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Weirdest/hottest sexual experiences (greentext prefered)

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Weirdest/hottest sexual experiences (greentext prefered)
licking my older sisters asshole after she had a volleyball tournament.

weirdest experience by far but it was amazing
care to elaborate
>At GFs family place getting ready to go out
>Go to shower and find GFs super hot 19YO little sisters clothes including hot pink panties and high heels
>Instantly jerk
>Blow HUGE load into sole of white leather high heel
>After shower, in bathroom with GF and the little sister getting ready
>Turns out the sister is wearing those heels that night
>I watch as she put her foot into the heel with my load
>"Oooooh" she pulls her foot out with my cum all down her foot
>She wipes off some of the cum with her hand
>I stand there with my gf looking at her little sister with my cum in her hand and on her foot
>I nearly pass out from arousal and fear
>She assumes its spilt liquid hand soap from the sink (very similar colour/consistency soap)
>She wipes it off her hand, foot and shoe with her hand towel
>Didn't get caught and now my cum is on her towel she washes her face with
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ok ive got some friends who think my gf is majorly hot,but she hates them. so one night i decided it would be fun to let them watch without her knowing, so i blindfolded her and tied her up a bit, turned on some loud music and opened the curtains and let them watch through the window

>6 years of age at babysitters house
>babysitter is always in her room never see her
>her twin daughters are left in charge
>sometimes they would take baths with me and have me touch them and they would touch me
>one day one of the twins drags me in a bedroom and locks the door
>strips me naked and tells me to stick it in her
>I have no idea what she means so I put my finger in her nose
>she did not like that and throws me on bed and puts my soft small cock in her mouth
>felt funny but good
>my cute cock is rock hard, I start crying thinking she broke it
>she giggled and sat ontop of me
>she rides me untill I assume she came
>she gets up and gets me dressed
>a day later her sister showed me lesbian porn and had me eat her out, it was fun because she gave a bunch of candy
>14 year old girls are weird
>been seeing ex for sex
>at her apartment in bed waiting for her to finish showing
>see used condom in trash can
>not mine
>pick it up while jacking off
>see cum inside of it
>touch it, think about it
>never so much pre-cum in my life
>ex gets out of shower
>fuck the shit out of her
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>visiting sister at college, partly to hang, partly to support her in the tournament
>get drunk with her at friends party
>end up talking about sex
>tell her i have an ass fetish
>she jokily asks me if i like hers and i say yes
>nothing else happens
>2 days later she has the volleyball tournament
>walk back with her to her room
>she takes her shorts off and walks towards the bathroom in this tiny thong
>getting hard by try and hide it
>she notices
>says if i have an ass fetish i should clean hers to save her having a shower
>stick my face in there quicker than the speed of light
>spend a good 20 minutes with my tongue in my sisters sweaty asshole

pic related
for reference, these were the heels the night i jizzed in them
I nearly had sex with a mulatto woman.
Weirdest was my hottest and vice versa.

Guilted my mom into blowing me. Had to go get shot at in Iraq, but at least got a wincest BJ.


> Do ROTC to pay for college
> I get called up for infantry tour in Iraq
> mom is freaked out that I'll get killed
> I'm living at home before my deployment
> Mom is trying to cram as many memories as she can into whatever time we have left.
> Constantly asking "What do you want to do today?" and "Is there anything you've wanted to do?" and "What should we try next?"
> plan forms in my mind: how can I parlay this desire to bond with me before my possible death into my wincestuous fantasies?
> she has no idea I've wanted her since I was 15
> Plan: ask her for a BJ in a way I can play it off for a joke if she freaks out
> Mom: Anything you want to do?
> Suggest BJ
> she doesn't freak out, but isn't thrilled either "I'm not saying no, but we'll have to see."
> Maybe she's known about my crush on her??? ....... I'm freaked out. Did she find my "mom / son" story collection?
> Next day, I'm trying to figure out how to get the BJ
> She fucking asks me if I'm ready
> My heart almost exploded out of my chest... beating faster than at anytime I was shot at in Iraq
> She gives me a mechanical blowjob
> - refuses to take of any of her clothes
> - will NOT look at me
> - I didn't last very long
> - She did NOT swallow
> despite all that..was the best sexual experience I've ever had.

It wasn't like a loving, sensual blowjob.... it was more like a pity thing. She just wanted me to blow my load (not in her mouth!) and be done with it.

Despite all that, it's the most love I've ever felt from a woman.
We laid in bed for an hour talking. Me naked, her still clothed.

I was trying to feel her bum hoping for an actual fuck and she was gently brushing me away.

Nothing sexual ever happened again. She has swatted my hand off her bum pretty hard every time I've tried.
Moar pics? Especially of ass? That's awesome
Mulatto butts!
File: Keked.jpg (6KB, 275x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I have no idea what she means so I put my finger in her nose
File: MH.png (1MB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I raped my masseuse. She was selling hand-jobs under the guise of tantra.

She couldn't just run to the cops so I fucked her in her ass.

It was for self-improvement (long story), and it worked.

I don't advise that any of you do it, but it worked for me.

see pastebin /66ErjQ9v

Dude no,

I feel like this is your fantasy of what you wish would happen either way you shouldn't guilt anyone into sex, especially your mom bro what the duck man
>what the duck man
Another experience with the same sister..

>On holiday with GFs family
>Sharing a room with GF, her sister and her sisters friend
>In the morning, everyone goes to breakfast, but I'm super hungover so i stay in
>End up jerking it over all these hot girls im sharing a room with, with a few pairs of their panties and bikinis
>Blew my load into my GF's sister's bikini bottoms
>20 minutes later everyone returns and gets ready to go down to the pool
>Get to see my GFs little sister in a bikini with my fresh load in it right up against her pussy
preettyy sure its pasta i swear ive read something incredibly similar if not the same before
>Called up to AD

Okay buddy
I fingered a girl's ass for her first time while wasted at some park with three of her friends watching
also got spontaneous head from a 15 year old while I was showering (I was 17) and I was not expecting it at all
Getting trips on this thread
>got spontaneous head from a 15 year old while I was showering (I was 17) and I was not expecting it at all

Did they ever find out?
The Court Demands Elaboration in this matter.
Nice try.
whos the chick in the pic.
This reeks. REEK get in here... you can have HIS dick
>be me, 16
>my then gf parents were divorced, she lived with her mom and she was this cute kinda chubby 50's MILF
>we used to hang out at her house after school since her mom was working
>no sex yet, only petting, foreplay, etc
>one day after some beers she gave me a BJ I was in fucking heaven, she had talent at sucking cock
>next day she asked me to "pay" for that BJ, so I went down on her
>she was sitting at the edge of her bed, naked with me kneeling in front of her
>started kissing and licking her feet, going up through her legs, then I started licking slowly her labia (I was a newbie but learned from porn)
>she was moaning in pleasure and holding my head against her pussy
>I was there, eating her pussy like a pro, she was scratching my arms while moaning
>then I felt her stiff and silent, her hands released my head and she was tense but I kept licking her
>she called my name a couple of times then I stopped
>she then told me, her mom got home early and we were so "busy" that she didn't notice that until her mom opened her door
>and my gf's mom obviously saw her naked with me giving her oral sex
>her mom quickly closed the door and went downstairs
>I was scared and had no idea of how to escape since my gf's mom was downstairs
>my gf got dressed and we were thinking on what to say
>then we hear my gf's mom calling us for dinner
>we went downstairs and I ran to the door, but heard my gf's mom saying "anon, do you want to dine with us? or maybe you ate something already?" and she fucking laughed
>I mumbled a bad excuse and ran away
>since then my gf's milfish mom always made jokes with me about "eating at her house"
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>went on weekend camping with some friends
>only one couple was between us, my bestfriend and her snobbish little gf
>Turns out during camp set-up that I had the biggest tent even though sleeping alone, so they asked me to keep their luggages inside my tent for the night.
> I agreed. Then during the day that little slut pissed me off so much I decided to make her a bad trick.
> I waited for after-dinner, then go in my tent, took off her toothbrush from her purse and dropped a good load on the brush, making sure to make it flow well inside brushes.
> Less than an hour later she claimed for her robes to go the the bathroom and clean herself. I didn't see her using her toothbrush but it was all wet when she returned.
> Made it again the morning later, and that time I noticed my cum smell persisted on the toothbrush even after she used it.
> Still get a hard on sometimes when I think of that annoying slut with my cum in her mouth.

Pic very related.
>I feel like this is your fantasy of what you wish would happen either way you shouldn't guilt anyone into sex, especially your mom bro what the duck man

I won't say she was happy to do it, but it was a very powerful way to say she loved me.

I have no regrets, I doubt that she does.

>preettyy sure its pasta i swear ive read something incredibly similar if not the same before

I have shared the story before. Twas the greatest experience I've ever had.

The adrenaline alone made it the best. . . I now know why people like to fuck on meth-- it simulates the thrill of adrenaline.
>Weirdest was my hottest and vice versa.
>Guilted my mom into blowing me. Had to go get shot at in Iraq, but at least got a wincest BJ.
>> Do ROTC to pay for college
>> I get called up for infantry tour in Iraq
>> mom is freaked out that I'll get killed
>> I'm living at home before my deployment
>> Mom is trying to cram as many memories as she can into whatever time we have left.
>> Constantly asking "What do you want to do today?" and "Is there anything you've wanted to do?" and "What should we try next?"
>> plan forms in my mind: how can I parlay this desire to bond with me before my possible death into my wincestuous fantasies?
>> she has no idea I've wanted her since I was 15
>> Plan: ask her for a BJ in a way I can play it off for a joke if she freaks out
>> Mom: Anything you want to do?
>> Suggest BJ
>> she doesn't freak out, but isn't thrilled either "I'm not saying no, but we'll have to see."
>> Maybe she's known about my crush on her??? ....... I'm freaked out. Did she find my "mom / son" story collection?
>> Next day, I'm trying to figure out how to get the BJ
>> She fucking asks me if I'm ready
>> My heart almost exploded out of my chest... beating faster than at anytime I was shot at in Iraq
>> She gives me a mechanical blowjob
>> - refuses to take of any of her clothes
>> - will NOT look at me
>> - I didn't last very long
>> - She did NOT swallow
>> despite all that..was the best sexual experience I've ever had.
>It wasn't like a loving, sensual blowjob.... it was more like a pity thing. She just wanted me to blow my
Lmao, you're a autist. That's not how ROTC works liar
I fucked my younger half sister's brother with my older half sister. he's not tech related. we share moms, sis and him share dad
Thats some trailer shit right there
Nope. Ive jizzed alll over the sisters stuff but never been caught. They are the only times Ive actually seen her toughing my cum though.

The sister has walked in on me jerking it though.. I had just enough time to pull up the sheets and close my laptop. She didnt seem to realize because she came and laid on the bed with me. I was completely naked witha huge boner inches below the sheets she was laying on. She was checking out my stomach and shit as well.. Ive never come closer to cheating and trying to fuck my gfs sister
File: image.jpg (128KB, 798x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 798x1200px
I see a regular escort whenever I go to Amsterdam, which I do a lot, because one of our biggest clients are there.

I do see other escorts there sometimes, and I hit the windows in De Wallen sometimes as well, but this particular girl is something special. She's Romanian, former pornstar, early 30s, long brown hair, amazing ass, super fit, tight body. Fake tits, but eh, the rest of the package makes up for it.

Any rate, had a bunch of amazing sessions with her, but the most memorable was last October. Had her bring a few outfits, and she always brings a few toys and other things she thinks I'll like.

So she gets on outfit #1, a black fishnet body suit with tall stiletto boots and a black leather corset. Starts out with an amazing blowjob. This girl can do it all. Balls deep, tongue out, licking my balls with my cock in her throat, tons of spit, incredible. Came in her mouth, then relaxed for a bit. After that, she gets on top, I'm sitting upright against the backboard, she has her arms around my shoulders and my hands are on her hips. I'm going super deep, she's pulling herself into me, moaning, best sex I've ever had. Cum inside (in a condom).

Round 2. She gets on this little micro bikini, I lie on the bed, she's lying across me, and using a hitachi on her clit while I finger her. She winds up cumming super hard.

Finally, she blows me a bit to get me good and hard, and I fuck her ass in about 5 different positions until I blow in her ass.

Fucking. Incredible. Best night of my life.

Pic is related.
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>quotes his entire post
I gave a lap dance to a hot teacher from high school

> Be 21 and massively changed since HS
> Had worked out HARD and OFTEN and different hair
> still super horny for old HS teacher
> Decide to try and fuck her . . . oddly she had her addy in the fucking phone book
> Go to her door in Cowboy type outfit: boots, wranglers, cowboy hat, duster
> She answers door . . still looks good for nearing 40
> Stripper gram for Mindy Anonymous (intentionally misprounounce her name so she won't suspect I know her)
> Her: OK! Who from?
> Me: can't tell you who from.
> Go in do a strip tease and she is getting handsy, especially with my ass.
> I tell her that "more is on the menu" and wink.
> She told me she wasn't interested, but thanks
> I told her it was free for her and she shot me down harder. . . it was NOT going to happen
> OK.... I got dressed have her a peck on the lips and left with a slight grab of her ass.

Had to go fap and fap and fap. . . I'd always crushed on her since HS and had felt so shy that I had to sit in back of the class and avoid her because she had made me so nervous.
I put both my dick and balls in my gfs pussy. Really hard to do.
How much is she?
>be me
>be alpha
>be 17 having moved to different city from where I grew up
>be visiting old beta friend
>mfw he has a 8/10 gril over for a school project
>double Ds
>activate full Chad mode, flirt with her as hard as I can
>she responds positively to it, getting all touchy and giggling a lot
>begin planning on how to go in for the kill
>later that night, hear door open to the bathroom while in shower
>"who the fuck is it?"
>no response
>peek head out through door, jaw instantly drops to floor
>she's standing there completely naked bent over slightly, pushing her massive mammaries together
>boner erupts through the roof with the force of Hiroshima
>she drops to her knees
I barely lasted five minutes. oh, and she swallowed. hands down the hottest sexual experience I have ever had happen to me, probably because I had met that girl that day and it was at my friend's house with his entire family at home
She starts at €700 for two hours. I usually get 4 or 5 hours, though. Always worth it.
>ex gf 18th birthday, morning after
>help parents clean up
>exs mum wearing jean shorts and g-string is sitting perfectly on her waist showing from shorts
>g-strings the hottest thing to me, get incredibly horny
>go into exs bedroom, ask for blowjob
>pushes me up against her dresser and get on her knees
>door slightly open
>watch her mum clean with g-string showing while I blew my load in exs mouth
>swallows then helps me and her mum clean
>>be alpha
Stopped reading there
I'll take "things that never happened for 500 please, Alex".
it happened and it was glorious and my only regret is that I didn't save her nudes to post here
Sauce pls?

>this one time I had sex
>with a woman
>in the missionary position
>for the purpose of procreation
same ex

>get back from a night out
>we both pretty drunk
>work out her parents are not home
>summer so its a work night
>once I work out I cant get in I sit at outdoor setting
>watch gf take off panties and walk over to me
>get hard just watching her
>pull down pants and jerk my cock for a couple seconds
>she gets onto of me and sits on my cock
>we fuck until she cums, drunk and just orgasmed shes slow to get off me
>....I wanna cum too
>ex bends over table and presents
>fuck the hell out of her til i jizz on her back.
>Kiss grope each other till her parents come home and let us in
p.s. dog watched the whole time
File: 1450660477673.gif (676KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
676KB, 800x800px
>work at the Tile Shop
>have 50+ fake bathrooms/living rooms to display shit
>work with girl for two years
>get drunk with girl while closing one night
>she sucks me off while I count the cash
>move onto most popular shower display
>fuck her all over that fake bathroom
>pull out and cum all over the shower accent
>4 days later, be working with sweet old lady
>she loves that same shower display
>starts feeling tile accent I came all over
>"Anon, this mosaic has a weird texture"
>Proceed to sell her and her husband on tile
>Receive a call a month later complaining her tile "lacks the same texture"
>Got laid, made commission
pure gold
Kill yourself my dude
Ex-gf blew me while I was talking with her mother on the phone.
one girl fingerfucked my ears while i was banging her... i didn't know how to react, so i shoved my finger up her butt... i was going to do that anyway though.
File: okay2.jpg (11KB, 170x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>post yfw you "accidentally" put it in her ass
damn pervert
Duck man is turning in his grave. But real talk I agree, that guy's a fucker
>Family Guy
>hook up with a girl at a party
>brings me home
>greeted at the door by 55kg husky
>things get started, we move to her bedroom
>she leaves the door open and the dog comes in
>dog starts to come up on the bed, I stop fingering her to shoo the dog away
>ask if it's okay to put the dog outside and close the door
>"no she'll just wine and scratch at the door"
>start fucking her
>she's loving it
>I'm loving it
>feel the dog jump up on the bed
>too close, can't do anything to shoo it away
>feel hot wet tongue licking my ass crack
>the surprise puts me over the edge and I start cumming hard as fuck
tl;dr dog gave me rimjob
>eating hot soup
>browse 4chan
>open some porn thread
>get boner
>gf grabs and jerks it
>cum hard
>spill hot soup on her
>oh fuck
>first degree burn
>mom asks how i burnt my hand
>she also needs about tree fiddy
>hook up with chubby 18yo girl on okcupid when i was 26 going back to college
>she's super sweet, heavy southern accent big blue eyes, very pretty girl, huge tits, delicious looking pussy just chubby
>she still has her hymen
>her favorite thing to do is get on top of me and slide her pussy up and down for like an hour until she comes, obviously this drives me completely fucking insane, she lets me put my cock up to her pussy and rub her hymen but not enter even
>will never let me have it
>gives me blowjobs, but won't swallow either, finish by fucking her huge tits every time

>valentines day comes one year, we've been out of contact a few weeks, but get in touch with her and make a date for that night
>i come over to her place, she opens the door in lingerie with a drink
>almost immediately starts making out with me and grabbing my cock, giving me a drink, she's literally dripping wet down her leg
>takes me to the bedroom within about 45 minutes of hanging out
>lays me down, slobs on my cock for a minute, then mounts me like usual
>feel my cock suddenly enter delicious tight 18 year old body
>go into porn mode "ohhhh my fuck baby you're so tight"
>she goes "i better be tight...ITS MY ASS"
>for some reason this insane bitch decided it was ok to give me her anal virginity but not her pussy
>she takes it like a champ though, is extremely into it, clearly it's blowing her mind that she's finally being penetrated for the first time in her life
>pull out and fuck her doggy style in the ass also, go take a shower together because she didn't want me to finish in her ass

>she agrees to suck it and i'll finish like normal between her tits
>as soon as she starts sucking me i start throbbing with the strength of a thousand boners thinking about how i was just fucking her virgin asshole
>start to cum
>grab her head and force her down onto it
>she doesn't resist and actually swallows absolutely everything
>never answers phone call again
>decided to make her a bad trick

Sounds like you made do her the big prank of life's time my friend

Also the 'only in my ass' is a Christian thing. Not unexpected from a Southern girl.
this bitch was so southern her middle name was lucretia
Finally I can actually contribute to these threads. Lost my v's the other weekend (To a friends girlfriend,but moving on.)
>She comes back to my place
>Obvious where it's going, start kissing and everything.
>She has told me before she's into being dominated, so i control everything.
>At one point, just suck on my finger and slide into her asshole. She doesn't say anything but pushed my hand away. Oh well.
>Had her up against the couch, smashing the back of her throat.
>Eventually just start smashing her box, and cum deep inside her.
This was last week, so i hope she takes her birth control.
in family guy they put the dick in the girl's ear. this was a korean girls putting her index fingers in each of my ears.
File: 819.jpg (187KB, 1200x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187KB, 1200x800px
miriama kunkelova
Weidest? yes
Hottest? Only if you're like David Berkowitz or something
Hahahah, oh man, lost, thanks man
So hot.
She knew.
Fingering ex gf under a blanket on the couch while she jerked me off. Her dad was asleep in the recliner right next to us.
I once jerked off 12 times at my best friends house after smoking meth with him and telling how badly I wanted to suck his cock and make out with him. By the 8th orgasm, my cum was extremely watery. Pretty sure I swallowed a few as well
Anal is nature's birth control
File: r1.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 5312x2988px
Not hot/test/ but deff hot
>party at gf's house
>lots of people over
>some girls leave shoes by the door
>gets late, people sleep
>wake up early in the morn
>others will wake up and get shoes soon
>gf stalls this girl to give me time
>steal girls socks
>cum in this girl's shoes (pic related)
>she puts them on 30 min later
>"i think someone spilled their drink in my shoes"
Made my ex pass out during her orgasm brought on by me cumming balls deep in her ass
File: 1469391382536.gif (2MB, 322x252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 322x252px
Back when I was in 4th grade, I gave a 60 year old dude a handjob for some Pokemon Cards
Guy had me wear a wig and an old robe, called me "Mommy" when he dribbled out his load
Got my cards and washed my hands off with a hose in the front yard
File: muhpeepee.jpg (56KB, 500x329px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 500x329px

I had sex with a girl who was wearing a feline fursuit.

>it was fucking hot as hell and I came with the force of a thousand suns because she did these purring noises and shit
>pic related
Too many to fucking count.

I'll cut em all short:

>Be with gf at hot springs
>Rope is stretched across hot spring
>Hot mormon mom comes with husband
>Put my finger along rope and she sits on it
>Moves away. I'm sure I'm fucked at this point.
>She comes back and sits back on my finger while talking to her husband.
>Never would have thought mormon pussy was shaved

Next story:
>Drunk girl pulls me all around bar
>We are by restrooms
>She pulls me into woman's restroom
>Pulls me into one of the stalls to "protect her"
>I whip out my dick and she sucks on it briefly with her boyfriend/brother outside

Next story:
>Be at different hot springs with different gf
>See this older couple.
>Grope the female
>I let my dick out and she's amazed how big it is
>Keeps perfectly quiet to my gf and her husband
>Can hear her quietly moaning under her voice
>At one point i try to move away because my gf is getting too close and would notice
>This lady would not let go of my dick until i was like 5 ft away.
>Masturbated to this memory over and over even at my gf's house while whispering to myself, "She would not let go of my dick."

More to come
I call bullshit.

Pic of sis.

Greentext the fucking story.
Read this story before.

Lol. You fucking autist.

Girls Mum sounds dope and you still sperged out and looked like a retard instead of owning it.
You animal.
same ex

>go away for weekend together
>stay in this cabin that has everything for the lovers suite it is (spa, open shower, mirror on ceiling above bed)
>we get into cabin and unpack our stuff
>ex going to bathroom
>comes out in lingerie, comes up to me and we start kissing
>rips my pants off and sucks me off
>cum deep down her throat
>pick her up and throw her on bed
>eat her pussy til she cums
>20 minutes later watching tv having a beer
>ex starts kissing me
>get horny again
>she gets ontop of me and rides my cock
>after a while switch over and pound her on the couch
>later that arvo/evening, we drinking watching tv, suggests the spa
>once its ready she gets in
>im sitting on side with feet in, she gets between my legs and sucks me off again
>dont cum tho, she just gets me rock hard
>rides me in the spa, both cum, she looked amazing in the spa dont know what it was
>we continue to kiss and enjoy each others company for about another half hour in the spa
>i get out and have shower
>ex joins me
>fuck her from behind in shower
>finish up in shower ready for bed
>we watching tv in bed
>she starts playing with herself and I go down on her, she cums and I come up and fuck her missionary
>can see her watching in the mirror
>then she gets ontop
>rides my cock and stares up at the mirror
>backs arched and boobs are sitting perfectly
>cum shortly later, she rides a little longer til she cums again
That day/night was the most hottest sexual experiences ive had
You fucked your friend's sister?
>miriama kunkelova
Thank you!
File: thatskindahot.jpg (11KB, 261x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 261x200px
Next story:

>Be at party with girlfriend
>We chit chat with tons of people
>Meet this totally hot skinny redhead who is like 50 or 60 years old, but she looked like 38.
>She doesn't know I have a gf at the party
>I take her into one of the rooms and grope her
>She doesn't protest.
>I start taking her clothes off and fuck her from behind.
>Cum inside her within about 45 seconds. I was so turned on.
>We hung out a few times after that. Gf suspected something when she found her panties in my pocket. I told her some bullshit story about those panties being hers. Even though my gf has a huge ass and would never fit on those.

Next story:
>Be at hot springs again, this time by myself. Gf is at home. I'm coming back from a trip
>See this older couple there.
>Chubby woman with pompous older redneck guy
>I grope the woman while he's talking to some college students across from us
>She whispers, "are you touching me?"
>I go, "yes."
>I let out my dick and let her feel it. She giggles about me being too young. I'm 30. She's like 50.
>Then she gives in.
>She turns around and moves her bathing suit down
>I fuck her right there in the hot spring with her man 15 ft from us. Cum in 50 seconds flat.
>Turns out the guy she was there with was some guy she was cheating on her husband with.
>The cheatee got cheated on.

More to come
Found the cuck
>this lady would not let go of my dick until i was like 5ft away

how is that possible?
File: Chunk2.png (611KB, 593x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
611KB, 593x542px
>be 21
>be virgin
>go on vacation with friends to Amsterdam
>strip clubs, alcohol
>friends all been laid
>pay for me to visit prostitute
>fuck it, it's time
>go in, find it hard to stay hard
>she starts jerkin and suckin it
>too nervous.jpg
>we end up talking for 30 minutes
>she's actually pretty chill, relaxed, easy to talk to
>gives me her number, tells me call again before going home
>last night there
>feeling waaaay more confident
>ready to fuck for real this time
>give hooker the call
>tells me call over when she's done with other guys
>call over
>ok I'm ready
>she turns on tv
>whats going on?
>i thought we could just chill tonight, anon, like before
>mfw friendzoned by a prostitute
Here's a pretty avg story about my sisters feet which happened earlier this year.

She came home drunk as hell one night. She passed out in the bathroom and left the door open so I picked her up and lay her on her bed and took off her shoes and socks. I massaged her feet until I was sure she was completely passed out then I kissed and sucked on her soles like no tomorrow and used her feet to jack me off and I came all over her size 7 feet.
>be married guy
>been fucking/getting fucked by dogs since i was 15
>wife has no idea i'm into dogs
>wife goes out with her friends to do monthly girly get together.
>german shepherd girl is in heat and needy as fuck
>start boning her missionary
>feels fucking amazing
>getting close to cumming
>right as i go over the edge the door opens
>i'm stark naked, buried balls deep in the dog and cumming as my wife walks in.
>pull out and sit on bed embarrassed as you can get.
>without missing a fucking beat, she grabs the phone she came back home for
>gives me a shit eating grin
>says "that was kinky as fuck"
>bends down and licks up a glob of cum from the dog's pussy
> she leaves without saying another word.

now the dog gets included in sex regularly. its like a super fucked up threesome anytime we want
>be me
>be in fwb with hot skinny nerdy redhead
>fucked her gud
>whenever I increased the strength she would look at me with huge eyes
>turned on look mixed with surprised look

Hottest way a girl has ever looked at me. I would really love to bang her again, even tho I broke up with her due to her being a crazy bitch
Heard the audio recording of this event
One time my gf pretended that someone else had taken over her body, it was hot to see her act different.
>in college
>spring break
>everybody gone
>friend across the hall gives me his key so i can watch his tv
>one night watching porn with shades down
>friends phone rings
>put down cock and pick up phone
>it's some girl asking for my friend
>tell her he's not here
>she asks me what i'm doing in his room
>tell her watching porn
>she says she knows
>can see everything in the room through the blinds
>peak through blinds and see her standing at her window only wearing a robe
>can see she's got huge tits
>ask her if she wants to come over
>she says yes
>we fuck all night
>horniest chick i've ever met
>would not let my cock get soft
>soak friend's couch and bed with jizz and her juices
>around 7 am she goes home and i go to sleep
>fast forward a couple of weeks
>she invites me over for sex
>while making out she asks me if i like cats
>say no, i'm allergic to them
>want to get down do fucking
>she gives me the heissmann
>can't believe i don't like cats
>end up with blue balls and leave
>next day
>friend is being a douche to me
>ask him what's up
>she called him, told him everything above
>he was pissed because he liked her
>didn't want her after i fucked her

not the best of anecdotes, but true
File: 1463944264959.jpg (118KB, 756x1008px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118KB, 756x1008px

Fucking hot!!!!
How do you guys fuck your girl more than once a day, I have to wait a day b4 we do it again cause she too sore
Next story:

>Had to work some shit job where you can't have long hair. I love my long hair and don't want to get rid of it.
>Decide to wear a fucking wig.
>I go around in a wig. Too much of a pain to take off with all the hairgel under it.
>Go to club.
>Somehow I get chicks that I've never gotten before.
>Beautiful brunette with huge ass dances with me at club.
>I tell her I need to fuck her right away
>We go to my car and I drive her to this parking lot overlooking the city.
>(Ironically the parking lot is right next to her job)
>I fuck her brains out
>After I cum, the wig is somewhat off.
>She goes, "is that a wig?"
>I go, "yeah, it is."
>Pull it off and reveal full thick long hair.
>She's freaked out
>The she's intruiged.
>Called me again. We fucked like 5 times after that. Best sex I've had in a while. She even licked my ass.

Next story:
>Walking down the street to get to club
>See hot milf with huge ass
>Hit on her
>Tell her she's hot
>bid her to come to parking lot
>Kiss her and make out with her
>Whip out my dick
>There's literally people walking past us and i have to hide my dick by hugging her
>She's super turned on, but can't do anything because her son is working at a restaurant around the corner and she's there to pick him up
>Life was in the shitter back then. No job, lost gf, lost all money.
>Milf ends up calling me.
>Turns out she has huge mansion.
>I fuck her brains out in some mountains on a hike. Fuck her brains out in my car. Fuck her brains out at her mansion.
>Now living with her in said mansion, haven't worked a day since. True story.

I'd post moar stories, but I came here to fap.

Meant the edge of the seat. She kind of hunched out from the seat to still reach my dick.
everyones gonna call me a liar but this 100% happened
>be april
>drunk at st patricks day party
>me, gf, girl, and gay guy separate from party, end up in parents bedroom
>i say "we should all take off our clothes and cuddle"
>didnt mean anything by it im just drunk and high
>were in our underwear in parents bed
>gf touching my dick under sheets
>girls bf comes in, they start making out
>me and my gf start making out
>gay guy in the middle
>asks if he can try kissing my gf
>okay sure
>gf ask if ill try kissing him
>if i like it, more power to me right?
>okay sure
>def not gay though
>me, gf, other girl, girls bf all making out hardcore
>me and dude fingering gfs, moaning and shit
>gfs sucking our dicks
>me and dude brofist, best ever
>gay guy asks to suck my did
>okay sure
>still not gay
>slow down cause it gets a little weird
>im definitely not bi
>all masturbating
>get right back into it
>gay dude sucks off other straight dude, but straight dude doesnt give a fuck
>end up fucking my gf while girl getting eaten by bf
>holding other girls hand while getting my dick sucked
>girl getting fingered hard squeezing my hand, squeeze hers while i cum in gfs mouth
seriously this actually happened this spring break
Ahh the days before Craigslist
I once jerked off 12 times at my best friends house after smoking meth with him and telling how badly I wanted to suck his cock and make out with him. By the 8th orgasm, my cum was extremely watery. Pretty sure I swallowed a few as well
A story that almost was
>Be late bloomer with no concept of your own attractiveness
>Be don't pick up sexual cues, because fucking trashmonster in school
>Grow up, enter military, exit military, go back home
>Become property manager for parent's first house, while they are at second house
>Have maintinence need done and call for maintenance person
>Be hot at balls because it's summer
>Freeball in athletic shorts and wear wife beater
>Maintenance guy shows up, is super cute
>Nothing happens, business as usual.
>After he completes work, signatures needed
>We are in kitchen, counter is behind me.
>Maintenance guy doesn't use counter, kneels down in front of me instead.
>Takes a while to write up his shit
>I chub very slightly
>Am unawares of potential signals being sent
>Maintenance guy stands, I sign, he leaves
>Don't realize until a month and a half later, how much I just fucked up.

So yeah, basically I fucked up a statistically impossible, but potentially very real opportunity to fuck the maintenance guy. I am a tard.
I was 19 at the time and had the stamina, also found out i had high blood pressure when i was 22, one of the questions i asked the doc was about having erections lasting ages after Id cum... but also at that time i found my ex extremely hot and she was a nympho so she easily turned me on
Are you female?
Sorry duplicate post! My bad really high atm
I bet she's a chink.

Chinks don't count.
Up your foreplay game man
That or buy some lube
You should just tell her who you are, you fuck.

Go back and fuck her. Fuck.
definitely not true, but this one is

>dating woman with two dobermans
>one male, one female
>jake and rana
>they live with her mom because no dogs at her apartment
>her mom is out of town so she's dog sitting
>invites me over
>we are about to go to bed
>she puts the female dog outside
>let's the male dog sleep at the foot of the bed
>she's sitting on the edge of the bed with her robe open and nothing underneath
>"hey anon, watch this"
>calls jake
>he gets up off the floor, goes over to her, and buries his nose in her crotch
>she kind of holds his head there
>he starts licking
>she cums
>i watch with WTF written on my face
>she thinks its cute
>also explains she would never let the female dog do that
>that would be gay
>the only other thing i remember from that night was that i eventually had to sleep on the sofa
>the dog kept farting like a dying trumpet and with the stench of a thousand rotting carcasses
Could have fucked her. You're a total retard.

Try visiting them again and going for a 3some. Come back and report.
I'm not buying it either
Well, I came.
>not true

youve never met my wife anon. shes crazy, and not just in the bedroom. sadly, the sex is one of the few good things left in the relationship.

i dont see us being together much longer, which is unfortunate because i'll probly never find another woman that's cool with me being a degenerate dog fucker
>pick up clubbing late into night.
>take home. Kinda slutty in cab.
>pretty much raped before front door
>straddles face in minutes.
>tastes odd.
>dirty talker/slurring drunk.
>throughly describes toilet sex with guy that night
>taste like cum.
>too late now so finish fucking her anyway.
File: sdgdsfg.jpg (23KB, 234x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 234x396px
>visiting gf at college
>still hs-fag
>gf being angry bitch
>know visit will consist of mostly fighting
>don't bring sex supplies
>visit turns into kick ass party
>me drunk and horny
>her drunk and horny
>"anon do you have a condom?"
>le no face
>"fuck me in the ass then"
>end up in hospital weeks later due to poo poo infection
>still fap to thoughtfeel of buttsex w/ her
Its not me that's sore it's my girl that's sore I can go again right away put she can't we've tried a few times but then she so sore we have to wait a week b4 we go again, and iv had this problem with other girls, and my dick is only 8" so don't think it's to big for them
get good at 69ing then. you both get off, but it's low stress on her bits unless you lick her raw
any chance your girl is allergic to latex? had that problem with current gf and had to make the switch to latex free. now have no problems
lol fuck no. Ass is ass tho
File: 1466717216832.jpg (23KB, 552x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 552x424px
>>the dog kept farting like a dying trumpet and with the stench of a thousand rotting carcasses
File: suckingsis.jpg (117KB, 1080x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 1080x1080px
>be me
>driving to friends home to get a harddrive i borrowed hin
>friend is at work, says its ok that I Enter the house with the hidden key, nobody will be at home
>Enter house, go upstairs in historische room, get the HDD
>urgent feel to take a piss, go to the bathroom
>bathroom Has Windows facing to the Garden in the backyard
you cant look into the Garden from neighboring house
>See friends sis in the Garden
>topless, on her knees
>sucking a guys cock
>they dont See me
>Start jerking off
>she sucks his dick until he explodes in her D cups
>i came too
good Day,
pic related

come visit gay general.
More pics
And stories if you have any
Youre a demented fuck
Mombjguy,is that you?
Did something kinda similar with my younger sis. Me and her were talking and hanging out in her room and the convo eventually turned to our experiences with weed and I asked her if she wanted to get high with me. She got pretty high and I was pretty horny so I told her that one of the best things while you're high is to have a foot rub. So I gave her a foot rub and she fell asleep and I kissed and smelled her soles then later jacked off to the thought of them. Kinda felt guilty after though. But I would do it again in a heartbeat
>with BF
>keeps me mostly naked
>oh leash
>curl up next to his chair while he watches TV
>he pulls on my chain and forces me to suck his dick
>and/or pats his lap and pulls me towards him and makes me sit on his lap
>stop talking when he moves across the country for university
i had a very similar experience

>want to visit gf at college
>parents say no, because hs-fag
>go anyway
>in dorm room with gf
>laying in bed with her with my clothes on
>she's only in underwear
>horny as fuck, but her roommate is asleep in other bed
>gf is initiating sex
>not responding because of roommate
>gf says it's OK, she won't mind
>nervous as fuck, so get up and go to bathroom
>come back and roommate is in bed with gf
>gf says, "see, it's OK"
>have first and only threesome ever
>fuck gf in ass while she licking and fingering roommate
>knock on door
>girl from another floor that we also went to high school with
>through door tells gf, that my parents called her, asked her if i'm there
>gf says no, he's not here
>the other girl says she already told them i was
>mood killed
>gf realizes she dating hs-fag
>i drive home in the morning
>gf dumps me by letter a few days later
>still got a threesome out of it
>worth the punishment my parents meted out
I don't use condoms I pull out and she's on bc, I make her cum alot b4 hand by eating her out and she just started letting me eat her ass and she cums from that too but she won't let me eat her pussy after that then we fuck sometimes I can last long enough for her to cum 6 times other times I have too pull out rite after her 1st one
We had the exact same problem, the problem was in her birthcontrol. It made her inner lips (dry). IF she is on birthcontrol, give it a go and change/stop using it
you sure she isnt going dry on you, although she may be excited, if shes only kinda into it she wont be wet enough. cos those numbers dont add up if shes 100% into it all the time
Should have recorded it on phone.
found the real autist

Where did you find that anon? Hunting in a strange territory?
fucking faggot
When I was 19, my gf, 18, had me give oral sex to her sister on her 12th bday as a "present"
How did she not know you were hs-fag?
Well she does have hard time getting wet since she went on bc and iv heard that could be side effect, but once she's wet, she's stays that way
File: 1388962487886.png (572KB, 583x603px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
572KB, 583x603px
Jesus christ that sounds like a hell of a fun night!

The thought of my wife wanting to watch me with another guy is now my newest fantasy. Thanks! :)
how'd you know she was mormon?
Too soon.
File: suckingsis2.jpg (127KB, 1080x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 1080x1080px
only got more pics of the backyard sis, no more stories
Hes a faggot you retard
of course she knew i was in high school. she just realized that because i was in high school, high school bullshit, e.g. parents, will happen
>be me 16
>still virgin
>work in cafe
>super hot blonde polish 9/10 co-worker with accent
>says the word asshole and says it has 2 meanings and that it is funny
>First to the person and second the asshole where you get fucked in
>instant boner
>Go to restroom to calm down
>Be home fap like never fapped before
She won't stop using it cause it regulates her periods so only has one once every 3 months or so and they don't last long, she used to have bad bleeding b4 she was on bc
What was her porn name?
This fag knows some shit. Not all the shit cus i'm bi-fag but close enough
Well post em
Well, she said he was her brother, but he denied it. so it was like a bigger brother boyfriend situation.
dubs of truth
you are a cuck nigger
File: dss3.jpg (57KB, 601x601px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 601x601px
her mouth is Made for cock
>her mouth is Made for cock
most women's are, except my ex

>horniest woman i ever met
>couldn't suck dick to save her life
Well on the plus side you might have ended up marrying a crazy cat lady...
File: 1419036518515.jpg (2KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 125x125px
File: 1469528334049.jpg (14KB, 278x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 278x529px
I touched myself when I was 12 to a late night movie that had topless girls walking around, eventually came, never looked back since then

haven't missed a day jacking off since 15 years later.... weird huh?
she wanted to dress up as a cat (not like a furry) and fuck you
Did anybody save the stuff from the sex story thread earlier today?

I loved some of those, but my computer shut down suddenly and I lost it.
File: tuZrLnO.png (223KB, 1004x1420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223KB, 1004x1420px
It was Pamela Ann. That was like 2008 or so, though, and she only did like ten scenes. They were for Private and other big companies, though, and they're all completely fucking filthy. DP, double anal, having like 8 dudes cum in her ass, etc.

She also looked pretty different back then. She was thicker, had her natural tits, and I think she had a little work done since then. She's super into fitness now. Rock hard body. It's definitely her, though.

>in college
>gf's 13 year old sister is visiting for weekend
>sunday night, a couple of hours before her parents come to pick up sister
>we're talking about stuff they did that day
>gf says she took sister to get her first waxing
>now no pubes like gf
>gf says her sister just needs to meet a nice boy now
>gf pulls me aside and asks me if i would boost sister's confidence
>uh how?
>go down on her
>tell her she tastes good
>try to make her cum
>i'm sure gf is playing a weird joke
>she convinces me
>watches as i finger and lick her sister
>not sure sister enjoyed it, but gf did
started out alpha
ended up beta
found her, pamela ann

I've been fucking hookers in Amsterdam for years and just about every detail of this is wrong.
wtf is this shit
nice. my gf and her sis had it all worked out before i even knew about it, which was nice because it wasnt awkward or a surprise or anything when the time came, we had all said ok, though she was free to back out at any time no questions asked. it was just me and her, gf didnt watch. I didnt get her to cum, think she was too nervous, it was her 1st time. But we did it again a couple hours later and she did.
details plsssss
did she watch, was the girl hot, did you lick her ass, etc etc
same to you..

was she fully nude?

any pics of her around that age?

did you lucky fucks enjoy it?
Well, in the eyes of my state at least, perfectly legal... *shrug*
gf's sister didn't know, but was pretty eager when gf suggested it.

the aftermath led to a mild bit of friction. i just assumed all of this would be a huge secret, but gf blurted it out to her parents when they came to pick up sister. they were totally cool with it. asked if she enjoyed it and sister said yes.

even though parents were cool with it, later, i got mad and asked why she told them. she said her family doesn't keep secrets.

i countered with "privacy". her family was really cool and open.

i would have married her if she hadn't died of cancer.
She was pretty hott, surprisingly looked a lot like her older sister. nice petite body, small tits but still big enough to play with, shaved innie pussy. I tried to give her a rimjob a couple times but she wasnt into it so i didnt push the issue. best part was when she was on top straddling my face
I'm likin' where this is going..

>was she fully nude?
>any pics of her around that age?
>did you lucky fucks enjoy it?
at first no, but when sister got really wet, i got into it. tried for about an hour to make her cum. my tongue was about to fall off.
i could make my gf cum in less than a minute going down on her, but was completely unsuccessful with sister. she said it felt good, though.
white people shit
File: Untitled-1.jpg (167KB, 936x606px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 936x606px

looks great
File: michael_jackson111.jpg (17KB, 400x298px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 400x298px
Something like this
April 2015... I was in Amsterdam for two weeks then.

I may have actually fucked her the day she took that pic.
Marry sister
>be me n college
>slutty chick wants to bang
>roommate asleep in room
>her roommates have friends over
>goes towards mens room, looks in, tells me to come in
>follow her in
>she takes my dick out in a stall
>starts jerking
>gets nervous, doesnt want to fuck anymore but keeps jerking
>whatever getting hj
>someone comes in, she stops, starts to laugh inaudibly
>guy leaves
>she wants to stop
>put my hand in her pants, get her going
>she grabs my dick with the force of a thousand suns
>she jerks, i whisper "i'm close"
>she stops, looks me dead in the eye and says "that was really hot" almost makes me blow
>continues, i whisper don't stop
>she drops to her knees and takes me full in her mouth as i unleash
>swallows every drop
>went left handed tonight
>i'm a righty

that's pretty fucking adventurous anon
I'll be aight.. I treated righty to a smoothing hand exfoliation. she don't know shit.. pampered cunt
>be me
>put penus in poosy
>be goot
Holy fuck. Thank god I'm in NROTC
I'm fucking capping this and showing this to my friends
Dude if I was in the army and I had you for a fucking PC, I would fucking try to get my MOS changed to get the FUCK away from you
>be me 20, working part time as IT for an Insurance office
>nothing really complicated, spent most time updating software, changing faulty hardware
>my "boss" was this married 40 something really hot MILF, pretty laid back and chill lady
>she asked me to check his computer since she didn't have internet
>go to her office, she was at phone and kept talking while I was checking her computer
>it was just a disconnected ethernet cable, go under her desk to connect the computer
>she was barefoot, her heels at one side under her desk and she was rubbing her feet
>take too long connecting the cable and she notice that I was looking at her feet and legs
>put one feet on my mouth, she kept talking while I started kissing her toes and rubbing her leg, then the other one
>she ended her call and was just enjoying the massage
>she just told me to meet her at the parking lot at 5pm
>we went to a hotel and I fucked her brains out
>she fucking loved to have her feet licked and her toes sucked while fucking on missionary position
>she asked me to rub my cock on her asshole, but refused anal sex but she went crazy when I started kissing her butt and licking her ass
>she kept having trouble with her internet several times a week for a while, we did the same routine of footrub under her desk and twice a week we went to a hotel and fucked like rabbits
>but three months later she got a promotion, moved to a better job on a bigger office and lost touch with her. Ended quitting that job a month after her departure
File: 1469464214446.png (240KB, 320x409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240KB, 320x409px
sex and comedy ! noice
Dude. Post a pic of this Lil sis
>I had sex with a girl
stopped reading there
File: images (1).jpg (17KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (1).jpg
17KB, 225x225px
Must be great to be superior to everyone.
>Be me, a 22 year old HS physics teacher
>18 yo senor who is failing my class comes in
>she asks if there is anything she can do to get her grade up
>Tell her it's the last week of school and there is nothing I can do
>She keeps saying she'll do anything
>After about 15 minutes she asks if I have a gf/wife
>After saying no she says that she'LL fuck me if I bring her grade up to C
>Tell her I'll think about it
>call her later that night and she comes over to my apartment
>She asks if I can do the same for her friends if she keeps fucking me
>All the young pussy I'LL ever want
Pic related, it's her
>Be me, meet chick online
>Pretty cool hipster chick, lolibtard but w/e she didn't push it on me
>Cute face, skinny with A cups but dat personality
>Go out a few times, digging her. We have made out a bit but go back to her place after some bar hopping
>Shit gets heavy, clothes flying off
>She says "I wanna suck your dick anon"
>Yes please, gently guide her head down
>Diamonds mode engaged
>She gives good sensual head, then stops midway and asks "Did your last gf suck you this good baby?"
>I think she's being playful so i tell her she's got me so hard, etc.
>She asks again more serious, really wants to know
>I tell her no she's better, she tells me - with my cock in her mouth - to describe how my ex gf blew me
>I realize she's fucking serious and am WTF but start doing it
>As I do, she is asking me more questions and the more I answer the better her head gets and more she moans
>She asks me how tight ex gf's pussy was (and said it like that too), when I tell her truthfully she attacks my cock
>Throws me down on her bed and climbs on top and would've raped me had I resisted
>Fuck her bareback as she continues to ask about my ex - how big her tits were, how did her cunt taste, did she swallow cum
>She asks me her name and I'm turned way on but weirded the fuck out at the same time
>Fuck her a bit longer then say I'm about to bust, she grabs my wrists and screams (like yells at top of lungs) "TELL ME YOU WANT TO CUM IN ME AND USE (EX'S) NAME!"
>scared as fuck at this point but it's erotic as fuck so I do it and eventually cum inside her
>She has this screeching orgasm and violently shakes. she collapses on me and can't breathe
>As we cuddle I get the courage to ask her WTF was that
>She laughs it off as "just a thing of mine"

This continues for months; every time we fuck I have to tell her about an ex. I suggested a threesome at one point and she got pissed saying the idea was "fucking gross" and wouldn't talk to me for a few days.

We broke up not long after.
>Be me
>Read this story
>Cringe, Die of Cancer
Nah, that dude's totally fucking Bella Thorne on the reg.
Of all the things that didn't happen, this didn't happen the most.
>loaded thread
>read it and jerked off
Please post pic of the Mormon mom
You fuckwit. You're supposed to say "everyone needs to do their own work." Now she's the only one who will fuck you. You could have had all of them on their knees.
Please post a pic of ex
I didn't think her friends were slums like she was, so I just said yes. I'm going to try this next year tho

>19 year old virgin radiating desperation
>I proposition fat chick
>She accepts
>Dorm room - roommate gone for winter break
>We make out, undress, get into my bed
>Fuck for six hours
>Her: lots of orgasms. Me: no orgasms
>Kinda frustrated
>She says she can make me come if I trust her.
>Gets box of gloves out of her backpack - puts one on
>Puts two gloved fingers in her pussy and masturbates
>Me wondering WTF
>Tells me to lie down
>Puts two fingers in my ass
>Presses against my prostate
>”That feels interesting"
>Starts hand job while stroking prostate
>Two minutes later and I come HARD.
>”Good job anon!” She licks cum off her fingers
The least you could do is say R.I.P. or come to my funeral. After all, it's your post.
Post pic of girl?
post pics of her in those
ROTC to Active? Just like that? I smell some serious bullshit on the barbie mate.
File: Grill Pic.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Grill Pic.jpg
1MB, 3264x2448px
Not bad, huh?
Post a pic of mansion milf? I came to fap too
Fuck off with your discord shit.

Full of austists cucking themselves.
>Be me, 16
>Fug all the 2hus
Story No.78929282727 in things that didn't happen.
Please post a pic of your gf man gdam
Hotest sexual experiences for me was when i was with a tgirl escort. Some people are gonna hate and call me gay but i dont really care

>call her up, posts in city i was living make date
>super nervous going over, made sure i was very clean, she was going to be top for our 2 hour session
>get to her building and knock on door
>if i had passed her on street i would think ahe was a woman
>go to her bedroom after finishing up donation
>tell her on the was that i had never been fucked in my ass before and that i didnt want any reciprication
>looks at me with devilish smile and pushes me down to my knees
>she lifts her skirt and i see a massive cock staring back at me

Nu esay, that's how you get her preggo
>go to burning man for first time
>hot blonde slut with pierced nips walking around in only cowboy boots, nude otherwise
>try to flirt
>kinda high so I say retarded shit
>"does that ass taste as good as you look?"
>what fuck
>nearby randoms laugh "lol wtf"
>get response
>"you tell me!"
>takes my hand, pulls me to her tent
>takes HUEG bong rip, offers me some
>as I rip she pulls out a bottle of lube, squirts some on hand and wipes across her pussy
>"get naked"
>we fuck like beasts
>high so we fuck for a while and both orgasm multiple times
>do some drugs between loads
>fucking cumming everywhere, in her, on her, around tent
>memory stops after 5th cumshot, next thing I remember is waking up in my tent
>never saw her again
>mfw I fucked some festival slut and never even learned her name
>got chlamydia though
YFW your buddy is raising your kid for twenty years and you tell him on his deathbed
>absolutly shock by what i saw
>started to give her a blow job and this thing kept getting bigger and bigger
>she moaned with pleasure and i was getting more nervous thinking about this massive cock, had to be at least 10 inches, in my ass
>after a while she grabed my hands and pulled me up, i started taking my cloths off
>she told me to lay down on my back at the edge of the bed, she sti had that devilish smile on her face
>she asked said because i had never had my ass fucked before and i gave her such a good blowjob she wanted to give me something special
>she was lubing her cock and my ass as she said this, i asked her what she was going to give me
>without saying a word she poped the tip of her uncovered cock in my ass

I always wondered about burning man and boners. Because there's kids there too...

Is it like nudists where they shun you until you're soft, or do people just kind of accept it? (other than that girl)
>divorced parents
Should've said something stupid to get with the mom too
Ha! This person is either my kind of traumatized, or a fegit.
Dude. Pleeeasee post pics of chick. Preferably any that show feet or heels. I'll return the favor
Post milf, faggot
yeah, i call bullshit
I wasn't naked when I got my homer. There were plenty of naked Neanderthals walking around with long, flacid, swaying cocks, but no boners to be seen. The feeling of exposure probably makes getting one difficult.
I'm sad now
Post full pic
>i gasped at what was happening not just because she didnt put a condom on but because she was fucking massive
>in my shock i was trying to say something but she put her finger on my lips said shhh every thing will be fine i promise anon
>she just kept fucking me at first with the tip of her cock, not going in very deep at all
>after a while she had my legs up over her shoulders and was pounding my ass with the entire length of her cock
>the pleasure was undeniably the most amasing thing ever once my ass got over the pain
>we did a few other positions, doggy, me riding her, spooning
>she the final position was meon my back again, she started furiously pounding me
>i eventually came without touching my cock at all in the 40 mins or so we were at it
>it was explosive
>keeping pace she asked me if i was ready for a supprise

What Kind of Demon is this ?
>she's pulling herself into me
>into me
File: 1469573579538.gif (484KB, 500x302px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
484KB, 500x302px
>her cock
You win
Post full pic
I don't know why but I instinctively read the all caps "It's my ass" in Filthy Frank's voice
>i nodded not being able to utter a word, her pace picked up slightly and she started cumming in my ass groaning loudly as she did it
>hands down one of the most pleasurable sesations i have ever felt
>i was rendered almost completely unable to move or talk for a few mins, during this time she took a shower and got a towl from the bathroom and cleaned my cum off my stomach and chest
>we still had time left on the clock and we chatted about the experience
>i told her how much she blew my mind and how i couldnt wait for more, then that devilish look on her face came back
>she left the room for and told me to take a quick shower
>as i get into the bathroom i hear her talking on the phone, cant make out what she is saying but i hear her giggle
>when i get out of the shower i see her laying on her bed and she summona me to her to suck her cock some more
>as im doing this and she gets hard again i hear a knock on the door
>she tells me that she arranged another supprise and put a blind fold on me
>i hear her leave the room and come back but there are more voices
>she takes the blindfold off and i see a room full of tgirls in varying states of undress

Last cont
File: Problem Button.gif (499KB, 420x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Problem Button.gif
499KB, 420x315px
Anybody? Desustorage doesn't save b stuff. I'll ask tomorrow morning. One of them was about a military-minded guy who finds a little blonde and their exploits. Ended with cum denial stuff. So hot

Other was about fucking two 16yo girls he met on FB. Surprised at how dirty they got.

This sounds like what normal people do in a normal relationship.

Either you've never had sex before and are describing your fantasies or you e only had sex a handful of times with your ex.
It was for the memes so its allowed
File: 1454346208886.png (48KB, 191x269px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 191x269px
>went to France with hs french class for graduation present
>spent a few weeks there
>hotel is in Paris
>nice fuckin' place
>not enough room
>have to share with people other tour group
>literally four people to a room for two
>whatever, it's paris, fuck it
>only need soft place to sleep after long days walking
>few days in
>visit Champs-Élysées
>discover nightclub, Queen
>decide to visit one night
>go in with other brave souls from other tour group
>realize soon after it's a gay club
>whatever, we're here
>get drunk
>hit on female bartender
>turns out she's straight
>go to her place after shift is over few hours later
>fuck her eight ways from sunday
>even bend her over the railing of her patio hanging over a busy Parisian street
>have her drive me back to the hotel in the morning
The only issue is that it was summer over there, and the buildings are notorious for shitty/non-existent AC, sweat buckets the entire time. Just glad her fridge was full of water bottles and pitchers of water, would have died that night for sure otherwise.
>Be me
>Been doing this since I was about 14 or so, but the first time was the weirdest
>Parents are divorced, my dad and stepmom bought a relatively small apartment
>My step-sister is a lesbian, her GF comes over a lot. They're used to making out with their family around (I SHIT YOU NOT, IT WAS CREEPY WHEN I HEARD IT TOO)
>I say "Oh... I'll give you guys some room."
>"No, Anon, you stay. We're used to it."
>Stepsister is 4/10, gf is easily a 7/10 ginger qt 3.14
>Together, that's a 11/10
>Take phone out
>Film making out
>Film short shorts ever-so-slightly grinding against my sister's leg.
>I suspect they know I did this, but don't have enough proof to talk to me about it. I was using my phone and pretending to play a game - Once I was snapchatting near them and they automatically stared at me and said "Anon! What did you just do?" when they heard the shutter noise, stopping their make-out session.
>GF leaves
>Sister falls asleep on couch, I fall asleep on other half of couch
>Night, I put the video on my laptop, fap to it when I hear her snoring, staring at her in the dim light of my laptop
>We all still go over on weekends when we can, I'm going to join the Army and she's becoming a nurse.
>Every night for years now, her snoring turns me on.
>Feels good, man.
Do you still have her number, I need a girl like that
As an addendum, she gave me her number and told me to keep in touch. I never did. More than a decade later and I decided to look her up. Turns out she's married to some rich guy and had like five kids. Could've swore one of them looked like me, but brown hair and blue eyes isn't exactly super fucking uncommon or anything.
post it
Need a face pic and also need to know if she had dat red bush
was this before or after you got aids?
>for the next three hours i was sucking cock and gerting my ass fucked by at least 6 other tgirls
>not one of them had a cock less than 8 inches
>lost count of the number of loads that were shot in my ass and down my throat
>after thet were done, cleaned up and left i was left on the bed in a completely useless state
>im pretty sure i passed out and came to with the tgirl i had originally seen sitting beside me rubbing my ass, told me that she hopes she and her friends made my first time one to remeber

Before any of you asshats go all nice aids on me, i brought this concer up with her before i left. She arranged another gangbang, this one off the clock, with her friends that were present. They all showed me clean test papers and mine were clean too after my last one.
This was literally the porn scenario of a Faye Reagan video, still enjoyed the read though.
File: HHHHHH.jpg (38KB, 559x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 559x556px
nothing special but i become very horny when i go out with this girl and she let her nips pop out very often.
Elaborate on the Mormon story
Looking for it fam
Seconding this
Post the full picture
My friends girlfriend use to dress around the house like that with no bra and I would always look trying to peak a nip slip but it never happened. How do girls make sure that stuff doesn't pop up with those shirts. pisses me off.
Sorry duplicate post! My bad really high atm
Same. Either they're liars; have small-ass dicks; or have girlfriends hornier than 3 men combined
File: egyptaride1.webm (2MB, 544x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 544x408px
Currently converting the file from WLMP to what I need to open it. Windows 10 fucked up my files and I need to fix them. Migt be a few mins.
Back in HS, I had sex, (a lot of sex) with the brother of a girl I wanted so bad I thought I would die
She wouldn't even look at me, I was invisible
She was a junior, I was a senior
He brother was a freshman, completely out, wore girls clothes, makeup, had long hair
He looked like his sisters twin
We became friends, both in orchestra, choir and theater
I had a car so I picked him up and dropped him off every day
He asked me to the Homecoming, as friends not a date
He looked great LBD, heels the whole package
On the way home he told me he was into me and wanted to "reward" me
Told him I wasn't gay, couldn't do it, that I had it bad for his sister
Tells me he's not gay, likes guys, but like a girl likes guys, hates his dick and wants to be treated like a girl, tells me all his clothes that night were his sisters
We made out, he gave me a really bad blow job, his first and mine also
Greatest experience of my life
No that we were "dating" I was at his house all the time, his sister was/is a complete waste of space, stupid, backstabbing, worthless
I had sex for the first time after the prom, also the greatest night of my life
Parents are really upset, my Dad is an assistant Rabbi at our Synagogue, they feel better when he tells them he wants to convert
I am in the Army now, probably for a career, he is finishing school to be a teacher
We will be married in December
Glad the military is completely cool now, about our situation
He has had a lot of surgery, facial, mostly, has not decided if he will go all the way and have the SRS, I really don't care either way

I am not now nor have I ever been gay, or attracted to men, I have a girlfriend who is just a "little" different

his family is not happy about her becoming a Jew, my family was concerned about the transgender part, but nobody cares about me being white and her being black
Fucking love hate sex

>had a hs gf for 3 years in hs (stupid idea).
>we break up and i bang a girl from school who filmed it so she could show her friends.
>the sex tape gets around the school. Both underraged.
>cops get involved and school expells the girl for releasing it.
>ex gf leaves school from embarrassment.
>i walk around like a fuckibg champ porn super star in hs
>end up getting reputation as a man whore. Guess a sex tape will do that to you.
>months go by without talking to ex.
>go to party near her house, she sees me drive by.
>she was drinking at home with friends about to come.
>she doesnt want to go and stays behind
>i ask her friends at the party where she is...they tell me shes at home.
>laugh bc of how stupid it was to stay home
>get a text later that night from ex. Asks me to come over to talk.
>i can tell shes been drinking, and parents out of town.
>walk over during party...she answers the doot butt fucking naked with a mixed drink in her hand.
>she grabs me and leads me upstairs to her parents room
>spend the next hour fucking her all over the california king.
>grabbing her hair. Slamming her face into the bed. Slapping her ass so hard shes screaming
>i keep going after hearing her winces in pain.
>bust the biggest nut all over her. And throw her onto the bed.
>get dressed while she lays there. I leave and go back to the party.
>enjoy the night with my bros and flirt.
>end of the night i go back to her house. Shes still laying there passed out.
>wake her up and fuck the life out of her again.
>throw her back onto the bed. Shes limp and in pain.
>grab one of her dads cigars and sit in their hot tub facing their bedroom.
>can ser ex gf laying there.
>laugh some more. Had a good night.

Turns out dad had security camera installed when we broke up and i was never allowed at the house again.
Girlfriend and I living together while on break
Brings home new guy and tucks him in our bed while I'm not home.
See period blood on sheets
Jack off on sheets
Many dirty thoughts
>his family is not happy about her becoming a Jew, my family was concerned about the transgender part, but nobody cares about me being white and her being black

1) we use carrots here
>try it, you'll like it

2) you wait till the end to drop that shit?
Take your time man standing by
Why? All she did was tuck him in as snug as a bug in a rug
Like to make my girl wake up having an orgasm then shove my dick into her surprised mouth.
My ex jerked me off under the blanket with her bestfriend and my two cousins in the room. Later on we found out they knew
I convinced my gf to suck and fuck a friend's dog right in front of me
OK but why didnt you eat the cum
File: 11457861489.jpg (15KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 320x320px
>10 years old
>try to convince the girl next door to play doctor
>she says she wants to play horses instead
>I tell her playing doctor is more fun
>she says ok
>I turn around and take off my pants
>before I know it she's shoved a plastic toy horse up my ass
>I freak out and yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING"
>she laughs and says "we're playing doctor! Your condition is stable"

Crap. Forgot the best part as i was typing it

>she answers the doot butt ass naked
>tells me she wants me to fuck her like the girl i fucked in the video
>she wants to be better than her
post the whole pic
Howd that turn out? She enjoy it ? What kinda dog. And how old were you guys. Lets hear the details you degenerate
>>be me, 21, uni student, huge faggot
>>meet another guy in toilets, never saw his face
>>both jacking it off waiting for people to leave
>>once it's clear I start blowing him under the stall
>>he asks me to turn around, I think maybe he wants to blow me?
>>pulls me halfway under the stall (gap was pretty big) and starts fucking my ass.
>>being slightly shocked and pretty into it already I blow all over the floor
>>just then, some other guy walks in to the cubicle next to me, while I'm stuck on the floor in a pool of cum
>>he sits for a minute, then bends down and pulls out a massive cock
>> probably 9.5 inches and as thick as my arm, shit was huge
>> stretch forward and blow him, while the other guy gets hard and finishes fucking me
>> they both blow and leave separately, while I'm stuck cleaning cum off everything

Later find out the first guy I met worked as a lecturer, and got busted by security for doing it with someone else.
>>mfw he lost his job
>>mfw the hung guy I blew worked for security
Nigger you stole that
>When I was 6 I stuck my dick in another six year olds pussy. I didn't know why it felt so good at the time but we got interrupted by her mom and I have wanted to stick it to another 6 year old ever since.
what fucking hot springs are these?
File: ayylmao.jpg (43KB, 514x536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 514x536px
>Lmao, you're the autist

That's some military grade autism right there.
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