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anyone have any good drug stories? specifically psychedelics

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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anyone have any good drug stories?
specifically psychedelics
I once injected four kilograms of marijuanas and I OD'd and die. Plz don't Do drugs OP
I have personal acid/shroom stories if interested
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everyone's got their trip stories and I can add a couple but my one piece of advice on a setting to trip acid at least one time in your life is in a greenbelt in the pouring rain. each individual raindrop appeared as a completely separate entity. looking up in the sky looked like pic related
Go ahead
For a milisecond my consciousness sent me to Berlin in 1926.
Haven't done psychedelics yet, only weed. However this was related to me by a friend
>At one of my buddies place getting shitfaced and high as fuck
>One of them takes acid
>Just fucking sits there for about an hour or two
>Literally barely moving, just staring at the wall
>Friends don't really care and are more focused on getting high/shitfaced
>Suddenly chairfriend picks up his chair, goes over to the balcony and throws it over (my buddy lives in a 2nd story apartment)
>Friends flip and ask what the fuck is going on
>Chairbro says something to the effect of "That chair was breathing, I had to kill it"
Despite that I may acquire a tab of acid this week and can't wait to see some shit. One day I hope to get some Peyote, which apparently will give make you go on some sort of psychic journey. Same friend who related above story also mentioned one of his friends apparently meeting an Indian sex goddess in a temple of fire while on Peyote.
do tell
When I was 19 I was desperately trying to get on something so I started becoming deep web savvy and bought me some good ol' sea-salt and caramel coated shrooms. It was, interesting to say the least, until I looked in the mirror. At that point I saw nothing but myself with really large pupils in a void of trippy colors. I ended up passing out moments later.
Is it possible to still get that shit off of Tor? Haven't used it in over a year.
>on shrooms
>trippin' dick
>lay down in my front yard and stare at the stars with my best friend
>all the stars have lines that connect each and every one of them to each other
>see a shooting star
>not sure if real
>assume it's real for a good memory
>we both saw it
>we're freaking out
>both start to cry
>less that 6 months later he is hit by a car and dies
do more than 1 tab, unless it's some strong ass shit
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>one day heard about PF tek
>realized that you can legally and ligit buy magic mushroom spores online.
>literally have an endless supply with insanely minimal effort.

incredibly stealthy pretty much no matter what, major profits, endless cool reputation from friends.
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I've done DMT and I actually did high moderately high dose mushrooms last night (4 grams, over an 8th)

I'll just go into the psilocybin experience since it's fresher in my mind:

Almost all of my trip was spent in my bedroom in silent darkness. During the peak of the trip I went to my bed and lied down with everything turned off. Pitch blackness, I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

I had some interesting visuals at a few points (some sort of spinning fractal object made of hundreds if not thousands of green elvish creatures), but by in large the visuals weren't very persistent or vivid. I've never really been a visual person anyway so I wasn't surprised there.

But my thought patterns were dramatically altered. I found myself questioning everything I thought I knew...all concepts and ideas felt so relative and circumstantial.

For the majority of the trip there I had this profound open-mindedness coupled with rational skepticism. I didn't know what to think or believe anymore. During the more intense parts of this trip, I seemed to be able to create my own reality simply by how I chose to perceive it. At one point I realized that I look at the world through a "filter" some sort of paradigm that prevented me from seeing additional information.

It was hard to take anything out of it. I tried writing things down for the first hour or so but at some point I just wanted to stay in the moment and not try to make sense of it all. But by in large it was a very appalling experience.

The comedown was actually the most intense part for me, I'm not sure why. I ended up watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos during last hour or so of the trip and it really helped ground me to reality in a more gentle way.

I'm still sort of processing it, but it was a very thought-provoking experience, to say the least. There were some visual hallucinations, but that's not really what I'm looking to get out of psychedelics for now.
Oh and I listened to this song right before the peak of the trip and it's what caused me to perceive a spinning fractal circle of elf-like entities that were dancing around.

>Last year, 19 years old
>Friend had a classmate in his public speaking class offer triple dips of acid
>Of course we say yes, drop that shit after our last class, around 3:30
>Starts hitting about 4
>Friend decided to take us to McDonalds at about 5, he didn't know we were high
>Whole drive there sober friend was quoting Bear Grylls, funniest shit I've ever heard
>Thought we were gonna wreck like 10 times
>Later on, in our dorm, start to peak pretty hard
>Looked like light was pouring down the walls
>Listening to music, eating mini Reese's cups
>According to other high friend, I took like 10 minutes eating each one
>By around 11, we were coming down fast
>Just staring at my phone, I loved how the icons were dancing around
>Ended up baiting and falling asleep, slept for 12 hours after that
>At one point I realized that I look at the world through a "filter" some sort of paradigm that prevented me from seeing additional information.

Holy shit anon, I mean really if you think about that we all look through our own paradigms. We all take in and look at the world more or less as what we think we see.

Vague I know, but we'll put anon
bumping till I can finish my greentext
It was really eye opening and appalling. Very simple concept but in that moment it was disturbingly real. I can't really articulate it any further.

This is definitely something we all do. Society puts so much pressure on us that it's nearly impossible to resist the ego and fall back into your "role" in society. I found myself stepping out that role and feeling very peculiar.
Can i do this?
literally nothing happened in this story
Its just a drug story dumb nigger
>be me 19
>dxm master
>decide to combine with weed this time
>go to 4th plateau
>experience ego death
>awaken as a new person
>no more depression
>no more anxiety
>wew lad thank you based robo
One time I sank into my couch

Don't trust the couch people. Don't stay in the couch.

bumping again for greentext time
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About to smoke, will post experience
Work long shitty day with guys doing prep for concrete that we gotta do after everything's prepped. Have beers with guys after work, guys say we should totally buy drugs. More drinks, people move along but not me, I'm on a mission. Find someone who can get us drugs, you wanna buy acid anon? Suuurrrree, gimme ten I say. Make it home somehow, works going suck tomorrow, it's late and I'm drunk. Better cut up these tabs to give out to the guys tomorrow and get some shut eye. A couple hours later, rolling around in bed, why is it so hot in here and why am I all tangled up in my headphones and shit. Get up, whoa, everything's kinda bright and neon looking.... Go take a pee, yep, something's defiantly going on here. Oh ya, the acids, count tabs. 1,2,3... 9, 9 tabs left. Hmm. Drunk me eats a tab of acid and goes to bed and forgets. It was an awesome feeling waking up tripping and not remembering why but Christ almighty was I not feeling work the next day. Good times.
did you roll that
pretty shit roll tbh
you did the just roll that. There is no fucking way.
are you fuckin serious, bro?
More pictures of the tray-like surface?
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Took two of these powerful lsd gel tabs
>every color was bright and nice to look at
>live in New Orleans so it's always at least sprinkling outdoors it was cool to see the drops of water just appearing on my khakis as they were forming crazy patterns
>ice cream was insane u thought it was melting and growing into my skin
>also saw crazy visuals on people's skin, some people have had a glowing vibe coming off them
>tripped for like 12 hours like this hard going to sleep but the next day I felt pretty good
>tripping again on 420
post a pic of you smoking that shit. I don't believe you.
Learn to roll you bitch
Baskets monica
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>do acid
Kek rolling a joint isn't even that hard.
professional joint roller
That filter doe
Pretty accurate
I got one that'll blow your cum socks off OP. Not gonna green text because I'm on mobile.

Be me
Get DMT from Downtherabbithole on Agora
Legit af
Never done DMT though, have done a lot of LSD.
Also got a DMT pipe from Agora
Eyeball that bs cause no scale
Waste about 500mg trying to smoke it
Never fucking works
Get mad
Snort about 220mg
Shit burns like a bitch
Try blowing it out of my nose
Oh fuck
Lay down on my bed
Everything gets a vibrant color and I begin seeing red and green lines
"Who am I?" "Where am I?" "What is my name.. My, name?"
Feel some sort of awakening
Rush into kitchen and lay down in a daze
Repeat "love" while I sprawl across my floor
Shit was like shrooms times a million
Suddenly colors are everywhere
I don't know who or where I am and my body is feeling weird
I begin to feel the air in my lungs, the blood course throughout my body in my veins, I can feel my organs sit on one another, and it all felt disgusting
I'm in a room with all melting colors, going insane and not knowing anything at all
Thousands of crazy thoughts go through my head
Every time I try to focus on the room, everything shakes and for split seconds rips apart into space
Extreme worry
Remember I'm on a drug
Think I may be overdosed and died
Shrieks of fucking terror that just listening to would make you cray
Beg for anyone to help me
Scream my parents names as I repeat to myself "I don't want to die"
Thousands of thoughts going through my head and I've got a view that would be like a fly who took 50,000 grams of shrooms
Search for phone
Can't walk, holding onto the walls
Fall face first into the ground and blood everywhere
Happens many times
Through all objects in my house and break the chair trying to keep in touch with any sort of reality
All of this while screaming and begging not to die
In my head I was experiencing thousands of extremely vivid deaths of alternate realities
Blood was all over me and my house was trashed
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>smoke salvia
>nothing happens
>go outside
>suddenly cant speak anymore
>everything is 1 - 2 sec offset
>peoples faces start to turn

Truely a clusterfuck of a drug
Thanks to DMT and LSD I hate myself a little less and I was able to let go of past regrets.. Which is easier said then done.

Perspective, its the make up to how we see the world. Its a fundamental element to our lives. Sometimes, the right perspective becomes lost. It happens everyday.

Getting back to ones values, redefining priorities. And stepping back to look at the big picture can change your perspective, and give you a new bearing. A bearing that can change everything. An adjustment that can take on fear, and restore your benchmark of purpose.
Had an intense closed-eye visual on edibles once. One of the first times I made weed brownies I had no idea how to properly dose them. I sat down for a bit to focus on the high and I saw some dark being floating around earth's orbit. He noticed me observing him and I was teleported to his ship or orb. I was asking questions telepathically but non of his responses were meaningful. My eyes opened and I could not reach him after that but I felt he was still lurking. I was really excited to fly around space or some shit but nothing happened after that.
Fuck off you beatnik faggot
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love it
>be 17
>take 2 hits of acid and watch Blade Runner for the first time
>start wigging out, leave to get some air
>go to a small forested area where me and my friend had been to many times
>no forest
>huge dirt area now, they had cut all trees down
>too high to understand
>hallucinate that the mud is crawling with snakes, millions of em
>without either of us having said a word, my friend goes "Lets's get out of here"
>scared as fuck
Woah I never thought about snorting it. I smoked a decent amount over a weekend and it was never overwhelming like that.. Maybe i should try it. Cont?
Has anyone tried smoking magic shrooms? I doubt it would have any effect, even if the shroom is poisonous.
Heat kills the psilocybin
(Took place in PRP/ Louisville Kentucky)

>>"Cigarettes and soda part : 1"
>>be me step bro (we'll call him trippy) takes like 8 hits of LSD (doubling up because he took 4 ythe night before)
>>smoking weed and drinking and shit at the local chill house as usual, no party, just what we all did
>>Bro is acting tripped (to be expected, but this is fairly regular thing with him after his 250K inheritance).
>>We all take turns babysitting to some degree helping occupy him, but some others were tripping too, so not so much there cup of tea that night (hes a eccentric fucker anyways lol)
>>Long short is trippy got lost in the typical shuffle of people going in and out stuff dying down, people not able to handle his wigged out antics, when I realized trippy was M.I.A and on decent amount of acid I was told last anyone seen of him he was rambling cigarettes and soda, cigarettes and soda, cigarettes and soda, heading towards our parents house, through the shortcut between yards on the other block.
>> time is now like 11:00 at night
>>MFW me and other bro trippin cut through the yards and see fucking cop lights lit up (not to mention the LSD made the dead end of our road there look like a fucking giant rave or some shit with all the cop lights going and fucking weird carosele & gnome lawn ornaments one of our neighboors had, GODDAMNIT WTF is going on.
>> decide we gotta go see whats up, its our responsibility we were tripping we him, we lost him, hes part of the pack, hate to even face this on acid but fuck it.
>>(the rest is kind of blurry but I remeber most key details)
>> we head down towards those fucking red and blues, 2 or 3 I think plus a ambulance, wait A AMBULANCE FUCK, what has he done, make it to front of house, cops asks my freind if he gave trippy the acid, freind says yes, long pause, then says ""NO, I mean no we didn't give him no acid"
>>MFW freind says "YES"
why is acid such an awkward drug? can you guys relate to this
>>"Cigarettes and soda" part : 2

>> (worth mentioning here all the old fucking neighboors from like 5 or 6 houses were outside nosing in what the weird house people had going on)
>>whatever I guess pig bought it, we are not under arrest, maybe he was distracted by...
>>MFW, again, why is naked stepbro getting taken off now, the fuck?, Did he kill the fam?
>> as they strapp his big ass in the stretcher me and other trippin bro slip into the fucking shadows get back to party house, I hide out there till like 5:30 or 6 in the morning, head home, step bro is sitting silent in our room in the basement WTF?
>> BRO is completley wet, a mix of tripping sweat, piss, I thought he might be perma tripped, but then he explains after taking a ride in the ambulance he was left in the hall of the hospital for like 5 hours (still strapped into the stretcher while tripping his ass off), they wouldn't give him any water to drink so his lips were all chapped, cracked, they would not unleash him to piss either so he had to piss on himself for god and everyone to see in the hallway of the hospital ER, then stew in it all night.
>>he basically tripped his nuts off and was a specticle to passer bys in the hospital for about 4 hours, then they called our mom to get him lol.

Fall one last time and hit head in chair
Lay there in rubble
Suddenly I close my eyes and drift off
Get out of my body and see myself and everything
Keep going out
See the world, but instead of space behind it, it was patterns and colors of sorts that I could not even explain
The world seemed so small, but through my eyes it seemed so huge
And I was lonely
The feeling of extreme loneliness and panic was fucking devastating
See space then
A large warm light, throbbing
Stare at it as if it is speaking to me
Open eyes
See blood everywhere and I can for one almost make out objects
Need medical attention
Get out of house
Hear the lawn mower up the street, for once it sounds almost peaceful
Go to neighbor
He's an old guy
Tell him to call parents, but he didn't know them. He tries to hand me a water bottle but I just squeeze if and felt restrained so I go to other neighbor
Walk into her house and scream for help
She wasn't home though
Turn around to leave but for the life of me I could not open the door
Still intesne hallucinations
Get ready to jump through the glass door as I thought it was my only way out
Remember there's a back door
Go out it
See cop that neighbor called
Go to him and ask for help
He calls parents and ambulance
Go to hospital
Finally sober up but my brain felt like mush
Go to jail for felony charge of possession of controlled substance
Get good lawyer
Get pretrial diversion and am now out of trouble
Stuck with HPPD and PTSD from the terrible God awful experience

The picture is my when I got home after making bail. The story is not even close to how it actually was. It is unable to be put into words the experience.
This is probably the most nostalgic druggy website
I felt like my old 14 year old shitposting self again
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I went on vacation with my family to a water park during college and did acid with my brothers.

It was fun
I got a buddy who shook hands with Obama tripping on 2 150ug tabs of lsd. He goes to George Washington University
>veteran acid trippers, myself and my buddy invite my old friend to try acid with us
>he goes with bud veteran to trap house to pick up the acid, watch it made and shit
>they drop before meeting up with me, veteran takes two tabs, newbie takes one
>veteran convinces newbie to take the second tab once he starts feeling it
>I meet up with them at the trip location
My friend related to me a similar story of when he was in Amsterdam on a sort of houseboat where some dutch guys gave him what they claimed was acid.
>Friend starts feelling pretty good, watching the sunset from the boat
>Sun goes down
>Shit starts going downhill rapidly
>Believes that there's spiders crawling all over the boat and shit
>Spends hours trying to fend off and kill thousands of fucking spiders
>Did not get any sleep
>Apparently his dutch friends were laughing their asses off while this happened.
He's apparently planning to backpack across Europe after college is over, and I'm inclined to join him after I get back on his good side after snapping at him in a pretty shitty way a month or so back. I feel pretty bad because the guy is chill as fuck and introduced me to several bro-tier people and a new weed dealer.
>>"Cigarettes and soda" part : 3

>>the interesting part was the EMT lady was getting all godsie & you need religion on him (not this fucking trippy dude trust me lol), he got into a convo about god, how at particular moment he was as god, could understand things the EMT ladie could never hope to comprehend, got into her head stirred up some shit, made her question everything she thought she knew, even her religious beleifs, by the time they got to the hospital bitch was cryiing, yes a seasoned EMT medic got broke down on some kind of level by a wigged the fuck out acid head.
>>apparently the whole reason he ended up getting the cops called was step mom figuered he was trippin by him acting goofy, from what he recalled he was rifling through the house looking for his cigarettes, step mom sense his off kilterness, he was fustrated cause he had no more smokes, apparently spooked her one way or another, (probably bitvhing about lil sis stealing his cigs).
>>first step mom hid all the knives in the house (he is usually quite docile but tends to freak people out when he is tripping between his size, body language lol)
then for what ever reason cause he didn't have enough sense to leave after scaring his mother over cigarettes, she got scared called the cops on him, had him hauled away.
>> to this day like 15 years later "cigarettes and soda" is still a inside joke to those who were there.
I took a ten strip two hours before I had to deliver pizza. Did that 3 times. Only the mushrooms make me call out.
All my robo trips have been me in limbo between sleep and tripping, not seeing anything.
lets smoke
have fun, i'm dry
What strain are you smoking?
Naw but really since my last acid trip I've been trying to figure out how to meld some type of person out of the absolute puddle of a man I was left as. That was 7 months ago. Taking acid is like taking a hammer and smashing a glass mirror that is the entirety of your being and then coming down is like trying to fashion those shards of glass into a human
I feel like him getting hit by the car was unrelated to the story
I know what you mean. For me it's nearly impossible to talk to people and it takes me like 15 minutes to come up with a simple response over text
not really sold like that were i live, theres the normal stuff the good stuff and the super good, supposed to be the really good one, so far so good
I can't get that high anymore. Sucks.
U deserved it u fag learn how to drugs.
aight, I'll go ahead and continue
> I meet up with the guys, they're already tripping balls, so I fuck with them a little bit whilst I'm waiting on the kick in
> newbie seems fine, veteran is having a nice time
> I start some music because I know the kick is soon
>newbie is acting weird and shit once it kicks in for me, getting jittery and talking about weird shit, like cowboys and bears and shit
>veteran and I can only take it for so long, so we go outside to smoke some weed and chill out
>newbie doesn't know how to control himself, ends up toasting an entire bowl in one hit
No, it's relevant. The memory wouldn't be quite as precious if he wasn't dead.
First time trying anything other than pot

>get some 60x salvia from a smoke shop with my buddy
>get to his place and get stupid lit off of an oz we just got the day before
>he starts to bitch out so fuck it I'll go first
>remember another story friend told me about hitting it from a pipe and watching the streets turn into water
>fuck that I go hard
>get our almost 3 foot tall bong fully equipped with shower heads and ice catcher
>load up fatass bowl
>bottom layer kief rest is just salvia
>everything's cool
>why does my jaw feel like its a robot
>look up
>ceiling falls down on me
>verbally yell "WHAT THE FUCK OH M-"
>fall and lay face down on the floor
>in my mind I saw the universe gather itself into a single sphere and roll across a physical representation of time
>sphere is full of windows and doors that drag me into each one to view a different creatures entire life
>once in finished with the life I get thrown out to my first view and dragged back into another
>feels like eternity and I question all life
>ball slows and smooth transitions back into the room
>I look up
>universe pulls me back in
>continues the same as before equally as long
>at the end I see my life all the way up to the point I smoked the stuff
>get up and feel the best I have ever in my life, want to go back but only enough for one more bowl
>friend balls up
>hits it
>like a bitch
>says the walls just kinda moved
>you wasted it cunt
>smoke rest of the oz

I've got like 2 more trips that are on par
do you really have no knowledge of weed strains? you haven't been smoking for very long have you?
>newbie gets worse and worse with his weird jittering and saying weird random shit, so we watch some tv to distract us
>this doesn't help
>newbie is walking back into the room where the tv is at one point
>there are two small steps from the kitchen to this room, but they're a challenge if you're not careful and wearing socks
>newbie slips
>newbie slams headfirst into small flat screen tv
>tv is fucked, dented beyond repair
>newbie starts freaking out, trying to get my reassurance that he is okay
>processing these things on acid is awfully hard, as I'm tripping on two tabs
>other veteran and I try to devise a plan of action
>eat a shit ton of shrooms
>start to freak out
>nope im dying
>im totally dying
>call 911
>report heart palpitations, accelerated heart rate, disorientation
>medics arrive
>immediately confess that i took mushrooms and explain (rather feebly i presume) that i was sure i was having heart problems.
>things are getting really fucking thick right now
>cop pulls up
>emt and him talk
>cop pulls away
>off I go
>everything was a chaotic blur at the hospital until the lights go out and i feel an angel's hand on my shoulder
>start coming to and sobering up
>its one of the EMTs sitting next to me.
>his shift was ending when they brought me in and I was calmer with him there so he stayed

Turns out I really did have something going on with my heart. Later got diagnosed with a defective heart valve. Got a new muslim deterrent one installed a couple months later.

The EMT waited around until I was sober enough to check myself out. Drove me home. I must have still been loopy because i asked him out on a date and he said we could get coffee once I was sober and go from there.

We got married when the supreme court made it legal. Weve been together for 8 years now
One time a took a few tabs and decided to kill myself but I couldn't think of a good enough reason for the note I was writing, so I took a benadryl and went to sleep
That's a shame, I usually at least try to know roughly what I'm smoking. Don't know a whole lot other than my dealer sometimes gets purple kush or green crack, and when that happens I try to get as much as possible. Haven't had green crack yet, had a little purple kush and that was some pretty good shit.
been smoking for 5 years
Back in the old days, I used to keep my cds in a binder next to the liner notes. Took shrooms while listening to Pink Floyd while flipping through my book. Suddenly, one of the cd books was breathing; colors washing, etc. The disc? Enya--Watermark Most beautiful thing I had ever heard. Perma grin, flowers started growing in my bed where I was sitting; up and through the blankets. Still listen to Enya.
Some time I did 25i-nbome or some shit, cant remember, i was trippin, walking home with dog, don't see couple walking home about 50 meters in-front, she has high heels or some shit and it is clacking away, I thought my dog was broken, I stop to ask my dog if she is ok, FML when I hear them laughing and realise i be trippin yo.

Other time be trippin and walk home with dog, walk past traffic lights and taxi with drunk old sounding guy in, hear magical voice from apparently no where slurring, you walking your dog (4 am)... I can't see where sound is ocming from and try to turn and face it, still reply "yeah?" ... drunk guy slurrs "wwwhat a good dog walker you aree" light turns green and taxi driver GTFO ... probably mundane storeys unless you try that shit!

Damn dog was practically walking me home both times
i've had green crack, shit was cash. i've tried a bunch of dank ass strains, perks of having a med card
I think it may have to do with the fact that your being is so smashed to pieces that you don't have anything left of an ego to fall apart when you do psychedelics. I kind of always feel like I'm tripping at this point.
Top kek I want to believe
been smoking for a while now and it's always been really good so... yeah it's cool if i don't know the name
Green crack has hit me the hardest more than anything and I've trying a lot
Also on a side note, does weed lose its potency the more you smoke it? I feel like I sometimes don't get as high as I used to get. Maybe its the weed strain. I remember going to watch deadpool twice both while high as fuck and on one of the car rides to the movie theatre telling my friend I could feel the colors washing off me or something.
>we decide (stupidly) to leave newbie for a while to calm down so we can go smoke and think of a better plan
>we leave and smoke and think of a better plan
>come back (hours later, we find out)
>stepping out of the car, we hear newbie yelling inside the house
>scariest. moment. of my life.
>he's yelling over and over "I AM GOD!"
>we devise that we might have to kill this nigga because he went crazy
>we walk in with weapons, but he's just sitting in a lounge chair with his pants undone and screaming
>he just says "wait, you guys are alive?" as we walk in and tell him to shut up
>we tell him we need to go
>drop him off at his house and go get some donuts
We later found out that he woke up in his driveway covered in bruises. Nevertheless, I will never forget that experience. It's the only time I didn't enjoy every second of tripping.
Everything loses its magic.

Sad truth is sad
This is how you roll
take a break m8
Shit, makes me want to get some now. I'm doing all of this while off at college so when I get home I'll have to go through the routine of finding a dealer again. Everything I've heard about green crack seems to indicate a really fucking good time.

On a side note even though a lot of the vaping crowd seems douchy as shit I've heard speculation that vaping weed or at least THC extract will get you as high if not higher than off a bong. Is that true?
green crack, lsd, white walker, all some of the dankest strains i had. when my retarded self bought the lsd, i walked into the club and said, "hey do you guys have any lsd?" the guy's response was, "no, sorry, we don't do that"
clubs are pretty strict so it was sketchy
File: 1460001964989.jpg (1MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x1080px
If you have a chance to use a Samsung Gear VR I suggest running the Groove VR app. Major psychedelic.
can't blame him for being a newbie too much with friends like these

fuck you
weed gets really boring after a while. especially if you abuse it, it'll go from something that makes you feel good, to something you need to stop feeling bad. smoke it in regulation. if you do enough psychedelics, you'll start tripping every time you smoke weed.
You deserved it for being such a colossal fucking retard.
>Best friend has brother in law with serious connections.
>Best friend scores 5 grams of weed and a quarter of some pretty good crank.
> It's the weekend, time to party.
>We each take a line of crank and head for the gut.
>So many women out, it's like a herd of pie on the hoof.
>Talk to quite a few pretty girls, the crank is starting to hit me.
>We meet back at the car, RX-7 with fully massaged, for the time, 13b that was running 280 horse without turbo. (It was the dark ages, late 80's)
>One girl wants to take a ride and bring her friend.
>We head out with the tunes blasting. Find a secluded spot to stretch out by the river.
>Whip out the weed and fill a bowl, one girl wants but her friend thinks we'll try to rape her.
> I assure her any fucking she does will be purely voluntary.
>The weed takes the edge off that line of crank I did, life is good with skittish girl warming to a snuggle in the grass.
>Best friend starts talking about seeing people staring back from the bushes.
>He becomes increasingly agitated and starts yelling at his imaginary peeping toms.
>While he runs into the bushes ranting I gather up the girls and hop in the car and get the hell out of there.
> I drop them off at park where we met and call the cops to report wild man at river.
>Operator says officers have already been dispatched.
> Drive his car back to his house and drive my own home after wiping his down.
>Read the paper on Sunday, best friend was admitted for observation and psych eval.
>Cited for possession of methamphetamines and LSD.
>That's why he freaked, duh!
>No more best friend, he got time for possession and had to get stuffed in a state hospital.
>He an hero'd about a year later.
you can't understand how shitty your judgement can be unless you're in the exact situation, man. I don't blame you though, I feel like shit for it.
I want dmt

Connecticut 'portin
File: AmazingMangos.png (256KB, 602x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256KB, 602x556px

Mangoes Increase The Effects Of Consuming Marijuana

Eat a fresh Mango 90 minutes prior to consuming Cannabis.
i mean, granted i haven't done acid before but i think making him smoke + you two doing it may have been unnecessary for the guy
So basically, you're not actually a veteran tripper since you can't figure out how to deal with such a basic issue, and you're also just a piece of shit. Thanks for sharing anon.
File: ..jpg (68KB, 1076x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 1076x720px
>Acid question
Usually when I'm high I get really philosophical and question everything. I'm gonna drop acid this summer with some friends and I'm wondering if I'll get philosophical tripping acid? I'm afraid that will cause me to have a bad trip
File: REACT AUTISM.png (223KB, 317x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223KB, 317x318px
>be 12 years old
>get forced into going to party
>drink some blackberry juice shit with alcohol in it
>think about random shit I'll do when i find an excuse to go home
>get really fucking thirsty all of a sudden
>walk outside to car for bottle of water from the back seat
>flat handle won't budge
>turn around to yell for help
>i'm suddenly in the bathroom, feeling the round bathroom door knob under my hand
>i'm looking in the mirror and i see the back of my own head
>freak the fuck out
>try to twist doorknob to get out and call for help
>i'm still at the car, outside
>there's like 5 people in and around the car laughing their asses at me
>they say they've been watching for like an hour and a half
>they're right, it's way darker outside and my legs are sore from standing
>go home
>go to bed
>never do anything drug-related agian
vitamin c increases the effects of acid
Just start the day with a 30 pack. Everything will fall into place
we didn't make him smoke, he really wanted to>>679926866
by veteran, I meant I've done it a few times. I'm no member of parliament or anything, but I'm pretty sure that's not a basic issue. I can't disagree that I'm shitty, but we all are, bud.
Is this true or bullshit? Either way I'm probably going to test this the next time I smoke.
You my good sir, are a nigger of a "friend".
cause letting a newbie on acid decide/feel under pressure with you two to smoke weed or not is really gonna help

you can't wriggle out of this one, you're a shit friend to this guy
Pls be bait
One time me and a friend of mine bought an eighth of mushrooms each and went up into a canyon about 20 minutes from my house,to have a late night adventure. We went up at about 1 in the morning parked the car by a trail head chewed those fuckers down then smoked a couple bowls to ease into the trip. After about 40 minutes I start to feel all loosely goosy.We get out of the car and start to hike the trail. The trip was fucking fantastic the trees and sky melted together. We walked about 3 miles in and find a fire pit and decided to light up a fire. Damn near Burnt my jacket but God damn my nigga I felt like neo In the matrix. Sat there for a couple of hours tripping out and decide to head back to my apartment to crash. Coming down fucking sucks but the trip was worth it.
vaping weed is great
as far as i know the vaping crowd that people dislike is just the people that vape flavored ejuice and shit to look cool
I mean I have access to fresh mangoes so I don't really have anything to lose. If it doesn't help I'll at least have some left over to eat while high. I'm trying to experiment eating different shit while high, and on that note do psychedelics also make shit you eat taste good?
and don't give me that "we all are" shit

I was with two guys who were candyflipping whilst I smoked and they both had a trip that wasn't so hot and babysat them for about half the day

You literally went away from yours
& *LSD
File: 1450117087927.png (131KB, 258x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131KB, 258x294px
I'm the guy's only friend, man, and it's not like it was his first time seeing drugs in his life. We smoked weed before plenty of times.
1/10 for getting me to reply to bait so much
It was cool for about a week. Than I lost my charger and found my bowl
>calling it potential bait but still responding

Now how different is dry herb vaping and smoking liquid weed? Because at the moment I don't have the means to extract the THC and may get some sort of dry herb vape. I was sort of inspired to this after my friend pulled out some sort of vape device for weed last year and it was awesome, it was also the same night I got cross-faded for the first time and saw that same friend deep throat a dinosaur while playing drunk jenga.
File: guy_fieri.jpg (244KB, 620x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 620x412px
did mushrooms while drunk and then smoked a dab. Woke up in a bathtub with my leg in a traffic cone and piss soaked pants.
>boy golly, the story must've happened however long it took for me to read it
this was an all night ordeal, shit lord
That's a myth and you are experiencing placebo.
when i do psychadelics i usually just spend 7-8 hours doing nothing but laughing with my friends cause its funny too know exactly what the other is thinking.
but as far as stories go, i was on my 4th day up mostly on meth but also drinking and shooting heroin. i went out too my truck and a fucking demon was standing in the front of my truck looking at me and pointing like "youre mine now fucker" i rubbed my eyes and when i opened he was gone. then i heard him and saw the shadows of him jumping through the fucking trees. at that point i ranfor the .38 i had kept in a paint can in the bed.. cause you know, what cop is gonna check a paint can? and i just unloaded it into the trees then hurled it and ran like hell

that thing learned not too fuck with me
Good guy anon, I haven't had a bad trip but damn if I did I would want someone like you there
Like sniffing a line that's cut to shit compared to to a big ass crack rock of the goodness. ....

> did you guys here that
Usually for me anything on LSD or Shrooms taste pretty bland or like cardboard, the texture, not to mention the idea of being a animal, having to eat other living organisms often will fuck you up, usually the drugs will kill most of your appetite, unless you have that primal need because you didn't eat earlier, best to just eat good before you take it, a few hours ahead in case you puke, just plan on getting a well balanced meal (not necessarily big) the next day when you finally come down, to make up for all the shit the drugs has stripped out of your body.
fully aware how long a trip lasts if you had read my comment instead of proceeding to be mad because somebody called out your shitty drug story in your shitty life
So smoking the liquid stuff is better?
It wasn't an ordeal because you stepped out, you're a piece of shit.
Take three tabs you fucking faggot
>be me 16
>get some slick lsd from the onion 200ug
>tell mother I can't go school because I am ill
>pop the tabs let them sit under my tongue
>i start feeling warm after an hour, disgusting metallic taste in my mouth
>bed covers start warping, I look up and realise my room is rapidly changing colour
>go have a shower and shit, both feel amazing, water droplets look like glowing rainbows
>everything with a pattern is spiralling in on its self which blows my mind
>go have a cigarette and nature takes my breath away everything was so beautiful
>go to the kitchen to grab some milk to drink but drop my phone
>the screen smashes and doesn't work
>i fly into a sorta bad trip and send about 80 voice messages to my best mate
>i start finding it funny
>cant stop laughing about broken capitalism elecro box
>see a picture of a horse in a windy field and start crying from how much I was laughing
>new idubbbz video makes me literally piss
>mum comes home and interrogated me about my phone
>cant stop laughing at the horse and she thinks I smoked weed
>she buys me a new phone and I feel a euphoric explosion in my chest
>went and had a very good wank but my material was very weird looking
>effects lasted 12 hours and giggly lsd thoughts lasted thru the next day
>dkdnt really enjoy trip don't think I'll do lsd again
All right. Given how my body usually reacts to drugs when I'm introduced to them for the first time I think I'll be in for a good time (I have extremely low tolerances for most things).
Idk. I just walk in to the dispensery and pick the the one with the highest thc content.. usually citron t28
File: machineelves.jpg (114KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 500x333px
>Smoke 80 mg of DMT
>Entire visual field gets completely replaced (eyes were open) with an impossible complex and beautiful 3D fractal pattern of light that was communicating love and wisdom
>Lasts less than a minute
>Return to normal in less than two minutes
I'm trying to go to the happy place not completely lose myself, not yet at least.
that is terrifying
Than have a coke and shut the fuck up
the purpose of psychedelics isn't really to make you happy
>anyone have any good drug stories?
>specifically psychedelics

Fuckloads of them.
Nigga I'm out in the middle of nowhere Indiana, the nearest dispensary for me is Chicago, though this does give me an incentive to drive out there.
way different i believe
vaping extracts will prob require a less expensive device but im not sure
if you dont wanna spend much money on a dry weed vape you should get a flowermate but itd probablly be best if you spent good money on a volcano vaporizor or something, they'll get you like super high and save so much weed
File: IMG_20160324_185155.jpg (159KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159KB, 1280x720px
>be me
>take 2 lsd star burst
>chills with friends
>suddenly wants to freestyle
>never freestyled before
>raps for 7 minutes straight
>crying while rapping
>realizing acid rap is,real
>my friends have to calm me down
>looking at the stars as I rapped
>watched them connect as the words I spoke came down on me
>could create anything musically and lyrically for 3 more hours
>talked to my dad while,rhyming
I beg to differ, queermo
The absolute fagman
wrong thread, this isn't ylyl
There's a vape shop in town selling dry weed vapes for major discounts, I recognize some of the brands as ones my friends use so I may try that.
On that note I've found dispenseries in Illinois relatively close to where I live, but never heard of them before nor do I know how they operate. Do I need some form of paperwork to get the stuff?
>i start feeling warm after an hour, disgusting metallic taste in my mouth

yeah, you didnt take acid. that was 25i-nbome. sorry
Maybe after you learn about your self from the introspective of the trip as a whole, yes there are manically / deliriously hilarious parts of the trip, but if all your are doing is trying to do is "get happy" your under utilizing the experience.
Dayum, you did drugs 12 yo?
That's metal af
dont get any random herbal vaporizor, a lot of them are shit and not even actual vaporizors
seriously dont get anything under 100 dollars unless its a flowermate or a magic flight launch box
1st time i did acid was pretty introspective, everytime after that was pure joy. i cant get enough of my friends and the shit we laugh about
Ordered 1P-LSD online since it's literally a legal version of LSD which is listed as a "Research Chemical",
It fucking works, took 100ug 10 days ago and had a fucking amazing experience. 10/10 would recommend.
I got a caretaker card cuz my mom has cancer and the drive to hartford hurts her back. It was a plastic surgeon that set her up...but since I'm caretaker I can just go and get whatever... The cookies was shit
Took some 60x salvia with a friend.. Definitely makes you feel like your melting into the chair. My high gave me distortions of time. Gave me colors as if someone just raised the saturation of the world.

Friend was on his back giggling said he was in the country with some old lady
Intense dude, I don't think anyone deserves such an experience. It happened, take a lesson from the experience and try to make people aware to use drugs responsibly.
You should stop taking so much, you're losing your footing.
One of the ones on sale is the magic flight launch box, which my friend uses.
I see. Well I'll research into the ones in Illinois near me and see how I can get access to the really good stuff because I'm looking at their inventories and goddamn it looks good.
Last time I did LSD I had the worst trip of my life and ended up with diagnosed Anxiety and Depression. I see life in a whole new, incredibly bleak way. Don't think I will ever be the same.
>that thing learned not too fuck with me
You actually believe this?
This happened to me at a melvins concert.. I awoke it my own bed somehow, pulling non - existing hairs out my mouth
I have gained a footing on reality & the bigger picture son, take that bullshit back to redtarddit
Sounds like wisdom to me
Go write another howl faggot
All you've done is get high as fuck and start believing retarded shit.
The only time I've ever experienced anything that would consider to be a bad trip was the last time I took shrooms a couple of months back.

I took 4gs (the most I ever have) at my friends house and me and 3 others got on bikes to ride tp the beach, which is only like 5 miles away and the trip started out amazing. Rushed feeling and honestly if you ever have done it gunning it on bikes while tripping was an awesome feeling just all adrenaline.

Once we got to the beach the visuals kicked in and started out with lots of vivid colors and random things like any other trip but once it started raining it went south. I everywhere I looked he lights from the hotels on the beach looked exactly like a killer dogs eyes staring me down at the end of a dark alley in the shadows. It was really demonic seeming and I knew it wanted to hurt me. As I kept on everything turned south. I looked around and saw people around me looking exactly like the zombies in the new Evil Dead, specifically the chick after she saws her face off. Really fucked up shit kept going on, I looked to the sky and saw what looked like the devil glaring at me and these visuals just wouldn't stop.

I was with a pretty good sized group of my best friends and we all have done psychedelics often so I was calm on the outside and pretty normal seeming from what I thought but was fucking paranoid on the inside. I knew it was just drugs so I wasn't too worried but my main concern was dying and these things I was seeing dragging me to hell and I'm not religious at all but still I was believing in the instance. The visuals died down after about 30 minutes and I saw the clouds that were out that night in the shape of budda which bugged me out even more.

After all this died down I had a good rest of the trip and shook it off to enjoy with my friends I was with, I didn't want to be negative and take away form anybody's trip so I didn't say anything of it for the rest of the night. Still love shrooms just 1 bad time.
Here's a story for you guys, pardon the no green text I'm mobile atm.

Made about 2 gs of DMT. I was the first one to try it out of the batch. Took my gfs oil rig, torched the nail, used a little tinny spoon to dump it on the hot bail after measuring temp with heat gun. After I inhaled and exhaled it felt like needles were poking into my brain, super fucking weird. My vision began to melt and within 10 seconds I felt like I had visually and physically flew out of this world. I find my self sitting in a white room flipping through a thick ass book. As in flipping through this book all I see are faces. First of really scraggly people with no clothes, then I see old time settlers, colonial people, then I see people native Indians, then I see see a bunch of random historical looking Americans, then I see all my dead relatives, all the ones I remember dying and all the ones I've only been shown to by pictures. When it finally hit me that I basically scrolled through my ancestory (assumption based off of me being native) I felt tears roll down my face, that was the only part of the trip that I had any physical bearing to the real world. The table then flipped over, and in flown into yet another crazy place, the most complex patterns I've ever seen in my entire life, every single last bit of them were 100% symmetrical and it was astonishing. After seeing all of this a man in the distance was holding his hands up like a referee does when a team scored a touchdown in football. There was electrical energy I between his hands like two prongs on a taser. He then lowered them looked at me and said "anon, we're glad you're here." My trip abruptly ended.

That was almost a year ago. For about 3 months I thought about it everyday and I meditated on it quite often. Haven't touched the shit since, it was a crazy experience that I'll eventually try again years later, hoping to pick up where I left off
>anyone have any *good drug stories?
>specifically psychedelics
> YOU : "hur durr we each took 1/8th hit of lsd and felt good, then we merrily went about our homo bukkake party" lmfao,

You never know Wat rings for ppl
no that was an added joke, that thing was real as fuck not some gargoyle cartoon. ive got demons bro and they own my soul
Nah. Just realizations that should be pretty obvious but for some reason aren't. If I'm not completely distracted by something, I start having panic attacks because of my own thoughts.
That cartoon gargoyles was the shit. I think it came on after beast wars.. or bonkers...
got drugged*

Bruh, are you the next chance?
Dubs confirm
Haha u a nigger now
>Take mushroom
>45 minutes later, start yawning
>Feel a bit drunk (without alcohol consumption)
>Go run myself a bath
>A drop of water dripped into the tub, and I had an epiphany after watching the ripples
>My legs were flashing a neon purple color
>I got out of the tub and looked in the mirror
>Made fun of myself for being such an ugly failure
>Spent what felt like 45 minutes pacing back and forth talking to "myself"
>10 hours had actually passed
>While I was coming down I got into a skype chat
>My eyes were expanding and umm, what's the opposite of expanding again?
Was a trippy day
Lyrical nigger
10 hours? i don't think shroom trips ever last more than 6
Go down the drain next time
>in 2nd story of small barn
>around midnight with my m8
>smoke 2 bowls and nothing
>halfway through the third bowl
>start communicating telepathically
>see reflection of streetlight through small porthole
>blue light begins to leave a trial
>turns into this ghost-like snake
>felt like I was observing her for hours
>buddy hits me to pass the bowl
>turns on RHCP
>sounded like the worst shit ever
>the snake still in my vision
>begin to have telepathic conversation about native Americans
>buddy packs fourth bowl
>instantly paralysed and unable to move and inch
>very content
>seems like hours, this trip
>stayed in barn for about an hour total
Never found out what it was laced with? Any ideas
I fasted, and the mushroom was rather large.
Trip on 4/19, its essentially 4/20, but for LSD
nothing u were just high as shit

Aaaaa nd thaaaaats my life
Really? Anon, I'm talking very vivid hallucinations and going from verbal to telepathic conversation in an instant. Full on dialogue with our minds. Can weed do that?
One time I had a dream a cheeseburger was eating me. Drugs are a hell of a drug
Well said
File: Today's Harvest.jpg (65KB, 960x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Today's Harvest.jpg
65KB, 960x717px
Cubensis; Golden Teacher
Wat tek u use?
Just did acid this past thursday. bad idea because i was in the middle of doing some research.
acid kicked in.
couldn't understand anything i had just written.
couldn't understand the textbook i was reading.
couldn't understand shit.
abandoned research.
made a post about it on here.
turned on the t.v. went to HBO, Alien was on.
never saw the movie, decided to watch it.
proceeded to have an all night movie marathon, and watch Adventure time, too.
man, i love Acid, but it's so hard to find in my area.
File: PF Tek.jpg (2MB, 1936x2592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
PF Tek.jpg
2MB, 1936x2592px
Anyone wanna hear about how I almost reached enlightenment?
How the fuck do you people manage to remember so much of their trips?

I have taken a few high doses of LSD, and ANYTHING over 100 micrograms makes me feel like at some point 3-4 hours in i just melt and remember small fractions of what actually took place until 8-9 hours in i begin to feel "human" again. 200ug is still my preffered dose but have used up to 700 and holy shit that is a story, might consider typing it out in a minute im just extremely stoned.

I wish i could visit the spirit realm as i label it more often, but it really fucks with my sanity and grip on reality for usually a month after using any psychedelic, LSD is simply my psych of choice because of the electrical undertone it has
counter question. does a bear shit in the woods?
yeah! lets hear that story.
What's the substrate the cake were Placed on?
Smoked a half oz of weed every day for months while staring down a mirror under some crazy lights. Transcended reality and now I can't function in society and will wait until I die soon or get incredibly lucky and don't have to worry about money and responsibility. Life is now a horrible trip.
I might get some shrooms this week. How many g should i get? (never done them before)
This happened while on dmt and acid at the same time.
That's not substrate, that's perlite, and it's for keeping the humidity up.
I wish I could smoke pasta and go to italy
I want in.. Wat site u get syringe?
I wish I could bomb Italy
I found the soccer fan
Sounds about as terrible as my second trip of dmt in a row while drunk...

First one
>hit it and volcano erupts from below up >to my brain then BAM neon colors >everywhere... shooting out of bricks in >ancient script and ocd perfect symetry.. >go for nature walk around neighborhood >at midnight. Pure perfection and clarity
>see things through a naive child's eyes.. >it's perfect... it's beautiful.. 2d trees with >insane contrast one with plants and. >aliens. Everything sounds x 12

>second trip I go catatonic and become >the universe for billions of years >everything all at once lose my self freak >the fuck out like I'm stuck as everything >like a place between life and death >suddenly realizing the endless terror for >infinity... did I used to be a person?.. did >I try a drug?... look down at a planet it's >earth.. zoom in more incision myself >from above.. did I ruin my brain... was I a >person before?... start to calm myself >down and rationalize.. finally come to >and I'm holding onto the fence >wondering how long I had been standing >there seemingly motionless..
>Go out for another beautiful nature >walk... it's just ok comparitively.... next >month or two everything outside is >breathtaking and still feel like I can talk >to plants... couple years later its all >faded
I fasted for 8 hrs and took four dried grams of the same>>679935108 and it only lasted about 4.5 hrs

LSD is different than shrooms first off

But second I could remember it because I was sitting still/lying down and I also was writing down a lot of things.

I also use the method of Loci (memory palace technique) to remember specific ideas/concepts from a trip
I fucking hate soccer
U in the states?
I skipped dinner, and then I had my morning coffee and then I took the mushroom. Chewed it up nice and proper. Was fresh off the substrate.
So r u mentally retarded after that
Must be one hell of an experience
DXM can cause neurotoxicity so yeah he probably is
A fuck load of weed and thinking left me with ptsd and an unsurity of reality. I can't even live life properly anymore.
Welp. In 3 months I'll be gone for a year for 4 hours
It was probably laced if that's the case. Don't panic though. Same thing happened to me and I'm a lot better now. Time heals, man.
People underestimate it

I've had more intense experiences with high dose edible weed than I have with mushrooms or DMT
why ask? just post.
I burned my face on the bulb

50 watt....
I smoked daily 2013-2014, insomnia and depression and anxiety made me want to change my life around. Bud free 2015. Until summer I smoked again and sold so I had a fuck load more. Quit recently. Don't know if was laced but I have some crazy experiences I can vividly remember. I feel like time is ending. Man I'm in a weird state of mind rn I probably don't aren't wait. Not making proper sentences. I give up. I've been clean for about a little over a month. Shits is fucked.
Agreed. Weed can be very powerful.
> laced

This isn't 1970 ' s la.
You're dumb and probably live in a proper white new gen town.
File: wpWPnsN.jpg (121KB, 858x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 858x960px
im pretty fucking trashed right now and this album is sending me deeper and deeper

Go scrape ur parents bowl dummy
Therapy helps if you have access to it. If not, hospitals are also an option.
I see a psychologist and a psychiatrist and I still feel like I'm being lied to by myself or aliens and everything is some illusion. I've gone pretty deep.
I prefer music that freak me the fuck out. Like Mr bungle. Haven't tripped recently but the melvins are fun
I know that feel. Like every conspiracy theory seems way too realistic. I've gone through that.
Sounds like a deleriant, likely benadryl
Last summer my cousin and I stayed for a while at our recently deceased grandfather. It was very weird coming back to that house, until one day we both strike up on the subject of weed and drugs and such, so we both smoke and remember good times. It was like two weeks later when we decided to drop acid together. The first time we did it I was so anxious about it I felt like I held back on the trip and was scared to let go. We decided a few weeks later to do it again. We smoked something and then I dropped the whole thing. It was a huge backyard at night so the setting is perfect. I can't quite explain what happened that night but I just remember it was perfect and me and my cousin bonded and cried and remembered our grandpa. Idk but we both felt like we were in the trip together and relived our childhood in like such a vivid way, like a vhs tape kinda shit but incredibly colourful. I don't think anything will match that day
Shit is so convincing, and I feel like if I stop believing it im just suppressing it and becoming nothing in the system. What are you like now. How do I feel better.

drugs are fun
File: N0fxolT.gif (2MB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x500px
Anyone ever see a hypercube or something like this when taking super high dose mushrooms/mescaline/DMT?
It's gonna take some time, but eventually I when I was in a better state of mind I just began to start thinking more rationally. Something that I took solace in when I was going through it is that even if there was something weird going on, there's like no way anyone could guess what it actually is, if that makes sense to you.
psychedelics are taken by some people in light doses for recreational doses

high doses of traditional tryptamine psychedelics is anything but fun
Nope. Only the popcorn ceiling drifting about. And my dead grandma
Yeah, i feel like i know and its not guessing sometimes, but i dont really know. Idk what to think now though like I'm open for any life path. I've stripped away all belief, morals, personality like, tf do I do with my life. So many times I've restarted my thoughts and life but now I'm really just blank. And don't want to fuck up this time.
i'm going to green text an acid story that happened like a month ago but its a little spotty at points for me
> got high
As cheesy as this may sound, just do what makes you happy. Starting over doesn't have to be a bad thing. Just have self control. Stay off drugs if they make shit complicated, try to get off 4chan. Busy yourself with stuff you like to do.
I don't even like anything anymore, except for video games and film of any kind
Well, that's something. Video Games helped me get through rough patches. Just know that shit does get better with time.
Can't sleep did rest of bag Wst do?
Check this out.
My first ever dab i took was absolotly terrible and ruined marijuana consumption for me.
>Be me
>Go to buddys trap garage with the intent to smoke marijuana
> Show up and see three random dudes ive never seen before
>They were sketchy looking but otherwise seemed chill. Pretty quiet
> One of the sketchy dudes, lets call him bob pulled out a dabbing rig. Offered me a hit
>I didnt really feel like doing it but after some peer pressure and a couple of tokes from a blunt i gave in
>Sketchy dude starts lighting it for me because i had no idea what i was doing
>As soon as i inhale thats when one of the worst mind fucks of my life happens.
Cont? It kind of scars me to tell this story. I always cringe when i think about what went through my mind and how i acted.
Hey anon, another Ky fag here. You going to the Terrapin Music Festival this upcoming weekend?
It's a bunch of Dead head music but I always have a good time even if I don't love the music.
It's located southwest of Lexington
checkd and continue pls
My only Psychedelic experiences(not including pot) were with HBWR seeds(no mixing either so not much in the visuals department).

First the taste.... fucking awful it's definitely one of those drugs that after doing it a few times you might start to feel sick simply imaging the smell/taste.
I have no idea what my first dose was but during the inital comeup I got really anxious(as usual) and when I went to the bathroom I could see that my pupils were massive, I nearly told my parents because of how anxious I was(I was around 16 at the time).
Thankfully I ended up getting calmed down by my friend and things went fine. The headspace was obviously trippy but that's a bit hard to describe, as far as I remember I never got any visuals from the seeds(on their own they tend to not give any visuals) and once I actually became intoxicated by them I was never scared or anything like that. Oh and it kind of made me feel drunkish, not really in the movement or headspace but just how I would talk and thing to myself. Very simple and babylike idk hard to describe I guess. I definitely wouldn't consider it a "clean" headspace.
A few things you might want to know, everytime during the come up before the effects started to hit I would get nauseous but due to the vasoconstriction(I think) I was never able to throw up. The nausea would go away fairly quickly though and never return. Also I would generally do these at night out of convenience and wow if you've never done something like this and tried to go to sleep afterwards you're in for quite alot of tossing and turning.
Oh and on the vasoconstriction again if you know about vasocontstriction you will already know this but it makes it really difficult to blow your load when jerking off/having sex, no issues with staying hard or anything like that but it will take awhile for you to cum(which some people find very enjoyable).
just remember to enjoy the experience and don't try and question everything, you'll be more likely to have realizations by not thinking about it, than trying to piece everything together
>HBWR seeds
No one has ever heard of this. At least tell us what the acronym stands for.
>All of a sudden i feel like my lungs are bleeding
>Have really hard time breathing but for some reason i get really insecure and don't want to seem like i am dying
>Just sit back in chair and continue coughing a shit ton
>All of a sudden it feels like there is no one else in the room
>music in the backround sounds like some sort of morhped disturbing chanting
>I start to feel like i am wearing some sort of mask on my face but i can't controll my arms to touch my face.
>All of a sudden start thinking about my dad and how he shaped me into the man im into today
>have really disturbing image of him smiling at me that has stuck with me to this day.
>Continue thinking about the most messed up random stuff.
>All of a sudden start coming back to reality when one of my friend asks if i need to go to the hospital
> apparently i was just sitting and mumbling to myself and staring at the wall for 30 minutes without responding to my friends
>I pull out my phone and look at my camera
>My eyes are blood shot red and burning like hell
>Friends say my face looks really green like im sick
> Try to stand up but fucking stumble backwards and fall over chair i was sitting on
> All of a sudden start projectile vomiting inside of this garage in the corner
>Pass the fuck out
I woke up later on this couch in the garage. I felt terrible like i had gone mentally insane for a short bit and also my clothes smelled like shit from the vommit/sweating. Needless to say i haven't smoked weed since then.
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