the bus station
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>>"Hey anon, do you know anyone who's looking to buy a bed."

You could've offered to fuck her on it right then and there.
Hahaha!!! You fucking loser. At least your tears can lube your cock when you cry wank about her every single night for the rest of your sad lonely shitty life
aye man, you're correct. thats what I said in the first post.
Old man here.
>Be me at 17
>Sign up for air force
>Pass basic, sent to tech school
>Meet little red head from NJ.

Being from the deep south, it was strange we hit it off.
>I instantly fall madly in love with her
>Go to see art museums, the movie Titanic, make out for hours under the pier at the beach
>She gets orders for Japan
>I fail out because I didn't study but was sick over losing her
>She tells me it's time to move on
>I offer to marry her but it's ridiculous she said
>Never cried that much again in my life

Time passed.
>Honorable discharge
>Medals from sandbox
>Get business degree, my dream job
>Marry a qt virgin from Alabama
>Have kids, dogs, the whole 9

Several years pass.
>We internet now, look her up
>Call her on phone
>Her accent has faded but God damn it, it's her
>When she realizes is me her voice changes
>Sounds like the teenage girl I knew so long ago
>Obvious she still loves me, freaks out and cries, she couldn't hide it or keep it in
>I realize I still love her and can't stop no matter what and that neither of us ever did
>Promise to email, keep it casual
>After two emails, she says she can't do this because it's too hard on her marriage
>My dumb hick self is so different because of her
>My last words were I love you too.

At least after 20 years I got to say it and know I meant it. Fuck all those who said it was only hormones. Damn you all to hell.
why the fuck would she tell you to move on but still love you years later
fake and gay
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You know, people older than me say I shouldn't worry about love or finding that someone to date or to do whatever with, and that I should just focus on a successful future. It gets harder to do that, every single time I hear someone find someone they are much happier to be with, and I have no one. Sometimes because I just cannot find them, sometimes because I am too afraid to take a chance.

>be me
>on "subway" with friends
>about 6 dudes, me, and two grils with their bf
>all heading to SF to go do some shit
>on train, see these two girls
>both really cute
>one girl a 7/10 b/c she was a bit chubby
>other girl an 8.5/10
>both looked like HotTopic workers but with a bit more color, but the same humor probably
>really wanted to get their numbers
>cause this is practice for "when I would REALLY try to pick up women"
>Ask one of my friends to wingman w/ me
>says I shouldn't
>I really want to say what's up
>they both keep looking at me occasionally, smiling
>I'm no stud, but I'm not the worse looking guy
>8/10 at best, 7/10 that day
>I can get them for sure, plus, what's the worse that could happen?
>Well, I eventually, and slowly make my way to them like a fucking creeper
>I was so afraid, had 0 confidence
>you would've thought I was a fucking autist
>Eventually right in front of them, about to say what's up
>before all that though, texted my pussy slaying Uncle for advice on how to approach
>was going to use a smooth pickup line
>he even wished me luck
>Well, in front of them now
>both staring at me, smiling
>waiting for me to make my move.
>Suddenly, friends say this is our stop. Time for us to get off
>I was literally about to say "Hey", but had to go
>I looked down at the ground, frowned, and walked the other way with friends
>Uncle texted me two mins later asking if I got ###'s
>Told him no. He said I was weak and I need to work on my game
>Never felt more like a beta when I looked like an alpha
>Feltbad the rest of the day, could barely enjoy trip

pic related
once you learn to be a normal social human being pussy usually comes naturally
File: 1480914717418.gif (804KB, 500x715px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm trying. I am very social, how do you think I had friends in that situation in the first place?

I just choke up when I have to talk to girls, I used to never have that problem before, now it's as if I never spoke to any human when the situation arises.
I would say how do I become a pussy "God" then, but I can already tell what you're going to say to me.
My girlfriend of 2.5 years finally broke up with me. I feel like shit anons. She was my first. I provided everything I could. What went wrong?
thats a really interesting picture.
I've found drugs and alcohol help a lot with talking to chicks. and after youve done it a few times you'll realize it's really not that hard to flirt with a chick
Nothing. It's not your fault. Move on, you'll find someone else and be happier than you thought you could.
Guys, I'll be honest. I got into my feels for someone who never deserved it and now I'm back on the road.

However, I added this girl on snapchat and neither of us know one another, just saw her and thought she was pretty. How do I go about this? I dont want to be lonely forever.
You probably acted more like the woman than she did.
I know, ever since I found that gif I've sort been liking it. It really emphasizes the meaning of sonder as well.

Also, anon, drugs and alcohol is no option for me at this time. I'm not 21, but it's hard to do that stuff w/o a fake ID or even looking your age..
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u fucker whyd you put me in the mailbox
dude are you like 15?
like if youre not even 18 yet obviously there's a high chance you're shit at talking to girls.
its like 50% of the male population just cant do it for most of high school. Me included. It takes time to get confidence and learn sexual behavior.
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>smashed by other penises

Ha ha ha why is that so fucking funny?
try and form a long distance relationship at the very least, if you cant convince her to stay. Or do something dumb and drastic and move with her.
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Check them
Someone right now is fucking your potential future girlfriend. You're basically pre-cucking
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Worst part is, I can manage to do it. I just can't do it by myself.

A friend introduced me to this one girl, and I was smooth as fuck, she even said I was. We banged in her car, and after hearing that she wanted my kids, I hit it and quit it. But throughout all that, I was never nervous as I was on that subway.

Later in time, another girl friend introduced me to one of her girl friends, and guess what? We hit it off like we were a couple. We had sex in her hot tub (that was sort of the main event of a blind double date), and guess what? I WAS SMOOTH AS FUCKING BUTTER THEN! I didn't stay with her because it would've been a long distance relationship, and she was too fat for my taste, but I digress.

Could've been they were both 6-7/10's at best, but the difference between them and the subway is that I didn't need to make the move, someone already did for me.

>pic related, one of the last things I said to hot tub gril
>she was second girl I ever had sex with
>didn't want her to feel like shit

I'm still young, so there is still hope for me,
>>on "subway" with friends

Shit, what's up fellow Bay Area, /b/ro?
you've fucked two girls?
why the fuck do you give a shit. you're ahead of the game. You can do it again.
and eventually you'll fuck someone who's worth staying with, and you'll be happy, at least for a while.
What's up /b/ro.

I didn't want to say BART b/c I don't want to be called a Commiefornian. But yea, shit happened on BART.

>Side note, they really need to add wi-fi to the train cars.
File: 1476838941355.jpg (575KB, 535x9912px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
575KB, 535x9912px
Goodnight /b/, I hope I don't wake up. Hope your lives get better.
fellow commiefornian here. San Diego tho.
(guy who's been replying to you a bunch)
File: 1480915516859.jpg (55KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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See, it could be the hormones, but even after sex with those girls, I don't feel happy about it, or proud. I think they both hate me since they don't even respond to my texts, and the friends that introduced me don't even speak to me as much neither, one doesn't at all.

I just want to find that one girl, wherever she is.

What's good my man. Thanks for giving me a reason to stay awake this late. Also, how's the weather over there rn? The Bay Area has been absolute shit recently, I'm curious if it's the same there.
>Being called Commiefornian

I know that feel very well, my dudes. Fucking hate this hellish state.
>implying it would be better to live in a flyover state or god forbid the south
our state may have way too many fucking people but at least people actually live here and we're in the 21st century
File: 1480658789843.jpg (601KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
601KB, 1920x1200px

Don't think I'm proud of it, I hate every fucking liberal here, but I have to act supportive or quiet otherwise I'd be a loner and deemed potential school shooter, then life would really suck.

My song of the hour if anyone was curious:
Yeah. most people in life don't give a fuck about you. it's tough learning that. You'll eventually find someone who cares about you when you start talking to them. And it isn't one girl. If there was only one girl you could be happy with you would statistically never find her. There are probably thousands you might end up with. It's just how things logically work. variety is the spice of life, anyway

And the weather is shit RN. super wet out (which is unusual for this far south). somehow I've managed to smoke a bowl every day since the beginning of the year without ever having rain put my fire out though, so thats good.
Nice, good choice
If 21st century state = trannies, commies, faggots, etc., then I want no fucking part of it.
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File: 1354516904756.jpg (432KB, 1440x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm so poorly socialized that even though I'm not a sperg lord I still can't figure out if this girl is into me or not. Also I'm a little bitch.
File: 1464974055798.png (402KB, 720x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
402KB, 720x556px
you sound like a nazi if you want to murder all trannies commies and faggots. congratulations, your views are officially dumb enough to be viewed as invalid by a majority of people.
Hey sounds like a girl i worked with named Kelsey. I did ask her out and she ended up trying to run me over with her car
I've always been a loner and outcast, so I'm used to it all. I've never revealed my true power level to everyone around me (only a few close "friends"), but I've been open about some of my basic views and it's always made people look at me weirdly.

Also, about your side note: they should add wi-fi to the fucking Muni as well. That'd be great.
File: 1480918534195.jpg (21KB, 480x588px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know some people don't care, but those friends were really cool with me. The one girl who introduced me to hot tub girl was borderline wife material. She was taken, but she was practically perfect for a wife, and life-long friend.

I know I'll never find the one girl, but you get what I'm saying I hope. I don't mind variety, but I just want to be happy while I'm searching, not feeling less happy each time.

Also, you lucky son of a bitch, I can't even smoke in my damn house thanks to the rain. Consider yourself luckier than me in that sense, haha.

Thank you, I'm waiting for his full album with similar vibes to this. Not PINK GUY, but joji. It'll arrive, one day.
I hate that picture. I hate so much.
Read an article today that said he would release some full length joji stuff.
File: Gas yourself.jpg (12KB, 400x389px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Gas yourself.jpg
12KB, 400x389px
I'm not a Nazi, I'm a conservative nationalist. And I frankly don't give a fuck about what you or any other leftard thinks about my views.
File: Nob-Hill.jpg (191KB, 1058x1010px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191KB, 1058x1010px

I swear a fifth of SF would use Muni if it came with some wi-fi capabilities, and traffic would be reduced by the double digit percentages. I'd bet my money on it.
your happiness while you're searching depends entirely on yourself. you can't really control whether you're happy, but you should be able to be happy while single. otherwise you're staking everything on your relationships, and that's gonna lead to you being hurt really bad.

that snapchat is literally my life btw. I'm breaking the cycle tho
okay. just be glad knowing that your ideology has led to the suffering of millions throughout history and is backwards poison for humanity.
you are literally the modern day white male equivalent of ooga booga tribal nig nogs from prehistorical times who hate any outsiders because they're different.
You'd think that a city like SF would invest time and money into this shit. So much for being progressive, amirite?
File: MY VIEW EVERY DAY.jpg (2MB, 2592x2028px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2592x2028px
im haunted by the thought of my dog dying, when he dies ill have no further reason to live, im known as cold and uncaring, most nights i cry like a bitch thinking about it
you already have no reason to live.
a soulless animal isnt a reason to live.
go outside
What about communism, faggot?


when lulz unintentionally creates feels
>got cheated on and found out it went on for ages by exwife
>kicked her out
>she went straight to the dude she cheated with, no big surprise there
>had to meet her to do the hearing
>had been having a fling with a qt on the side
>couple days before christmas, go to the hearing
>it's as awkward as you think it was
>go back to qt's place, promptly get dumped
>merry christmas to me

>fast forward a couple weeks
>she had previously asked me just to be her friend
>it wasn’t ideal but I was willing to let it go

I'm sorry, I'm just uploading feels stuff. Want to explain your story, I'd listen.

I wouldn't doubt it, but link to article, or do you remember when George said the release date MIGHT be?

I try to be happy, because the people I'm around aren't, and I know they aren't when the only jokes they make are suicide ones. Hearing their home lives strengthen my belief as well, but anyways.

I sound spoiled and pretentious, but I could literally have anything I could want. I am willing to work for it, and willing to do anything if it is something I want. But everyday, I wonder why I am not as happy as I should be. Maybe being single is what is causing it, or preventing my total downfall. However, I haven't found anyone worth ruining my life for, so I'm not too worried at this point.

Also, breaking what cycle?

You'd think. For being a literal city built on technological advances in this day and age, you'd think public transport would be phenomenally advanced, Hell at least having basic tech needs, but nope.
Stalin was a socially conservative nationalist.
it's all the same shit under different names. oppresive nationalistic regimes murdering and murdering.
whats so good about outside
what do YOU consider reason to live
Embrace the human tradition of 'get another one'.

My cat is like 19 and the trooper won't fucking die. He doesn't even get sick.
I mourned his death a long time ago because I thought his time was soon but the dude is just immortal. I still love the bastard though.
the cycle of going to somebody who hurt you for comfort over and over again just to get hurt again and again because they'll keep offering you comfort and hurting you again and again and again and hurting you again and again.
make sense?
File: t6fgybinumool.png (19KB, 605x128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 605x128px
there is no reason to live. kill yourself if you want. you'll have a lot more fun if you try to make yourself happy though.
Most likely won't turn into anything. Just get some kiks n tits
File: 1437918871151.jpg (42KB, 491x491px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 491x491px
>oh shit complexity
>better blame the jews
making my dog happy is the only thing that makes me happy, thats reason to live, i wouldnt mind living forever if my dog was also immortal

also still didnt say why going outside was so good
Well, I mean I'm not looking for something, just maybe some fucks and a friend I guess.

But how do I go along with this? I have no problem with chilling with people I know, but how do I get the ball rolling?
Now it does, yes. Sorry to hear that, anon.

Read the article, George's attitude does not surprise me (in a good way of course), and his repsones are equally unimpressive (in a good way).

Thanks for the link, and I can't fucking wait for the album to drop. I hope it's a chart-topper.
That picture just sums up my life right now. I'm fucked. My best friend was my girlfriend. We'd talk 24/7, and when she was upset I'd take care of her and she'd try her best to take care of me. Now that after 4 years she left, everything is just in pieces. I can't make sense of any of it. I want to run to her like I used to when I had a bad day, but we haven't even spoken in almost 150 days. We never went more than 5 days without talking. I miss her. But I heard she'stabilized with some other guy now.. and he's kinda like me, don't know how to feel about that. Fuck that picture.
I also literally feel like I've been insane for the past few days due to xanax rebound (after it wears off anxiety and depression are massively decreased) and have only just regained my mental clarity. so I understand what it's like to feel depressed as fuck and literally wishing you didn't exist from a crushing feeling of anxiety and loneliness, but I actually feel alright right now.
Pretend talking to new people like you DO know them, and eventually you will know them and you won't pretend.
massively INCREASED i mean, fuck
So I send random shit to her ans pretend I do it with everyone? Then bingo bango bongo Im in the zone?

Explain man, I went full retard.
Why is nationalism so bad, dumbass?

I'm sick of seeing America go down the tubes and instead of doing anything about it, people are just making shit worse. If they're not happy here, why don't they just fucking leave? How many of the (((Hollywood))) libshits who promised to move to Canada if Trump became POTUS actually kept their word? The answer is 0.
she's gonna think you're some rando who added her and doesn't know her. cause you are. so don't expect much.
bad for the same reasons narcissism is
>hurr durr dis cuntry is best cuz i wuz born here
No do with her what you do with your current friends. How better to acclimate someone into your "friends life" than to treat them like one?
Fuck man, I can't suggest anything, but I hope everything turns out better. I hear it always does, you just gotta be optimistic about it. You're always welcome here, don't ever forget it Anon.

I can't tell if what you are feeling is \ guilt, sadness, depression, or a mix of all at once. I don't do drugs, but just be careful. Feels with alcohol and drugs do not usually end up well if the news has taught me anything.
Well, I mean she put her snapchat on Twitter. And I take that as a sign for me to display my dominance. All she probably knows is I drive a truck, smoke cigarettes, and listen to Post Malone.

And I do know her from school. Had her in one of my classes, but time passed. Fuck me in the ass man, I want pussy before boot camp. Pls help ;-;
File: 1480661245895.jpg (555KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
555KB, 1920x1080px
Everyone who opposes your opinions is a jew.

right on, retard
I mean, I usually call them niggers and faggots, then ask them if they want to go tag or something at an abandoned place while we share cigarettes.

So do I call her a nigger?
well the way I usually go about it is by sending a snap of me smoking some weed and then bitches are usually like "DUDE OMG LETS SMOKE" whether or not they actually like weed cause they're thirsty. so idk, just act cool and give her a reason to ask you to hang, or just ask her to hang and have something to do with her
That's pretty much always the case.
fuckin' got
Well, going by my known knowledge of her liking BP and clubbing, I might just send her a snap of me smoking a cig while popping open a champagne bottle I have lying around.

Is that alpha or something less subtle?
Lol I said friend not bro.
You ever been friends with a girl before? There's a bit of game to play but being yourself too.
Words not to use: Nigger, Cunt.
That's bout it
File: 1471757671959.jpg (142KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 1920x1080px

Fem, and anons, I have to go. Work is early tomorrow, and I need my sleep. Goodnight anons, and remember, someone, somewhere, on this planet, is thinking about you in a positive light, even if they know nothing about you.

thanks, man. godspeed
I'm guilty to myself because of mistakes I've made and the fact that I haven't moved on yet. I'm lonely because I'm currently alone (friends get back to college in 12 days, I'm here taking a class between semesters). I don't feel depressed though. I am optimistic for the future. A girl I have talked to for a while (started platonic while I was in a relationship) seems to be flirty with me. another girl who I have had some minor physical stuff with before (putting arms around each other and cuddling when drunk) is giving me a lot more attention that usual so that's a good sign. and I'm going to my hometown for a weekend and a chick who is way out of my league went out of her way to ask me to hang out. so I feel fine about the future, and that's what matters.
I'm an Australian Atheist Socialist.

Nationalism is bad because it promotes artificial human division. Australian Culture is compatible with every other anglo culture but we're separated by a flag.

Nationalism is also just cause to build an us vs. them complex.

Germany tried it once.
I mean, I have been friends, and i usually call lady friends niggers back in high school. Tbh, I just call everyone niggers. My parents, buddies, this girl I had a thing with.
Niggers, all of them.

But I feel you. I just dont know how to break that barrier of us being almost strangers to one another.
File: image.jpg (31KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 480x480px
I recently hung out with a girl for a few days that I fell in love with. We had literally everything in common.

>spend every minute talking about music and memes
>quote entire episodes of Always Sunny
>keep making plans with her
>too pussy to make a move but too preoccupied b/c we're having a fun time hangin out together
Fast forward a few days of this
>hanging out with her at her house alone
>she's sending and receiving nudes
>She wasn't even trying to hide the fact she was sexting some other fag
>I've never seen her nude let alone kissed her before
>said I needed to go out for a smoke >drive back home.
>cry like the beta cuck I am
>ignore her calls and texts for days

This was 2 days ago and I'm still unsure of what to do about this.
File: 1473315542084.jpg (589KB, 1920x886px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
589KB, 1920x886px
Sounds like life is getting better for you then, anon. Good to hear.

Goodnight my man, and good luck. It's not like you'll need it :).
File: 4chan Guy.png (505KB, 656x875px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4chan Guy.png
505KB, 656x875px
Greetings 4chan. You do not know me, but I know you. I have been watching for a very long time. I am here to save /b/ from those that plan to destroy it. Soon, there will be an awakening.

~4chan Guy
night pupper. I'll remember SFbro.

SDbro here
Just tell her to piss off. I wish I did the same when I met a similar girl like yours, although she never sent nudes, just flirted a lot with guys.

They wont be exclusive to you. Save yourself the time and energy man, I went down that road.
Your head looks like you're being consistently suffocated.
Is it all those dicks in your mouth
you're a dumb fucker. she obviously gives a fuck if she's been calling and texting you. she was probably trying to make you jealous and man up and make a fucking move. don't run away from your problems man
I know, these threads somehow make me feel better. I still feel like shit but oh well.. I just miss her, I heard the only way to get over something like this is to replace her, not too happy about thay either
You can't feel happy without the sadness.
You can't die without first being born.

Everything is okay, anon. I love you, completely unconditionally.

before you get the sunlight you need to go through rain

Im drunk so probably feeding bait but, just call her and say im coming over to fuck the shit out of you. show up there and you'll know if shes the one. for real bro
>Anon helping with snapchat friend here
I realized yesterday why I have such crippling depression and anxiety.
I haven't slept alone in a bed for 4 years.
>Half the reason ^
>Other Half v
My first attempt at texting a girl in highschool was the worst case scenario where they threaten you with a restraining order (There would be no legal base for it but the threat was there) I don't even think about that anymore but I put two and two together yesterday that the reason I feel insane texting a girl is because I have a fear of the ultimate shutdown because the highschool one was so out of nowhere that it dampened my soul to its very core.
>Soggy soul / 10
>also trans
>I'm an Australian Atheist Socialist.
Top kek.

>Nationalism is bad because it promotes artificial human division. Australian Culture is compatible with every other anglo culture but we're separated by a flag.

No. Australian culture is different from other Anglo cultures. Of course, it's connected to Britain, but there are some things that one has that the other doesn't have. Same with the U.S.: The North and the South are both part of America, but they greatly differ in ethnicities, culture, dialect, etc.

Human division isn't artificial, it's biological and natural.

>Nationalism is also just cause to build an us vs. them complex.

Not really. It's a let's focus on how we can better our own people, country, and interests complex. I'm an American nationalist and I support nationalism for other races/ethnicities. But for others to be nationalists, they have to go back to their countries of origin.

>Germany tried it once.

And it worked well until (((certain people))) had to go and fuck it up.
I miss the time when it was just Frank making foul jokes into a camera in his apartment in Konsai and releasing the most chill beats
For all my Spanish speaking /b/ros

and here's the English version

Maybe you will understand when you aren't 12.
>And it worked well until (((certain people))) had to go and fuck it up.
nationalistic ideas convincing folks to take out other 'inferior' nations and claim their land to better the 'superior' nation.

I think nationalism is a bad idea, the nationalist movement in Australia is almost entirely comprised of morons, the minority are (rightly so) just concerned about Muslim immigration.
The idiots of the movement are proud to be Australian, like they personally had anything to do with building such a successful country. Their sense of belonging and the high they get from it turns into hatred of other nations(or tribes). Which i think is what nationalism always eventually leads to. Us vs. Them.

A cultural difference like 'women are inferior, gays are against nature etc.' should be addressed directly. Immigration by folks who are raised to believe that is a bad idea, you don't have to be a nationalist to believe that.
Lifes changing for me /b.
My grandparents both passed within the last month and a half. It's caused me to wake up out of the haze I've been in. I've been a anon since 09, and been a part of countless threads, just here lurking as well.
I've come to realization that my childhood was not my fault, and I can't blame myself for what my mother put me through. I. The more clarity comes, the more I see the wake of my self loathing, and self hatred caused.
Particullary with a friend I made online when I was around 14.
I didnt have any friends at the time, we just moved to the country.
So being my nerdy self, I was a yahoo chatroom. I ended up meeting a beautiful female like stunning take your breath away, with a goregous smile, and eyes that were.... well alive in a way id never seen, with the best personality she was a real sweetheart... my 10/10. We'll call her J. I always new she was too good for me to be with, but I'd also new I always wanted her as a friend.
She'd spend hours online drawing in the yahoo im with me, at times she was the only person i felt cared about me. It would make my day to spend time online with her.
Well in the end im a idiot and I ran her off like I do everyone who gets close to me, I tried to apologize but I fucked up massively, so I finally just choose to say my goodbyes in a message, she never responded. Occassionally my job requires me to travel to her hometown which is a decent size one. I always daydream of meeting her while I'm there, but then again I dread the idea just because i dont want to bother her.
I dream of J from time to time /b and in these dreams im as happy as i could ever be just hanging out with her, then i wake up and it becomes complete misery with the realization that I will never meet her or even be friends again.
Dont make my mistake
And i'm sorry J , I love you more than youll ever know.
I love you anons, your more family to me than any one else has ever been
>totally into girl
>rich girl, kinda weird and just awesome
>but I'm manager
>need job
>need to improve situation
>i fuckin walk to work
>she knows this
>boss is fuckin with us even just talking
>everything is fucked but also awesome
>my chance is passing
>I make a move
>everything goes insanely wrong
>she hates me
>I get fired
>everyone thought I was on drugs
>lose everything
>lotsa bad luck
>back to being totally fucked

The whole thing mattered to me so much and it was all a giant fuck and it barely even mattered to her. She did really like me and I screwed it all up by being poor. And being her boss. It was all so so complicated. Now I'm flipping burgers at Wendy's and it's brutal cuz I'm like still so mentally fucked people still think I'm on drugs. I'M POOR DAMNIT. I HAVE FAMILY.
>Inb4 self loathing and self hatred are the same my bad

Switch to truck driving youll be alone most always, but second year drivers make 1000 a week, top teir can make 1200-1400 a week depending on the company dont expect that until 2 years plus. I currently make as much a 30 year vet, and am in the top 90% pay for otr drivers. Its good and bad.
>tfw never got dubs in my life
Witnessed, you must be too busy getting quads bro
Holy fuck
This is now a quads thread
No it isnt fag. Its singles only
>(mainly for pussy, most sexually compatible hoe I've ever met)
Leave this thread you fucking neanderthal. This a feels thread. Not a casual sex or whatever the fuck thread


I love you too, anon, as much as anyone can love another human.

Everything happens for a reason. You couldn't know what true sadness is without the true happiness and vice versa.

Some people have a life of mostly love, and some have a life of mostly sadness. That's just life. Don't worry. Everything will be okay in the end

overrated shitpost
File: IMG_0124.png (230KB, 726x575px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230KB, 726x575px
File: IMG_0125.jpg (91KB, 900x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 900x675px
Oh fucking hell. I'm sorry.
Nothing. I'm 100% positive she was just bored. Welcome to life anon.
You get them so they can live a happy life. They bring me joy and i love them like if they where my kid.
Third dog now, doesn't get easier but i make the best out of life with him.
What the hell, anon. Find a way to connect with her.
This image is fucking pathetic
I find it hard to empathize with your story even though I've had a couple similar events happen to me.
But I'm here. We're here. We will always be here.
it was only hormones
>didn't make a move when the time was fucking ripe
>now things are awkward and silent.

in my defense I've had women say to my face they like me then get offended when I ask them on a date because they meant it as a friend so fuck if I can read this shit right.
>be me
>poor fag with piece of shit father who did nothing but leech off my mom and mentally abuse both of us for ten years
>have super cool grandparents who help us out with money all the time
>still remember a time when a cop came to our door when I was, like, six and said we had to move out of our house bc mom didnt pay the loan
>grandparents stepped in, took out a loan, and bought our house for us so we didnt have to move out
>overall just have always been there for us, even letting my mom and i stay there when my mom filed a divorce from my dad
>rest of my family don't really like me "'cause i'm just like my dad" even though i have a job, in college, and have plans for the future
>fast forward to Dec. 14
>grandpa collapses while grandparents are out
>im hours north on campus
>literally break down bc i really care for them
>friends were there for me since they're awesome people
>turns out grandpa is okay, just low blood sugar or something
>come home for winter break
>fast forward to Christmas Eve
>family starts being overall dicks to me and my cousin
>we're both gay
>turns out fam doesn't like that
>grandparents aren't even okay with it
>used to think they're amazing people, but idk how to feel about them since this
>been avoiding home this entire break because my depression acts up there
>grandparents get onto me about that as well Christmas Eve
>tell them that i legit hate myself and life
>grandma basically tells me to stop being a pussy
>still avoiding home rn with no idea of how to actually feel about them
>going back to campus on Friday and i'm happy for that
>but still, isn't life great?
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