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Anyone ever play with a Ouija Board? Are they really that scary

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone ever play with a Ouija Board?

Are they really that scary as shit?
In thinking about getting
/x/ says a lot of shit and over exaggerate.
I want other anons past experiences with the boards
Played with one once in a cemetery. Never touched one again
great way to get yourself haunted by a demon. don't play with fire you might get burned.
>/x/ says a lot of shit and over exaggerate.

so does /b/.......
All the time! It's the only board game I can still play with my parents.
Me and my romance got one last week. Got one from toys r us.bour friend passed away a few weeks ago and we thought it would be a good way to get a hold of him again. We set up pictures of him and lit candles. Nothing happened even though I felt super spooked. While it was happening a friend of mine walked into my place and said " fuck this shit I don't want anything to do with this peace out" I told him that I have already been haunted by ghosts for years. Which is how I truly feel, even thought prior to that night I had never used a ouija board.
Well I felt fine about having the ouija board in my place but last night I got super stoned and told my roomie that we need to get rid of it
zozzle :/
>believing in pseudo-shits that gives no scientific or empirical evidence on how it works
>getting spooked over a fucking alphabet board invented by a business man as a way to scam dumb gypsies and morons who believe in fucking pagan shits.
Go to bed children you got school tomorrow.
wouldn't do it
if people who report having information from the other side are to be believed, your friend wouldn't have lasted on Earth for more than a week (unless died tragically, etc.) so don't bother and just send love
I'm going to elaborate on my own story even though nobody asked. I'm bored.

>>be me in high school
>>friend is in to ghosts, Wicca, supernatural shit
>>made her own Ouija board because apparently it makes it stronger if you put your own energy in to it
>>get friends and sneak in to cemetery
>>sit underneath gigantic headstone
>>light some candles and start doing an opening chant thing
>>suddenly hear the sound of sticks snapping near us
>>grab our shit and run out of there
>>running down the trail next to the cemetery
>>deer suddenly runs across our path
>>wtf we are in the middle of the city
>>deer jumps over spiked wrought iron fence surrounding cemetery
>>doesn't quite make it
>>impales itself
>>deer is hanging upside down with its guts hanging out
>>still alive and freaking out
>>blood and guts everywhere
>>smells horrible

>>want to call animal control or something
>>this is before smartphones were common
>>don't know phone number
>>looking back we probably could have called 911
>>but we were out past curfew so we would probably get in trouble
>>city has curfew for kids under 18
>>decide to try to knock on doors and ask for help
>>go up to creepy house that still has lights on
>>I look in driveway to see a car packed with shit
>>there's some old man sleeping in the back seat
>>maybe he is dead idk
>>knock on door
>>guy answers
>>I ask for a phone book and phone
>>dude says they don't have a phone
>>um OK
>>I explain situation
>>he gets his son and they follow us to the deer
>>they discuss killing the deer and eating it
>>they help lift the deer off the fence
>>it bolts off into the cemetery
>>guts dangling from its belly
>>ok bye
>>walking down trail we took to get to the cemetery
>>a little kid's razor scooter is lying in the middle of the path
>>dollar bill lying next to scooter
>>but wtf the scooter wasn't there an hour before
>>maybe some little kid got kidnapped and dragged into the trees surrounding cemetery
>>probably not but we were still shaken from the deer ordeal
>>run back to friend's house
>>never touch Ouija board again

I'm sure it was just a freak coincidence, but it scared the hell out of us
Try it again
Nah I'm good, thanks
Shit was hilarious. Obviously fake as fuck, you'v got to be an air is if you believe the shit is real. Was funny to move my finger around and scare the shit out of my religious friends.
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I've played with them quite a bit, never had a "negative" experience, just weird ones.
I've gotten the Zozo / Mama spirit thing a couple times, just asked for it to go away and got a different spirit.
One time, my sister and I talked to our great uncle (who had an hero'd) on the day of his funeral. That was pretty cool, but then right after, the air in my living room changed. It was really weird, the hair on the backs of our necks just stood straight up and we got a super creepy vibe... We decided to take a little break and the feeling just went away, so we went back to talking with other random spirits.
I printed one out on regular printer paper and used it. Life has been fubar ever since. Cursed as fuck but I get by I guess.
Yeah, I've had pictures fly off the walls and shit, fuck that I'm good never again.
You're a fucking retard if you think that shit contacts spirits.
it contacts the subconscious mind which is still pretty spooky
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If you are having problems with a spirit of some kind bothering you after using a board, simply set the board on fire. The flames sever the link to the spirit world, banishing them.
Other theories suggest that this releases the spirits from the board...
Yes we used to mess around with one years ago and heres one story which freaked us out at the time. A guy and his sister were round and we brought out the board and started asking who was there. The board spelled out a name and it turned out the name was the Uncle of these two. Then we asked it has it got a question for us and it asked. "how are my pigeons" The girl went running out the flat crying her brother white as a sheet said his uncle kept pigeons and loved them. Now also apart from this me and my flat mate kept getting this spirit who kept spelling out that my flatmate wanted to suck my cock and all this stuff that was very vile. He didn't want to suck my cock but this spirit was very twisted. I am convinced 20 years later that I have attracted a spirit which has effected my life in negative ways. Stay away from the ouija board it is bad news
This is true.
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Thread images: 3

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