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wincest thread Stories and captions

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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wincest thread
Stories and captions
>Be me, 21
>Break up with ex, have to move out
>Sister, 25, says I can crash at her place
>The first week goes by without anything special
>The second week, my back is starting to kill me for sleeping on the couch
>She says I should sleep in her bed
>First night sleeping next to her
>Think she's asleep, she's shuffling alot
>Hear her breathe funny
>Feel the mattress moving
>See her raise her knees
>Shit, shes fapping!
>I listen for a while
>She's getting into it
>I shuffle to see if she'll react
>She doesn't
>Keeps breathing hard
>I'm diamonds at this point
>I can fucking hear her pussy
>I move my hand to my dick
>She doesn't react
>I start jackin'
>She's not even trying to hide it anymore
>She shimmies her panties off under the covers
>I keep jacking, not hiding it
>She goes back to fingering
>She climaxes, spasms a few times and moans a bit
>She puts on the light on the nightstand and gets out of bed
>I can see her ass
>She walks to the bathroom without panties
>I finish into my boxers
>I get up and change
>She comes back
>Tells me "good night" and goes to sleep

And that's how we started masturbating together.
Story time, then.
>be me, 12
>have stepsister, 14
>we usually fight and argue 24/7, try to avoid each other
>sometimes get physical
>pretty much hate each other
>one night she asks if i want to watch a movie
>hesitant, but ask what movie
>very reluctant, but she insists
>eventually give in
>go upstairs in my room, she lies down, i sit at the foot of the bed
>she tells me to lie down
>she puts one arm behind her head and the other at her side
>that hand is like right next to my crotch
>a little apprehensive
>about 5 minutes in she brushes her hand over my crotch like it was an accident (but i knew it wasn't)
>shrug it off but she does it again, keeps her hand there this time
>looks me in the eye, slides her hand down my shorts
>have the most diamond boner in my life, didn't think was possible to get that hatd
>also very confused/conflicted
>she smiles at me and scoots down, pulling down my shorts & underwear
>she maintains eye contact as she drags her tongue up it
>basically starts giving me head
>have no idea what is going on but it's amazing
>i'm not able to cum but she eventually just lies back down and holds me
>we keep messing around for the following week
>she eventually has to go back home (out of state)
>she tells me we can "practice" again whenever i want
>6 years later
>haven't talked much or seen her since but still tempted to bring it up given the chance
>be me
>be about 12-13
>have sister bout 2-3 years older with massive tits
>nice hips
>round plump ass
>thick thighs
>this is impossible how is she in my gene pool when im ugly as shit
>be talking to friend online who we'll call turtle
>turtle is super sexual and is always getting me to try naughty weird stuff
>i comply cause she's cute and sent nudes
>convinces me to try and do sexual stuff with my sister
>my sister is also friends with turtle
>turtle probably slowly easing sister into incest
>be on couch watching tv w/ sister one night
>make joke about her sucking on her own nipples
>she actually pulls them out and tries
>whisper to her in a hesitant, shaky breath
>"how much you wanna bet i could fit them both in too
>i roll over on the couch in front of her and grab her tits
>they're like giant fucking cloud marshmallows or some shit idk they were my first pair of tits
>stick them both in my mouth with easy and suck on them
>theyre hard
>so am i
>she's breathing heavy and clearly trying not to moan
>suddenly she makes me move and goes to tell mom she's going to bed
>she goes upstairs and it's clear she wants me to follow
>i tell mom im going to bed too cause im tired and wanna get up early
>go upstairs
>sister is in her room, her lights are off
>i open my door and shut it, giving the false illusion i've gone to bed
>i slowly walk across hall to her room
>crack door open
>slip in cause this was before i was a fat faggot
>sis is "asleep"
>she's not covered by her blanket
>she's clearly naked
>my dick is fucking diamonds
>im surprised this is happening
>my heart is racing
>blood is pumping
>dick is throbbing
>i get on the bed and spread her legs
>i get down on my stomach and kiss her inner thighs
>i start to lick her
>i can hear her breathing already start to get heavy
>i lap at her pussy like a cat with milk for a good few minutes until her legs begin to tighten around me
>the time has cum and so has she
>I get up on my knees
>im breathing really shaky
>so is she
>she's still pretending to sleep
>i grab hold of my dick
>it was surprisingly big for my age
>god did one good thing for me
>I push the head in slowly, nearly busting my load right then and there
>she whimpers and shakes
>i lean down as I start to thrust into her and suck on her nips, playin with the other one
>i'm fuckin my sister like a champ
>that was my first vagina
>i was her first dick
>she's wrapping her legs around my waist and quietly moaning
>her breathing is so heavy you'd think this bitch just got outta gym class
>she'll definitely be sore either way
>I'm still sucking on her nips like a baby would his mother
>her pussy is so wet
>it's so tight
>it's like a fat kid down a water slide
>i kiss her tits and begin to suck at her neck
>she begins to dig her nails into my back
>she's still pretending to be asleep for some reason
>she's raising her hips while i push down
>she's fucking me just as much as I'm fucking her
>good god this is heaven
>i can feel myself about to cum
>she's already cum like twice at this point without a doubt
>i bury my face in her neck
>i moan her name
>she moans mine
>i begin to speed up and roughen my movements
>i finally cum inside of her
>i am in literal heaven how is this even possible
>i just fucked my sister
>she even let me cum inside of her
>the world is okay
>i am okay
>reply to this or your-
>im kidding dw
>she pretends to sleep still and im just in shock
>i cover her up with the blanket though
>kiss her lips and whisper goodnight
>go to my room and stare at my glistening dick until i pass out

I'm unsure if I've got too much more but I know there was one time I got rug burn cause I fucked my other sister way too hard and fast and forgot to put a blanket beneath us
>be me
>be about 16 so this is like last year or some shit i cant fucking remember this was a while ago
>sis is like 18 or 19
>Second sis is older but less attractive than other sis
>tits are smaller
>but ass is nicer
>has nice curly hair cause she's part nigger
>it's actually pretty hair
>great for tugging on
>we're chilling in her room one day just watchin a movie cause hey those are fun
>it's just us home
>we're talkin bout people we've dated
>i'm slowly hinting towards doing stuff
>ask her how many times she's had sex
>she says a few
>i tell her i've had about the same
>ask her if she wants to see it
>im diamonds under my shorts
>she's looking but playin it cool and sayin no thank you
>she finally gives in
>says yes
>i pull out the bear beast
>she says it's bigger than her most recent ex's
>laugh in disbelief
>she tells me she's serious
>wowowow my ego
>ask her if she wants to touch it
>she hesitates for a second but then puts her hand around it
>her hand is kinda cold and it feels good around my hot dick
>im closing my eyes and biting my lip
>she's totally into it
>she's jerking me off real good
>i cum after about ten fifteen minutes because handjobs aren't too good for me to cum if it's from someone else cause jerking off is different whoops lol loser
>several days later it's the same scenario
>we haven't had sex yet but i'm trying to inch her towards it
>finally get her to agree to it
>yes this is good
>have her on bed
>ease her into it like first sister
>basically the same with this sister but she's telling me to be softer and slower
>if she wanted slow she couldve gone to our autistic brother
>she cums
>she's clearly sensitive
>she loves the attention on her tits and likes to have me suck on them
>clearly she's got a mommy fetish cause she calls me her little baby
>it's kinda weird but i'm balls deep in my sister it honestly can't get much weirder
>i nibble on those nips
>she moans out my name
>i dont moan hers
>i actually hate her but this pussy good
>she's clearly enjoying it a lot and it's driving her wild
>i'm getting close
>she says i can't cum inside and it makes me a little said cause i was hoping to like with other sister
>finally i start to climax
>i pull out and finish on her waist
>there's a lot of cum
>she wipes some of it off and licks it
>says it's disgusting
>she'll never give me head and that's disappoint
>she leaves home a few months after this
>no that wasnt why
>but she visits and we fuck in my room
>i forget to put sheets down
>i have major rugburn and i wanted to die
>she let me cum inside that time
>it was heaven
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Hot if true...
File: 1432773303683.gif (1MB, 473x324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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images (1).jpg
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>be me 15/16
>just moved from former school
>had to move because grandma was having health issues
>first day of school
>typical checking out girls to rank against girls at old school
>pretty subpar
>3-4 or girls that are pretty cute
>prettiest girl named Chloe
>nobody knows who new kid is
>introduce myself to popular kids
>get invited to halloween party
>pass time hanging out with new friends
>talking about how many girls we fucked
>mention i am a virgin
>instead of making fun they make it their goal to get me laid at party
>party comes around
>drugs and alcohol
>decide to inject marijuana to calm down
>prettiest girl is wasted
>go into bedroom
>she gives me handjob
>end up fucking for a couple minutes
>cops show up
>party ends
>next morning decide to follow new friends on twitter
>girl i fucked has same last name as my cousin
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Alright, I'll bite.
>Be 13 year old faggot me
>8 y/o sister saying bye to mom at the door
>nothing happens for about 5 hours, just play games the whole time
>when we usually take a shower she comes over
>"mom says there's not enough hot water for two showers"
>what the fuck
>i say "k"
>i go to take a cold shower because i'm a N i c e b o y (tm)
>so fucking freezing holy shit nope
>get out of the shower immediately, shut it off
>go back in room with towel around me, sister comes in
>she sees me and gets mad
>tell her i didn't even shower the water is too cold
>say i'll shower with her if she turns her back the other way
>doesn't want to do it
>say i'll take the hot water
>finally agrees, neither of us are happy about it
>get in bathroom, take off clothes, get in shower, etc. we don't talk because we're never naked around eachother
>asks for me to wash her back
>rub body wash on my hands and rub her back and shoulders
>she's obviously tense and doesn't like this at all
>i squirt body lotion on her head
>body lotion fight
>squirting it back and forth between eachother, fighting for it
>bends over, i bump my groin into her back
>she yelps
>she say's it's ok
>bumps into me, obviously intentional
>i bump back at her
>"""accidentally""" grind
>she bumps back into it
>half yelping and half moaning
>ask her "do you want to try something? it'll feel really good"
>she hesitantly says "ok"
>tell her to put her butt up
>aim the showerhead at her butt
>rub my dick on her, still bent over
>press my tip against her asshole
>she squeals, muffled by shower noises
>pop my tip in
>she yells
>i say "it hurts at first, just for a little bit, but it'll feel really good soon, okay?"
>no response, take it as a yes
>keep going
>no screams or yelps or whatever
>balls deep, she's humping back slightly
>my knees are buckling, she's moaning
>climax, best thing i've ever felt, nerves i didn't even know existed fired all at once
>immediate regret sets in
>i ask "d-did you like that?"
>she says "it felt weird, but yeah"
>"just don't tell mom..."
>actually shower and shampoo, walk out when the shower starts getting cold
>walk straight into the annoying pole i keep forgetting is there when i leave the shower
>fall on my ass
>sister says "are you okay?"
>start hearing things
>"yo, femanon.. did you hear that?"
>"no what anon?"
>start feeling dizzy
>that pole just talked to me what the fuck
>"that pole just talked, i swear"
>look at the pole
>look back at my sister
>scream at her at the top of my lungs
>Your mother will die in her sleep in seven days if you don't reply to this post.
Source on girl?
You mofo
I was about to post saying you were and underage faggot being 12 when twilight was released, but then i just realized it came out 8 years ago. Fuck i feel old
this is getting pretty crazy anon
why did you have to tell your parents you were going to bed
Fake af
fuck you and i am confused
well fuck
>be me 13 yr/old
>chillin with my stepsister(15 yrs/old) on the pool
>just me and her alone
>i start giving her some hints
>she starts giving me hints
>i asked her if she wanted to see my dick
>says yes
>pretty big dick for my age
>she touches it
>i take off her bikini
>i asked if she wanted to do it
>no response
>slightly kiss her
>finger her pussy
>put my just the tip in
>she likes it no screams
>we fuck for 20 minutes
>i came
>she came
Fuck u
not cool
you got me
>Be me, late 30's now. Cute chub ginger sister with biggo titties
>grew up with her basically unsupervised
>saw her naked when she was like 13
>that's about it.
>this is now a losecest thread
get aids
more like this
stupid fucking story, jacking off next to eachother is NOT incest
I have 4 sisters, growing up i saw them naked all the time, and vice versa. Same with my current nieces/nephews
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>was 14
>had a friend of mine come over to hang out
>mom was passed out due to having just started a new medication that had that as a side effect until she thought to bring up the concern to her doctor. >was totally unconscious in a recliner and my friend said he'd give me his N64 if I let him play with her body while he jerked off.
>she woke up halfway through
>hid out of sight before she saw me
>she freaked the fuck out and kicked him out of the house.
>I claimed I was in the bathroom and had no idea he was doing that.
>she told his parents and they put him in therapy.
>he hated me after that.
>told him it was his own damn fault
>he became a pariah in our school as a perv and no girl would go near him after that
>he moved away towards the end of the school year
>No N64
File: 1436250917915.jpg (29KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 300x300px
>Pets need feeding, head down corridor
>see bathroom door open
>walk past, hear older brother call out
>"Hey anon, check this out", hes nakey
>Helicopter dick at 2x play speed
Kept walking
mfw when i wanted it in my mouth
File: 1456697435654.webm (826KB, 720x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
826KB, 720x404px
Any pics?
getta outa here hado
My boner is confused
Same. i was literally googling when twilight came out so i could see if he was underage and give him shit.
virgins are usually only made fun of when they try to say otherwise
File: 1432510955071.gif (772KB, 500x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
772KB, 500x350px
fuck you got me
U wut
Not really wincest imo but closest ive done is shower with nieces and nephews quite a bit. no molestering though. Did it with my 9 & 7yo nieces yesterday
dont no bro

Jfc you fucked an 8yo
More of these please
File: 1441828473528.jpg (83KB, 384x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 384x313px
why u mad though?
File: 1432773693786.gif (483KB, 500x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well shit
That was pretty good
someone post the dog
you get what you pay for
>be me @ 20
>layin butt naked in bed w/ laptop and boner under blankets
>just watchin some good 'ol porn @ max volume
>17.5 y/o sister gets home from band practice, friend drops her off
>she comes in asking what I'm doing
>"uh you need to get out"
>"what are you looking at what website are you on"
>literally pitching a solid tent
>she walks over as i switch tabs to facebook saying it's a joke video
>"Could you show me the video then?"
>"what the fuck, get out"
>she sits on the side of the bed insisting i show her
>literally full blown tent pitched right there
>either shes ignoring it or didnt notice
>.. think to myself 'fuck it' maybe she'll be disgusted and fuck off
>show her the porn
>she sees like 30 seconds of literally a money shot
>"Okay you can go now bye"
>she asks why my boner hasn't gone away with her there
>she looks at my tent
>she kind of rests her hand next to it and like, really slowly inched her hand over
>literally this is happening as i'm telling her to get out
>she touches the top of my dick through the blanket
>kind of rubs it a little bit for like 5 seconds
>body kind of automatically stretches out and relaxes
>mentally became confused
>never had an attraction to her ever
>she gets up and runs out
>be 14 y/o me
>had slumber party with two cousins 7 y/o guy and 13 y/o girl
>got really bored and played truth or dare
>lil cousin falls asleep
>questions got sexual real quick
>s e x u a l t e n s i o n™
>i dare her to kiss me
>made out with her for about 15 minutes
>"anon, you're a great kisser" thanks
>fell asleep
>still pretending it didn't happen
Saw it from a mile away
Legit story but I'm not going to green text

Be 12-13 at my grandma's. Cousin is a year younger.
I caught her checking out grandma's dogs dick.

Tf are you doing?
She won't talk about it. Ask if she wants to see a real dick.
She says sure. Pull it out and she instantly goes to town on it. We spend the rest of the day fucking around. Just before her parents get there to pick her up, she tells me that her dad fucks with her almost nightly. Feel bad forever.

Now she's a whale that married a dude as old as her dad and life if a complete shit fest
Thanks. Keep it up pls

File: 20321124.jpg (143KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>laying there zoning out, relaxing
>wondering wtf just happened
>she comes back 30 seconds later
>standing in the doorway just staring
>she's wearing my highschool sweatshirt and those tiny shorty shorts that like hipster chicks wear
>she asks if she can sit down and talk to me
>"uh.. "
>she comes over, literally lays down next to me, arm over my chest and starts crying
>pretty much like pic related
>she blabbers on about how her BF LITERALLY smacked her because she couldn't make him cum like last week and she feels like "less of a woman" because she can't get some fuccboi hipster to shoot off his banana cannon
>entirely soft at this point
>tell her he's probably gay or a fuccboi with insecurities
>she literally reaches down and literally starts stroking my dick as i'm talking
>freeze up like a character in a studio ghibli movie like when Ashitaka was angry or Sen was upset and their hair raised up and shit
File: image.jpg (55KB, 383x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: old33.jpg (28KB, 398x484px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me.
>early 2000's.
>messing around with sister for about a year now.
>blowjobs, handjobs, and me going down on her sometimes if she asked.
>but it was mostly blowjobs though.
>anyways, parents not home.
>(sick grandma, long story)
>we're 69ing on bed.
>[my idea cause fucking parents not home.]
>i ask her if she's down to try something else.
>she asks me what.
>i suggest we try anal.
>(it was more like asking her if she wanted to try it in the butt)
>she's unsure.
>asks me if its gonna hurt.
>i tell her "i dont know".
>i tell her we can stop if it hurts too much.
>"you can tell me", i say.
>she thinks about it sort of looking back at my face from my crotch.
>says she's down to try it but: "if it hurts and i tell you we stop?"
>i immediately agree to her terms.
>she says ok, and asks me how we're gonna do it.
>i tell her to get off and let me get up. (cause 69)
>and i walk off to bathroom completely naked. (cause when parents werent home that shit was awesome.)
>i grab baby oil from medicine cabinet in bathroom, and then walk back to the room.
>she's sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me, looking at the tv.
>i tell her to stand up and bend over on the bed.
>she turns around and positions herself at edge of bed and asks me "like this"?
>not exactly how i wanted it, but i tell her thats fine.
>(she was sort of standing up on floor with knees on bed, not bent over on bed doggy style like i wanted)
>anyway, i put some baby oil on my fingers.
>and i start applying it to her b-hole.
>she starts chuckling as i do it.
>tells me "that feels weird" and laughs.
>i grab the shirt i was wearing from the floor and wipe some of the oil from my hands. (but not all of it came off.)
>she's still bent over with arms on bed and her legs on floor.
>so i get behind her.....
>should i stop this
>should i let it happen
>i haven't had action in months
>"you probably shouldn't.. be doing this.."
>she buries her head in my side in a weird manner and becomes more vigorous in stroking and within a minute, full blown jacking
>1000000% hard
>she makes little moans and gasps as i start fuckin' breathing hard
>literally cum right there in under 2 minutes
>came hard AF, me zoning out, ya'll know that sexual reset period
>she takes off my old swearshirt and cleans off my dick
>she literally cuddled close and passed out next to me a few moments after
>still wondering to this day 2 months later, how the fuck all that happened
>never did anything sexual again but she gets cheeky as fuck around the house
>>freeze up like a character in a studio ghibli movie like when Ashitaka was angry or Sen was upset and their hair raised up and shit
anime was a mistake
>cheeky as fuck
in what ways?
you r a dead nigger walking
File: image.gif (2MB, 266x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 266x240px
Fuck you
You son of a bitch
You fool! That will only make it stronger!

She'll like, needlessly shower, IN ONLY A BIKINI BOTTOM, and leave the door all the way open

i think the worst it got was uh,
she asked when I was gonna watch porn again and wanted to join and try the stuff they were doing in said porn

at the time I was about to leave to see my probation officer and i was already late. You can't fuckin miss that shit. [fuckin got a charge for weed possession]

got home and she was sleeping over at some friend's house
File: 1432509050247.gif (1MB, 400x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 400x700px
how hot is she?
considering you haven't fucked her yet she must be below 5/10
Gosh darnit
not pls
File: 0_l.jpg (38KB, 213x691px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 213x691px
>and i start probing looking for her anus.
>and there's no complaints
>i find her anus, and start pushing in gently.
>then as i start sliding into her butt she says it kinda hurts.
>i keep pushing in slowly, and tell her the head is in.
>and i then i ask her if she wants me to stop cause she was tensing up.
>she's sort of stiff there for a second.
>then tells me "i dont know. hold on" (her exact fucking words)
>we're standing/kneeling next to bed. (her knees were on the bed)
>and i ask if i can keep going.
>she pauses for a bit and then gives me the ok.
>i start pushing in more and feel whole dick head inside her butt, with a little bit of the shaft too.
>"holy shit im inside her" i think to myself
>and she tells me to stop while im thinking this and looking down at my dick trying to get a glimpse of it.
>tells me to "take it out" cause it hurts.
>and i intend to follow up like we agreed.
>then, as Im about to slowly take it out, she does this stupid reflex thing where she backs up into my dick (trying to get up and away) and most of my dick slides inside her.
>she bends her knees (to drop to floor) as my dick thrusts all the way into her butt.
>so I hold her by the waist and hold her up, and I tell her to stop moving so i can take it out slow.
File: 1469435670151.jpg (68KB, 720x570px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 720x570px
Fuck. Wrong one.
File: 0404.png (399KB, 511x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
399KB, 511x333px
>i back up slowly from her butt and my dick comes out.
>after that she sort of just sat on the floor (carpet, really)) laughing about what had happened.
>im kinda laughing too.
>says to me "ouch. that kinda hurt" scrunching up her face.
>so I ask her if she's ok.
>she tells me (again, her exact words): "i think i need to poop".
>then she gets up from the floor and leaves to go to the bathroom.
>i start sort of wiping off the residual baby oil from my dick and hands/fingers.
>and realize i have a tiny poop smear on dick. (it was a just little. nothing bad)
>i wipe her poop off my dick.
>and she comes back later as im done cleaning and im sitting on bed watching tv.
>she tells me "omg i pooped from doing that".
>i ask if she wants to keep going or try something else.
>and she says: "can i just do it with my hand?".
>(cause i had just put it in her butt).
>i tell her thats fine too.
>so i sat at the edge of the bed and i got a handjob from her.
>i came pretty fast after that. (i always did in the beginning, especially if she got naked.)
>we carried on rest of day just watching tv in my room, but clothed.
>never really did it again anal after that.
>i mean, we tried it. but it never went in all the way as that first time.
>she'd just tell me to stop right away.
>she never really liked it..
>said it hurt too much.
>so i left it alone cause everything was else was fine.
>true story.
>or not.
dude it's my goddamn sister
i pretty much posted the story here to relieve guilt as opposed to fuckin jerking it

i mean how the fuck do you rate your sister, like, i guess i'll describe her
Also goin to bed after

uh, 5 foot 8, maybe 115lbs? 125lbs? some shit like that. stomach is flatter than a pancake. All of her weight is in her tits i swear. Fuckin grew up on hamburgers, she is god damn evidence of growth hormones fucking with people. i aint a pro but think shes a 36 or 38 D or DD cup, uh, her body's pretty skinny. Brunette but she's dyed bright red at the moment but her roots are showing. She's obsessive about her toe nails and like, foot care? She's a fucking foot fetishist's dream i swear. I aint into that shit.

uhhh i don't do laundry much but she always adds to my loads when i do, pretty sure all she owns is black boyshorts and like 3 thongs. Ass is unremarkable.. fuck the sun is coming up good night hope you liked the story
Anyone got the one where its an anons birthday and he watched porn with his mom, then moans out her name jokingly which leads to them fucking?
Not even mad, top fucking notch
well fuck you then
File: 1451270168322.gif (364KB, 500x397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
364KB, 500x397px
>Now she's a whale that married a dude as old as her dad

you have no idea how common this is.

>bitches love the old cock.
What the fuck are you doing? Go fuck her right now.
hahaha crying
File: image.jpg (137KB, 1024x744px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 1024x744px
Wait /b/ actually goes along with this?
You guys do know this is a Facebook MEME right?
If you reply to this your mother will Fuck you on your sleep tonight
nothing but preteens in this thread right now.

>it's my goddamn sister
I fucking knew it. Been waiting for someone to do this since the beginning of the thread.
File: 1455220487231.png (85KB, 640x742px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 640x742px
Got anymore

hot. how old when this happened?
File: 1428282010105.gif (1013KB, 507x728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1013KB, 507x728px

File: 1439105626299.gif (2MB, 266x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 266x400px
sounds more genuine and has an inbed fuck up both of you can laugh about, rather than just "i put it in, boom it was great, she loved it"
and the winner of author of the year goes to:
>Be me, 16
>Have cute sister, 3 years older
>My hormones raging, I jerk off three to four times a day.
>My mom's divorced and my sister left the house, so it's just me and mom in the house.
>One day, Door to my room closed, I'm fapping on my bed, tv on at the foot of the bed with baywatch on it (go figure) when my mom walks in. I immediatly jerk up my legs and fail at covering up my boner. Orgasm ruined as seemen droops out on the sheets.
>She looks at my drooling dick and simply says not to forget to clean it up. After that she walked in on me so many times, I stopped closing the door.
>Sometimes I hear my mom using her Hitachi power wand. She's a moaner and I get hard everytime she cums.
> This night I hear her use the Hitachi again and decide to wank off with her and try to come together with her. It works I came hard as ever when she started making her little cries of joy that end in a loud hard moan of extasy.
>After that I did it so often I lost count. My mom used that thing almost every night and it sort of became my go to fap moment.
> Then My sister moved back in for a few weeks trying to find a new appartment after her boyfriend kicked her out.
>the house is small and her old room is now an exercise room so my mom decides in her infinite wisdom that we are old enough to share my bed. (great thinking, mom!)
>This means that I lost my fapping space and for the next few days both me and mom are not fapping.
> It's driving me nuts! I haven't fapped in four days when I hear the hitachi turn on that night.
> I'm so pavlovved by now that I instantly get a diamond boner which needs to be stroked.
>I check carefully and see that Sis is next to me, fast asleep in her PJ's, her ass turned towards me.
>I feel that boner hard as ever in my hand and start stroking it gently. Then sis starts to move and turns face towards me. Still asleep though.
> I slowly get up and figure I need to move.
File: 1469436759873.webm (900KB, 854x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
900KB, 854x480px
Dont care, seen tits
File: 1432773738162.gif (1MB, 278x446px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 278x446px
fuck off


if true, lucky son of a bitch.

ever happened vaginally?
File: fish_squint.jpg (12KB, 264x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 264x249px

its genuine.


sometime after that. like a few months after. i still masturbate to the memories often. better than porn.
shit, my family went to florida when my sister was 15 and i was 19. my dad had his connects so we never wanted for cheap drugs.

we lived in these shitty apartments where it was the bedroom, and the living room. my sister and me would get high as fuck off, and then late at night she thought i was asleep, just beat her pussy up. i woke up a few times on her, like whats the noise, cause she was actually not that quiet, and she was like 6 feet from me.

she would stop till she thought i was asleep, then get back to rubbing herself down. she claims to not remember anything from half her life, but she got all flustered when i brought up her getting fucked up, and "going all girls gone wild".
moar, /b/ro?

kek. did you ever fuck her. girls that age are horny as fuck all the time.
holy shit
christ no, shes a horny little minx to this day, but she cant keep her fucking mouth shut to save her life. the last thing i need is her half retarded ass yapping about how i fucked her to everyone. she would say it anyhows for sympathy from random strangers to get her phone bill paid. she really is pretty, but sadistic, even for a girl.
Nobody? Been looking for it for like a month now
fake story just got more fake
>obsessed with foot care
>black boyshorts

what a fucking shame bro. but yes, the pretty ones are always the most messed up for some reason. post a pic of her with no face to see what you're dealing with, and also... because science.
>Your normal saturday night in with the family
>Obviously having a nice takeaway dinner since its Saturday
>Realise its getting late
>Mosey on upstairs to bed
>Other footsteps are coming upstairs aswell
>Time for bed already my sister whispers in
>Haha I laughed and said yeh its getting kinda late
>Even if your favorite film is on TV she replies
>Rachel, you know I cant resist that film
>Watch said film together for about 15 mins
>Impromptu sex scene comes on
>Low key erection ensues
>Longer sex scene than I remember
File: 1469372241311.png (623KB, 799x523px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
623KB, 799x523px
So far so good, do go on.
>Does this always last as long...
>I start to panic, what if she notices my small penis
>Entire body starts to fell horrible
>I ask her to leave as its getting real late now for me
>Nope she says, just watch the end of the film
>Haha ok but just because I love this film so much
>Ending scene finishes
>Realize that my sister's thong is showing
>So cute
>Laps up that view
>Eventually say to her to pull her shorts up
>Even the way she done that was cute
>Penis starts rising again
Sister is pole confirmed
>be me, 17 w/ twin sister
>one day was hanging out at friend's house
>he got in trouble for shitty grades, so I left
>enter house
>sister must not have heard me
>enter room
>sister still must not have heard me
>laying there in her full glory, she was getting off
>dick springs like a pocket knife
>she moans and turns her head to see me standing there
>she stops and pulls her covers over her at lightning speed
>I hear sobbing
yeah cont
I just wonder, how many people do read this kind of shit and don't reply. Do they actually want their mothers dead?.
Yeah faggot tell us more
Yes please
File: pepe hands face.jpg (39KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pepe hands face.jpg
39KB, 512x512px

preteen detected.
A reply nonetheless.
I don't reply because a basement dweller cannot curse my family
Sister looks like kate from the drew cary show. Anyways made a very big peep hole to spy on her. Got some win. But it was a large hole. Obvious. Anyways. One day went to take a shower. Before entering room. Noticed light from her side. She put a poster over it. Than suddenly an eyeball. She used it to look at me . she was there staring at my cock for at least 3 mins. I non chatanly looked. Yep her eyeball in the peephole. My sister saw my cock and balls . not sure what she did after that. Soon as i got dressed. The poster covered back up her side
>If she notices i'm done for with the light being on
>Fuck she says, What is that?
>You are hard, just from watching me pull up my shorts?
>Ohhh im really in trouble here
>Dont worry she says
>Oh, so your arent mad?
>Not even the slightest
>Turns off the light
>Realising something is going down
>Even though your my brother she whispers its still kinda awesome that you liked that
>Penis is super hard now, like diamond hard
>Laughs and then I say sorry but your are just too cute
>You got any lotion on here she asks
>Too embarrassed to say why I keep it I just say no
>Of course you arent gonna tell me she says and then just slides her hand into the quilt
>Twitching here
>Hand gradually gets faster
>Even though your penis didnt look big through the quilt it is pretty nice she says
>Slowly I gain the courage to remove the quilt

kate is the not fat one right?
My mother is already dead
Only real story here
Nothing is weird in the band geek community.
>Penis is rock solid
>Ohhh she says you are close
>Sensing im about to finish shes leans over into my ear and whispers
>Time to finish here
>sshhh she says, just look at the first letter of everyline
The skinny one

She was on scrubs too
>she slowly pulls covers off her face after a couple minutes
>I'm sitting at my computer, and turn to face her
>still in tears, she asked how much I saw
>her face was red as a tomato
>a couple days pass
>home alone with sister, watching Jack Sparrow's adventures
>she hadn't spoken to me since I walked in on her
>we were always really close
>she said that she wanted to see my naked body since I had seen hers
>a little hesitant at first, but I take off my cloths and stand there with power
>dick turns rock hard
>she's amazed, since she hadn't seen me naked since we were 5
>she doesn't say anything, so I begin to put my cloths on
>hand stops me at the assline
>she moves her hand to my face, and kisses me
>a little make out session later, she suddenly has nothing on
>9/10 body
>powerful legs from all the sports she does
>high in academic value, exceeds in physical activity too
>she pushes me back onto the couch, and sits on my stomach
>dick grows another 2 sizes
>she scoots back a little, my dick touching her back
fuk u
Reply 4 mom
A kek to defeat metal gear
File: 1468487395530.jpg (98KB, 600x828px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 600x828px
My dick disagrees.
File: Angry.jpg (5KB, 188x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 188x196px
I swear if I see another "Mother Dying Tonight" Comment, I will shit bricks.
>Le naked strangled gf picture

Fuck man, I met that couple...
File: Untitled.png (249KB, 368x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249KB, 368x495px
this was after she had kids, and got that suboxone bloat and is now 33.
Ooh fair play
>I want to go to the exercise room which is next to my moms but I see she left her door open and I i'm anxious to pass her room afraid she'll see me and my diamond boner.
>I go to the bathroom one floor down. Problem is, I can't hear her as well, so I decide to leave the door open. I hear her fine now, and proceed to relieve myself. Days of pent up seemen comes squirting out so hard, it hits me in the face and splashes all over me.
>"that's a good look foor you"
> Sis is standing in the doorway, watching my boner and my cum coverd face, belly and thighs. I'm still coming down from extasy and fail to react.
> "wow, you really needed that, right?"
>I start looking around for something to wipe the cum off me. Then it hits her as she hears my mom coming from her trusted hitachi.
> "Were jerking off to mom?"
> "You were! You little pervert!"
>She has a wicked smile on her face as she throws me a washcloth to clean myself up. She stands there as I do seemingly enjoying my embarrasment and watching my dick the whole time as it slowly returns to its limp state.
>the next morning she starts calling me perv whenever mom's not around. this she keeps up for a few days. All this time I refuse to jerk off and resist the urge when I hear mom using her hitachi.
>But after a few nights I couldn't resist the urge any more. I had the famous blue balls and they hurt when I got erect. Hearing the hitachi in the other room paired with my moms moans, I had to do something about my hurting balls.
>Quick check of my sis. She seemed to be sleeping. I try to creep out of the bed as lightly as I can.
>"Have a nice jerk, perv"
>I don't care anymore and just get up and jerk off in the bathroom again.
> I hear mom getting close to her orgasm and blow my load, again all over the place. Took less than three minutes. As I look up after blowing my load, sis is there, with her iphone, filming the whole thing.
>she feels it push up against her
>at this point it's throbbing
>she lifts herself up and sits back down, pinning my dick in between my stomach and her vagina
>she breathes heavily
>didn't realize she was so sensitive
>we are both virgins
>she bends down and gives me another kiss
>she proceeds to guide my dick into her
>feels good
>feels too good
>holds back nutting immediately
>slow at first, but gets a little faster as time goes on
>must have hit her g-spot all of a sudden
>she let out a very loud moan
>about to burst
>she came
>pull out just in time
>all over her face
>not the biggest breasts, but she licks some off
>I knew that wasn't in her personality to act so lewd
>she was trying to swallow
>told her she can spit if she needed
>spits my child juice out, and we kiss once more
>we are both gross and sweaty now
>shower together
>no sexual acts in shower, but a lot of kissing
>I wash her back
>only one towel
>we dry off together
>go to room because it's late
>we sleep in my bed together
>parents come in
>we were both clothed, thank god
>they were happy to see we were so close
>they didn't suspect a thing

Nothing happened after that, but it was definitely an experience
bumping for this

not bad. looks fuckable still. you should probably hit it and threaten to kill her if she says anything.

her current batch of stds would kill jesus. shes burned so much coal, she is now a superfund site.
Well shiet
Faggot bitch
cancer of b
>be me.
>catch little sister (8) kissing a neighbor girl in locked bathroom.
>pried it open with knife.
>sister and girl get scared.
>sister starts crying.
>neighbor girl looks like she wants to cry.
>tell sister its fine she's not in trouble.
>tell her to go outside and wait. i need to talk to neighbor girl.
>neighbor girl tries to leave.
>i grab her arm and tell her "do you want me to tell your mom what you were doing?".
>she freezes on spot and says no.
>i tell sister again to go wait in living room while i talk to neighbor girl.
>sister leaves and its just me and neighbor girl at bathroom....
EroTeen collection site...

>find nude of mom on her computer
>turns into obsession
>secretly enter all her email accounts and save the nudes she sends to guys
>this goes on for years
>She regularly changes passwords and I don't live at home anymore so I can't access them anymore
>Haven't found her nudes in months. Feelsbadman

I used to find them on fgtsjp archives, but that shit being down ruined me
You cock
>Pretending to sleep
How dare you threaten my mother
Parent-Child: Shit
Brother-Sister: Godlike
>The next morning she starts calling me perv
What's up with girls calling you a perv? Had a female friend with whom i used to get physical every now and then (usually elbowing her boobs and belly which she sometimes she used to initiate). She'd call me perv when were alone but would never give an explanation for it. Would've tried to hit it if she didn't have a long term boyfriend

Fake as fuck. You ruined it with the anal part. Any chick taking a dick in the ass for the first time getting it all in like that would be in massive pain.
Parent-Child: God tier
Brother-Sister: Awesome tier
Aunt- Son Awesome tier
Cousins: Shit tier/Not even incest

My opinión, 'guess.
Masterfully done.

The only time the dead mother joke has been done right has now happened
> I say nothing as she hands me another washcloth and this time she helps me clean my mess up.
> the next night mom wasn't in the mood for her hitachi. Sis had a fitfull sleep. Kept turning and sighing in her sleep. It anoyed me at first but then the sighs became more controlled and rhythmic. I checked if she was fapping. She wasn't. But her leg was thrown around the blankets and she was very slowly rubbing her pussy against the edge of the blanket. Fast asleep. She was having a sexdream!
>I got rockhard as I kept listening to her having a very enjoyable dream. Smiling the whole time but not daring to touch myself!
> The sex dreams became a regular thing after that night and I kept watching her have them, seeing her little happy face every now and again accompanied by her little pleasure moans ever so softly.
> The next day she showed me the clip she made on her iphone. You can see me reacting to my moms moans and in the clip, it almost looks as if I cum at the same time as my mom.
> "I'm gonna show this to mom" she says afterwards.
> My heart almost stopped right there. The embarrasment would be to much! And mom would know I could hear her and stop doing it so I'd lose my go to fap moment.
> "Don't, please. It would kill me, and think of what mom would think of me?"
> She looks at me with a wicked smile and says "Ok, I won't, but only on one condition: From now on, you do whatever I say."
> Knowing she had me by the balls, I agreed.
> "Whatever it is, you'll do it, no eceptions!"
> That worried me, but I had no choice but to aggree.
> and the next few days I did all here chores, if there were any. I picked her up from the mall when she wanted, and drove her to her friends if she needed it. I was her personal butler, and to be hones, I didn't really mind that much.
>Then her ex called and she was hurt really bad by whatever they talked about. She just sat there at the table, staring, if she wasn't crying.
>Any chick taking a dick in the ass for the first time getting it all in like that would be in massive pain.

i dont have a big dick dumb fuck.

plus, the whole story is about the very first time we tried anal. that was the point you mental nigger.

Exactly, FIRST TIME. Unless your dick is a tiny 1 inch pencil she's not gonna be in any condition to just sit on the floor straight after and chuckle about it.
Its the hottest one in this thread so dont fucking care
Fug u
Justice dubs=moar?
Could tell story about how I knocked up my sister?
We'd been fucking before then but that's still my favorite memory of her.
Do it you nigger you don't need to ask
You bastard

> Mom tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't let her in. I tried talking to her, but the wall she had raised was to high and so she sat for a few days. Like a zombie, only eating and sitting.
>The sexdreams had stopped and mom didn't use her hitachi and even my dick had adapted to the new fap rules and left me alone for a bit. > No blue balls.
> The one night I woke up from the bed moving in irratic ways. Sis was shaking and I her soft sobs. She wasn't fapping, she was crying.
> On instinct I rolled to her side and put my arm around her and whispered something in her ear, not so sure what again, but it opened the floodgates and she started crying uncontrollably.
> She cried so hard, mom got up to check in on her and for a moment we sat there on my bed, the three of us, all in our PJ's. You guessed it, diamonds again.
> Mom wore a tiny nighty and I could see her nips in all their glory, pushing tout against the see through fabric. Sis, who by now had traded her pj's for a simple t-shirt sat upright and i had full view of her pink undies.
> Mom hugged my sis who was still shaking from crying and as she shook, my moms tits shook with her. then they opened their arms and invited me in to what was now a group hug.
But my bed is to small and I had to get to my knees to fit in. Not thinking I got up and came in for the hug. Mom and sis both noticed my diamond boner, ignored it and gave me a hug. My dick pressed up to my moms thigh and my sisters belly.
>Then something happened I had never happen before. I jizzed in my pants.
>Aside from the convulsions and the moans the wet stain in my boxers was clue enough as to what was happening, but both my mom and my sis kept hugging me anyway.
> I looked at my sis which gave me a silly smile throug her tears and then at my mom who 's smile was a little more like one she gave me when i was little and did something adorable.

well, thats exactly how it happened. i guess if i was making shit up i could have made it more palatable but thats EXACTLY how shit went on.

just do me a favor, dont assert your opinions as if they were facts for everyone.

everyone is different, and will react to the very same situations in different ways.

now eat shit.
Mother fucker
is there a cont.?
File: 1451287288152.jpg (15KB, 229x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 229x230px
yer da sells avon
I fukt ur mum
Gonna start off slow, but the stupid story shit is relevant I promise.
>be me, 24
>sister, 20
>sister is a firefighter at [redacted] township fire department for 4 years
>is a rabid firefighter, super proud of it
>got a nice body from it too, can drop men twice her size and laugh about it
>her fiance (now husband) doesnt like her FFing because of all the hunky men shes around
>she does it anyway but he bitches constantly
>be december 2015, annual FireFighter christmas party coming up
>FFers bring their families to a lodge they rent, drink, eat, have fun, hearing their stories is awesome too
>fiance declines to go
>she doesnt wanna show up to her 2nd family alone, asks me to go in his place
>tell her yes, i bring bourbon and chicken and dumplings
>evening of the get-together arrives
>dark already, snowing kinda hard out, first ones there, empty parking lot
>she parks the car, turns it off, and starts wheeping
>shes crying now, head in my shoulder, says fiance told her to "have fun tonight breaking my heart" and he didnt compliment her outfit
>she was wearing a red and black dress, 187/10
>i told her hes a fucking dick, why is she engaged to him
>sobbed out "i dont know" and i felt her hand on my thigh, moving up
>short backstory, she came to me for comfort when her bf-now-fiance pissed her off, which was a lot
>she grabs my half-mast through my jeans, and shoves her tongue in my mouth
>we part, with a slobber trail between us
>"thanks for being here tonight"
>something different about that kiss
>something different in her eyes tonight

to be cont (it picks up soon promise)
Win i guess..? I found a few vids of my sister on both swallowingsluts and facialhumiliation . Both are down sadly. But it was kinda cool seeing her on it.

mmhmmm enjoy your fantasy mate. If it's a true story your sister was already pro at taking dick in the ass or you've got a micropenis.
Im kinda glad its down. Maybe it will be swept under the rug now. Shes "lisa" on both sites byw
Dumb >>696319943
Keep going

my dick is average lenght and not very thick.

never actually measured it though.

also, you watch too much porn. most men dont have porno sized dicks.

thats why the average is like 5 or 6 inches.

also, i didnt fuck her in the ass. it went in when she backed up into me and i slowly took it out. its not like i pumped her ass for hours. learn to fucking read.
fuck u
Sorta baiting to see if anyone had pics or vids. She did one with short blonde hair i cant find for the life of me
File: sis_bro_bet.jpg (214KB, 1200x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 1200x801px
Some of my work.
File: sis1_captions.jpg (266KB, 861x1056px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266KB, 861x1056px
This is the only plausibly true story in this thread.
File: sis_bro_cum.jpg (55KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 500x667px

I know how to read and it's nothing to do with watching porn. I've fucked chicks in the arse before. First time is STUPIDLY painful even if you just go a little bit in when they're not prepared even fully lubed. Even after a quite a few times of being fucked in the ass, unless they do stuff to deliberately stretch their ass, will be uncomfortable until things are all the way in at their own pace and with lube...so that leaves your story with only 3 possibilities

> A. Bullshit
> B. Sister is an anal slut
> C. You have a micropenis

Pick one.
>12 years old
>dad come into my room
>Wakes me up
>Tells me he needs my help
>I get up
>we go into the bathroom
>he pulls it out
>Has me hold it while he pees
>he finishes sends me back to bed
> a few nights later
>Comes in again
>Same deal
>this time he has me rub it, his hand on top of mine
>He cums
>after he starts to cry
>Tells me hes sorry
>He loves me
>feel weird
>this starts happening every few days.
>Starts having me undress
>starts licking me
>Makes me cum
>He teaches me to blow him
>each time he gets real sad after he cums.
>This goes on for a year
>Now we dont even go to the bathroom
>He eats me out on my bed, and then gets between my legs and beats off and rubs his cock on my pussy until he cums.
>This one time, he stops and asks me if I love him
>I don't answer
>He tells me to tell him that I love him
>I tell him
>he pushes his cock into me.
>Fucks me for the next several years until they get divorced.
>Im all fucked up.
>will go for a while acting normal
>Slowly the desire builds
>Ill rub myself to memories or it
>Soon thats not enough
>At somepoint Ill take an add on CL or go on POF and find an older guy to fuck
>Ask him to use me
>after I climax, I hate myself
>I am disgusting
>and I'll never do it again
>Until the next time
>It eats away at me.
>Never going to have a normal relationship
>Never going to know love
>I know ill kill myself one day.
File: mom_son_pressure.jpg (102KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not bad
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that went from hot to sad so fast...
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