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Are you tolerant /b/ ?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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Are you tolerant /b/ ?
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She ugly af
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sometimes it doesn't matter
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and sometimes it does
/b/e tolerant and suck my cock off
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Yeah. That being said, your pedo fetishes can burn in hell.
Define being tolerant OP? everyone seems to have a different meaning to the word.
It's really hard to be tolerant these days.
Dude your cock would vote Sanders. So left leaning.
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I mean it in generally. Like what is for example not tolerable for you
Ah! well i would consider myself fairly tolerant.

Do whatever you want, as long as you don't physically harm others.

Heck, fuck a child if she wants to. Fuck a dog if he/she wants it.

Pretend there is a god if you want to.

Just don't harm others unnecessarily.
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Yes I would like to believe that Im same, but yet sometimes, even when I want to be tolerant about something what is not harming me or others I find out that that thing is pissing me of. I feel like hypocrate in that moment.
I want to tolerate it but in same moment I feel pissed off about tolerating it.

Its tolerance that necessary? Isnt it just suppressing true nature of you if you do not feel it like you should feel it? This bothers me.
I do understand how you feel, Tolerance sounds like something bad, but the more we can tolerate the more we can focus on our own well being.

I mean, why be mad about something that do not harm you? Why even care about something that won't harm you?

It would be a much better society if people didn't fight over what imaginary friend is the best or stuff like that.
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yea thats good idea but there are always some pros and some cons. I always think about it in this way:
If we are tolerant about everything, only because certain group of people demands it, it doesnt mean that it is always right. Maybe today it is harmless for me, but in few years there can be situation when I will pay for my tolerance. And that scares me dear anon. For example:
I do not mind homosexuals, trans, etc. It is their bussines what they do. But I do not like if someone is forcing me accept it everything like it was normal (no for me it is just not that normal and I cant just turn on or off some switch to change that feeling, but still I tolerant that.) But thats not problem, thats just some my inner feelings and I do not force them to others. Why Im talking about this? Because I have trans friend, she is girl and she is transiting or whatever they call it to be boy. She likes trans fan pages on facebook and sometimes I see how people just blindly support everything, like they not even thinking about it. If 3 year old boy feels like girl I would never support it in blind way, because for example in my opinion 3yr old kid has not full brain capacity to understand whats really going on. But I see parents how willingly support them, and I understand it, their are parents, they should support their kid, but I do not feel that it is right. I would let that kid wait, tolerate it and If he still feels like that I would support it then. But here is what is pissing me of. For example if I say that I do not fully support it or If I say that I do not think it is normal, just telling my opinion but not forcing me, manytimes it starts shitstorm which ends up even in life threats or wishing me cancer or something like that. I ask: Shouldn't be tolerance used on both sides? Many time it is just one side thing and that is pissing me of.
That people demands to be tolerated but in the same time they do not tolerate others. Is it normal in your opinion?
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yeah tolerant af

How is 6th grade you edgy virgin
tolerant? I can handle temperatures from 28 degrees to over 100 with out wearing a coat
>are you tolerant
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I truly do not remember how it was in 6th grade but thanks for asking. Do not cross the edge maybe you will not be able to come back.
Who is the artist?
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>Are you tolerant /b/ ?
Political correctness says that it is absolutely wrong to ever be intolerant, even against violent criminals.
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His name is Luis Quiles.Interesting guy. For example his story to this picture:

7 years ago after broke a very serious relation of 5 years with my ex I've meet that girl, Maria. It was only during one week because she goes to live in a different city, and the last day together, that last night she did that in a car with her friends driving her to home. Before to leave the car she said to me "If we don't meet again now I know what is your taste" I'm not going to forget that phrase))
I don't know if the other guys in the car saw something or not, I don't care, it was so funny.

I don't remember so much this girl, we meet only few time, but I remember she was so funny and sexy, and I remember she use to dress sexy heavy metal style of dress, and her slim legs and her extreme long black hair.
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