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Poetry thread Show me your best

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Poetry thread
Show me your best
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If you think poetry / art is for faggots you have conceded too much ground
OP is a dumbass faggot
Whose anus' full of maggots
Go fuck yourself, bitch
Just die in a ditch
Stern he sees the mockery of /b
Do silence your lips
Get your ass onto /lit
Roses are gray
Violets are a different shade of gray
Lets go chase cars
-written by a dog
roses are red
op is a fag
never could i imagine
creature so sad
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You're a faggot
And fuck you too
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A small OC i wrote a few years back in my late teens and still remember:


Ink is my medium
On paper or on skin
To siphon off the tedium
When dreams won't let me in
breddy gud lad
do you think 'dreams' is the right word?
I'm going to steal that and turn it into a song. Thanks.
Anal sex penis slut
Nigger fuck cum nut
Bitch titty cunt rape
Gaping oozing vaginal rape
I like
Dude same. Gonna beat you to the copyright tho I got a friend in the biz.
Worse than horrible/10
I like
Whatever. I'm in a fully functional band who already has over 20 songs copyrighted. It's as good as mine.
Not him, but name of band? Or link to music?
The wind brings home stories from afar
Murmured songs sung under the stars
Eyes alight upon eerie mars
Die in flight when clearly scarred
Well "girls" would change the tone of the poem pretty drastically
Faggots, whats wrong with your brains? Nah, honestly I couldnt give two shits, do what you like with it.
Sorry no way am I posting it on 4chan. We're not famous or anything.
Ah that's probably smart. Cause I actually am that guy and I was totally going to sue the fuck outta you guys after you stole my precious copyrighted work.
Switch round 'stories' and 'home'
How can something be murmured and sung? Awkward.
Last line doesn't evoke anything to me
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Meriturds. Jesus.
Bro I'm just doing what led zeppelin did dude I'm gonna turn your words into the next stairway you'll see, YOU'LL ALL FUCKIN SEE
I'm probably wrong tbh
Was just my thought
Heh I just made that up right then. Thanks lol
Welcome to 4chan
Where everyone has a niche
Home of the memes
And first to fuck your bitch
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, https://youtu.be/86ut5e9fXBs
Yea nigga what
That's how we roll
Every fuckin day
I'm smacking a ho
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this sounds like nig nog music
When the laughter of lolis is heard on the green,
How dull then seems the flick'ring PC screen!
How dances my heart, and how soon it starts
To scream- go out into the green!
Run out, and use your Pickup Art-
And- but the rest is too obscene.

Alas, such visions remain in my head
Not put into practice. I scribble poems instead;
And shitpost on 4chan, and occasionally reddit
Oh shit I should have omitted the last bit
My penis quivers
As your insides shiver
And make me float away

Your anus is gaping
Your asshole I'm raping
This is really so fucking gay

My cock slides on inside
Your ass is one hella good ride
I could pump all day
It was meant to.
A child has died
The mother, laying in bed
Her husband rushes in
His face turning red
He slowly starts shaking
And feels a quiver in his leg,
op is a faggot
op is still a fag
op will always be a fag
op suck dick
Oh, all mighty propane,
You are the reason for everything right.
And everything flourishes with your beautiful light.
You sever every oppressive chain
Made by the evil charcoal reign.

Oh, divine propane,
Nothing else can burn a flame quite
As perfect, beautiful, or bright.
Wood and petrol are just insane,
And charcoal will always be in vain.

Oh, holy propane,
We revere you day and night,
And all who blaspheme you meet their blight.
The love for you, propane,
Is stronger than every hurricane.
First you get your glass
Then you pour you whisky
Sometimes I add water
Because I'm a pussy.
This is an awesome work
Young white woman sitting at home
Watching her half black 3 year old
Wondering when her baby daddy will be home
Nights cold without Tyrone
Nights cold after burning coal
I lay awake every night
slowly losing my mind
Good job, good house, good life
But there's that bottle, I just might
Seeing all the stories that I'm not in
maybe ill have just a little more gin
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Literary genius
Life flight with clipped wings
Shot while out of sight but the mother still hears her sons ears ringing and for the last time she can't pass the time ashes to ashes shot through the male express as he's sitting down after three strikes on the bench, down for the count blacked out on the skin and from the record that's all folks have deemed us
Nobody dare breathe in believing in that he can be retrieved in for if is futile.
Stab deep, slash clean
Flayed alive, guts indeed
Penis hard as you die
Fuck your corpse it feels so right
maybe swap round cold and night in the last line
>pops a little better
Drugs are my portal.
Use them to be immortal
A gateway to another realm
Life's a ship and I'm at the helm
Sailing on dreams desires and lust
Coveting money, women, and drugs
But I'll never have any of these
Life is shit, a burrage of thieves
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George Lucas.jpg
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Personally, i hate poems that rhyme consecutive lines. They never flow as well as alternating rhymes. For example:

Drugs are my portal
A gateway to another realm
Use them to become immortal
Life's a ship and im at the helm

Theres still issues with the syllable counts, but you see what I mean?
Agreed. They sound too childish
You're struggling to keep from tipping your fedora aren't you?
fuck poop dick
Liquid hot fire burns me again
Drowning in my own misery
Acrid blood drips off my chin
Slicing my misery
Lick my dick
Poppa big dick lick
Dog is my dick lick
SUCK my nuts lick a dick
Try again, this time less tryhard faggot
File: gay faggot.png (254KB, 425x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gay faggot.png
254KB, 425x475px
Nigger, are you serious?
Thread posts: 56
Thread images: 11

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