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Greentext Taboo/Incest storytime, continuing from the last thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Greentext Taboo/Incest storytime, continuing from the last thread

I want to hear the rest of the anime girls story
I want to see moar from this anon:
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>Be me, 8
>at cousins, 14
>in woods playing behind his house
>end up behind tree
>he says he wants to show me a new game
>derp, sure anon
>we get close and he drops pants
>has a semi
>it looks big to me already
>tells me it's called lollipop and I'm supposed to lick and suck until i get the cream
>gets me on my knees and brings it up to my face
>it's slowly rising and stands at attention
>i'm hesitant
>he presses it into my mouth
>says to watch teeth
>it's salty at first but then it's not so bad
>hands running through my hair
>he begins pushing in and out of my mouth just a bit
>something is slowly leaking out during
>look up and he just has a big grin on his face
>he's slowly pushing farther and farther into my mouth
>hands on his thighs at this point
>he finally bottoms out, just before the back of my throat (he wasn't very big)
>feel his nuts on my chin
>can feel his cock throbbing at this point
>my face is flush, and very hot as I'm being used as a slut
>can feel every vein across his cock and feel his pre dripping down my throat
>this goes on for awhile and he begins telling me how to use my tongue on his cock's underside
>tongue wrapped around his cock's underside and he's grinding his head against the roof of my mouth
>sucking on him like a baby
>his hand is pressing my head in and out as he fucks my mouth
>my tiny dick is hard at this point
>after awhile he finally reaches his limit
>tells me to drink as much as I can
>I feel a lot of strong pulses and something thick shooting into and rolling down my throat
>involuntarily start swallowing
>feels like a lot but he finishes before I start gagging
>puts his dick away and thanks me
>tells me to keep it a secret
>we go back to playing but I have this insistent feeling of being used
>never speak about it to anyone
Poor Anon here.

Okay so seems people wanted the car one
>Work ass off, have job after school, fuck sister less (I mean, I still fucked her at night when I got home from work)
>Work at shitty ass Best Buy because I know shit about computers during Black Friday
>Everything I earn is my own, start treating sister to more and more
>Bought her lingerie, we'll talk about that later
>Explain how a laptop works to grandmas and indians so I can use that money to buy my sister cute clothes and ultimately pound her brains out
>Nevertheless, finally save up enough to get a old ass Toyota Camry. Runs well enough, Dad taught me to drive the summer before in his car, and got my license
>This opens the door to go buckwild at any time we wanted, drive her to remote places and fuck her, we lived about 30m out from a swimming hole (We fucked there, talk about it later)
>Weekend, we go see Iron Man, shit was good, I'd let Tony Stark tagteam my sister
>Get out of the movie at like 12:55am, nothings open, find a Whataburger and get something to eat.
>We finish eating and she asks if I wanted to have some fun (aka bury the sausage)
>Pull over on the side of a side street near some apartments. She climbs into the backseat through the gap
>She's wearing skirt. Turns out nopanties so I get full upskirt action while she's goin' to the back. Keep radio on for background music.
>I climb back too, she's startin' to strip down
>Gettin' naked, bumpin' each other
>My pants are still on but she's already bare naked, starts kissing my face and chest and groping my cock. Pls he needs to be free
>Finally get pants off and I'm rock fucking hard. Pull her on top of me while I'm sitting in the backseat and I shove my dick in.
>Fucked for a good 5m, she started shaving since puberty so still bald af. We're makin' out passionately and it's the fuckin' bees knees
>I start slippin, and she starts riding me and bouncing.


sorry bros
>We go to watching a inuyasha movie or something
>roughly tolerable i guess
>i make a couple comments about how we should watch something more entertaining
>blonde girl is getting tired
>homely girl looks like she's probably dripping like a freshly washed car with whatever is on her mind
>birthday girl and raven haired cutie aren't even sitting close to me anymore
>not sure if i'm angry at homely girl or what, but there's not really any more anything going on, just silently back to awkwardly watching anime.
>Eventually glasses girl goes back to playing with my feet
>Yes, this is weird
>really weird
>Either way i guess its kinda nice, she's probably a foot fetishist or something
>We've now spent like 2 Hours watching anime smashed onto a couch
>Birthday girl suggests we start drinking
>Oh boy
I shower with my nieces and nephews quite often.
>She gets out of the couch huddle and pours us all a shotglasses full of something
>I drink mine and make the most hilarious faces imaginable, laughter ensues
>same thing from the Blonde girl and raven girl
>Birthday girl just straight faces it, homely girl drinks like half and then puts it down
>Really just turns the mood from uncomfortable to giggles
>that's really all i expected from it anyway
>We pile back onto the couch again and throw in some movie or something, non-anime now
>big blankets are thrown over all of us somehow, probably magic or the glasses girl who still can't fit on the couch
>Glasses girl tries to be funny and lie down across all of us
>but other girls complain and she's booted off and back to her place on the floor
>Birthday girl and raven girl are now back to cuddling up next to me and roaming hands where they don't belong.
>since this is under the blanket they don't feel shame or something about it, and they don't seem to be making a fuss at one another anymore.
>The other word for that is "Alcohol"
>Someone unzips my pants, kinda drags it down and starts with the chafing again against my underwear
>I'm not having it this time and i stop both of them and just drag my underwear down too
>They both let out gaspy noises , raven girl is blushing bright red. birthday girl straight faces it.
>back to embarrassment again, but birthday girl makes the first move and lo and behold
>she's back to trying to give me an indian ropeburn
>why can't i have any of these perfect erotic experiences i keep reading/writing about?
>i just grit my teeth and let them get on with whatever they seem to be doing.
>Glasses girl has like ducked underneath the blanket and is sitting in her previous foot-fondling position
>It comes to my mind now as i'm remembering this, that there's no way she was watching the anime too.
>She drapes my legs over her shoulders again and starts playing with my socks while she's under the blanket
>She takes off my left foot's sock and puts my foot down
>I feel bare flesh

>Still feel bare flesh under my toes
>Glasses has like, squirmed around and taken off her shirt or something under the cover
>She's just got my legs resting over her shoulder, my left foot is now resting over her shoulder and softly on her chest
>it feels kinda weird because her bra is still on and really its just my heel resting on the top parts of her breasts that are spilling out of the bra.
>but who am i kidding it felt awesome
>she takes my other unclothed foot and rests it on her other breast
>i'm now sitting in maximum comfy
>Raven girl kinda tracing her fingers lightly up my thighs and legs under the sheet
>Glasses girl with my feet resting on the tops of her breasts
>Birthday girl giving me an awful handjob
>alright so not maximum comfy, but i mean it was pretty cool at the time.
>was like the most female contact i'd ever had up till then
>She see's a group of people walking down the sidewalk and bends down so she doesn't get spotted, she's close to my face so I grab the back of her head and shove my tongue in her mouth. Smash against her ass and finally unload.
>Filled her up, and we cuddle for a little bit. She fell asleep after a bit and I keep her in the backseat
>Only a few miles from home, so I drive back and help her get dressed. It's like 3am now, parents are asleep. Carry drowsy sister on my back (Still, no panties so I accidentally got cum on my back)

I'm actually really surprised we didn't get caught, we were right next to an apartment building. Also Iron Man was great.
File: BabysitterCousin.jpg (2MB, 3632x2223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3632x2223px
File: Cousin3way.jpg (862KB, 2135x1124px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
862KB, 2135x1124px
>Homely girl makes a loud announcement about something
>Everyone jumps again
>oh no not again
>Instead she's just commenting on the movie
>Are you fuckingserious.jpeg
>rub&tug, rub-a-dub and footsie continue under the sheet.
>enjoying this thoroughly because its pretty obvious these three girls are probably down for anything
>slip hand under raven cutie's shirt
>Have to remind myself twice she's female
>Usually just treat her like a brother or something, but alcohol is making me think about her girly bits.
>I squeeze her bra, oh man this feels promising
>why haven't i done this before now?
>I squeeze a couple more times, and then slip my hand under one of the cups.
>padded bra
>literally flat A sized chest
>nothing to fondle , almost not enough for a handful
>how did i not know this ):
>move my hand away
File: Blackmail.jpg (2MB, 3512x2726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3512x2726px
File: Eurotran.png (1MB, 3098x1945px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3098x1945px
>She knows what i've just discovered
>She gets extremely self conscious, blushing and turning away sadly and everything
>She knows why i took my hand away
>i try to make it up to her by putting my hand on her stomach and rubbing small circles.
>She's pretty hurt about it still
>Oh well, maybe i can make it up to her later.

>Move other hand over to birthday girl
>no tact at all
>Go straight under shirt
>straight under her bra, shameless adventure.
>not padded at all
>definitely C cups atleast
>fuckin teenage paradise
>except she's absolutely awful at the handjob again
>Whatever its better than nothing i guess
>i cant seem to multi task so im just rubbing circles on raven's stomach or playing with tits on birthday girl
>We all seem to be pretty content at this level
>You know that kind of content where i would totally go farther, but i don't know what to do and i'm worried it wont go down too well, so i just play it safe and keep doin what i'm doin.
>attention turns back to the movie and we just continue fondling under the sheet
>me being a beta faggot don't try for the raven girl's pants at all
>Glasses girl is pretty much just shirtless doing who knows what
>She's perfectly allowed, it was awesome.
>hear some cute sounds from her though so she's probably touching herself on some level
>Lets just say that whatever she was doing with my feet was the only thing keeping my boner alive.
File: CousinClaire.png (477KB, 668x1776px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
477KB, 668x1776px
File: RioSisMN.png (1MB, 1752x1449px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1752x1449px
Okay fuck it's getting late and I have work tomorrow. I'll post two more (I ate her ass, and when we went skinny dipping and fucked). We actually skinny dipped with more than just us, I brought my gay bro and his friend (Also gril), nothing happened on that one, but my gay friend said I had a nice size, so that was cool. I really wanted to have a gangbang with his friend and my sister, and him, I mean, he's gay, but he seemed like he'd be down, Since I was fucking my sister for literally years, I was sexually open to whatever at that point (Save for scat and bondage, cuz that shit spooked me). But uhh, most people aren't down with incest. I didn't want the secret to get out. I'll type out the Ass eating.
Is there any more to this?
>be finnish
>19 year old
>sister is 13
>she had tight cloth on many time
>today was after class
>she go into a shower
>can see more nudism body
>her breast grow to the fuck
>little hair look has the trim
>erect my penis
>"do you have ok"
>she look out tome in wet shoulder hair
>cover breast growth but can both nipple
>turn to go into a shower
>"Don't look the shower"
>"but your body can't say yes"
>she run out to nudism
>hear she tell to father
>he invites me to his office
>"stop or punishment becomes"

I don't want punishment for I will remove out of the house but what can stop the girl look time? I can see every day sister when she into a shower and have a body of good look to make resistance hard for penis
what the fuck kind of conclution is that? waste of fucking time
Maybe his sister noticed him, and now they're having a very awkward argument...or the best fuck both of them ever felt.



Just kill yourself with a shot in a public place while heavily masturbating (just because you could be useful for the media if you didit like that).
I still don't know why so many FAGGOTS love to write neverending "cont?cont?cont?" fake stories on their shitty iphones here.

Some advice for you:

> be brief: no more than two dozen lines

> be coherent: no shitloads of useless details

> be interesting: no unreasonable claims, no ramblings, no fagspeech

> don't beg for feedback

> separate important paragraphs with a blank line

> proofread before sending: loudly say "I don't give a shit" every line

> proofread before sending: loudly say "cool story bro" every line

> proofread before sending; don't awake grammarnazis

> always add a "pic related", bonus points for OC

> final check: does your story comply with the 5W rule? "who, where, when, what, why?"
Idea for suicide:

>get into crowded space
>begin furiously masturbating
>when crowd sees and panics / disgusted, begin singing Animal Crackers in My soup
>finish first verse and then shoot self in head

There's a head line for the media

bro, if you have any brain cells you know these threads are only made for attention getting, so they'll never do any of this
Nice Copypasta, fag
Do you realize that since Twinfag never finished that he might be dead? Everyone needs to be on the lookout for Twinfag.
Atleast he time stamped.
>my feet was the only thing keeping my boner alive
>17, we're still gettin' freaky, she's 15 now.
>Parents asking if we have bf/gf's, I tell dad "No but this old lady hit on me at best buy does that count" and dodge the question, Sister says she's focusing on school. Thats a lie, she's focused on how fucked up we can get without getting caught.
>Speaking of fucked up, it's March 2009~ now. I have a car and am 17 now so they're able to get away more often. Dad surprises mom with 10 days vacation to Colorado. Awesome, you go dad, time to fuck my sister.
>They leave, we good, I take care of my sister from here.
>We're comfortable af now, bein' naked and watching porn, banging whenver we feel like it.
>We fucked the night before, and I hear sister roll out of bed, I get a full view of her ass when she gets up and she walks to the bathroom. Morning wood knocking at the door, so I get up once I hear the water going.
>Get in shower with her. We've showered before and generally just wash each other and grind.
>Grind cock against her butt and grabbin' her cooch. She's fuckin' down, and grinding back. Butt so soft I swear that shit was marshmallows
>Crouch down and start eating her out, her knees start buckling. Turns off water and I get back up, helping her dry off.
>She climbs on me and leg locks me, kissing my chin/stubble (I was the guy who could grow a fuckin' beard in high school, probably due to how much testosterone I got from fucking my sister)
>Carry her over to couch and keep going, licking down her chest and eventually her puss
>Flip her over, still eating her out. Starting to move tongue closer to ass
>"Fuck anon, right there"
>Licking what can only be described as the female gooch,
>Move tongue fully to ass, get tongue in there (Hey, I just fucking cleaned it, and I'm horny af, don't judge me)
>Lift her up and keep goin', she grabs my cock and starts jerking.
>Keep eatin' the ass of a goddess. Also got 3 fingers in puss. Hear her start trembling and I feel her ass tighten up.
File: NJ.png (2MB, 1856x3088px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1856x3088px
>Well, about as good of a time as any to bust a nut. Start thrustin' and cum on her face.
>Get back in shower and clean off. Skip school that day and just fuck around playin' hooky.

Fuck, really tired. Also I'm kinda sad, I wasn't able to have Thanksgiving due to me living out of town for work, and also working. (I'm in Austin, she's in San Antonio, not a long drive but literally got off of work at midnight). I probably could have fucked her but we haven't fucked in 3~4~ years. Threads kinda inspiring me to ask if she wants to move up, last I heard she finishes college soon, like next year. I haven't got a GF (Tbh, never had one, Sister was always open). She's still petite and cute tho. Whatevs, gonna post my skinny dipping story and go to sleep
Maybe post some oc before you go?
Moar of this?
Find Twinfag he's MIA
File: 1440210845654.jpg (2MB, 2600x2372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1440210870896.jpg (440KB, 1198x1788px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1440210898299.png (231KB, 780x1455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1441686702826.jpg (31KB, 652x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1441686872182.jpg (116KB, 652x879px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1441686920680.jpg (66KB, 415x530px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1441686982936.jpg (57KB, 647x319px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1441687368617.jpg (97KB, 540x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1441687407948.jpg (71KB, 720x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1441687476082.jpg (93KB, 540x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 540x720px
That's not your cousin. Post picture of your cousin.
File: 8P8AlIE.jpg (514KB, 852x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
514KB, 852x640px
I'm pretty fucking positive that my ex was doing sexual things with her under 10 year old son.

>She would call me masturbating with him in the room talking to her while she was doing it.
>He was older than kindergarten age and she was still taking baths with him every single day
>They shared the same bed
>On more than one occasion while she was naked in the bath with him she would ask him "What's this?" and he would say "Your vagina!" like what the fuck

Picture related is her. Her kid was asleep in the bed next to her when she sent me this.
And I'm not the only one that thinks this, several people who knew her thought the same fucking thing and they had even less reason to think it than I did.
>Dad surprises mom with 10 days vacation to Colorado. Awesome, you go dad, time to fuck my sister.

This is the abstract of your entire "cont-cont-cont" fake and gay wincest story.

Anyways, even your abstract is fake and gay like your fake and gay story, mostly because:

- "dad surprises mom", seems like a pre-teen girl's dream

- "with 10 days vacation", yeah, he's retired and has lots of money to waste in absurdly impromptu holidays

- "you go dad", your angel kids will only thoroughly clean house and won't do anything bizarre like parties, sex, smash furniture, search for your secret stashes, no, nothing bizarre, they will only prepare a welcome cake for you when you'll be back

- "time to fuck my sister", great, 10 days time (14,400 minutes total) when your penis barely stands erect for 5 minutes at a time (more than 30 times you need to impregnate a fertile woman)

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

In fact only a fool would would take such shit as an almost barely reasonable possibility.
>2009, summer break.
>Weekend, so we get swimgrear and leave.
>Swimming hole about 1h30m away
>Fairly unknown, heard about it from gaybro previously mentioned. State owned property, have to follow specific path to get there
>Get there, get out of car. Sister is wearing fucking cute red/white bikini. Really want to just stop and fuck her right there.
>Calm down Bonerbro, we must be patient
>Walk out probably around a mile down path, takes like 30m, we're bullshitting the whole way. Her friend gave her some joints and she started that habit, so we're getting stoned walking in nature n' shit, was really relaxing, but it's also hot af cuz texas summer
>No like fucking 103F, it was bullshit
>Finally get to swimhole, natural spring, it's cold as balls so not a lot of animals get in it. Sister hops in and we fuck around for a bit.
>We wait awhile to make sure we're clear, she got a text so had to go check her phone.
>While she was looking away I took off my trunks, shrinkage has occurred so sitting on warm rock restoring LBJ back to normal.
>She comes back and she's me layin' out with cock out.
>Asks why I took my trunks off
>"'cause it's too goddamn hot out to be wearin' anything"
>She takes the hint, takes off her top
>"Here anon, help me with sunscreen"
>Holy shit rubbing sunscreen on sister's tits and back, full throttle cock goin'.
>Reach down her thighs and start getting her butt too, undoing the tie string on her bottom.
>Gives me a hug and flips over, putting her butt up while she's laying on a towel
>Pass joint back and forth, bein' naked, jokin' about dumb shit
>I make my move, grab her butt while pulling her close.
>Get next to her and start sliding cock between her legs
>She lifts her ass up, and I get behind and start poundin' it
>Still kinda residually high, and she's laughing
>Oh shit, cum time, pull out and bust it on her butt. Fall back onto towel and she crawls on top of me.
>Cuddle and spoon for a bit.
File: 1480164494707.jpg (149KB, 1242x1232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 1242x1232px
>I fucked my cousin.
>Toys in the bathtub
You have no idea how many fucking times I had to take a magnet to my god damn hard drive because she sent pictures of her in the bath tub with her fucking kid in the tub with her.

Even though it was only waist up, fortunately, I don't want NONE OF THAT SHIT.
File: kek-mini.jpg (8KB, 209x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 209x200px

this kind of reply made my day -- saved it to "Best of 4chan" folder
Really though, I'm 90% sure she was a pedo.
File: its-a-trap.jpg (63KB, 853x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 853x480px
Nope, just fat and hairy.
also, this is the perfect body.
How long ago was this? Is it too late to report your concerns to someone?
You're free to believe what you want, but when we we're hitting puberty, we literally were put together constantly. Same room, same bed, idk if your puberty was the same but I had the instinct to fuck, all of the goddamn time. If you don't want to believe it, thats fine, I don't really need to prove anything here. It's a few days after Thanksgiving and I miss her, saw the original thread decided it's time to share the story. Really only went to /vg/ for 4X threads, and /g/ for awhile but I've posted my stories to /r/incest, never posted them here.

>Get up, get redressed, and start walking back to the car.
>Sister gets tired and asks me to carry her midway through.
>Sure whatevs get on my back
>Piggyback her the rest of the way, she's so goddamn soft jesus christ
>Take her back to car, she smokes the rest of the weed in the car and it smells like ass the whole way home
>Have to air out car for a whole goddamn week after that. Friends literally asking if they can buy weed no fuck off dude.
>She gets caught with it at school like 2 years later, but thank god San Antonio is run by Mexicans so it isn't that big of a deal, slap on the wrist

Alright I'm goin' to sleep. Fuck off street sign captchas
File: moar-boar.jpg (40KB, 393x297px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 393x297px
More of her? Sauce?
could still be a guy. show us her cunt lips
this >>713084953
Long enough that I wouldn't be able to report it. She was fucking nutso though, probably had the kid taken away for other reasons, fortunately.

Already did.
Dude don't leave us hanging finish your story because its obviously the best one here
nice, i like hairy
She could have atleast had him shave her while he was down there. What are kids for if not to do the week-to-week chores?
Well she was around 30 and had never shaved her pubic hair in her life so you're in luck.

She always did complain about how he'd pull her pubic hair when he stuck his hand down her pants. (Which was yet another sign of what the fuck, something messed up is going on here, kids don't just grab their mother by the pussy.)
In Trump's America they do
good story, fake or real moar
any less close up pics? with both tits and bush visible
I don't know, I think Clinton would have led to a lot more mother-son pedophilia.

>Ex calls me in the middle of the night
>Says she's horny
>Starts moaning
>Wakes her kid up
>Hear her say "Come on not tonight"
>Hear a bunch of shuffling
>She continues moaning
>Her vibrator's still going
>Kid says he wants to play too
>I awkwardly hold the phone away from me so I don't have to hear it

On one hand, you could pretend that it was just naive kid shit, but what fucking parent sits there masturbating with a vibrator with their kid talking to them? I'm not crazy for thinking that she taught him to fuck her as a "game", right?

No she was fucking awful at taking pictures.
Was she still breastfeeding him? She is starting to sound like one of those loons.
Naw, as far as I know she had stopped lactating so that wasn't possible.

She used to tell me about how she couldn't breast feed in public because her nipples are sensitive and she can orgasm from nipple stimulation. You do the math on that one.
Well shit, that's a new one for the bad parent threads.
How long were you with her?
Yeah I guess. Not like it's any illegal content.

A couple months, but the last few were basically so she wouldn't kill herself or firebomb my house. She was a grade A certified (diagnosed) nutjob. But I didn't learn that until after we started dating.
> hanging with my twin bro swimming naked
> my hand touches his pp it grows
> we giggle
> letsplayagame.mpg
> I go down and start sucking on his 2 inch stick
> tastesok.jpg
> weird shit starts to happen, feel like I'm being sucked down
> something pulling at my head
> take my mouth off bris dicklet
> get blinded by a light, my mouth now licking my moms pussy.
> my lil boner touches moms pussy flaps
> they pull me out and cut the umbilical cord
> twin bro dies he was born feet first
> winrar.avi
> I get all the attention
>In mother Russia, just other day.
>Be me, walking on avenue.
>Think “I should take woman mother out of hospital for night.”
>Put on finest suit.
>Take woman mother to discotech for drink and dance.
>Discotech good time until many become afraid.
>Find out large powerful bear was in discotech, on dance floor, hurting people.
>Will not let woman mother die same way as father!
>Remove upper portion of suit.
>Walk to discotech dance floor.
>Challenge bear to fist of cuffs.
>Bear roars.
>I punch bear in throat, gut, and face.
>Overwhelm bear with my might and bear surrenders.
>Bear flees discotech.
>Everybody rejoice my victory.
>Woman Mother, many other women from discotech and self go back to my home.
>We all drink, sex, and proclaim victory over bear until sun up.
>Desire to someday go to US of A to harm bears, drink vodka, and sex all the womam mothers and other women at discotechs!
File: I-AWCM.jpg (269KB, 2050x1404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269KB, 2050x1404px

Ahen hitting puberty I was horny as fuck (like always) but even sharing a bedroom with my sister (we were born one year apart) I never had a barely reasonable opportunity for anything.

And even in the rare events when I and her were alone at home for one or two hours, nothing happened, because we both avoided suggesting anything fishy.

Maybe because at home we always knew that men are men and women are women, and dad had a Beretta handgun and a Tanfoglio shotgun, and no faggotry was ever allowed or implied (this confirms I ain't an Ameritard).

A while ago I started reading taboo/incest threads searching for a reasonable story, and did not yet found one. Wincest stories posted here are 95% boring and 5% laughable. And I'm here for the latter.
Oh shit, it made me hard.
Don't know.
I wouldn't be in the kid's place, either wouldn't be his mother's, but...somehow...
WTF? I'm not... nevermind
If it makes you feel better, I'm sure she'd like you, she had a fetish for tiny dicks apparently.

She always talked about how the guy that knocked her up had a dick under 4 inches. I assume that's why she was into kiddies. Filled her fetish of finger-sized dicks.
*in his mother's
For some reason I would fuck a mom who "teaches" her kid.
Well, somehow this makes you as tiny-dicked as I am.
So, with her level of crazy was she equally great in the sack?
Naw she always complained about my dick being too big, and pretended she was tight. (She wasn't. But all girls say that they are.)
Nope, see above. She just whined until she came, wasn't into anything kinky, and 90% of the time she only initiated at her place, which I refused, because I wasn't having sex with her with her kid in the room.
Shit happens. Maybe she'd complain about mine too.
Anyway, moar pics?
>she only initiated at her place
Again, another red flag.
>I was 13 years old and I watched TV with her in her room.

>For a few years, she played with me blowing on my belly.

>She is a widow

>One day, she blow my belly as always playing and then as I felt tickled I laughed.

>But in that low mood playing my penis, I still felt ticklish and I laughed anyway.

>I did not think it was bad, because that is my mother.

>But my shorts were light, and I felt her lips bit my penis a little.

>I felt tickled and she raised her face smiling.

>Well, I started to play, I went down to my penis and with his mouth played, above the clothes.

>I felt my penis begin to erect in moments, and she moved him stronger, but always laughing, even I tried to take it with my hands, all playing.

> pic related.

take a langauge course first
Eh, I have plenty more but last one I'm posting, because I'm out. I told the greentext stories of what leads me to believe she trained her kid to fuck her.

no se mucho ingles soy mexicano. lo siento.
reveal her face plz
Well, I think pics don't have to have greentext with them, but how about always posting one with any of your replies?
someone please post the complete shed fag story
Why did you think her kid would have to watch you?
Who is the first redhead?
Anon has been posting pictures with his replies. Are you paying attention?
Dude, put 2 & 2 together yourself. It's a bit obvious if you read what has been posted up until now.
anyone has a part4 or any ending (or stories) about the shed guy with his sisters alice and karen?
File: 17veqc9rpjzj1jpg.jpg (32KB, 636x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 636x358px

Save yourselves waiting for the shitty repost. Enjoy the full-scale of Storybro's Magically Lewd Sleepover Adventure.
Maybe you could have given it a try.
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