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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What kind of childhood stories?
With your uncle.
>be me.
>be 10.
>mother was teen mom with me.
>still partying when im 10.
>has ex-boyfriend babysit me.
>few times in, shows me porn.
>meh, im curious.
>keep watching the porn but dont quite understand.
>asks me if i know how to fap.
>tell him i dont.
>[what is this fap?]
>he faps me.
>my tiny red dick gets hard.
>"do it to me now little anon".
>reach out and grab it.
>his dick feels huge by comparison.
>warm as fuck too.
>i fap him.
>he cums.
>mind is blown.
>says: "dont tell your mom. she'll get mad at you".
>he promises to take me out to watch a movie next day.
>i promise not to tell.
>next day he takes me to movies.
>i like it.
>sexual favors became routine.
>"do this little anon".
>"i'll buy you this".
>"i'll take you here".
>meh. not even mad.

>Be me
>Find a porno my faggot dad left in the vcr
>Holy shit what the fuck is this
>Some porno about a group of teens getting lost in the forest
>Then they find some dude in a mansion and fuck like crazy
>My dick is on fire
>Fuck me I gotta show my cuz
>Run across the street
>Grab little cuz 4yo and tell aunt were gonna play
>Go back home
>Both watch the porno in silence
>Hour later
>What was that anon
>IDK cuz, wanna play?
>She says yes
>How do we play?
>We take off our clothes and just hug each other
>This one scene keeps playing in my head, dude was using girls asscheecks like a drum and his dick was the stick
>PLay drums on her ass a little bit
>Start kissing her pussy
>Was just licking it up and down not really eating her out
>Stick my cock in her mouth
>Holy shit i almost go blind from the pain
>Feels so good
>Pull out of her mouth
>Remember the moneyshot
>Piss all over her
>Wow that was fun anon
>Yea it was cuz
>Shes lying on her back
>Get on her missionary and start dry humping her
>We swap some pretty good kisses
>A little tounge even
>Do this for about 5 min until the pleasure got too intense
>cleaned up with some dry towels and cuddled some more

And that was the beginning of a very INTERESTING childhood

bamp for interest
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Seen this one before, still a weird fucked up story
Fuck it lets fast foward through my kid years

>be me
>Moved to a new town
>Shitty apartment on top of a bar but i had my own place and car
>Trolling this dating site
>Come ascross this one little lightskinned black bitch
>Profile says shes 18 and a senior in HS
>haha ok you stupid bitch
>She looks not a day over 13
>Hit her up
>Of course shes into me
>Not bad looking and covered in tats so this stupid little slut likes bad boys
>Talk her up tell her i have my own place and ride... we could hang out and smoke weed or something'
>Says she can meet me this weekend
>be the weekend
>hit her up, want to tax that tiny ass
>Says shell come out to meet me down the street after dark
>omg this ho wants to sneak out
>Pick her her up and drive back to my place
>She lives a street away fucking perfect, what a small world
>get back and put on some rapshit and roll a blunt
>Finish smoking and i tell her to sit on my lap
>Shes fucking tiny, like 5'3 and 100 lbs
>ask her how old she is
>I say cmon, age is just a number. But i want to know how old the girl im falling for is
>She blushes like a stupid cunt
>And says shes 13
>fuck yes im so hard
>Ask her If she wants to be my gf
>Omg yes, i would be so happy!
>Ask her if she wanted to kiss
>start making out with her
>kissing her neck, grabbing her ass
>sucking on her tounge and shes just sitting there
>say i wanna take some pics
>But i dont want to...
>nah its ok babe, i just want some pics of my beautiful gf
>take off her pants and her shirt
>Take plenty of photos of her in her bra and underwear
>getting super turned on by now
>ask her if shes ever done it
>says her uncle has done some stuff with her
>be 14
>be in bed
>mom comes over
>Leans over me
>Tells me a goodnight story
>I sleep the end
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>Be me
>Be 7 or 8
>Play outside with friends doing all kinds of fun shit
>Our playground had these wheel swings (pic related)
>One of our friends get on and tells us to turn the swing so he can spin on it
>Turn it until the chain starts to twist over itself
>Turn it until we can only touch the swing with our fingertips anymore
>Let go
>Friends starts spinning like crazy
>Spins for a total of 5 minutes at least
>Midway through the spin he starts throwing up
>Imagine a kid screaming, spinning on a wheel swing and vomiting so that it makes a perfect circle on the ground around him
>Me and my friends burst out laughing
>Friend's vomit all over everyone's clothes
>He gets off of the swing, gets on all fours, vomits and falls on his own vomit face first
>We're still laughing
Best memory of my childhood.
Still after 16 years it makes me burst laughing when I think about that day.
>As soon as she said that i turn her over
>She protests, no im not in the mood
>Stick my finger down there
>Dry as a fucking dessert
>Obvious she was getting uncomfortable
>Spit in my hand and start lubbing her up
>Place my dick at entrance
>She has tears in her eyes
>Start fucking her softly
>Pussy super tight and dry
>she didnt get wet at all
>Dry fucked her for about 5 min
>say i got to come
>She says softly, "inside"
>WTF where the hell did that come from
>Take a couple more photos of her naked
>Make out for about anouther hour and take her home
>Thanks for tonight anon
>lol no prob girl
>Next weekend she messages me and comes over again

HAHA i love ghetto girls from broken homes.
They will try SO HARD to be good little comesluts.

Man i miss my teens, That little girl pussy is something else fellas.
My uncle literally sucked my balls once as a very young child. I think he thought I would be too young to remember but it's awkward as hell when I'm around him.. He acts like I don't know but I do

you got any of dem pics stashed up somewhere eh ?
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I actually made a massive tornado when I was a kid.

>b 10yo
>mom driving me and bro home from dentist
>pass by park and see 4 friends playing baseball with one of their dads
>mom drops us off so we can go play too
>play ball for about an hour
>friends dad leaves
>we keep playing
>i'm playing 3rd
>fairly windy
>kick up some dust and wind catches it
>starts blowing it around in a circle collecting more dust
>finally goes out onto the grass and dies
>keep trying to do it again
>actually do do it again
>this time dust starts going in circular motion and then starts going around and around the baseball time collecting more and more dust
>when dust circle passes my friends they were kicking dust into it too
>the circle of dust keeps getting bigger and bigger and darker
>continues circlling the ball diamond gettting HUGE
>the thing got to be pitch black and was a little bigger than the backstop fence behind home plate.
>continued circling the diamond
>I'm laughing my ass off
>friends are laughing too and they start running in and out of it, completely dissapearing when they enter it
>I almost piss myself I'm laughing so hard
>finally it drifts out into the outfield and dies
>only lasted like 1 or 2 minutes but seemed a lot longer
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Thread images: 5

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