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I'm shitting right now
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Bump, you fucks are useless.
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scats my fave...i have close to 300gb
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Where's the best place to get vids, I don't use torrents see..
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well if your looking to pay
and sg video

For free. eroprofile.com
and http://thisvid.com/categories/scat/
and motherless.

thats what i use anyway
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heres a cap from a vid of me feeding a black girl my shit piss and cum
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Yeah I use the free ones (not signed up to ThisVid.com tho). Xpee.com is another one I go to, was just hoping for more sites. I usually get mine from forums via uploaded/fboom. You seen LoveRachelle? Can't get enough of her.
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what forums? ive seens some good scat vid forums but can never download the vids cause you need premium memberships to the download sites
LoveRachelle is hot as fuck...that big ass of hers is amazing...just wish she did some actual eating and really dirty pussy stuff
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this girl used to be my fave...vids got a little repetitive but i loved how dirty shit was...not really into the latex shit though
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heres a picture of the girl i would end up marrying. she sent this to me when we first started dating. i see it pop up on motherless everynow and then hahaha
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some random mfx vid...theres too damn many and im not into their femdom shit
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Scat PVC Couple yeah, she looked better there than as a brunette in my opinion. http://pornsuzy.org/scat/
You need premium accounts though but it's only £10/€10 a month for some of the sites (via paysafe) but it's unlimited downloads.
Why is this a thing?
Does anyone have any knowledge of Samantha Starfish torrents? I am especially interested in the multiple load videos of her.
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smells good bruh
You literally just tell her you had a scat fetish? Fair play to her, sounds like a keeper.
It's haram, ya akhi.
I saw a vid time ago... a hot chick just liftet her skirt or pulld down her pants and a another chick licked out her shitty asshole. the first one looks like a secretary or something. Would like to fap again to this. Could anon help?
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yah she was great...talked to her once...follow her bf on ig...i think she got worried about her scat stuff fucking up her life cause she never covered her face and shes a pretty famous fetish model and her bfs a semi famous musician i guess...anyway they just closed up shop.

she admitted she had a pee fetish ..i mentioned scat and she was interested...we used to have lots of scat sex but not in a long time now...been together 12 years
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im not into the degradation at all really...i can be a "Dom" aboput it if i need to and have but i like equal play guy and girl just getting filthy and fucking with each other piss and shit and just being filthy
But this is just foul and unhygenic as hell
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betty's one of my new faves
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to each their own
remember anon..everyone..including you...has something they like that someone else would think is foul etc. ...best not to judge
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You lucky bastard, you might not do so much nowadays but the fact you two can be open and enjoy the same fetish - an extreme one like scat is rare.
I guess you're right - try not to get worms, guys x
4chan app?
Same here, literally download a vid today of hers from xpee.com, trying to find HD vids though.

I wish I was a rich jew so I could buy more content. VK.com has some nice rare videos if you know what to look for (in Russian).
from contaminated faeces only, rare.

Take care on raw contaminated pork, beef or fish anon.

You're a faggot for putting a literal 'x' at the end of your 'sassy' post, faggot.
I'm not the one eating shit
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i think the key is to look for tells in the girl to see if you can move things that way..pee is a very good indicator as its actually fairly socially accepted and well liked... girls that are very submissive are usually open to it as well...but for me it always started with rimming them
File: 1436541290531.jpg (63KB, 550x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't get how these people properly clean themselves up afterwards.

Oh, and I almost fucking threw up looking at this thread. Well done, anons.
Pussy faggoooooot
Yeah, this is a bloody messy kink
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vk? how does it work?

scat pro tips here:
to make shit taste sweet: eat mild foods like rice and beans and drink diet drinks like diet coke and other stuff with sucralose in it...that sweetener isnt water soluble and cant be absorbed by your body so it goes right into making your shit sweet

cleanup and getting rid of smell:
soap alone wont do it. best method is to wash with soap...scrub all areas that got covered with coconut oil...then wash again with soap...no smell left at all
File: 1434574706496.jpg (32KB, 407x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not the one eating shit, so fuck you, faggot.
>Pussy faggoooooot
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Don't scrub too hard that you'll open any wounds on your skin though otherwise you'll get an infection.. ..no shit Sherlock.
Oh shit, Hot Lunch.
what do you think about hidden poop?
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lol she was a dirty bitch i found on craigslist... after that i stuffed my dick in her mouth and made her suck it then she chewed and swallowed.

hidden poop?
File: 22044742.jpg (98KB, 740x555px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 29079835.jpg (282KB, 1680x1680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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great pic.
sadly its resolution is only 600x450.
Exactly what I said
Thread posts: 66
Thread images: 39

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