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Just got rejected. Feels thread time. Come here and emotionally

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Just got rejected.
Feels thread time. Come here and emotionally support your fellow degenerates.
Fucked my gf today :) Feels good.
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I fapped like 4 times today and started working out.
> god i'm fucking hungry...
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Lucky fucker, mine ditched me on our 3 month yesterday

Don't worry /b/ro. We'll always be here to post sad images to make you cry.
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I dunno why but I completely fell off my workout schedule.
I was doing alright too. I need a punching bag.
Get a new one then :)
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This is my favourite.
i've never actually been rejected.

whats it like?
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soul-crushing depression until you realize there's far better women out there. So depressed for a few days/weeks
It's happened to me twice now.
It hurts, but it's not end of the world hurt. Just kinda stings for a while.
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Recommend playlist

"Boys don't cry" on repeat
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care to link it?
I've seen a lot of screenshots on here that made me want to bawl like a little bitch more than most of the shit I see on TV or other mainstream sources.
make it a habit, wake up and do it in the morning. thats what i'm doing in hopes that i lose weight...i'm currently 220 and need to get down to 160
Lol faggot kys loser
what exactly insinuates "rejected"? im always subtle or try to be being rejected shouldnt be a thing
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What do you guys use for your board colours? Mine's set to Tomorrow
aww that sucks. -hugs- feel better anons!
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please see >>717497712
Haha thank you anon. How was your holidays?
Ok, I give up. Ill /b/e with you bros the rest of my life. Crying reading this. Fuck

I sound like a faggot but thus is the only place I can hear what people really have to say.

Here's to the next 50 sad sad years, /b/ros.
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I'm here for you bro. And cheers to that, welcome to the club.
good, i dyed my hair red
how was YOUR holiday
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I did too, twice this semester actually. But I promised myself I would try to ask out more girls this year and I did
honestly the rejection didnt even hurt that much. It sucked but im glad I tried. Not even trying would have hurt way more IMO
That's pretty cool. How do you like it so far?
its intimidating, girls keep approaching me and telling me im beautiful :S

makes me want to hide
Mine was pretty decent, finally got a new stereo for my car.
Mornings are hard for me, but what the hell I wake up two hours too early all the time anyways.

If they don't unilaterally say yes. In my case it was a really long text elaborating her rejection.
What the fuck did I just read? Its so damn fucking sad I'm crying so hard I can barely breathe
Rip anon, you admitted to the feminist cult
I like that I know for sure now.
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Psh that sounds like you should say right back at them that they're even more beautiful
im not the confident type... i tend to get predatory women
Cus I'm a beta cuck, I spend my time fapping to a girl I fell in love with a year ago while she's in a 6 year long relationship.
yea anon, come on, you can do it.
doesnt even have to be a full workout. just a little bit like a warmup or unfinished reminder throughout the day.

i'm actually going to go for a run/walk cause of this post >>717497334

damn that hit hard...i dont spend my life online but bascially waste it and do that... i really want to change, not because of new years but because of me
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Hey at least she rejected you and not say yes only to ignore you for 2 months before you have to break up.

If you want to hear the story let me know.
I ain't op but I wanna hear it
The story?
Hey no way OP, I just got rejected too. A few hours ago.
Well, I told her she was cute, and she asked if we could just be friends. Sucks man.
But you know, at least I went for it
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I'm not gonna lie dude.
That sucks.
I hope you can get out of that.
welp. .
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You have not lived long enough to realize that it's just a bunch of bullshit. Hang around long enough and the rejections in life turn into opportunities. You'll see one day.
Her bf is some 6:4 massive fucker, alpha AF. What makes it worse is that he's the nicest guy you could meet. I've never felt the same about a girl. And from what I heard they're planning on getting married even though there only like 22. God I'm such a whiny beta cuck
Exactly me.
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yeah, and its not like youre ever going to see them again or anything. You asked them out, they said no, its cool and over with. Plain and simple. No need worrying over it
You're making me cry in real life.
Jesus fucking Christ anon, you have no god damn clue how much this is my life.
I can't even be the nice or loyal guy. Because there's always gonna be someone better than me. Better than us. We're never good enough.
Welcome to the island of misfit toys, /b/rother.
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Oh Christ
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>Knew this girl for a long time as kids
>Go to high school. She is in a couple of classes of mine
>Cause we know each other buddy up for a lot of projects
>People teased me about dating her
>To much of a coward to ask her out
>Last year. Promise myself to get a girlfriend to get the full high school feel
>Ask her out over email. Word it in a way that I find it funny so many people think we should get together
>She says yes she will be my girlfriend
>First week goes great and go on my first date
>She then starts ignoring me
>Goes on for over a month. Always busy with this or that
>Rarely even get to hang out during lunch breaks
>About two months
>I put my arm around her
>She says not to do that
>OK fuck this is the last straw
>Say we need to talk
>Say she is always ignoring me
>She doesn't even bother trying, just says it wont work out
>Fast forward three years later
>Find out she dated one of my friends....
>And did the same exact thing to him but went on for a good year.

She was in love with the idea of love, not being in it. Maybe it had something to do with her anime addiction. Anyway this fucked my mind up hard I now have a fear of love. It's even difficult for me to watch a movie with a romance sub plot and have to look away from happy couples and having romantic thoughts scares me.
It's always "someone like you". Why can't it ever fucking be us? No one wants some fucker anon with clinical depression and suicidal tendencies. It hurts knowing I'll die alone because I can't emotionally connect because of who I am, no matter how hard I try. Anon, it's nice to meet someone in the same boat
alright OP, i'll give you some of my now 12 years of experience with having girlfriends.
6 long term relationships lasting from 1 to 5 years and only broken up by me when i lost feelings or because i worked on myself as a person and grew and they didn't.

so what advice i can give you is that when you actually question if a girl is into you, she probably isn't. girls don't like to make big first steps, but depending on their age and mental development, they show really obvious signs of affection.
you can avoid rejection by watching out for those signs. i'll give you some examples:

definite signs of affection:
- laughing a lot at what you say
- touching your shoulder, arms, hair
- catching each others eyes several times
- standing close to you in groups
- directly asking you about your opinion on things
- complimenting you a lot

signs that can be confused for genuine affection:
- a simple smile
- catching your eyes once
- being nice to you
- asking you about your day

so when i talk about signs, i don't mean that any of those things guarantees her liking you. but if 2 or 3 of them occur, your chances are pretty high.

so good luck in the future!
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This story always gets me, too many feelings
>be me, some /b/tard beta fag boy
>At some posh dinner for some debating club cus I'm such a fucking loner
>Walk outside and see a gorgeous girl crying her eyes out
>Swoop in and ask what's wrong
>Told anon that her BF of 3 years was inside making out with her best friend
>Said she wanted to start a life with him, said shes completely lost
>Being total sad fag, say I can relate
>She says I'll never know the pain of.losing someone like that
>Anon gets pissed
>Tells her entire story of my life cus I'm a beta fag
>Tell her never had relationship ever
>Tell her Everytime I've tried I've failed.
>Tell her to grow the fuck up
>Tell her at least she didn't spend three years wishing she was loved when she actually was
>Tell her to realise that at least she had someone
>Tell her to wise the fuck up and realise that
>Anon gets hugs
>She leaves
>Anon now sadly reflects on their fucking awful life
I was born with aspergers, so I was way the hell behind with people skills in the first place.
Elementary and middle school was really hard because I just couldn't "get" things like other people did. Like I wasn't part some inside joke.
High school was hell. I eventually gave up. My grades dropped, and I didn't even think about asking girls out.
Except once. Same girl that posted this thread about being rejected by. She said she had to work back then though.
I've never really been able to understand or properly express emotion very well, let alone feelings for a girl.
So now I'm just confused.

Guess that's why we come here. We didn't make the grade, but we still function, so now we're in the discount pile at some divey department store in the middle Iowa.
oh please, stop being melodramatic.
you tried out a "relationship" in high school and the girl was retarded.
get over it. you're not permanently damaged.
all i see is a kid that feels entitled to "true love" at what age? 16?
tough luck, you'll have to go through a lot of shit until you realize what you actually want and need in a person to be be happy with her.
and then you'll have to have luck to actually find someone like that.
To sound like a total gayfag
I just want to feel loved
I hope to go she didn't feel it.
But it's nice she hugged you. You helped someone out.

Also: debate club? That's awesome! I wish I could fucking demolish people in arguments.

God damn I have such a soft spot for tards. This was so saddening.
Welcome to 4chan, the tough love center of the internet.
Where we all love you, you absolute raging cuck faggot nigger!
PFT, my tiny 1 inch punisher? Not a chance
>I got a dick a like a needle but I fuck like a sewing machine.
You like to think you hold what I can and can not feel. Nobody can tell anybody what they truly feel.

I knew it wouldn't last for more then a year. It was the fact that we knew each other for a long time and she didn't even try on her end and led me on and didn't learn anything when she dated my friend.

And fuck you and your "true love". I wasn't hard fell for her. I kept my emotional distance and played it safe but it still hurt.

The only thing I realized is NEVER rely on somebody for happiness.

This fucking scum hole is the most accepting place on the planet. Not one anon cares who you are, just tits or gtfo. That's what we all need in life
>>I got a dick a like a needle but I fuck like a sewing machine.
Now that's fucking kek
i thought this was a feels thread, not an i-feel-sorry-about-myself thread.

"b-but mom, that's not a phase!"
yes it is. you might not have it easy in your life like "all the other kids" - i certainly didn't.
i live with severe scoliosis for all my life and i've been basically retarded until my mid teens. i got bullied like shit and every girl i liked pretty much laughed in my face and went with the "cool kid".

but you know what? i tried harder. i improved myself so much that people couldn't even bully me anymore because i'm immune and self reflective on a level that words don't affect me anymore if i don't let them.
friends valued my insight and my humanity because i FELT so much more and they could sense that and loved me for it.
i started working out, dressing in clothes that compliment my body and generally keep myself clean and in good shape. i'm frequently called handsome - not only by my mom or ironically.

i'm 28 now, i've had lots of girlfriends and most of them actually loved me because they felt that i wasn't too busy with my own insecurities to let them in.
i'm fucking happy and if i can achieve that, so can you self-loathing aspies too.
See here's the thing anon.
You were born with a magical switch. This switch gets flipped on at some point in your life and turns you into an awesome person.
The people posting in this thread, including me, don't have that switch.
Now that's great that you were able to do the things you did, improve yourself as a person. I'm not trying to say it's bullshit.
But we're probably never going to have that same gumption. We're probably gonna be stuck like this our whole lives.
So just let us help each other feel better about it. Just let us vent, let us realize that it's okay to be upset or frustrated. That we have a right to be so.
Then maybe that'll flip our switches too.
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Not the anon you're replying to, but know that, for some inexplicable reason, I love the way you write
You should love getting rejected.

Every rejection means you're growing
yeah, but were you only 5'4, faggot?
You wanna know what happens once you killed yourself? (Or more in general once you die)
Nothing of consequence of you because you are fucking dead, there's nothing of you to feel or be oblivious, nothing at all.
It might be an act of ultimate selfishness but also an act of ultimate self-affirmation. It's curtains down on the whole universe.
Not anon you're replying to but I get your point. Shit doesn't just work out for everyone
fuck off, moralfag.

>b-b-but, you have to live another 50 years of crippling sadness so that I won't feel moderately sad for 3 months.

Kill yourself, you degenerate autist.
So suicide
If you wanna die, that's your choice. It's your life, do what you want with it.
that's the point. there is no "switch". it's a long, tedious, ungrateful process that takes years and has more lows than highs.
and you'll always see people who don't even have to try to get the things that you work so hard for and still fail to achieve.
your package will always be there and it will never be a strength, you can never "turn it around" and make it into something that supports you. people who talk like that are insecure and in denial.

what i mean is that you have to AT LEAST trust in your own personal existence. the feelings, emotions or the lack thereof is what sparks the process.
think about your thoughts. don't just wallow in your pity without even reflecting on why you feel this way. there is always a layer more, always a mechanic you can find that explains you and your humanity.
you'll have to understand how you work and why you are that way, see the behavior you adopted in all kinds of situations and THINK about it.

coming to /b/ and talking to people who are quite literally socially retarded won't make you want to become a better person - you have to do that yourself.
>friends valued my insight and my humanity because i FELT so much more and they could sense that and loved me for it.

My best and only friends, AKA just some nerdy idiots who I shared a roleplaying hobby with, were also my worst bullies. They killed my self-confidence and denied me any kind of positive experience in my formative years.
I finally told them to fuck off at 20+ years (yes they kept on doing that shit well outside our teens) but the damage was already done and all I could do was to spiral into depression and resentfulness.

Love saved you, but I only got ridicule and misery. And fucking relatives don't matter, you know as well as me that it's important for a teen to get accepted and fulfilled by his new hunting pack.

I surmise many of us /b/astards are in the same situation. Can you even imagine your life if you hadn't those friends? Until you can, don't judge us.
I was someone in that position too.
One day I woke up and decided "fuck this shit, im done being such an autist" I spent about 2 years trying to better myself. Ended up diagnosed with clinical depression, schizoid personality disorder and aspergers. Even with all that shit, I still tried. And I failed. Miserably. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't make a difference. I come here to talk to social retards because sometimes the best cure is to just shitpost and bitch with people who've made.the same mistakes. But I get your point. At least try
>moderately sad for 3 months

to be honest I think you should kill yourself
how come?
I'm >>717504536

What if I don't want to be a better person?
What if I only want to make the people who caused me all this pain to suffer as I constnatly do, or alternatively to turn back time and redo everything, be a completely different person?
I just want this shit to go away, or to know there's people out there who live in the same shit as I do, preferably people who I feel they deserve it.
One of thsoe people I talked about has had a newborn recently. You know I often think of how good would be if the baby died, and that thought carries me to sleep?
Fuck bettering myself and fuck anything that benefits me. There are fuckers out there who molded me into this sorry mess and I'm supposed to work to get a fraction of the happiness they enjoy? I will only be happy when I get to piss on their graves.
having a loved one/friend/etc commit suicide is not the same as having them die naturally or by an accident.

It's so easy to blame yourself when something like that happens. It takes a godawful amount of time to let go of something like that. Most of said people have to go through therapy, experience social isolation, you name it much more often than those who lost a loved one to something else.
Your parents will be more than "moderately sad for 3 months".
People who love you, too. I guarantee that you have at least a couple who remember you fondly, even if they call maybe twice a year for your birthday and for Christmas.
Knowing a victim of suicide is perhaps the single most devastating event anyone can experience. Way worse than a close relative dying of an accident or natural causes.
Still does not invalidate anything I said here >>717503896
still, their unhappiness will be less than that of the person who died, unless of course the person who died was actually a little bitch, in which case they shouldn't have killed themselves, of course.
you misunderstand. my friends didn't help me become a better person.
i had no real friends from 6 to about 17. i was bullied through all my school life, and rightfully so.
i made friends after i started working on myself. my peers in school or outside didn't support me - they killed my confidence each and every time i spoke up.
but i observed and i learned. i stopped competing. i can't change other people, regardless of how much i despise them.
but i can change my perspective. my reactions. my mental attitude.

no, i can't imagine my life if i hadn't had those friends. but neither could they, because i'm just as important in their lives for all the qualities i have as a person.
This Is you in about 5 fucking months
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I'm here buddy. Took a few more days off work so I can do jack shit at home and waste my life. Getting rejected sucks, but at least you tried. Means you have some balls at least. Keep hitting the gym, do some roids, make some more guy friends and before you know it you'll be a normie.
File: 1483315823633.jpg (49KB, 657x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 657x527px
Eh, I wish.
Gun regualtions make very difficult to pull shit like that in my country.
Besides, I'm 32. I've lived a long time with this shit. I've not snapped yet, I won't snap ever, I think; I numbed to it, I suppose.
Also I don't actually wish any harm on innocents. Killing randoms just isn't something I'd like. Most of the people in my life, yes, sure.
Need help /b/ros so Girl I'm working with she's clearly interested in me and I in her. I'm Gfless virgin she knows this, I've kisses her already and fondled her ass and tits a little but that's about it.

She wants to stay single and she doesn't want me to think this is a relationship thing but when I assume she might be going to do things with other guys (sex) she says "don't you trust me?"

Like what the fuck is the point in her saying she wants to stay single so she can obviously fuck other people but she wants me to trust her that she won't fuck other people? It's like she's playing mind games with me and I don't know what to think.

So here's my thoughts so far. I'll try not to get attached however since she is interested in me I'll try to have sex with her and have a casual relationship, firstly so I'm not a virgin anymore and experience always helps.

Any other advice from you /b/ros. Also she has told me multiple times she's crazy (like goes to a therapist and shit, but won't tell me what and she's also alluded to us not being together due to other reasons as well something to do with court however she won't explain further)
I woke up to my girlfriend stuffing my penis in her mouth. I then pulled her up and she was already dripping wet so I slid in immediately. Then I pushed put my hands over her boobs, pushed her up so she was just sitting on my dick and pounded her pussy until she went cross eyed and threw her head back. When she could move again she twerked on my penis while I slapped her ass. This continued for another 20 minutes or so and is all a result of me being brave enough to text her "Why haven't we fucked yet?" back in August when we were just friends. Don't give up OP.
Dude, I know you just want to get your virgin dick wet
But trust me: don't, don't, don't stick it in crazy, ever, for any reason
She can find a way to make your life a living hell even after a single fuck. Back off, stop making out with her, bring things to a professional level.
It's not worth it.
exactly. sorry to hear you didn't make it yet. but it's never too late, maybe it just wasn't the right time.
you don't have anything to lose i guess?

that's pretty fucking edgy friend. and you're an idiot if you actually give other people the power to make you miserable. just because of some petty thoughts of revenge that make you sleep at night.
you can't change others. people will meet misfortune or not, regardless of your own (un)happiness. you can become a criminal but i doubt you have the motivation to do that.
and if you do, why the fuck do you waste it on shit like that.

all i see is weakness, excuses and self pity. the first step has to come from yourself, nobody can do that for you.
there will be no hand to lift you up. no love that saves you. only you.
File: 1483318862258s.jpg (2KB, 93x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can second this... Crazy girls are NOT worth it. No matter how horny you are.. Just jack off and forget it. If you're that desperate fuck a fatty from tinder.
No but it's just a little more than that. Yes I want my dick wet but I do kinda like this girl, I'm just scared I'm gonna fall to hard for her and not get what I want out of it.

She really doesn't seem that crazy I think she's exaggerating so I don't get attached. Why can't we just stop loving someone isn't our brain meant to control our bodies it's fucking bull shit.
I don't entirely disagree with what you are saying
My point was hat most of the people here probably don't have that drive, that initial spark ot better themselves. I know I don't.
And I doubt it's all internal shit like you are suggesting, like "just grit your teeth faggot". When burdened by despair our psyche needs coping mechanisms to keep functioning properly; if you never had any support or any happiness to cling to, you start without any, the race is rigged before you know it. The worse off you are, the less means you have to get yourself better; and the worse you get, the more you lose what few you might have ever had. Sadnes and depression are a spiral.
>be dreaming
>have a gf
>all the touching/hugs and stuff
>wake up to loneliness
>feel like shit

It shouldn't feel as bad as it actually does. It's like dreams amplify everything. Why is that so
meh. I know people who have killed themselves before, and I never minded it too much.
They feel more real than fantasizing because your brain is tricking you into experiencing that stuff with your senses, even if you don't have any direct experience to draw from it just makes up shit, that fucker.
File: sad pepe.jpg (43KB, 367x520px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad pepe.jpg
43KB, 367x520px
Then there are dreams where I have a gf but she ends up dying right in front of me

Then you wake up with the feeling of having lost someone who doesn't exist, and it lingers
File: 1482795984704.png (270KB, 816x634px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Mfw all my relationships inevitably rocket down to shit because I convince myself that a girl can't possibly like me and that she is just playing around with me
I hope that was ironic
anyone else here ever cuddle with someone and then fucking leave and miss cuddling?

now you're just fucking with us
File: CynTdFoXEAAFLPD.jpg (129KB, 955x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I asked this yesterday but everyone told me not to do it while drunk, There's this girl I'm crazy about that acts incredibly flirty towards me but she has a BF of 2 years that goes to a different college than us. I told her I had feelings for her 2 months ago and all she said was "I'm with (bfs name)" I stopped talking to her about a month ago right as break started. Should I message her tonight and keep trying? I think about her all the time and it's been hard trying to move on.
Do what you feel like doing, but if it ever goes anywhere, make sure she breaks up with the other guy

You wouldn't want your girl cheating on you, would you now.

Plus in a way if she would want to get with you, its better for the other guy too. Who would want to be together with someone who doesn't love them
File: Screenshot_7.jpg (33KB, 230x234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 230x234px
Every day is so fucking boring. Currently on winter break so I'm pretty much a NEET right now. I wake up 3PM and watch a movie or 2 and browse /b/ and YouTube for the rest of the night. Smoke a bowl and go to bed at 6AM. Repeat, been doing the same for almost 3 weeks and I'm already sick of it. Once a week I hang out with a friend but that's it, don't have any other people to hang out with.

>mfw I realize I will go to work and come back home and do nothing for the rest of my life
Are you me

I wake up at 3-4pm, spend the whole day listening to some songs and watching series

it's 6:06am right now
Friendship made!
File: dsadsad.jpg (87KB, 900x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 900x600px
At least I'm not alone, god this is depressing lmao
Is feels music okay?


or youtube link if you prefer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JSGuJYNraY

Music I wrote for a dead character in my autistic story... people liked it when I posted it in another feels thread so I decided to share it again.

The story behind the image is that the woman was the wife of the main character, she had been in a loveless arranged marriage until her husband died, and the main character had been the first person to ever show her any true kindness (he helped rescue her daughter despite having no stake in the matter). Later on she fell in love with him and after he died she swore to protect his children. The enemy built a huge skygun railgun that would have destroyed the giant tree-city they lived in had it been completed, so she went with her husband's friend (this was years after he died) and fought to stop the bombs they planted from being defused, got shot over a dozen times, and the guy had to listen to her swearing and her screams of pain as he got shot. Then he dragged her out to the trenches and held her while she bled out.
>decide to put myself out there because i'm tired of being a neckbeard
>really clean myself up in the past 6 months
>meet a girl, i'm p sure we're hitting it off
>speed up to a party
>we're both kinda drunk and do it
>first time for me
>feeling fucking great, i did it, woo
>she tells me she doesn't remember anything the next day
>i finally put myself out there, meet a girl, and i managed to fucking rape her
>she seems to be okay, but a bit of me can see some regret
>i'm given a chance and this is what i do with it
>i'm a monster and didn't even know it until a couple days ago
>i genuinely thought she was really into me, but i knew it was to good to be true
File: a1449076589_10.jpg (206KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 1200x1200px
I've literally had no hobbies in my entire life. If sitting on the computer for hours is a hobby, well then that's it. I really love music and I'd like to be a musician myself but I'm fucking terrible at learning and I always grow unpatient. I'm naturally uncreative.
File: 1482644196138.png (402KB, 720x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
402KB, 720x556px
Dude are you me too

I have 0 hobbies

I've tried drawing, i've tried sports, i've tried music but nothing works.

I just don't know what to do from day to day.

I just want to sleep because it's so boring but I don't want to wake up because there's nothing awaiting me the next day

Just a boring cycle
This happens to allot of people. Just be happy that you are that mistake that fucked her. On to the next.
File: 1465145339463.jpg (354KB, 1000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354KB, 1000x1500px
Fucking thisssssssssss. Nothing ever works. There are faggots out there who are into competitive cup stacking or rubiks cube solving, and they love it with a passion. How does someone get to that point?

I literally do nothing, and every day is the same.
Shit like this makes me wish I could die in a war. Or some bad-ass last stand.

File: cat.jpg (123KB, 1024x992px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123KB, 1024x992px
it's starting to feel like being sad is my fucking hobby
I feel you on that. And the rare occasion when you feel happy, all you can think about is how the current moment won't last and you'll go back to feeling like shit right away.
Better to have tried and get rejected then to not try at all. You could be a socially retarded piece of shit like me and not even talk to women. I don't talk to anyone at all.
I got dumped by my first (and only) love on New Year's day two years ago and it kind of ruined my life. My depression eventually leaked into all the other aspects of my life and I started growing distant from my friends, doing poorly in school, and hating myself. I'm now nothing but a glorified alcoholic struggling through school hoping to find meaning to live again. I've thought about killing myself every day for about 6 months now. But other than that I'm great.
How old are you?
https://youtu.be/tAsH_LXT9P0 this video helped me alot. Read up on some science man that's where I find meaning in life.
I'm 22.
Good point even if she ends up not liking me at least I'll know if she does or not too
Thought you might've been older. So how long were you with that chick?
Just under a year. It hasn't helped that I've failed with every single woman since.
File: no.gif (899KB, 158x129px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
899KB, 158x129px
I guess I gotta be doing something right because I'd never even consider suicide. Not once.
Anyone else feel like they are living in the past
You don't know that, though. You're only assuming because we don't have evidence, but you really don't know. And yes, I'm telling myself this as much as I'm telling you.
File: Squidward Pepe.jpg (16KB, 200x171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Squidward Pepe.jpg
16KB, 200x171px
> Be me
> Go to best friend's party
> He invited everyone at school so I'm pretty excited
> Only me and two others showed
> Others were my other friend and a girl I knew causally
> Us three get hammered while girl sits to the side
> So drunk we start telling anti Semitic jokes through friend's microphone hooked up to $500 speaker on full blast
>Surprised neighbors didn't complain
>Later learn that his neighbors are Nazis
> We sober up and girl starts to open up more
> Gives us a speech on how she hates how some religious people are against fag marriage
> (She's bi)
> Friend's dad joins us
> Friends dad just so happens to be a devoted Christian who thinks fags are possessed by demons or some shit
> He sits and listens silently
> Friends shoots me a look like a fucking nuke is about to drop
> Quickly bail and head towards bathroom
> Girl is gone when I return
> All we did the rest of the night was talk about which girls at school we think are hot
> Realize why nobody else came
> Mfw I realize girls know what a horny loser me and my friends are
File: Balloon Pepe.jpg (56KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Balloon Pepe.jpg
56KB, 640x360px
I feels ya
You don't have to be a better person, I think everyone just wants you to be happy. And having a baby is shitty and terrible in this society, no matter how much you want it, so it's sort of already more punishment than you could dish out. You might be assuming that these people are actually happy, anon - most people aren't very often. Most people paint on a cheerful veneer that you can see cracks in if you give it any amount of scrutiny, and we just get trapped in our own so often that we can't see them clearly for the anxious and self-doubting sad-sacks they are. Not to minimize or belittle your sadness; you have a right to it and sometimes it's all that sustains you. I don't know. I have no advice. I have been pathetisad before, and I probably will again, and sometimes the only answer is knowing that there will be moments of joy sometimes that we need to aim for like beacons. Much love.
My girlfriend broke up with me a couple of days ago, but strangely I'm apathetic about the whole situation. I'm thinking about having like 5 girlfriends at the same time, what do you guys think?
not a good idea
Yeah man
Why not? I think I could pull it off.
Hate to burst your bubble, but you just did.

See, we call this a "cost/benefit analysis," and you just imagined killing yourself and ruled it out because you clearly saw it wouldn't be worth it.

I don't know why, obviously, but I imagine you have an idea that your future will be filled with things that enrich or please you somehow - or at least enough that it would be absurd for you to consider ending your life.

Well, anon, not everybody comes to that conclusion, and I don't think it has anything to do with "doing something right," which frankly sounds a little glib and callous, in case you didn't know.

I'm not saying it's ever the right decision - we can't know the future, after all, so we can't ever know that it won't get better... but some days it's pretty fucking hard to remind yourself that there is every possibility you will see a smile in the mirror ever again... or maybe, for some, for once.

So try and show a little class next time, would you?
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross would suggest that this is "denial." Not saying she'd be right, but...
Not him but

My biggest weakness is that i never lose hope
idk I'm jealous. I'll direct you to >>717513721. my life went to absolute shit after i lost my girl.
It ain't denial, I was bored and unhappy, but I was sticking it out in case it got better you know? Like, we'd talk once a week if that.
Aww shit nigga... I'm sorry about that. When I was dumped by my first love I was a wreck for 3 years. During that time I became a hardcore misogynist and eventually returned to normal.
It hurts, /b/

I'm getting kicked out, after finally getting my own place. I've got nowhere to go

I've lost the will to live
Yeah, I'm bipolar AF, so I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to keep the faith, and it has nothing to do with religion. And everyone who gives up confirms everyone who wants to. So cheers to being weak, m8... we'll get through it eventually.
yeah I feel you. I just want to feel happy and like myself again. she was the one person that I wasn't the "backup friend" to and I was crazy in love with her, now I'm left with my friends that couldn't give a damn about me and a dangerous addiction to alcohol.
>about a week ago
>have strong feelings for this girl
>to beta to ask her out or talk to her
>force myself to loose feelings for her and everyone
>ff to now
>im cold and have no feels anymore
>I legit don't give a fuck about anything or anyone
>gonna make sure no one can end this feeling of no feeling
>gonna cold hearted truthful asshole for now on
>surprising feelsgoodman
Dont worry OP, my ex/ First love is fucking another guy as we speak.. moving on is that hard part
File: IMG_9161.png (181KB, 500x284px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 500x284px
do what I do just stop giving a fuck about anything and anyone just give your ex the middle finger and move on make that middle your last fuck about anything
Damn dude, same for me too. I hate to be that guy but I seriously recommend putting down the booze. Painting really helped me get through my pain and sadness. All the alcohol is doing is keeping you in misery you know?
>accuses me of being glib and callous
>implying I have no "class" even though you knew what I goddamn meant and chose to put on an air of superiority anyway

Be less of a faggot then.
>You know what I goddamn meant.
That? Not classy. You don't strut through an amputee ward saying that you must have done something right to be walking on by. You don't get it because you don't get it. That's the problem. Just know that you're lucky and hope you never find out.
File: IMG_9157.jpg (123KB, 595x335px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123KB, 595x335px
i'm here for you guys, we all feel shitty and honestly thats how life is, but i'm thankful for all of you /b/ros that i can relate with someone.
File: IMG_8762.jpg (44KB, 564x632px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 564x632px
more mr robot feels
see >>717519452

You're the one implying shit, but you're choosing to act morally superior anyway.
My only good friend left me after months of using me and treating me like a pile of shit
it wasn't something that happened immediately, I coped with the feeling garbage about myself for about a year or so before I started to drink on weekends to cloud my emotions and now it's an every night type deal. I think about her every day and I want to stop for my own sanity, but I can't seem to get her out of my head and it's quite obviously destroying me.
File: IMG_9003.jpg (67KB, 500x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 500x666px
See >>717519478
I really can't believe you would find it "an air of superiority" that I'm gently reminding you that a lot of people really, legitimately, absolutely, and literally want to end their lives, myself included on some days - more than I'd like to admit - after you mention that "you must be doing something right" to not have ever considered it. That is actually the opposite of how I see it, because pretending that you somehow chose to not have to struggle with suicidal ideation is being superior, and I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and you shat on my face with your bruised ego. So I guess that happened. Sometimes it's good to just listen.
File: Adonis Anon.png (382KB, 980x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Adonis Anon.png
382KB, 980x550px
ur me mane
I'm trying my brother, I don't know how to help.....
It's my 25th birthday, first year ever nobody called me to congratulate me at 0:00. I just sat there waiting.

I guess this is growing up.

Anyone up for a smoke in Amsterdam somewhere this week, hit me up.
Rustled a bit, are we?

People say "must have done something right" as a colloqual fucking term for having avoided something. That's it. Only inbreds use it as an insult.

You are the one who chose to put words in my mouth and now you're trying to turn shit I never actually said back on me.

I'm sorry you struggle with this, but seriously, you don't have to lash out when you've got something mistaken.
File: really sad pepe.jpg (57KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
really sad pepe.jpg
57KB, 640x640px
it's 7:18am now
this shit hit me hard
its been happening so often that i stopped feeling attachment to girls which sucks cause i really wanna like this one girl but i just dont know how or if its even worth it
Happy birthday man!
thank you anon. it's quite a fucking shame when strangers care more about my well-being than my friends and family. i love you. every now and then I dream of her being in love with me again and then I wake up and want to kill myself. I believe that my life will get better one day and that keeps me going.
Yeah. I guess I was triggered, because people don't understand, and you didn't seem like you understood. Thanks for understanding.
This very post is the first tear in your castle anon
Love you too man. I've been there, one huge thing that helped me is whenever I'd have a thought about her I'd immediately change my thoughts to anything else, or I'd imagine what it'd be like to have a literally perfect girlfriend to distract myself.
Have a good birthday my dude
File: 1480917774934.png (18KB, 323x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 323x386px
9:22 here dood
I meant no harm, anon. Really, though, it's just a thing people tend to say. No need to be hostile.
I believe my day will come eventually. I feel like the universe at least owes me something for making most of my young life an absolute shit hole. (dude these captchas are fucking retarded)
You know /b/ros I used to come to these threads every day for a solid year because I was in love and unloved. Yeah, that whole story. Then I found real love, true, requited loved. So it does happen OP, if you even are still reading. Everyone can be loved. Hell, here we are loved by our fellows. As beta and cringy as it is you guys are my friends, even if we never meet.

That girl broke up with me a few months ago, stopped talking to me just shortly after. Recently took me off all communications. She sent me a message on the 31st apologizing, I've been meaning to ask her to coffee, but i'm absolutely terrified for some reason and I just can't find the words. I'd always imagined she and I would be like Eliot and JD from scrubs, and I want to be friends. Dating right now would be terrible for me, but I want to either be friends or say goodbye this weekend over coffee.

Just needed to vent to you guys. You're my /b/ros and even when the japs take this site down, i'll never forget you guys.
Happy birthday anon!
File: 1466492175850.jpg (46KB, 324x322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 324x322px
this song reminds me of myself, as i'm sure it would many of you.
go talk to her. If things go well you ignite the old spark, and if you say goodbye you get closure.
do this shit OP fuck your crying dat feel shit
both of ylyl and feels thread.
Today's my birthday too. Now i'm a 26 year old virgin. My 20s have been wasted, literally haven't done shit. meh, thinking of blowing my 23 grand I have saved on a tour around the world then killing myself when I run out of cash
That's the idea, but I just can't word it right. Not sure I want to ask her with a dumb joke to make her smile, or if I should be serious.
Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah brah, tour the world, when you start to run out of cash that is when you settle down In the place you land. new place, new life
File: sad girl lex.gif (1MB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad girl lex.gif
1MB, 400x300px
happy birthday
be as serious as serious can be. I fucked around too much and lost my only love, don't let a chance like that slip through your fingers man.
Happy birthday to you too anon! Let's be birthday /b/ro's together :)

Where are you from?
You're right my friend, I should just ask her, simple as that, don't need to make her smile yet. I'd prefer to see that in person.
Thank you for giving me the courage
File: adonis complete 3.jpg (534KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
adonis complete 3.jpg
534KB, 2048x1536px
well shit, didnt think id see my story here. You actually have the incomplete version of it heres the most recent copy (pic related). anyway ill answer any questions i guess. -Adonis
i'm on my Xbox not my pc, bday bro, can't reply directly, but i'm from Maryland, on the eastern shore.
>I met this girl at my university
>she gave me her number and whatever
>later that weekend i decided to test her
>i knew i fucked up when she just answered a yes or a no, dont even remember the question it was just a dry answer
>i forgot that i texted her and she asked me a couple of questions mainly about music
>turns out she likes the hics, a really underground artist
>from music we shift to movies and tv shows
>she has a really dark sense of humor i.e. actually enjoys my suicide jokes that i normally avoid saying when talking to normies or at least people i assume are normies
>we talk the rest of the weekend and meetup at the uni
>after a week of talking i barely see her because of finals which is completely understanble
>she stopped texting me and when i texted her first it was just short answers
>i asked her out once classes ended but she just answered with "thanks but i dont want to"
>i wasnt heartbroken or anything i saw it coming cause ima a beta bitch
>text her a couple days later with some casual talk i think it was a communism meme or something
>she answers normally not dry but not as much as before
>so its not awkward if it ever was
>couple of weeks ago i got shitfaced and drunk texted her
>i asked her if she thought i was annoying her in general she said no
>i felt happy in the moment but why do i feel like i bother her or something or if i just shouldnt talk to her anymore
I know the pain that occurs when you don't get closure, and it's plagued me for two years. I got kicked to the curb with very little explanation and it ruined me. I wouldn't wish this pain upon my worst enemy.
To be honest, if she didn't apologize it'd be easier to do. I've been thinking about doing this since my semester at Uni ended. What I really want is that closure. If the spark is reignited that'd complicate everything to the umpteenth degree. But she's worth it.
there is no possible way that a meeting with her could result in a negative outcome, go for it anon
Let's just hope she gets the invite, she said she blocked me and apologized for it, believing she was wrong. On Skype her status is that question mark.
Goodnight /b/ro's

Falling asleep when there's light is one of the things I hate so I better hurry up
i love this girl so much but she doesnt feel the same. i try to be friends with her but due to my nature i just get pissed off at the tiniest things that dont even matter and i ruined it between us. and i miss her so much
File: 1473569801238.jpg (20KB, 422x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 422x347px
I know that one my man, there are other women out there. Really, believe me. And it sucks when this happens, buck up your chin, watch porn and fap 45 times; since 46 is the limit. and talk to your friends. They'll know you're in a weak place. They'll help you pull through. If they don't you got us. We may be assholes, but we're not smelly gaping assholes with milk and cereal leaking out
well, glad you got your happy ending.
File: adonis.jpg (180KB, 525x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 525x700px
well, my story isn't over per say but right now yea, im well. but at that, i hope that your story, whats keeping you here on these threads, will cease to bother you. or perhaps you will finally be free of whatever demon may haunt you. either way, best of luck. -Adonis
I do not know what is wrong with me, I'm not depressed, I just haven't felt happy in a long time. I can only feel sad or angry. I choose sadness because I know if I let my anger out I'll hurt someone. I got kicked in the ribs in the 5th grade by two niggers, later that year a half Mexican half black kid bashed my head into a water fountain. In the 7th grade I was shoved into the weight racks by a Mexican kid. in the 8th grade I was shoved to the ground my a middle eastern kid masquerading as a Mexican. I lost it at that point and "stabbed" the kid with a pencil. not once on any of these occasions did I receive help, I was always punished for "inciting violence" the others got away Scot free. I hate these minorities with a complex against white kids. I never asked for this. now I'm filled with an absolute hatred for them, so I choose to remain sad.
Fuck that's a good one
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