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okay /b/ i have finally fucked up big enough that my family is

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okay /b/ i have finally fucked up big enough that my family is making me go to outpatient rehab for my xanax use

im almost certainly gonna keep smoking weed.

any advice? Good stories to share during group?
i guess i can bump with stupid things i've done while barred out

>fucked a prostitute who had her tongue cut like the guy from kiss
>no regrets there
>multiple fender benders
>tried meth

this is what got me the rehab sitch
>took paintings off the wall and attempted to burn them on the stove
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I love Xanax. I really do. I'm terrified of getting addicted though. Any time I want to take a Xanax I just smoke a huge doobie instead. It's more expensive to smoke but I figure it's worth it to not be addicted to benzos.
>approached a homeless enclave near my home
>attempt to buy heroin
>snort some coke a homeless dude gave me
i smoke a ton of reefer, money is never really an issue for me with it though. I dont do xanax daily or anything but when i do do it i
>1. don't stop taking it. literally ive blacked out for more than a week before
>2. become a huge fuck boy and do shit i wouldn't normally do (read: meth)
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How was the dick suckin'?
Man its crazy how nature makes drugs affect people differently. I just get spaghetti mouth and then pass out. I love taking them on long international flights.

I don't think I've ever done anything crazy on Xanax.
it was special. her tongue could wrap around my entire cock was definitely not something i had experienced before. but honestly i dont like hookers that much ive had a number of experiences with them i could share but every time i cant cum for some reason....

now to be fair every time i get a hooker im usually fucked 8 different ways on drugs maybe thats why i cant cum.... i always assumed i was just a softee deep down
i have never just chilled on xanax. not fucking once. i am so jealous. i always go do shit and its always so fucking stupid

>take xanax with buddy one time
>bars start to kick in and i insist we go get moe's
>call an uber cause were responsible
>shit gets real hazy here i almost black out every time i do bars but i can continue the story from what i found out later
>get in uber and apparently i keep asking where were going
>uber driver is a nice older lady who is very happy we decided not to drive
>keep asking where were going
>we arrive at moes
>eat a stack fuck yeah
>hit up our friend in a nearby apartment to smoke a j
>go up there and smoke
>my buddy whose first time doing bars gets up there and promptly decides to vomit on his balcony
>me being the nice guy i am decide i'll clean it up
>grab a big pot
>fill with water
>splash on balcony washing the vomit onto all the balconies below
>hear a guy say "what the fuck!?!?!"
>look over the balcony
>downstair neighbor is out there
>"what the fuck did you just pour on my balcony"
>"oh its just water man"
>"the fuck it is"
>"just water man"
then we walked home
I'll bump with some of the stupid shit I've pulled in my career as a world class fuck up for ya OP.

>When I was 16, I pity fucked my 2nd cousin Jennifer. She was 19, a SOLID 4/10, and a virgin. I had no regrets... Right up until she told HER MOTHER that she "was in love with me" That side of my family STILL won't talk to me.

>Stole $1000 from my boss's petty cash account, and blew it on strippers and coke when I was 18. Shit was awesome, til I found out the stripper gave me fucking chlamydia.

>Cashed in a coin collection my Great Uncle Charlie left me in his will, at a coinstar. Spent the hundred bucks on a hooker off Craigslist. Turns out the fucking coins were worth about $20K to a collector.

>Cheated on a high school girlfriend, wit her older sister. Shit was pretty cash, until they got in a fight, and she let it slip.

There are more, but yeah... I need to learn to think things through a bit better.
this does make me feel better. i knew /b/ was the right place to go, fuck therapy.

i have had 5 or so encounters (that i remember) with hookers now and have luckily not contracted any STDs (that i know about.... i guess i could have HIV i havent been tested)
Yeah, I've been called "The dumbest smart guy ever" by some of my friends. Shit, one time got loaded up on Robitussin, and decided it was a GREAT idea to steal one of those ashtrays stores put outside their front doors. I was so fucked up, I didn't realize I was stealing the ashtray out front of the village police station.
actually now that im thinking about it i should get tested....

im sure theres more stupid shit ive done im just blanking on...

>finally back to normal life after my week blackout
>walking to my local gas station to buy smokes
>guys at the car shop on the way stop me
>tell me they seen me walking shirtless and barefoot around here a couple nights ago
>told me they watched me try to cross the street and fall on my ass then buy beer
>guy who works the register at the gas station asked me if i was okay
>"Sure, what do you mean?"
>tells me he knows im fucked up a lot but i been on some other shit recently and he's concerned
>wonder if he's just concerned cause i buy a lot of shit or if he cares about my life
ahhhh robitussin, a classic good time. last time i drank that shit i swear to god i tripped for 3 days i would go to sleep and wake up tripping i think i bought the slow release syrup
>wonder if he's just concerned cause i buy a lot of shit or if he cares about my life

Tough call. The cynic in me wants to believe he's just worried about his profit margin. But I've found most people in dead end jobs like that NEED to think theyre capable of being a decent person, otherwise, they'll prolly kill themselves.
Nope, I used to buy like 4 bottles of DM, and just catch a shuttle to the twilight zone for a few hours.
Hahajajahaj that's cute
oh yeah theres the time i went to my ghetto ass drug dealer barred out

>drive to ghetto (you guessed it, barred out), im talking like the kind of place a white guy like me cant walk around if they arent with someone
>go to my drug dealers shitty apartment
>decide "ill just knock on his door see if he's home" after blowing up his phone no answer
>someone's home, nice!
>he opens the door
>"what the fuck are you doing here"
>"i just wanna buy some bars man"
>"bro you got to get off this shit my bitch in the back naked as fuck"
>"oh sorry man, well you got bars?"
>"yeah i got you"

this the kind of nig who has like 8 unregistered guns. pretty sure he woulda whooped my ass if he didn't like me so much

Hey anon.

Too lazy to greentext stories myself. But i obtained 1g of alprazolam powder off the DNM to be used for coming off stims or if trips got too intense.

Well fuck me. One day i didnt have propylene glycol to mix with. So I decided to mix with olive oil as i heard it is soluble in fats. Well i hit a hotspot and blacked out hard.

Guess while blacked out i was vaping 4fa infront of the GF and ate a bunch of lsd and was taking pictures (pic related). Anyway i called my brother he thought i was having a stroke. And the police got called as my gf didnt know about the xanax and thought something bad was going down.

Fucking cops found my box of chems, i said they were for research. They asked what company i worked for and i tild them im a solo researcher. By the way this is all what my GF told me its all flashes in my memory.

I gottossed in the drunk tank.. Proceeded to call the female cop a cunt. Was out of it for well over 48 hours. Its amazing how much of that shit you can take and not die especially when compared to barbituates.

Anyway. Ive done benzo withdrawal and its rough. Good luck anon.
Neat. I like hookers. God bless those whores.
they tell me if i don't go into it wanting to quit it wont work. im down with quitting xanax but im never not gonna smoke weed. thats fucking craziness
find something else to do instead. i kind of think that drug classes don't work. in 5th grade i had to take DARE, and a few other anti drug classes in high school. i also took one when i was at a rehab place for my car accident. i was on a lot of muscle relaxers so i was falling asleep.
i am not excited. its looking like im gonna have to go and listen to people drone on for three hours three times a week. i feel like i am surprisingly well adjusted for my abhorrent drug use so im sure ill get tired of the "when youre sad just paint a painting" shit real quick
I remember once, I was scoring an 8ball from my old coke dealer. Dude had a pretty bad habit himself. We decided to cut "A few lines, just for fun" We wind up blowing MY 8ball, and like half of another inside of 3 hours. I'm about to leave, when he asks me if I'm paying for the extra coke I did. Told him I didn't have the money right then. My dealer looks at me, and says "It's cool anon, I know you'll get me on the next time around"

Driving home, I realized that I had somehow managed to establish a line of credit with my fucking drug dealer. I'm still not sure how I feel about that fact.
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Yeauh mahn u got to believe it to achieve it

--Class Motto, Benzo Rehab Summer Camp '84

The benzo withdrawal I went through was Diazepam which I was being given from an overseas pharmacy known as Mathieuwalter back in the days topix.com/forum/drugs/valium was a thing.

Sketch ass packages always came through, didn't know what I was messing with but I'll tell you that was the most long drawn out hell I've ever had in my life.

I've had shorter bouts of withdrawal due to Etizolam use. Used to get the etizolam bars very much like the xanax bars off vendors from DNMs.

I'll never forget one night me and a few friends were drinking, doing 3meoPCP, taking etiz, doing a fuck ton of meth. Man i was such a fucking mess. We were driving 4 wheelers around completely out of our tree, thank god for the methamphetamine. Otherwise we'd all be dead for sure. Never thought I'd say that haha.

One guy shattered his fucking hip though after hitting a hay bale.
What kind of drone are you going to buy? I'd recommend the DJI phantom, especially if you hope to get off Xanax
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4 wheelers and meth? Sounds like a party to me. What's your stance on dirt bikes?
i wont have to withdrawal again cause i havent been taking it daily but when i blacked out for more than a week i was taking ~20mg a day or more and didn't fucking die it is truly an anomaly. the withdrawal sucked a bunch of horse dicks
hooooooly shit i completely forgot about etizolam. i bought a bunch of that shit with a buddy once. i lost like 4 or 5 days. i would take one and then wake up and find the entire blister packs empty. my homie was moving and just fucking lost his flatscreen tv. just lost that shit lololol

Unfortunately never rode one before, but would've I'm sure.

This was on my dealers lot in the middle of fucking no where. We were animals before things went south between us..

Hell I'd hardly ridden 4 wheelers around myself. But the meth kept our heads straight through all the other shit we were doing. And it was fun as fuck man. One of my best/worst experiences, cause his buddy got really really fucking hurt bad.

These guys were crazy though, like that was how they lived each day. Earlier in that night we smoked a bunch of crack with some of his customers. Just imagine a sketchy ass basement and there was this black chick missing teeth flat as a fucking door saying the wierdest shit to me. Calling me cracker and how she wanted me and shit. I thought it was hilarious, cause it like your steriotypical street crackwhore. No joke.

I've cleaned my shit up since then.
D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now

D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now

D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now

D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now
D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now

D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now

D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now

D I won't do drugs
A won't have an attitude
R i will respect myself
E I will educate me now
Yeah man.

I fucked up even with the bars, but I fucked up numerous times with powder and not volumetrically dosing as well.

I lost a gram of 2CE because i was so fucking blacked out from Etiz and cheap vodka haha ;)

Note to anyone who deals with pure benzo powders. No, you can't just lick the tip of your pinky finger and dip. It's game over before you know it haha

Meth sounds like a lot of fun. I've done Adderall and it's plenty fun for me. Is meth like V8 Adderall or whut?
>drive to another town to get fucked up in a hotel room
>just cuz
>robo-tripping, got some fake acid in me, escitalopram, dramamine, ephedrine and booze
>suddenly I need more beer and also White Castle
>stumble around in park for an hour
>accused a squirrel of being an alien spy
>turned out the squirrel was a police officer
>get detained
>no id on me
>no wallet
>just an empty bottle of malt liquor
>never been finger-printed before
>nothing shows up
>ask my name
>Big "Lunch Money" Ray Ray
>I'm a small white guy
I kinda want to get arrested again just to see if I actually have that listed as an alias.
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Adderall is pretty strong but due to the way that it is 'packaged', it's very difficult to snort, and i wouldn't smoke it at all.

In fact, I believe Adderall is simply Amphetamine Sulfate.

Methamphetamine is much stronger by weight, much easier to smoke or snort, and tweaks you for longer.

> pic related, when smoked it is very big clouds and very light smoke, awesome rush. Not sure why I take pictures of myself doing drugs.

Also may as well greentext an etizolam story.

> Got a bunch of etizolam bars
> Each is 4mg
> Pop a bunch while coming down off methamphetamine
> Sitting at a desk
> Knockout.jpg
> Literally pass out in a flash, much like you would just get knockedout from GHB
> Smash my face off the desk infront of me
> Split my face between my eyes
> Now have a permanent scar.
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Pull a background check on your self maybe? Seems cheaper than getting arrested
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You always buy it or have you ever whipped up a batch for your self? I'd be interested in making and trying some "connoisseur grade" meth if that is such a thing and can be made by Joe six-pack

I too enjoy the etizolam. I watched a nigga take 20 MG once it was scary
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Holy fuck what a way to start 2017....go leak your sister or ex gf today lol - snap leak .cf

I always bought, oftentimes off the DNMs or off my dealer friend. I've had bad meth, and I've had good meth. There is a difference for sure.

To whip up your own batch? Wouldn't be *too* difficult. You need to understand that obtaining the necessary chemicals to do this is not easy, at least in any decent amount.

Also consider that the process if done wrong goes wrong very fast. There are poisonous gasses which are released, if pressure is built up in any of your glassware/bottle it can explode. Also during the cooking process, you can be seriously burned.

Any retard of a chemist could do it with ease if they had the right materials. But I would seriously advice it, at least from a harm reduction standpoint.

Feel free to ask any more questions. I'm a big drug nerd and could probably help answer whatever.
haha shit man. 20mg of etiz without a tolerance?
Yep, the fuckshow would begin pretty quickly
I'm not sure if explosions are what I'm after.
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Dis nigga was too tolerant of etizolam
Could I perhaps attend the prestigious YouTube University and learn everything I need to know ?

I'm sure you could, but I can name some better, more in-depth resources:

Bluelight forums
Drugs-forum forums

I've spent the better part of the last decade experimenting and learning everything I can. So it's safe to say I have a well rounded knowledge of both typical street drugs, as well as countless more that are considered 'research chemicals'

Fire away
I want to try ALL the drugs. This weekend. I just took a huge Puerto Rican poop on my bed

You'll need a bit longer than a weekend to do that anon. But i wish you well, and your puerto rican poop.
Is meth semi-safe?

Have you tried the hair-on?

It was a very satisfying and long poop

I would say that depends on the person using it anon. But that is a pretty broad question..

Obviously when using meth, your heart rate is going to increase. Any sort of heart related issues could be exacerbated through its use.

Lets say you are perfectly healthy. And you do meth once. And you don't use it for days on end. And your dose isn't over the top crazy. I would say most anyone who fits in that category would be absolutely fine.

Lets also keep in mind that the route of administration will play a large part in how much you dose and how often.

Hell, methamphetamine is a prescription drug in the states in 5mg doses for oral administration.

Dangers? Frequent redosing can lead to overdose. Overdose can result in nasty side effects that are usually manageable. Shit like tachycardia, panic attacks, etc.

Having benzos on hand are excellent if you are fucking around with meth.

Also, tweaking for days will lead to messed up thoughts, and hallucinations eventually. I used to go on this reddit group dedicated to tweakers cause some freaky tweaker bitches would take requests for nudes. Best thing i ever posted was a fucking image of pure black. If you've been tweaking for days, you will not see pure black, that shit will cause hallucinations.

Also, I can answer questions outside the scope of meth.
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